Santa Claus’ House

Santa Claus’ House

We’ve seen Santa Claus’ House in previous years however the entire event for 2017 seems to be the Santa Claus’ house. If you finished it last year you will receive the Santa Claus House in the yard and 3 quests on the left of your manor and that’s it.

We did this quest string in 2016.

Santa Claus’ House Keys

  • Christmas Badge to Explore
  • Gift Basket to Battle

Santa Claus’ House Roamers

You can find what gifts these roamers give in the Roamers table.

  • Self Taught Wizard Gnome – Yard – 3 Wizard Rods and 25 Strength
  • Danny’s Assistant Gnome – Yard – 4 Winter Cake and 35 Strength
  • Katherine’s Assistant Gnome – Yard – 4 Festive Bell and 35 Strength
  • Caramel Fairy – Yard – 5 Winter Bouquet ( I don’t think we’ll have them this year)
  • Comfit Fairy – Yard – 3 Winter Bouquet ( I don’t think we’ll have them this year)
  • Skilled Elf Fellow – First Floor Always in our Manor – 2 Lamp Penguin and 20 Strength
  • Talented Elven Lady – First Floor Always in our Manor – 3 Felt Owl and 30 Strength

Santa Claus House 2016 Icon

Santa Claus’ House Quest String



  1. Snowfall for Katherine – Find Sakura’s Snowflake in Silhouettes mode on the First Floor.
  2. Last Christmas I gave you my heart… Explore the Living Room in Comparison mode to find the Memento Portrait.
  3. A Call to Last the Dreary Winter
    • Cones on a String – Can be found in the Snow Cottage. Cannot be gifted. Can be purchased for 150,000 Coins in Collection 557 Colorful Touches.
    • Unlock Location: From Santa with Love – Press on Santa Claus’ House in the Yard and complete the Conditions for creating a key for it. You will need to banish 8 each!
      • Skilled Elf Fellow – 2 Lamp Penguin and 20 Strength
      • Talented Elven Lady – 3 Felt Owl and 30 Strength
  4. Fresh off the Boat – Banish 5 Self-Taught Wizards from the Yard. Weapons can be found searching rooms.
  5. The Science of Deduction – Decorate the Christmas Tree in front of the Manor. As you carry out this task, you will be finding presents next to the beautiful evergreen tree.
    • Banish Christmas Gnomes to find 25 Gift Baskets
  6. Judging a Book by Its Cover
    • 2 Stylish Package – Trade with Comfit Fairy
    • 2 Mystery Present – Trade with Caramel Fairy
  7. Conveyor Belt Celebration – Press on Santa Claus’ House, give away gift baskets, and join either Danny Claus or Katherine in battle. Pack the presents in the allotted time (you can trade with the Christmas Gnomes for all kinds of Different packaging), and get a reward for your efforts. Then quest will be complete.
  8. Over a Cup of Tea
    • Santa Claus’ House – Explore 3 times
    • Inseparable Cups – Search Heart of Spring Hotel
  9. Curiosity Fed the Monkey
    • Mandarins – Japanese Garden
    • Woven Pie – Toy Workshop
  10. Soaring Among Snowflakes – Charge the Paper Snowdrift Collection to get the  Twins’ Snowflakes. Various snatching from the First Floor and Yard will help you.
    • De Froste’s Snowflake –Snowdoll Snatchin
    • Sakaura’s Snowflake – Florist Snatchin
    • Lenz’s Snowflake – Thieving Snatchin
    • Timbale’s Snowflake – Snatchin Knight
    • Joanna’s Snowflake – Grubby Snatchin
  11. Endlessly Subtle Hints
    • Lovers’ Mittens – Heart of Spring Hotel
    • Paired Slippers – Heart of Spring Hotel in Silhouettes mode
  12. Swamped with Work (hahaha… this is how I have felt for the past month as I’m squeezing time in to type up these quests that I may never have time to play! Happy Holidays!)
    • Danny’s Assistant – Banish 5 Danny’s Assistant Gnomes
    • Defeat Boss – Danny Claus; The Santa Claus’ House
  13. Masked Masquerade – Explore Santa Claus’ House in Miracle of Christmas mode
  14. Fearless Bunny
    • Eared brave – Bedroom in Comparison mode. Cannot be gifted
    • Excellent Jump Rope  – Leave tips in your Friends Manor’s
  15. Fox from a Gingerbread House
    • Ginger gossip – Search Agent Fox’s Room (is that Room 51?). Cannot be gifted
    • Yellow Dwarf – Explore Mars. Cannot be gifted
  16. Time Trouble
    • Banish 5 Katherine’s Assistant Gnomes
    • Defeat Boss: Katherine the Snow Maiden – The Santa Claus’ House
  17. Together Forever
    • Lock and Key – Santa Claus’ House in Night Mode
    • Twin Rings – Charge the Warmer Together! Collection to get the Twin Rings
  18. Bear Necessities – Trade with the Self-Taught Wizard to assemble and charge the Colorful Touches collection and get a costume for Layle.
  19. Romantic Carols
    • Player – Cinephile Room in Words Mode
    • Headphone Adapter – Banish Brides of Strigoi from the Yard
  20. Costumes for Everyone!
    • Archie the Wolf – Hunting Room in Silhouettes
    • Alice the Lion – African Room in Silhouettes

The End


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The Santa House did not open for me. There is a lump of snow where it should be. I finished the quest to open it and if I press on the snow a room flashes by. Did anyone else have this problem? I have also never been able to enter the Alchemist’s room. I am unable to get what I need from the boiler room.


I know this is a tad late but I haven’t had ANY Christmas quests this year. All I have is full moon. No other quests at all..


It looks like GI has changed the quests for this room. #13 was Silhouettes not Miracle of Christmas mode. The Yellow Dwarf was in the Fortune-Telling Room not Mars. After I completed #15 it skipped #16 and #17 to give me #18. After I completed #18 it skipped #19 and I am currently on #20.


    Yes, sorry. They change these quests areound every year and none of the players that used to rush through them and give me a list are playing anymore.


      Update on changed quests. After I finished #20 I got #16, then #19, then #17. After I completed #17 I got no additional quests. It looks like all the quests needed to be done but in a different order.


Does anyone know how I can send two collection items to the same friend at the same time


    You have to pay 10 💎 to reset your counter. It’s at the bottom of the gifting screen under the number of gifts you’ve sent.


I only noticed a difference after no 15. You don’t need to go to Mars in no 15 but otherwise it is just the order that is different. In no 13 I just had to explore the house.
I did not pay much attention to Bear Necessities as it was so quick to complete and I am not 100% sure it is in the correct position but the others are definitely in the order I got them.

No 15 – Fox from a gingerbread house – the quest advises that the yellow dwarf is in the fortune telling room (not mars)
No 16 – Bear Necessities
No 17 – Costumes for everyone
No 18 – Time trouble
No 19 – Romantic carols
No 20 – Together and forever

Hope that helps


Order definitely changed but I didn’t write it down sorry! I agree that the no.17 together forever is last but lots of the others were different order too.
Also in some of the battles with Danny I only got small chests despite coming in the top 3? Should I send a ticket?

Thanks for all your work, you help soooo much. 😊😊😊


    If you did those battles during the weakened boss you won’t get a top chest. I have told GI many times this is not fair.


Hi, do we know when this Christmas non-event finishes? Apols if it’s already been posted somewhere , I can’t find it. The lack of Christmas badges is deeply annoying. What’s the point of battling if you can’t even explore the room a few times?! Thanks again for all that you do to help us all!


    Banish the gnomes in the yard to get keys and weapons. Open your chests from battles to get keys.

    Event ends January 14.

    I think this weekend will be Christmas stuff in the guild events.

Barb from Boston

Question on Christmas quest #7. How do I gift baskets? I have the baskets but no idea how to give them as a gift. What am I missing?


    It’s just telling you to use your Christmas baskets to enter the battle.

Barb Rossi

GI just sent me a fix for the Christmas quest, Santa Claus House!

    Barb Rossi

    Started off with Snowfall for Katherine, now I am on I gave you my heart find locket in living room in comparison mode.


Unfortunately I wasn’t keeping track of the quests in detail. I started around 12, there was no 13 or 15. After 16 you got 19 Romantic Carols, then 17 Together Forever which is where I am now. Perhaps another follower who is playing the quest string can keep detail track of the sequence.


    Together Forever is the last quest in the string.


Does anyone know what the snow cottage is? I have a quest for it but cannot locate it. Thank you.


    If your quest actually says Snow Cottage then open a ticket. But check your quest I think it was changed to the ice hotel from what other players say.


The 2017 Santa Claus house quest string does not match what you have posted. After step 12, it is very different.


    Thanks. If you could put them in the comments I’ll get them posted. I don’t have any.


There definitely will be no Christmas mode this year.


Be sure to check “show” buttons on all quests. The characters and rooms can be different from the text in the quest.

For example, cones were in dressing room because Christmas ice room is unavailable for most of us.

Also, all people who got only 3 quests can put in a ticket and will get the entire quest line almost immediately. It may take longer over weekend.


    Thanks for the information!

    Support did restart the Christmas quest string for me after I completed the three new ones and didn’t have any more quests.

    As Olson said, you will get the items from places that are different than the hints in the text box, so always use the show button next to the quest description. Both the roamers and the rooms may be different, but the show button will take you to the one you need.


      Thanks. If I weren’t so busy with Christmas orders to finish I would ask for,themquest string to get the right places. But alas, I am behind in everything right now and have other web page updates to get done.


After you have finished the quests, where can you get more copies of the items from the collection “in love with the holiday” like the “warm boots” and the memento?


    Unless they come from the Santa Claus House you probable can’t. The roamers done give them and there doesn’t see m to be much else. We had 2 rooms and all kinds of extras last year.


    I found them. They are very rare but you get them from the boss award for Katharine in the Santa Claus house.


      Thanks. I’ll try to get that added to the collections list. I’m working on marking all collections that come from chests.


Just an FYI my quest string just skipped quest #13. When from quest #12 to quest #14


I apparently started this year at Quest 1, and Quest 13 was skipped, so I don”t think Christmas Mode will be available this year


Found the inseparable cups in #8 in night mode


I have charged every collection for containers for Room 51 and have noe spent 250 diamonds! I still have no Fox Mask! I don’t even see what collection it goes in! Anyone have any tips?


    It’s on number 15 above – sorry!


    Does the item show up as findable when you touch the room? If so, you can touch it and it will tell you if it comes from a collection

Finding Wabbits

Quest #7 : does anyone have detail on “give away gift baskets, and join either Danny Claus or Katherine in battle. Pack the presents in the allotted time”? What items do we need to battle each of the Clauses?
Many thanks


    I can’t get baskets rot drop either. Any suggestions?


I have not been able to get a single basket, for quest # 5 are the Christmas Gnomes something other than the ones listed above that are in the yard? So FRUSTRATED ?


    I bought a 4 hr. snow globe from the Christmas tree. It had 35 buttons and 25 baskets in it and satisfied that quest when I opened it from inventory.


    One of the Xmas floaters gives the baskets. Don’t remember which one, either Danny or Katherine assistant, or self taught wizard. One of them.

Ronda Meyers

My drop rate is terrible too! By the time I get into the Santa room, it will be gone.


For the santa claus house battle, do we get to use last years weapons along with the new ones this year for the battle?


I still don’t understand the quest Science of deduction and I don’t have gnomes in the yard either


What Christmas Gnomes? I haven’t seen them this year…


Anyone haveing trouble with number 14 Fearless Bunny Quest in Santa Claus House. It requires you to find Eared Brave in Comparison Mode in the Bedroom. I have spent a whole day and a half exploring, lost count of how many times in comparison mode, item shows but never drops. Am about to put in a ticket. ?


    It probably took me 50x…and about 4 days to finally get it..very frustrating


      I still haven’t found the bunny ears yet. I’ve been exploring for a week and still nothing.

Nina Nault

I am stumped for Soaring Among Snowflakes Quest 10. So far I found Snatchin Florist: Sakura’s Snowflake, Snowdoll: De Froste’s Snowflake, Thieving Snatchin: Lenz’s Snowflake, Grubby Snatchin: Joanna’s Snowflake. Can anyone help? Thanks


    I found the Timbales Snowflake, Snatchin Knight in my own manor! I was positive I banished him!


    Snatchin Knight has Timbales snowflake. I had to banish it from a friends yard.


#10 Soaring Ampung Snowflakes…..need to banish snatchins on first floor and yard…..I have found 1 snowflake and have banished 50 snatchins. Can’t see where any snatchins, fairies or gnomes even crry the snowflakes. I found the 1 from Snowdoll and it was on her item list. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks


For quest 3, to open Santa’s house you have to banish 8 each of the eleven lady and elf fellow, not 5.


    Thanks Kate! That’s my bad eyesight! I have so much trouble with those numbers. I wish they’d make them bigger. I fixed the page.

Ro Ztoy

I have my first quest with the Santa Claus’ House icon, but it’s not listed here – it has Katherine, and is called THE SCIENCE OF DEDUCTION – 25 gift baskets

Decorate the Christmas tree in front of the manor. As you carry out this task, you will be finding presents next to the beautiful evergreen tree. Moreover, you can trade for baskets with the Christmas gnomes.


    Can you send me a screen shot of that quest? I don’t have it and I just rebooted my iPad to see if it would appear.


      I can’t figure out how the tree works. I ‘wrapped’ a gift and then it has a running timer that appears underneath it. What am I supposed to do now?

      Ro Ztoy

      It’s on the way ??


        I didn’t get it. Did you send it to I just checked all my spam folders.

          Ro Ztoy

          That’s where I sent it I’ll do it again right now ? ͦ ̊ ☆?


For Quest 3. A Call to Last the Dreary Winter,
Cones on a String can be purchased for 150000 coins in collection 557.


    Collection 557 = Colorful Touches


Anyone else having trouble getting any items to banish the elves to drop??


    Yes. My drop rate for those is terrible!!!

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