Christmas Tree Decorating 2016

Christmas Tree Decorating 2016

A new challenge with this Holiday Season is Christmas Tree Decorating 2016. the Event will end on January 25, 2017.

Christmas TreeChristmas Tree to Decorate

Our tree this year appears at the bottom of the First Floor of the Manor. Click on it to get boxes with goals to appear. If you have quests on your left or right side of your Manor please send me a screen shot!




Christmas OrnamentOrnaments Used to Decorate

These Ornaments show up in your Sack Tab of your Inventory. The last one. You can also see how many you have when you open the window to each of the listed decorating tasks.


Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

There are 3 sections on the Christmas Tree with Stockings to complete. Each one has 3 Tasks and they have timers of 30 minutes, 2 hours and 4 hours. The Timers are how much time you have to wait to receive the items after you purchase them. I suppose that’s to keep you from buying a whole bunch at once so don’t wait until the last day to buy your gifts. Tapping on each of of these images brings up a different task.

Then there are 3 blue Snowflakes under the Stockings and when you tap on them they are titled Purchasing. Be VERY CAREFUL! I don’t think there is a confirm and if you hit the Unlock you will be out Diamonds.

The Decorating Tasks

Winter Souvenir

Winter Souvenir

Winter Souvenir is the first task. Completing these tasks will give you a Random Charger for the Santa Claus’ House Collections.



  • Christmas Tree Decoration
  • Plush Symbol of the Year
  • Makeshift Christmas Tree
  • St. Nicholas’ Gift
  • Fluffy Snowflake
  • Sharp Snowflake
  • Magic Snowflake
  • Furry Sapling
  • Lollipop Tree
  • Felt Beauties
  • Pine Dessert
  • Christmas Tree Ornament
  • Drosselmeyer’s Watch
  • Candles
  • Jingle-Bells

Small Winter Gift

Small Winter Gift

Small Winter Gift is the second Stocking to be completed. By opening it you receive a Random item to begin exploring Christmas rooms.


  • Christmas Badge – Santa Claus’ House
  • Firewood – Snow Cottage
  • Handful of Buttons – Gustav Drosselmeyer’s Toy Workshop
  • Gift Basket – After Gathering baskets with Christmas presents, you can start packaging them in Santa Claus’ House. (How are these used?)


Winter Gift

Winter Gift

The Winter Gift is the third task. There are 3 chests listed. Open them to receive a Random Christmas Collection item. I purchased the 30 Ornament Chest and received 6 Collection Items.



The Collections are:

  1. Wooden Road
  2. High Craftsmanship
  3. Doll Apartments
  4. Everybody Sews!
  5. Space for Creativity
  6. Unusual Idea
  7. Fascinating Mechanics
  8. In Love with the Holiday
  9. Warmer Together!
  10. Life Is a Carnival
  11. Officer’s Award – Battle Weapons Santa Claus’ House
  12. Colorful Touches – Battle Weapons Santa Claus’ House
  13. Presents from the Heart
  14. Paper Snowdrifts
  15. All Bundled Up
  16. Winter’s Chill – Battle Weapons Snow Cottage
  17. Bitter Cold – Battle Weapons Snow Cottage
  18. Frozen in an Instant
  19. Friend in Winter
  20. Hot Tools
  21. The Sounds of Winter
  22. Elegant Porcelain



There is an Unlock button for each of these and no explanation. I don’t know what happens if you unlock it and I don’t know if you get everything listed or just random item(s).

Purchasing 25 DiamondsPerfect Present Price – 25 Diamonds

These are weapons for the basement snatchins.



Purchasing 50 DiamondsSack of Presents – 50 Diamonds

These are keys to explore the basement bosses.





Purchasing 100 DiamondsChristmas Chest – 100 Diamonds

These are keys to explore the main basement rooms and the Treasury.




Any help on these tasks would be greatly appreciated!



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Ro Ztoy

When I click on the area to get a chest or presents, on January 17 – expecting the 40 day event to end tomorrow … The message from GI says the event will end in 7 days (plus hours & minutes)

?Huввч thrєαtєníng tσ dσ ᖴO᙭ ᑎEᗯᔕ σr σld WWII mσvíєѕ 24/7 íf í dσn’t fíníѕh ?quєѕt ᗩᔕᗩᑭ ??‍♀️ ( ??‍♀️oh, well ? ) so I’m really going at it & begging for items from my fantastic friends.

How much time do I have to finish, Sweet Guru? …

? ɬɧąŋƙ ყơų ? ͦ ̊ ☆? for everything you do, without your fabulous site I would have quit so long ago!

I hope my occasional AMAZON purchases help a bit. I encourage everyone to bookmark the SUPPORT LINK ??


I accidentally clicked on the Christmas Chest and it cost me 100 diamonds. Fortunately they have been giving free Ornaments over the past few days. I have been using the max (23) and after 4 hours I get 10 each of 4 random Basement keys. I can always use Basement keys but it’s certainly not worth 100 diamonds.


Just be careful…..I just lost my diamonds…twenty five I think and as far as I can see got nothing…..Why, oh why can’t GI give us a clear explanation of new phases of the game. ?


Why domI not have a X-mas tree?


I went for the 4-hour Christmas ball/snow globe, small winter gift that gives random keys. After the 4 hours ended, I noticed that wrapped gifts were encircling the bottom of the tree. When I clicked on the tree, it gave the chance to take the crystal Christmas ball/snow globe. This item went to my inventory of chests and was there to be opened. When opened, it gave me 70 keys to the Christmas rooms: 35 of one type and 35 of a different type for a total of 70.

By the way, the Christmas presents are needed to open the newest 2016 Santa’s Snow Cottage room in the yard.


I am concerned about getting the Winter Gift chests, since they look exactly like the ones from last year that require Gelid keys to open. If that is the case, how do we get the keys to open it/them?


The Gnomes appear in the yard, each time you select a prize the timer counts down and then you get the prize, but it’s very random in what you get and not a lot. It’s the only way to get keys for toy workshop in quantity other than paying diamonds


How do I send copy of screen shot to you,I have the picture but can’t send it


    What do you have a screen shot of? You can send to


I used my Christmas Balls on the small winter gift box, middle choice…I believe it was 8 balls. A timer started. At the end of 2 hours I received 15 weapons and 15 keys for Santa Claus House


    Thanks, that helps. I’ll work on an explanation on the page.


Where are the Christmas guests? I have the tree and a lot of the items that are for trading with the guests, but I don’t have any besides the Elvin man and woman.


    I don’t know. I’m still trying to figure it out. I have one Gnome in the Yard.


    Mine showed up eventually. In the meantime, I banish in some other manor.


    There are three more Christmas guests in the yard, as well as two fairies….that’s where you use the items.


    I visited friend’s yards and found some friends that had all gnomes, ferries, etc. Then I just shifted back and forth between the ‘best’ friends yards, and easily used all my Christmas chargers.

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