Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016

The Christmas 2016 Holiday Events have started. The Event is 40 Days so it will end January 18, 2017.

Please put your comments on the Page for each of the quest strings.

Please let me know if any of the quest strings from previous Holiday Events are continuing or still being used.

Christmas TreeChristmas Tree Decorating 2016 

Now that the Christmas Tree has appeared I have put up a page Christmas Tree Decorating 2016. Please help with information on how this tree is supposed to work.




Snow Cottage 2015

Snow Cottage Quest String

The Snow Cottage Quest String returns where you left off from last year.


Toy Workshop 2016 IconToy Workshop Quest String

The Toy Workshop is new this year and is on the First Floor of your Manor.


Santa Claus House 2016 IconSanta Claus’ House 2016 Quest String

The Santa Claus’ House 2016 returns this year but it looks like it’s an all new quest string.


Christmas Mode

Christmas Mode appears in rooms on the First Floor and I think the Yard. I have not had it appear in the Basement. This is a special mode where you get a magnifying glass to find the presents hidden. Sort of like Zodiac Mode only much easier. There are not special keys required to explore this mode and it give gifts for certain Collections.

Christmas Mode

Collections for Christmas Mode

  • Christmas Keeper’s
  • Toy Master
  • New Year’s Masquerade
  • Memory Enfettered in Ice
  • Winter Magician
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Christmas has 27 days left yet the bonuses for those rooms have only 3 days left. Doesn’t equate! They want more money. How those on lower evels can ever hope to finish is beyond me.


Anybody know where to search find the ash bucket in the fire of civilization quest?


    I found it in the crypt of Grigorius de Morte.


      Thanks! Not sure how I missed this, I just posted below where to find as well! Merry Christmas!!


    Found out it’s in Necromancer’s crypt at night. Hope this helps someone else!


What’s going on with this Christmas event, some of it makes no sense. 1. I get a quest for a pine cone string from the Snow Cottage. I got it open, used all my weapons, then no wood to search. No chest to buy for help.. Room closed without a search & I have no hope Of getting it open again in near future. 2. “The science of deception ” quest: banish gnomes & help decorating the tree in front of the manor to get the 25 baskets needed for this quest. Where’s the tree? 3. Where are the chests for the 2016 event? The prior year chests are there, but don’t relate to any of the 3 rooms. 4. I finally banished enough elves to open Danny Clause’s house & get through the quest, but the items to vanish them have stopped dropping. That leaves me to buy the buttons to search the toy shop, AND no chest available. I’m getting real tired of the game and things not working even slightly well. Anyone else?


    No Christmas Tree and no Gnomes appears after banishing tons of monsters in yard. I did find 1 basket after bamishing gnomes in friend’s yard. I submitted. ticket to GI


    You can buy the pine cone strings for coins – they are a collection item.


    Seems to me that GI just want us to spend more diamonds. Have a quest to search toy workshop for coll items- have used 80? already and still need one more item. Then I see we have to do 3 night searches in there. That’s a minimum 120? But could be 300!
    The chests would certainly help GI.


      There are no plans for Chests for this Event.


Where do you find the 25 Christmas baskets? Have banished at least 20 gnomes and no basket.


    You can buy them


    Buy them on the yard page at the room. It will satisfy the quest on the left to find 25 of them. They are 1 diamond each and worth it.


      Which room in the yard can you buy the baskets?


        The upper right corner. It is a cottage in the snowy area. You get the option at some point in the quest string. I waited for it to coincide with the quest on the left to find 25 baskets by banishing the gnomes, etc.


I’m on Gustav the builder, don’t know which rooms to find the female, any idea


    Found the canopy bed in the bedroom. There is nothing in the lab, the library, the hall, the japanese garden, the african room, the fortune-telling room, the kitchen, the dressing room, the bathroom, the living room and the hunting room. Continuing my research… ?


      Spacious cabinet is in the laundry room.


        Vanity in oceanic & mini fridge in saloon. Still looking for swing?


          The swing is in Sakura

    Dennis Goodwin

    Bedroom, Sakura, Laundry, Saloon, and Oceanic.


“Regards from the North Pole”? How do we open that? I’m 75% there, but not sure how to get the remaining ladies needed. Ideas? Thanks?


On the quest “Gustav the Builder. Does anyone know which rooms on the 1st floor and basement are occupied by females?


    Bedroom, library, Fortune Telling?


      Bedroom yes, not library or fortune telling.


One of my left side quest strings has the green tree icon from last year’s Christmas Tree quest string, but the quest says its for the “Santa Claus’ House” quest string, and the first quest is called Snowfall for Katherine, which I can’t find on any of last year’s quests. So, it’s very confusing. Looks like some things about this event are different from last year.


Science of Deduction Quest…is it some sort of riddle or should there be a Christmas tree somewhere in the manor?


Don’t banish the gnomes etc until you get the quest to banish 5 which take 3each time of wizard rods, But only do 4 and play some more so you will have enough to banish the other items that will b needed to do next. I had to banish some full moon & others to get them to show and visit someone for them to come


    I meant wizards but probably same with gnomes


Is there a Christmas tree? Anywhere?


    Are you referring to the Christmas presents hidden in the grass?


Good grief does anyone have gnomes? I have one occasionally pop up after I’ve cleared about two dozen full moon monsters.


    Go to the high rating players. Ele has the gnomes. And either the one above or below her.


    I banish about 4, with gingerbread, swan etc


I don’t see the Christmas tree


    I don’t see the Christmas tree either. Did you ever find it?


      I’m still looking for the tree as well. ?

Helen Lethborg

I found “Sakura’s Snowflake” in Japanese Garden


    I found Sakura’s Snowflake in Hunting Room while doing another quest for Hunting Room!

      Louise Samson

      I found Sakura’s snowflake in the kitchen.


I don’t see the tree


    There is a tree in the Hall….


      I don’t see the tree in the hall


        Are they talking about the tree in the furniture in the Hall? I don’t see any Gnomes either.


Snow Cottage quests start where you left off from last year!


    I don’t even have the Snow Cottage in my yard. The area is blank…there should be 2 buildings there, but I have nothing.
    Although I do have the new cottage on the main floor…
    Also, other players have the quest line starting with the snow flake, and I don’t have that one either.


      I had to reboot my iPad after shutting it down. Then, the 2 missing buildings appeared along with the quests.

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