Mystery Manor is 4 years old!

Mystery Manor is 4 years old!

Mystery Manor’s turning 4 years old! Its residents already have some surprises for you. And soon Uncle Perchill will be arriving with the best culinary experts from the Golden Snatchin!

This anniversary table will appear on the First Floor of your Manor but keep in mind that they move around with updates so it’s tough to give a specific location.

4 years old Party Table

This is what the 4 years old Party Table will look like when you’ve finished the quests. You will construct it as you go along.

4 years old Party Table

4 years old Roamers

  • Master Chef – Set of Spices – Gives Collection Items for Main Dish Collection
  • Master Pizzaiolo – Pizza Cutter – Gives Collection Items for Pizzaiolo Grande Collection
  • Master Chocolatier – Confectioner’s Funnel Nozzles – Gives Collection Items for Dessert Master Collection
  • Master Bartender – Cocktail Shaker – Gives Collection Items for Bar Card Collection
  • Sushi Master – sushi mat – Gives Collection Items for Itadakimasu! Collection

4th Icon.png

4 years old Quests


  1.  Not just any day. A holiday! Find Porcelain cup in the Living Room
  2. Jealousy Strikes – Snatchin Chefs, this is the Snatchin Cook,  have stolen Giovanni’s caesar salad. (can also be found in the Hunting Room or gifted)
  3. A Gift from the Heart – Find the tool set in the Bathroom in Mist mode. (can also be found in the Bathroom or gifted)
    • I found mine on my first search of bathroom in words mode.
  4. Going through the mail – Find the Golden Chain in the Dressing room.
  5. I should have held it tighter! Explore the bedroom once
  6. The Second Try – Banish Thieving Snatchin to find the Cherokee Dreamcatcher. (can also be found in the Hunting room or gifted)
  7. You need help?  Find Tyrannosaurus Skull in the Hunting room.  It might take multiple attempts.
  8. Numerology is Nonsense! Explore living room, kitchen, and hunting room 1x each
  9. A Thoughtful Gift – Find Sakura Bonsai in Japanese garden
  10. Missing Treasure – Words, Silhouettes and Night in Future telling room
  11. A dragon is the best gift – Get hand dragon (any room)
  12. Growing Animal – Find Tyrannosaurus Fillet in the kitchen
  13. Pet Toy – Find Jack the Rabbit in the bedroom at night
  14. Intuition’s No Liar – Find the Book of White Magic in the Library in Words Mode.
  15. A Useful Device – Find the Einstein Engine in the Laboratory
  16. 48 Moons – Find the Lion Mask in the African Room in Silhouettes mode
  17. Japanese Flute – Find the Flute in the Sakura Room in Night Mode
  18. Message from the Past – Find the Paranormal Activity Detector in Room 51
  19. Deep Appreciation – Banish Seahorses for find the Clown Fish
  20. Pre-Party Depression – Find the X Family Medallion in living room
  21. The Specialist is Invited – Search the Kitchen 1x
  22. Where’s the butler – Explore the Bunker
  23. The Old Soldier – Explore the Living Room, Japanese Garden and Hunting Room 1 x each
  24. Adele Accepts the Challenge – Examine the collapsible table closely to make a tablecloth for it
  25. StainProof Material – Find the Decorative Fabric in the Heart of Spring Hotel
  26. Dressmaking course – finding 5 tapes searching 69 snatchins club.
  27. Snow Lace – Find the Lace in the Ice Citadel
  28. Kindred Spirits – Find Thread and Needles in the Animatorium
  29. Finishing Touches – Find the Embroidery Thread in the Vampire’s Lair
  30. Team Golden Snatchin – Check to see if the collapsible table and tablecloth are ready. If they are, it’s time for us to set the table!
    • This is where you need to complete Festive Decor
      Festive Decor.jpg
    • The table is assembled and covered with an elegant tablecloth. Time to figure out what we’ll feed our guests with!
      4th Anniversary Table.jpg
  31. True Calling – The master pizzalolo will make you some Diablo Pizza. Find the snatchin and banish him to get the Pizza.
  32. Better to ask forgiveness… Get the Hawaiian Pizza from the Hungry Snatchin.
  33. Unattended Pizza – Get the Pizza Napolitano from a Gypsy
  34. The Ideal Security – Banish Robot Musicians to find the Pizza Marinara
  35. The Recipe Man – The Master Chef will treat you to some Meat a la Francaise
  36. Taste Testing – Banish Gypsies to get Turkey Medallions
  37. Children’s Menu – Banish the Gypsy Girl to find the Rack of Lamb
  38. You know nothing!  Banish Seahorses to find Grilled Shrimp
  39. Care for your Neighbor  Banish Grubby Snatchin’s to find the Salmon Steak
  40. The Latest Fad – Banish the Zen Gardener to find Ramen. This is Joe the Gardener.
  41. To Each His Own – Banish Chan the Florist to find Sushi
  42. A Good Idea – Banish Kun the Vacationer to find Soba Sen-Soi
  43. A Simple Name – You can get some Onigiri from Giri the Gardener
  44. Chef’s Secret – Trade for Tempura from the Agronomist-San
  45. Bar Psych – Get Avocado Juice from the Bartender
  46. Depression, Begone! Banish the Snatchin Florist to get Hot Chocolate
  47. Master of Improvisation – Banish the Snatchin Jazzman to get a Milkshake
  48. Vitamin Drink – Banish Snatchin Knights to get a Smoothie
  49. The Real Colonel – Banish Snatchin Strippers to get Mulled Wine
  50. Delicious Art – You can get Pudding from the Master Chocolatier
  51. Crafty Chocolate Lovers – Banish Snowdoll Snatchins to get Strudel
  52. Cautionary Measures – Banish Snatchin Guardsman to find Baklava
  53. Strange Coincidence – Banish Snatchin Sailors to find Pastila
  54. Just like the top restaurants! Complete the Cutlery Collection. You can find all of the items you need in the Kitchen.
  55. Gourmet Cuisine
    • Everything is Ready. The table can barely hold all of this food! — this will finish the Team Golden Snatchin Quest
      Festive Decor.jpg

The End!

This is not a room. It’s a daily gift giver like the First and Second Anniversary Houses.

Mystery Manor is 4 years old!

The Quest on the right side is to charge the 5 new Collections 5 times each. The reward is a Happy Fourth Amulet that reduces energy recharge time by 85%. Increases your XP gain and item find chance by 85%. Lasts for 4 days.2016-02-01 13.28.51.png.jpg
4 years old Collections

  • Main Dish
  • Pizzaiolo Grande
  • Dessert Master
  • Bar Card
  • Itadakimasu!


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I’ve completed all of the 4th anniversary quests, but I haven’t satisfied the achievement for completing the 4th anniversary. Is there anything else that I need to do?


    Have you completed the right side quest?


      No, just the ones on the left. Is charging each collection 5 times is what is needed?


Between number 50 and 51, there is a quest to get a sponge cake from a bookworm snatchin. I didn’t get the name of the quest, but just completed it, so I know it’s missing.

Olga W

To get the fabric I went to the hotel room and used golden bombs to clear the room, did This as soon as I got into room and used 5 bombs each time. Got a fabric each time and it worked 4 out of 4 times. Already had 5th from before. Maybe the drop rate is linked to how fast the room is cleared. Don’t know if was just luck or what but it worked. Will now try with red bows.


Can anyone tell if the 4th anniversary Santchin are gone once the quest is complete? And what kind of gifts you get one the quest is done?


    The snatchins do not disappear once you accept the right side quest reward. However, if you banish them in your own manor I do not think they come back. So to be safe, only banish them at friends’ manors (when you are running a turtle of course?)

    The table icon outside the manor gives a daily gift just like the 1st and 2nd anniversary houses. It gives items from the 4th anniversary collections as well as unique items that restore energy and can be found in inventory under the energy tab.


I don’t have the 4 icon, is there anything special you have to do to get it? I have finished all of the other anniversary quests. Thank you for your dedication to this page!


    Take a screen shot and open a support ticket with GI!


I collected everything but the chefs have not shown up where do you find them?


    I found them when visiting friends. Only one or two had them and then only for a day or two. They haven’t popped up in awhile. I currently have a ton of spice racks and pizza cutters getting dust on them! Lol!


    Try banishing random monsters on the first floor in a random order, you’re sure to get a snatchin cook. Otherwise try visiting friends at different levels, when you find a friend who has the snatchin cook, sometimes you’ll find other friends at a similar level also have the snatchin cook.


First let me say how much I appreciate this site! Has been so helpful! Next, I am finally at #24! Not sure what it means to examine closely the table. I have clicked on it. Is there something else I should be doing to it? Do I need to find the cloth from #25 first? Very confused. Any insight would be much appreciated!


    Tap on the table.


Does anyone know what the Dream Medallion is? I think it is somehow related to the X Family medallion.


Did anyone else buy the 5 red tapes (look like möbius bow) in Festive Decor?


    I found everything without purchase for the 4th anniversary. If you don’t have keys check the collections table and see if you can charge something to get them.


      I finished the string. But I bought tapes. And it took more diamonds than advertised. MM is saying there was no glitch.


Feeling very frustrated with this game, AGAIN. Powered through the first part of this anniversary event, only to find that without spending $$$$$$ I will have used everything I had, which was quite a bit stockpiled, to open the Hotel MULTIPLE times and to explore the Hotel to only find 1 blue fabric. Now I am completely out of resources and REFUSE to by any. I guess as long as people spend copious amounts of $$$$$ they will continue to make events and quests that require you to do so. Sad they have ruined this game.


    There are a few Collections that give keys to the Hotel. Just search the Collections Table using the word Hotel. And then there’s the spinning chest with worse odds than Las Vegas!


It’s ridiculous that, save for a few chargers for last collection, I have all but finished this event, whereas if am still struggling my way through the third anniversary event!!


How do I get keys for the hotel? Or is there an other way to get the fabric


    The collections page on this site has a table you can search to find the collections that give hotel keys as a reward. Go to Menu > Collections > Mystery Manor Collections and I’d enter “hotel” in the search box.

    You can also find them by banishing the snatchin florist and culinary located in the yard.

    I don’t think there’s any other way to find the fabric.


      Unfortunally I don’t have the collection items nessacery for the collection for hotel keys. I don’t know which rooms to search to get them


    I save my diamonds from visiting FB every weekend, and every five days, and every level up. Once you have 25 you can buy a chest, it’s the box of whichever person is associated with the room you want to get into. This one only has 25 keys in it, which alas is not enough to get in to battle some bosses, but it’s a start. It also has weapons against the florist and ——- which *may* give you more keys. Or you can save up another 25 diamonds and buy two chests, or just spend 50 on the bigger chest. Warning, do not buy the box of the room, which only has room keys and chargers, you (probably) want the one with the keys to battle the boss. If you stick to the 25 diamond ones, you won’t fall into this trap. From memory, the hotel takes 30-40 keys to get in to battle the boss, so you’ll probably need two chests.

    Before battling the boss, it’s a good idea to wait for the object you get after visiting the game for 20 days in a row. Then charm up before you enter the room, gold turtle, gold elephant (makes the room level up quicker) at a minimum, and other charms as you wish. Then, charge the cornucopia artifact, select an explorer helper, and open the daily gift chest. Can also charge a butterfly artifact hoping for the help find objects one, and use an emerald heart charm over the top. You’ll be sure to find some fabric soon.


Can you get declarative fabric any other way? Gifts?


having a very difficult time on #25 decorative fabric, any suggestions would be appreciated.


Searched about 20 times and only found 2@


    Same problem…..spent diamonds to buy 3 fabrics to move on to the next one…tape in the club but same there…not dropping. Giving up!


How do I find the little dish thingies to banish the snatchin cook?


    The flour bolters used to exchange with snatchin cook drop from the rooms when you explore


      Any particular mode or room or just random?


        It’s random but I search with a turtle charm and they drop pretty frequently for me


Wondering if anyone has had any luck finding the decorative fabric in the heart spring hotel


    Yes. I got the fabric about once out of every exploration.


    I’ve used over 1000 keys and only found two fabrics. It’s different for everyone 🙁


Do the quests have to be completed in order?


There are 2 more quests: after #34 The Ideal Security is quest Sudden Attack — Get Pizza Capricciosa back from Seahorses.
After #50 Delicious Art is quest Fighting Myths — Get Sponge Cake from Snatchin Bookworm.


How to examine the collapsable table?


    Connie, what it means is to tap on the table and Gourmet Cuisine window pops up to collect and charge each of the 5 new collections 1 time. Get the items from snatchins.


      Which snatchins? I checked each one and it doesn’t show any of the items for the table.


Just want to thank you for the great job you are doing out of the kindness of your heart!thank you


Thank you so much, I refer to this page on a regular basis.


What is the collapsed table? #24


    The collapsed table is the 4th anniversary table in the bottom left corner (below the 2nd anniversary house).


There are actually 5 new floaters. There is also a Sushi Master. There is not a quest for him, but he drops items for the sushi collections. Thank you for always posting such useful information for us all to share!


    When do these floaters appear? And on which floor? Thanks. I am already at quest 23 yet no new floaters.


I figured it out. Zen the gardener is Joe the farmer


Anyone know who the Zen Gardner is or how to call him?


#26 “Dressmaking Courses” Collect 5 Tapes from 69 Snatchins Club


#24….how do we find the collapsible table? Thx?


I had to use 1700 keys to the magic hotel to complete #25.


Einstein engine-find engine in labratory


Just clarifying that quest #2 is the snatchin cook. This is your chance to bring the snatchin cook back to your manor (if he wasn’t there already)

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