5th Birthday Bakery

5th Birthday Bakery

The 5th Birthday Bakery appears on the First Floor of your Manor to the Left of the Island. You must be level 40 to open it.

The sweet life begins the moment you step into this cozy little bakery! Donuts, cannoli, pastries of all kinds, gingerbread, sweet buns, and the most intricate, amazing cakes you can imagine. All these, and their eccentric creator Charlotte Baquet, await anyone who enters.

I don’t know about anyone else but this will be a tough room for me to search. I am just going to want to go in the kitchen and bake!

More Chocolate!

You must collect all the items for More Chocolate to enter the Bakery. You can request all of them from your friends except for the Double Boiler which you can buy for Coins.

More Chocolate Required to Open Bakery

More Chocolate! Items

  • 55 Chocolate Bar – 5 Diamonds each
  • 5 Double Boiler – Buy for 100,000 Coins each. Cannot ask a Friend
  • 25 Bar Spoon – 4 Diamonds each
  • 40 Kitchen Timer – 3 Diamonds each
  • 55 Measuring Cup – 2 Diamonds each

5th Birthday Bakery Keys

  • Bowl of Colored Sugar – No Chests at this time. Hopefully they’ll come up with them. Rings of Flour Collection gives 30.
  • I spoke with GI about these Keys and the current plan is that they will offer them in the sale chests on the right at some point in the future. Hopefully we can change their minds about this. Personally I will NOT buy keys one at a time!

5th Birthday Bakery Roamers

They have made the Roamers require even more weapons to banish. Find the weapons searching rooms of the manor.

  • Sweet-Loving Niece – 8 Half Cups of Hot Cocoa – 36 Diamonds for 10 in the Shop
  • Mischievous Nephew – 6 Kiddy Thermoses – 27 Diamonds for 10 in the Shop

5th Anniversary Icon

5th Birthday Bakery Quests

Based on the comments I see that we have multiple quest strings going out there! Do you think they’re trying to mess with me? If you post a comment for your quest please give me the number and the quest name as well as what you’re looking for. I will do my best to organize them! Thank you!

  1. In Pursuit of Zen –  Find a Chocolate Butterfly by exploring the Japanese Garden in Silhouettes mode.
  2. Sweet Nostalgia
    • Three-Tiered Platter (collection item) Explore the Kitchen in Comparison mode.
    • Find the Bakery on the map and try to open its doors by tapping the Upgrade! button.
  3. Icy Envy
    • Rainbow Ice Cream (collection item) – Banish Snatchin Cook to find.
    • Mischievous Nephew – Banish 3 times
  4. Ice Cream in My Pocket – Banish 3 Sweet-Loving Niece
  5. Got Chocolate?
    • Make a new Choco-Key by following the instructions in the Bakery Window. This will be fulfilled by gathering all the items in the More Chocolate! quest.
    • Unlock the Bakery and explore it 1 time.
  6. Welcome to Heaven – Explore the Bakery in listed mode to find the:
    • Lady Strawberry Dessert in Silhouettes or
    • Countesses of Raspberry Dessert in Silhouettes or
    • Earl of Lemon Dessert at Night or
    • Apple Prince at Night or
    • Cherry Duchess in ?? mode
  7. What Have I Will Have Baked? Get a Lorgnette (collection item) from a snatchin. What kind of snatching? You’ll have to figure that out.
    • Bookworm Snatchin
    • Ear Twisting Snatchin
    • Snowdoll Snatchin
  8. The Chocolate Butterfly Effect – Find by exploring rooms in the Yard. They are all from Collection 283 Warm Drinks and can be bought with Coins:
    • Cacao – Yard, Words mode or
    • Hot Chocolate –  Yard, Words mode or
    • Tea with Raspberries or
    • Grog or
    • Sbiten
  9. Endless Entertainment – This seems to be an unusual quest for instructions. Collect and charge the Rings of Flour collection by exploring one of these locations to obtain the Ready Snack.
    • Rooms on the First Floor or
      • Chocolate – Living Room, Words mode
      • Sprinkles – Sakura, Words mode, Heavy Rain
      • Glazed – Oceanic, Silhouettes mode, Night Vision
      • Strawberry – Living Room, Silhouettes mode
      • Vanilla – Silhouettes, Bathroom at night
    • Space Rooms or
      • Strawberry Donut – Mars, Words mode
    • Basement Rooms
      • Glazed – Mirror Garden
      • Chocolate – Night mode
      • Strawberry – Words mode
      • Sprinkles – Cuddy
      • Vanilla – Laundry
  10. Beautiful Abnormalities – Collection items
    • Colorful Comfit – Explore Dressing Room in Silhouettes mode
    • Wafer Rolls – Explore Kitchen in Silhouettes mode, I found mine in the kitchen in Zodiac mode.
  11. Charlotte the Enlightened – Explore the Bakery in Night mode 3 times
  12. Madame Marzipan – Find some Tender Marzipan (collection item)  in the rooms of the First Floor, or get some from the Mirror World Fairies in the Basement. Found from Tulip Fairy.
  13. Closing the Loop – Use 3 Time Freezes while exploring the rooms of the Manor. You will find them in your tools for searching.
  14. Quick Stress Relief – There are different quests for this one:
    • Explore rooms in Space to find Blue Velvet Cake (collection item). Found on Saturn and Mars.
    • Explore rooms in space to find Candy Ice Cream (Mars)
    • Explore rooms in space to find Dessert Basket (Selene)
  15. Better Than Any Castle on a Cloud – Explore Gingerbread House in Silhouettes Mode to assemble the Chocolate Figurines collection
    • Chocolate Bunny
    • Milk Chocolate Mouse
    • Dark Chocolate Snail
  16. Culinary Queen – Explore rooms of the First Floor to complete and charge the Baker’s Helpers collection and obtain the Baker’s Kit.
    • Baking Dishes – Words mode
    • Silicon Mould – Silhouettes mode
    • Textured Roller – Night mode
    • Three-Tiered Platter – found in quest 2
    • Tips Set – Comparison mode
  17. A World at Stake – Explore the Bakery in Words mode 3 Times and listen to the rest of Charlotte’s Story.
  18. My Aunt the Queen – Get the Pastry Injector from the Mischievous Nephew.  It’s probably not really lost at all, just misplaced in one of his pockets!
  19. Family History – Explore the Bedroom at Night to find a Cup of Coffee Cake (collection).
  20. Hidden Civilization – Explore the Library in Comparison Mode 1 time.

The End


Sweet Adventures!

Sweet Adventures! is the 5th Birthday Bakery quest on the right side of your manor. You need to charge the 7 Bakery Collections 5 times each to receive the Expert Baker’s Chest. Open it to get 100 Bowls of Colored Sugar (room keys), 60 Kiddy Thermoses for the Mischievous Nephew (10 Banishes), and 80 Cups of Hot Cocoa for the Sweet-Loving Niece (10 Banishes).

Sweet Adventures!

Bakery Collections

  • Beau Monde Desserts
  • Baker’s Helpers
  • Rings of Flour
  • Good Taste
  • Nothing Better
  • Cold and Sweet
  • Chocolate Figurines

Inside the 5th Birthday Bakery

5th Birthday Bakery Room

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It says you can buy Grog with coins. Where do I go to buy it and how do I do it? Step 8. Collection 283. Thanks for the help.


    When you go into collection 283 there a little cash register next to the collection item. Tap on it to purchase.


    Thanks for your help. I appreciate your work!!


I’ve got to 5 and can’t get any keys at all. I don’t want to buy them, but it’s been 2 weeks and I’m getting fed up with not getting them. Any tips would be appreciated.


    They have been offering chests of keys in there Sale offers on the side. Just keep an eye for which chests are on sale. Those sales only last a few days.


I am on #15 where you need to explore the gingerbread house for three collection pieces. Has anyone had success in getting all three pieces? I went through over a 1000 keys, had just 7 rooms in silhouette mode and only one of the three items dropped on last search before I ran out of keys. I sent an email to GI saying something is wrong and they tell me it is a matter of luck! This game has changed. I have never had such a hard time completing a quest in a room that requires keys. I would also like to add that my quests are not coming in the order listed above.


    I have just gotten to quest 15. Do you have a different order, that is odd. I know there are different places to look for things but did not realize there was a different order. I think they like mixing it up to throw us off balance.

      Louise Samson

      I also have a different order and have been stuck on Explore Bakery in words mode 3 times. Yech.


      I looked at the list again and maybe I am wrong, I did not think I was that far along in this quest. I hope you are able to complete #15.


    Got all 3 pieces in silhouette mode, however, it took me 3 different times over 2 days in the room because I would get distracted with my computer work or with my grandkids and forget about the game.


    I had to explore the gingerbread house 3 times, twice with Gretel & once w8th Hansel. For the last item, in my case the chocolate mouse, I explored over 6 hours. In the end I wasn’t sure if it was an emerald heart charm that helped, or the fact that I had taken only explorers and bankers with me to explore in silhouette mode. When I finally took a scientist, the mouse dropped. So could be you need one helper of each profession with you in silhouette mode for the last item….

Diane Farley

I have tried searching the Bakery first and several other things, to get the keys at a reasonable rate, but the special offer never appears for me. In addition, the Valentine Heart ❤️ mode for the first floor rooms, has never appeared . GM told me to keep playing and that ther was some luck involved. This was a discouraging reply. ☹️


    You must reach the quest in the 2016 string where it tells you to search in Eye for Love Mode to have it appear. Banish Valentines Roamers for a slim chance to get keys.


I’ve got 300 keys for the bakery, by always going to the bakery before anywhere else and hope snatchin merchant is around. Worked for me today and has worked with the toy shop when I had no keys. Paid $1.49 for them.


    Yes, their model works! Think how many dollars all those little purchases add up to for them. They have no motivation to provide chests we can buy with our earned diamonds.


I am just ignoring the bakery room and the toy shoppe. I refuse to do them if they can’t seek the keys at a reasonable amount. I am tired of playing their games. I wonder how many of the chested they sell for 99.99. This is ridiculous. I am a level 583 and, I, too, am getting pretty fed up.


    Sorry, *sell the keys at a reasonable amount, and how many chests they are selling!


    I have the ice staff STILL showing as a quest and you don’t even want to know how many diamonds I spent trying to get that thing with buttons! There’s another one this week for 50 diamonds and I’m not falling for it this time! Frustrating isn’t the word!! Heck, I still have the Easter Bunny showing up from last Easter!!
    I saw that $99.99 “special” and thought the same thing! $99.99!!!! That’s crazy!


Three tiered platter not dropping despite searching kitchen in comparison mode loads of times! Any suggestions?


    Took me around 30 room searches of which about 8 were comparison before I got it. Use as many charms as you can and artifacts.


      Hi the three tiered platter is not showing in the inventry of what can be won in the kitchen in comparison mode. In fact no rooms on the 1st floor are showin this item to be found in them at all It is the only one i need. Any ideas?

Lisa Howell

How do I banish snatchin cook without purchasing diamonds?


    If you use a turtle of luck you should get flour bolsters to banish him on every search.


So, you can only buy the double boiler? Ridiculous! I’m not spending real money to buy coins for this so I guess I’ll not be playing this quest chain.


    You can charge collections to get coins. You earn them every time you play!


I picked the boss room that I had the most keys for – art of war room (general Krieg) this worked for me, not sure if it was luck or it works for any boss room in yard.


I’m not doing anymore quests until GI make the bakery keys more accessible. They are ripping their players off! Has anyone noticed one of the right hand side special offers? – £69.99!!! I don’t think so! ?


    I’m with you Jean. It gets more expensive with each event and less accessible with trades for nephew and niece bigger than ever ?


I can’t believe they are not selling keys for the bakery! They pulled this at Xmas for what purpose!? (Other than their profit) if their goal is to anger their loyal players than they have succeeded.


    This has been discussed with them. I have put forth a very persuasive argument in the hopes it would help. Please post on the official GI Facebook page so they hear more voices.


I’m on quest number 11 of the new birthday event – explore the bakery 3 times in night mode. As per usual, you never get the required mode when you need it but more importantly this new event is costing an absolute fortune!!! The fact that yet again we can’t buy chests is making it more expensive than it need be. Every event GI introduce is more difficult and more expensive than the one before. Not to mention the horrific increase in the price of diamonds in the bank. It’s getting to the stage that GI are going to price themselves out of business! I’m over level 500 and have been playing for just short of the 5 years but am just about ready to delete the whole game.


When does Sweet Adventures on the right side show up? After a certain quest?


    Yes, I think you have to get to a certain quest.


I’m trying to get trades so I can find keys for bakery. Ha ha 20 searches and no trades dropping! Maybe if they got rid of the wizard trades from a non-existent event, we might get a chance to get the new trade items.


I can not seem to do the first quest: chocolate butterfly in the Japanese garden in silhouette mode. I have been searching that room since quest started (all day yesterday). Probably completed it and silhouette mode about 20 times and still no butterfly. Has this happened to anyone else? I have gone through 500 zodiac shatters in the garden. Not sure how much longer I can do this….


    I have the same problem. Can’t get the item to drop.


    Avoid the Zodiac mode by making it go in 3 other rooms.

    I hope you’ve found it by now!


      How do you make zodiac mode go into other rooms ? Nope have not found the chocolate butterfly fly yet! Sigh…..


        Keep playing the same room repeatedly and it will go in there. That’s why you keep getting it in the room you need to search.


          Thank you!


        Just keep playing another room until it goes into zodiac mode. Once you have three rooms in zodiac mode you can search the Japanese Garden. If one of those three rooms get a phenomenon then the zodiac will go off that room so be careful!


    It does take a long time to drop. Try getting 3 zodiacs in other rooms so that you can search Japanese room without Zodiac interferance.


    If zodiac falls, use phenomenon and banish it removes zodiac


    Same here! I’ve been searching the room since the quest came out…nothing. ?


So are there not chests with keys to buy for this room? What kind of celebration is this if you need to spend your diamonds to search rooms?
I don’t see them in the mystical living room chests either.


    I am going to ask about Chests for these Keys!

Nancy Cramer

Do you have to finish birthday 1,2,3,4 before you can do 5


    No, you just have to be level 40!

      Nancy Cramer

      I’m still working on 2 birthday couldn’t finish 3 or 4 had to go back and do 1 now 2. So if I start 5 will I get all the quest


        Yes, you can work on all these quests at the same time. You do not have to finish one before the other.

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