The Ice Citadel: Palace of the Snow Queen

We’ve reached The Ice Citadel: Palace of the Snow Queen. Our new challenge is to clear a hole in the yard which will crystallize into a glistening ice palace with brutal snow bears waiting inside. Inside her abode, the Snow Queen has almost unlimited power over cold.

Clearing the Ice Citadel

You must be Level 17 to enter the Ice Citadel. Once again, we must collect items from neighbors to assemble a new room. These are the same items needed to dig up Strigoi’s Castle so hopefully you have already collected some of them. It will require 20 of each item. To see the following screen, click on the bluish-whitish hole in the bottom towards the left in the Yard and hit the green “Upgrade” button.

Ice Citadel Keys

  • Key of the Ice Castle
  • Icy Rose

Ice Citadel Roamers

  • Brutal Armored Bear – 7 Ice (Glacial) Swords
  • Stern Armored Bear – 5 Ice (Glacial) Swords
  • Snow Elf – 1 Glacial Sword and 3 Energy


Snow Queen

Ice Citadel Quests



  1. Herald of the Storm – Banish 5 Snow Elves with an ice sword. The Snow Elves will be in the Yard. The glacial swords can be found by exploring rooms. Of course, there is always an option to purchase glacial swords, by themselves or in a chest.
  2. Honey Punch – Explore the rooms of the manor to find heather honey and rum punch. I found the honey in 3 rooms (Japanese Garden, Bedroom, and Kitchen) before I found the punch. Once I found the punch in the Fortune-Telling Room, I could no longer find any more of these items.
  3. Gerda’s Story – Collect and charge the Festive Food collection. You can find the items by exploring the rooms of the manor. While this quest is open, the Snowdoll Snatchin’ will drop charging items for this collection. The items can be found in several rooms and multiple times. Once you charge the collection, however, you will no longer find them.
  4. Goat of Fate – Banish 10 Snow Vikings with a glacial sword. The Snow Vikings are found in the yard. You will need 20 glacial swords and 60 energy to complete this quest or you can pay 10 diamonds to buy your way out. Or get your glacial swords in the shop. Receive a Goat of Fate which is part of the Good Year collection.
  5. Behind a Veil of Snow – Explore the Fortune-Telling Room and find 30 Snowflakes (not Snow Stars) by exploring the rooms (or buy them for 1 diamond a piece).
  6. World’s Greatest Fir Tree – Collect and charge the Fir Trees of the World collection by exploring rooms of the manor. The trees will only be found in the following rooms while they are in Night Mode. You can find multiples of these items, but as soon as you charge the collection, the trees stop dropping.
    • American Fir Tree — Kitchen
    • London Fir Tree — Living Room
    • German Fir Tree — Hunting Room
    • Paris Fir Tree — Fortune Telling Room
    • Italian Fir Tree — Library
  7. The Arrival of Distinguished Guests – Collect and charge the Good Year collection by exploring rooms containing phenomena. Do NOT banish the phenomena. Banish Snowdoll Snatchins to find items for charging the collection. You should already have the Goat of Fate.
    • Winterized Snake — Any room with the UFO Phenomenon
    • Furry Monkey — Any room with Will-O’-Wisp Phenomenon
    • Valiant Pig — Any room with the Mist Phenomenon
    • Santa Rooster — Any room with the Native Idol Phenomenon
  8. Menacing Shadows – Explore any room in Silhouette Mode to find a Bull Counselor and a Wise Tiger.
  9. Might and Hunger Incarnate – Find the Mighty Mouse and the Sneaky Kitten in the Kitchen in Night Mode.
  10. Summoning a Dragon – Trade with gypsies to get the Brisk Horse. Charge the Auspicious Year collection to complete the quest. Banish Snowdoll Snatchins to find the charging items for the collection. I found the Brisk Horse on the first try by trading with the Old Gypsy Woman.
  11. Gathering Weapons – This quest has 2 parts: (1) Explore the Hunting Room and (2) Explore the rooms of the Manor to find 10 glacial (ice) swords. The swords can be purchased for 6 diamonds each. The swords will be taken upon completion of the quest.
  12. The Peculiarities of Combat in the Snow – Assemble and charge the Winter Recreation collection. You can trade snowflakes for the collecton items with Kind Snowmen. Search for snowflakes in the rooms of the manor. Banish Snowdoll Snatchins to obtain items to charge the collection.
  13. Love, Frozen in Ice – Banish 15 Stern Armored Bears and 15 Brutal Armor Bears. You need a total of 180 ice swords to complete this. If you do not have patience to gather 180 swords you can spend 15 diamonds to complete each part of the quest.
  14. A Cold Mind, An Empty Heart – This quest is completed once you have dug up the entrance to the Snow Queen’s Castle.
  15. A Duel with the Ice Mistress – Defeat the Snow Queen.
  16. The Triumph of Love – Explore the Ice Citadel 3 times to complete the quest.

End of Quests

Ice Citadel Battle

You will need 30 Keys of the Ice Castle to enter into battle against the Snow Queen and these can be obtained by banishing the Armored Bears and Snow Elves (or purchase in the shop).

Ice Castle Battle

Weapons (20000 damage required, 40 hits, 16 hours to complete battle)

  1. Daywalker’s Arsenal Collection:
    • Garlic Necklace – damage 25, buy for 30000 coins
    • Silver Nitrate – damage 30, buy for 65000 coins
    • Vampire Sword – damage 35, buy for 135000 coins
    • Daywalker’s Culverin – damage 40, buy for 200000 coins
    • Daywalker’s Harquebus – damage 45, buy for 350000 coins
  2. Van Helsing’s Arsenal Collection:
    • Hunter’s Ring – damage 50, buy for 1 diamond
    • Silver Shuriken – damage 100, buy for 2 diamonds
    • Gatling Piercer – damage 250, buy for 5 diamonds
    • Dai-katana – damage 150, buy for 3 diamonds
    • Archangel Machine Gun – damage 200, buy for 4 diamonds
  3. Night Avenger collection:
    • Infra-Bulled – damage 300, buy for 5 diamonds
    • Stiletto of the Avenger – damage 350, buy for 7 diamonds
    • Silver Trap – damage 400, buy for 8 diamonds
    • Lepage of the Avenger – damage 450, buy for 9 diamonds
    • Dispersive Flamethrower – damage 500, buy for 10 diamonds

Ice Citadel Exploration

Once the Snow Queen is defeated, the Ice Citadel is open for exploration. Icy Roses are required for exploration. You will need from 10 to 50 for each search depending on your level.

Ice Citadel

The Royal Treasury

Charge the first four of the Ice Citadel Collections 5 times to complete this quest on the right side of your manor. You will receive the Chest of the Ice Citadel Explorer which contains 5 Golden Phoenixes, 5 Turtles of Fortune, 300 Icy Roses and 5 anti-boss weapons.
Snow Queen.jpg

Ice Citadel Collections

    • Royal Garments – reward: 2 Russian Salads, 3 Magic Magnets, 500 Experience
    • Cold Heart – reward: Turkey, 2 Turtles, 600 Experience
    • Courageous Gerda – reward: Breakfast, 30 keys for 3 random rooms, 700 Experience
    • Royal Treasures – reward: Champagne, 3 Flares and Time Freezes, 800 Experience
    • Icy Runes – reward: Dinner, 10 Bombs, 1000 Experience (not required to charge for the reward)

Remember to check the Collections Table for current collection numbers.

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anyone know how to get glacial swords without using diamonds?


    There are a few collections that can be charged to get glacial swords, including 285 & 298. Search the collections table.


I can’t get any more of these snowflakes either. I also can’t figure out how to contact them to “put in a ticket.” Any help would be appreciated!


    You can contact GI via the Support menu item on their website, ,


Based on the comments made by others regarding the snowflakes, GI sorted my problem out too. Now I seem to find I have a similar experience with the fir trees of the world where I have yet to drop one tree in all the time I have been playing.
Anyone else having similar problems….


On the advice of MsWillow I raised a ticket last night and they have fixed the issue for me, they awarded me the 30 snowflakes which finished my quest.


I have the same issue. I have never seen them findable in room searches and I try and always use a turtle of luck. I have not found a single snowflake.

V Savage

Any idea how to get the snowflakes in quest 5 without buying them? I have had this quest for months and have yet to get 1 snowflake. Thanks.


    Do you see them as findable items before you search the rooms? Are you using a Turtle of Luck? If you haven’t gotten any I would open a ticket and ask. You will need to send a screen shot of the quest and if you show them as findable in the room search send that too.

      V Savage

      No they don’t show up as findable items. I was wondering if I was missing something about getting them. Thanks for the help!

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