The General’s Bunker

The General’s Bunker

This is the first of the Bosses you will encounter in the game. Make sure you have your Battle Weapons and Keys to Explore.

Written by Mhairi Manor and Julie Bejeweled for the MM iPad FUN page.

Now we have an option to heal a sick general in the Bunker! This is also a boss fight room like the Necromancer’s Crypt.  However, it is not as expensive an undertaking in comparison.

First we see a new “room” that just looks like a pile of rocks.  It is located beneath the Necromancer’s Crypt.  If you click on the rock pile, you will see a menu with items to collect to build the General’s Bunker.  You can ask your friends for the items needed to dig up the bunker. Once you have completed this task, hit the green “upgrade” button and a new screen will appear.  This screen requires you to hand over 5 miraculous keys (they look like knives).  You can purportedly find these keys by banishing the Snatchin Guardsmen and Snatchin Knights.  And, of course, you can buy them for one diamond apiece!!!  In order to banish these snatchins, however, you need chocolate medals which can be found by exploring rooms in the manor.  I suggest using your turtle of luck charm.  Some players have reported a decent drop rate on the medals, while others have not.  Before you hand over the keys/knives, I suggest you proceed with the quest string and don’t go into the bunker fight until you have to.


  • Snatchin Knight – 2 Chocolate Medals
  • Snatchin Guardsman 3 Chocolate Medals

Quests of the General:

  1. The First Draughts –  BANISH (do not explore) the Native Idol from any room. (22 room searches before it arrived per Mhairi)
  2. Hunger of the Awakening – Explore the kitchen and collect 30 sushi By exploring the rooms of the manor.  Sushi can be put on your wishlist.
  3. Forerunners of the Severe Cold – Banish 10 Snow Elves with the glacial sword.  The sword randomly drops from rooms.  (With a turtle of luck running, it took Mhairi 23 room searches for 10 swords)
  4. One Snatchin Can’t Win a War –    Banish 5 Snow Vikings with glacial swords (same swords as before).  Each banish requires 2 HITS & 6 energy!  (16 searches with turtle & Olympic artifact running per Mhairi)
  5. How to Spoil a Fest – Charge the Evil Snowman Collection.  Find collection items by banishing Snow Vikings (as above) & Snowminators (3 ice swords & 15 energy = 1 banish).  Note:  After this collection is charged, the collection items will no longer drop from the snow creatures, but you must charge the collection eventually to move on to the next quest.  Also, the Snow Vikings drop part of the collection items while the Snowminator drops the rest so you will need to banish both to complete the collection.  Your other option is to put the collection items on your wishlist, of course.
  6. Cut Hydra’s Head Off – Banish 5 Snowminators with the glacial swords.  After you complete this quest the glacial swords will stop dropping.  However, you will still see snow creatures running around.  The snow creatures will be necessary for a future room involving a Snow Queen so I suspect this is why they don’t just disappear.
  7. The Loss of a Soldier – This quest came up already completed and I suspect it is completed just by clicking on the Bunker.  If anyone knows differently, please let us know.
  8. Untimely Diversion –   Assemble and charge the It is Hard in Treatment Collection.  Although the quest states that you can find the  items by banishing the Snow Elf, Ear Twisting Snatchin and Snow Doll Snatchin, the Snow Elf isn’t really an option since you don’t get glacial swords anymore.  You can get everything from the aforementioned Snatchins.  NOTE: After you charge this collection, these items will no longer drop from the Snatchins.  However, you cannot move on to the next quest until you charge it.  The items in this collection will be weapons in the bunker fight so you may want to accumulate quite a few before you charge the collection.
  9. The Doctor is Coming, Coming… –   On the map of the manor, click on the General’s Bunker.  Collect the keys to the Bunker to summon the General to treatment.  At this point, when you click on the bunker, you will see the screen of the second photo posted earlier in this note.  Either find the keys by trading chocolate medals with Snatchin Knight and Snatchin Guardsmen or purchase the keys for 1 diamond a piece.  You will need 5 keys.  I could only find Snatchin Knights and Snatchin Guardsmen
  10. Visiting the General –  Search the general’s room to complete the quest.  What isn’t mentioned here is that after you give the keys mentioned above, you have to use medicines to “heal” the general before you can go into the general’s room!  See the bottom of the page for information on healing the general.
  11. The Story of the ‘Heroic’ Horse – Trade with 5 horsestealer gesha (2 gold horseshoes each).  You can get gold horseshoes by charging the Hand of Midas Collection under the Artifact tab.
  12. The Horse and Its Hunger – Trade with gypsies to get 10 carrot & 10 trash seed (36 banishes gypsy boy or gypsy per Mhairi; Julie got all of hers from the gypsy).
  13. Return of the Prodigal Horse – Explore the General’s Bunker three times to complete the quest.


Healing the General:


Keys of the Bunker are required to start the battle to heal the General.  These can be obtained by banishing the Snatchin Guardsmen and Snatchin Knights or by charging the Dolce Amors collection.


Look at the pink numbers in the picture above and read their descriptions below:

  1. 350/3000:  A total of 3000 “healing” using “medicaments” must be done to heal the general and explore the general’s room.  The players in this fight have completed 350 healing so far.
  2. Shows how many hits you have used, in this case 1 out of 10
  3. Time left to heal the general
  4. Healing rating:  There are 2 people in this fight so far.  The player rated “1” has done 300 healing and the player rated “2” has done 50 healing.
  5. Invite friends:  Press the green “invite friends” button and you will see a list of your friends.  If you invite a friend, he/she will receive a request on his/her wall to join your battle.
  6. Syrup Encouragin’ medicine to heal general.  Does 50 points of healing when used  and if you need to purchase it costs 30,000 gold.
  7. Anti Sweet Stickin medicine to heal general.  Does 100 points of healing when used and if you need to purchase it costs 65,000 gold.
  8. Powder Theraflu medicine to heal general.  Does 150 points of healing when used and if you need to purchase it costs 135,000 gold.
  9. Leaves of Plantain medicine to heal general.  Does 200 points of healing when used and if you purchase it costs 2 diamonds.
  10. Heart Warming Ointment medicine to heal general.  Does 300 points of healing when used and if you purchase it costs 3 diamonds.


NOTE:  When you decide to do battle, you need to think of many factors:  how many players are participating, how much time is left, how many weapons do you have, etc…  If you and your fellow players successfully heal the general in the allotted time, you will then have a few hours to explore the bunker.  The time left to explore will be displayed below the room mode when you click on the bunker to explore it.  Also, you will need to have Snatchin Standards (they look like little red flag things) in your inventory to pay as an entrance fee each time you explore the room.  I think they occasionally drop from the Snatchin Guardsmen and Snatchin Knight.  I could only find these two snatchins at my friends’ manors.




Five new collections have appeared with the new room.  Check the collections list for the current numbers.

  • Snatchin’s Armoury  – Rewards:  Turtle of Fortune, 2 Flares, 150 experience.  You can get these items by exploring rooms in the bunker and/or in a winner’s chest.
  • It is Hard in Treatment  – Rewards:  Phoenix, Magnet, 300 experience.  You get these items by giving chocolate medals to Snatchin Guardsmen and Snatchin Knights.  Beware of charging this collection too much if you intend to heal the general – these are the medicines you use for healing.
  • General’s Honours  – Rewards:  Cup of Coffee, 100 experience.  You can get these items by exploring rooms in the bunker and/or in a winner’s chest.
  • Snatchin’s Detachment  – Rewards:  2 Time Freezes, 1 Bomb, 400 experience.  You can get these items by exploring rooms in the bunker and/or in a winner’s chest
  • Uniform of General – Rewards:  Hearty Dinner, Tesla Coil, 120 experience.  These items can ONLY be obtained from a winner’s chest.

The Event

You must charge 5 each of the Bunker Collections to receive the reward on the Right Side Quests:

Snatchin General.jpg



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where I get medicines. Already between several times.


    Banish Snatchin Knight and Snatchin Guardsmen in the yard!




I found the keys to the bunker and upgraded and got the healing screen. When I logged back in earlier the bunker told me I needed 5 keys to open and heal the general. That shouldn’t have happened or am I missing something. Thanks for any guidance.


    I’m not sure what you are asking. Did you pay your keys and enter and battle and then complete the battle and not search? Or did you not complete the battle? Once the battle is complete you only have so much time to search the room if you collect the chest. I think it may be only 2 hours for the Bunker.


    The “healing screen” you mentioned sounds like the battle screen. It sounds like you entered the battle and left. On the left side of the battle screen it tells you how long you have to defeat/heal the boss. If you don’t defeat/heal the boss in that amount of time, the battle expires and you have to start over by paying keys again.


      I am going to update the page that tells how to battle the Bosses.


      Thank you both, I had no clue what I was doing but it eventually dawned on me that it had something to with the battle/boss and that I would need keys every time it expired.


Which rooms have the chocolate medals? Thanks!


    Use a turtle when you explore and the medals will drop.


Tip for quest 7 – banish as many snow doll and ear twisting snatchin as you can before you charge the collection item so u can stock up on collection item 4&5. Once you charge this item, snow doll/ear twitching snatchin stop giving you the leaves of plantain and heartwarming ointment – which u need to heal the general.

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