Strigoi’s Castle

Strigoi’s Castle

The castle of the mighty lord of vampires, Strigoi Kazimir is hidden under the ground near the house. The Lord of the night is awakening from a long sleep – an it seem that the necromancer Gregory de Morte is involved in this. Foil the plans of the black magician and overwhelm the vampire!

Strigoi’s Castle needs to be updated as of May 2, 2017. We need one of our new players that are helping with the web pages to submit the quest string to us for verification. In the meantime, I’ll update what I can and leave the old quests up in case they are of any help.

Please note that Strigoi’s Castle is also referred to as the Vampire. You must be Level 15 to enter the Castle.

There is a quest string that must be completed for one of the other rooms in the Yard but I don’t know what it is. I’m pretty sure it’s Gregory de Morte, the Necromancer. You can battle and explore before you get to this quest string. Please pay attention to where I’ve noted that this is Original data from when the room was created!

Mysterious Debris

You are ready to cross the threshold of the castle. But you need to find the tools to clear the entrance.

Strigoi Dig Up

Strigoi’s Castle Keys

  • Key of the Castle – enter battle
  • Vampire Goblet – search castle

Strigoi’s Castle Roamers

These roamers take multiple hits. They also give keys and collection items so check the Roamers Table if you’re searching of a collection item.

  • Beloved of Strigoi – 7 Silver Combs and 7×15 Energy
  • Brides of Strigoi – 9 Silver Combs and 180 Energy

Original Data

Our newest room in the manor looks like a gothic cathedral of vampiric doom, Strigoi’s Castle.  And yet again, we must fight to enter! There will be 3 parts to this note:  (1) the quests, (2) digging up the hole and constructing the castle, and (3) battling to enter Strigoi’s bedroom.   NOTE:  you can participate in a battle, and enter the castle prior to finishing the quest string; however, remember that the quest string will eventually require you to do battle and explore Strigoi’s bedroom.

PART ONE:  The Quests

  • Quest 1:  “Hunter’s Morning.”  Explore the Hunting Room in Silhouettes mode.
  • Quest 2:  “Fury of Joanna.”  Explore the rooms of the house to obtain 30 garlic and 30 aspen branches.  The items will not be found at once and items in your inventory prior to the quest will not count.  You can get the items other ways too.  If you happen to be doing this during a Full Moon Event, the items will occasionally drop by banishing monsters.  Request them from your friends by going to a collection that requires them as charging items. However, if you charge a collection that requires aspen branches or garlic, the items will be deducted from the quest and set you back.  If you accept the garlic and aspen branches from your friends before you have enough to complete the quest, eventually all the collecton that require them for charging items will say “enough” and you will no longer be able to ask for them!  My advice:  ask as many players as possible all in one fell swoop!  At this point, I started using a Turtle of Luck charm for this and the remainder of the quests.  Also, you can purchase each item for 1 diamond a piece.
  • Quest 3:  “Losing the Best People…”   Banish 10 Vampire Guards to complete the quest.  You will find these vampire guards in the Yard.  I was frustrated wating to get started writing this note and spent the 30 diamonds to bypass this quest.  I wish I had not –  now i am down to 28 diamonds!  If anyone has this quest, could you let us know how much energy and weapons are required to complete this and we will add it to this note.
  • Quest 4:  “Advice of Succubus.”  Banish 5 Werewolf-Executioners and 10 Violent Succubus.    To finish off the 5 Werewolf Executioners, you will need to use 1,500 energy and 50 silver knives.  To banish all the 10 Violent Succubus, you will need to use 1,500 energy and 50 Silver Rolling Pins. The werewolves dropped 5 Silver Rolling Pins if that is any consolation :O.   From the succubi, I received a variety of flowers, one red splippers, and one mirror.  I used a lot of English Breakfasts to complete this quest.  You can buy your way out of this quest by spending 15 diamonds to complete the werewolf portion and 30 diamonds to complete the succubi portion.
  • Quest 5:  “Burning Kisses, Cold Embrace.”  Run away 10 Beloved of Strigoi to complete the quest.  To destory one Beloved of Strigoi, you will need 7 silver combs and 105 energy which brings us to a grand total of 70 Silver Combs and 1,050 energy to complete this quest!  Or you can buy your wait out of it for 35 diamonds.  Note:  Do not confuse the Beloved of Strigoi with the Bride of Strigoi — they are two different entities.  At the present, I am stuck here trying to do this the old fashioned way as I only have 28 diamonds left.  When I finished Quest 4 above, 5 Silver Combs went into my inventory (even though you will only see 1 on the screen).  Since then I have explored 4 rooms using the Turtle of Luck charm and have had 1 Silver Comb drop.
  • Quest 6:  “A Dream Come True.”  Run away 10 Brides of Strigoi using 9 silver combs and 180 energy so 90 combs and 1800 energy or 40 diamonds to complete. (Thanks to our reader, Niteshade, for supplying this info because I haven’t reached dress quest yet!)


Begin this process by clicking on the hole in the Yard.  You can switch floors by clicking on the “Change Floor” button at the middle of the bottom edge of the screen 😀  Hence, you will see a new screen appear.

Start asking away for these items by pressing the “ask friend” buttons.  Friends of different levels can gift these items to you.  The only high level item is the very last one; those shovels can only be gifted from Level 169 or higher friends.  All of the rest of the items can be gifted at various levels of 50 or less.  Of course, you can buy these, but you really don’t need to unless you are in a big hurry to get in that castle!  I think a good strategy is to ask for higher level items first and work your way down from there.  After you have received the items you need, press on the hole in the yard again and now your screen will have a green “assemble” button.  Press on “assemble” and then you will see the following:



 New Data

Strigoi’s Castle – Battling the Vampire

Kazimir Strigoi for many years was hiding in his castle, and is not going to accept battle on your territory. You again will need the miraculous keys of the castle to penetrate into the lair of a vampire and challenge him to a duel.

You need 20 Key of the Castle to begin a battle!  The keys can be purchased for one diamond a piece or obtained by banishing vampire brides! You many also be able to get them by charging a collection so search the Collections Table.

Strigoi Battle

Weapons (15,000 damage, 30 hits, 12 hours)

  1. Night Avenger
    • Infra Bullet – Damage 300, price 6 diamonds
    • Stiletto of the Avenger – Damage 350, price 7 diamonds
    • Silver Trap – Damage 400, price 8 diamonds
    • Lepage of the Avenger – Damage 450, price 9 diamonds
    • Dispersive Flamethrower – Damage 500, price 10 diamonds
  2. Van Helsing’s Arsenal
    • Hunter’s Ring – Damage 300, price 6 diamonds
    • Silver Shuriken – Damage 100, price 2 diamonds
    • Dal-katana – Damage 150, price 3 diamonds
    • Archangel Machine Gun – Damage 200, price 4 diamonds
    • Gatling Piercer – Damage 250, price 5 diamonds
  3. Day Walker’s Arsenal
    • Garlic Necklace – Damage 25, price 30000 coins
    • Silver Nitrate – Damage 30, price 65000 coins
    • Vampire Sword – Damage 35, price 135000 coins
    • Daywalker’s Culverin – Damage 40, price 200000 coins
    • Daywalker’s Harquebus – Damage 45, price 350000 coins

Vampire’s Gold

Vampire’s Gold is a quest on the right side of your manor. Charge Strigoi’s Collections 5 times each to receive a reward. Open the Chest of the castle’s explorer to receive 5 Golden Phoenixes, 5 Turtles of Fortune, 300 Vampire Goblets and 5 each weapons against boss.

Vampires Gold Strigoi

Strigoi’s Castle Collections

  • Prince of Transylvania
    • These items only come from the 1st place battle chest
  • Vampire’s Beloved
  • Vampire’s Suite
  • Strigoi’s Castle
  • Vampiric Laughter
  • Vicious Love
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Ok, the quest goes on after number six. Numbers 7 and 8 autocompleted. Number 7 was about constructing the castle and number 8 was the activation of it i believe. Number 9 is battleing the boss. The quest is called: In the predator’s liar. Working on that one now.


You asked for the weapons needed to banish the vampire guards for quest 3: losing the best people.
You need to banish 10 guards which wil cost you 10 wooden stakes and 100 energy each.
They do not apear frequently. I had them in the yard, but not enough energy. When I explored the yard again: no guards anymore.
I can understand spending 30 diamonds to get passed this one.


    Update on quest nr 3 “losing the best people…”.
    The vampire guard is hard to find. I started looking for them in the yards of friends. It took me some 100 yards before I found one. Now for the good part: when you bash one, and leave to another friend, the guard wil be back when you return to the first yard. Be sure to have enough energy to ‘instandly banish’ the guard. If you partially banish the guard, it will be full when you return later.
    I was able to banish 7 guards in one day.


      Btw, its 200 energy per guard, not 100 as stated in my first mail.

christine rodgers

Can anyone tell me which weapons are needed to win the battle? How many hits etc.


    Oh, I have that information. Give me a couple days and I’ll put it on the page. I know that page is a mess, none of my players that have started a new game to write up web pages has gotten to the quest string yet! He needs those weapons that the other basement bosses need; ice citadel, crypt, pyramid if that helps for now.

      christine rodgers

      Thank you. I am a newby to your page but appreciate it as I have lost battles because I did not know the weapons that were required. ?


        Ok, I put the weapons and keys up on the page. I’m not sure if the quests are correct or not. There is almost always the ability to buy weapons for coins but even some keys. Remember, if you start a battle you can open it to everyone and invite all your friends to help. If you join a battle be prepared to use weapons to help in the battle even if you have to buy a few. It’s terrible to be in a battle where someone uses 1 weapon and takes up the space for a player that is willing to actually help with the battle. I have had more of those than I would like.

          christine rodgers

          Thank you??


I have already opened this room and am finally getting the quests. I need to banish the vampire guard. They are not appearing in my yard. Have banished other monsters and still nothing. Any tricks or tips to get them to appear? Love this site btw! It has helped navigate the game for me in so many ways- thank you!

    Ronda Meyers

    Start banishing anything in the yard. After you do a few of those, the vampire guard should appear.


Hi all, working on completing the Prince of Transylvania collection (140) and I cannot get the armor of vampire to drop at all, does anyone have any clues or has had luck with that particular piece? Thanks!

Avi b9bffd

Quest 8 Defeat Strigoi
Quest 9 “In the predator’s lair” Explore the castle
Quest 10 “Story of past love” Explore Crypt 3 times

Carol YM

Oops, that should be strigoli quests, didn’t check the auto correct!

Carol YM

Has anyone completed the rest of the string oil quests? I am at exploring the necromancer room 3 times and wondering what comes next in order to plan room exploration.


The Vicious love collection is probably the best source for hearty dinners. The drop rate for combs is best when quest 5 is active, so it’s a good idea to save up a bunch of them before completing the quest.

sky habitat

Wow, lucky kid…survived hanging out with stupid.


Will this room get completed soon?

Callie Banks

Quest 3: It took 1o stakes and 200 energy for each vampire.


Hi..I hv built the castle too though I think I hv never got the Q no. 4. Btw, currently I am working on Quest “The Gypsy Offers Her Vision” which ask me to banish 10 Dark Adepts and 10 Princess of Chaos. What is the Q for? Shall I complete it fully (I hv done with the male, now working on the girl to banish). Kindly advise me, thank you.


    LOvebee, I think you are working on the crypt quests and you will get the castle quests after that.


Does anyone know what hotei is? We supposedly get one for charging collection 145?


    It is a Buddha charm.


      Where is the hotei stored when collection charged?

        Julie McPhee

        I think it is a hearty dinner


        It is under the charms tab. The hotel is a Buddha.


          What kind of Buddha?




              Hotei (not hotel) means Buddha in Japanese. Golden Laughing Buddha charm will give you 90% extra coins when exploring rooms for 6 consecutive hours. You can find it in your inventory (charm/2nd tab) if you have one.


Finally finished “A dream come true” . If you are gathering combs I would recommend getting enough for both quests before completing the first one as drop rate seemed even worse after I moved to this quest. Next quest “Entrance in the castle” I had already completed building the castle so moved on to “Fight with death” defeat Strigoi. From doing quests 5 & 6 I have managed to get 5 keys so will enter into castle shortly.
Thank you for this excellent site which I have found so helpful and recommended to lots of my mm friends.


    Oh no! I completed burning kisses, cold embrace (quest5) quite quickly because of good drop rate on the combs (it took me 6hrs or so of playing) and now on the a dream come true quest, combs are slow to drop.


    Thanks for the info and the kind words, Niteshade 🙂


To complete the losing the best people quest, you need to banish 5 werewolf executioners, which cost 10 knives and 30/30 energy per knife. Aside from that, you need to banish 10 violent succubus, which cost 5 roller pins and 30/30 energy per pin.


    Sorry, i meant for the vampire guards, it took ten stakes and about 20/20 energy per stake per vampire guard.


This is getting harder… 20 keys after collecting all that stuff? This game is becoming a huge time suck, even on the treadmill! I am figuring that the programmers want more $$ since spending all the time on the update.


Hi, what gypsies do you banish for the carrots and trash feed quest? Thanks for this great site !!!


    If I remember right, the male gypsies (the man, the boy, but not the old one, i think)


Is it just me or are theses combs really hard to come by. Played for hours last night with a turtle and only managed to get 4 combs. This is gonna take for ever!


    They are HARD to come by — I only have accumulated 9 so far!


    You need to wait for Quest No 5 to appear then the drop rate of silver combs improves significantly. For me, it has been dropping 1 in every 2/3 rooms. Sometimes, 2 dropped from a room. I used turtle. Stacking other charms does not seem to improve the drop rate.


I have completed Quest 5 Burning kisses, cold embrace and the next one is ‘A dream come true’. Run away 10 Brides of Strigoi at 9 silver combs and 180 energy so 90 combs and 1080 energy or 40 diamonds to complete. I have so far used 1800 energy and had 10 silver combs drop. I don’t have enough diamonds to complete so is going to take a while.


    thank you, Niteshade!


I have been in the castle and am already part way through professional and i have not received any quest nor did i have to do any to get in. I just gathered the necessary items from friends and entered. I have been banishing brides though to gey goblets to play each time though.


Quest 3 each vampire guard needs 10 stakes and 200 energy to banish. Stakes can be purchased for 4800coins each


    Thank you!


Hi, I’ve constructed the castle although I have not yet entered but I have not got any quests. Should I have these now or will they come later?


    I am thinking they will come later or there is a glitch again. I have been in the castle and have no quests.


      Michelle, what quests do you have open and which rooms do you have open? Perhaps something else must be completed before you will get those quests.


        I heard from game insight you must complete all of necromancer quests before you get any strigolis quests.


    Linda, what rooms do you have open & which quests do you have? Perhaps a quest must be completed for the new ones to appear.



      I also don’t have the quests. Just a thought, I haven’t finished the necromancer quest. This could be the quest that has to be finished first?

        Karin L

        jarno1974 you might be right about not completed the Necromancer quest = no quest for the Strigoi’s castle because I haven’t completed the necromancer quest either and I too don’t have any quests for the Strigoi’s castle. 10 keys for entering the crypt is a lot since it’s hard to find the Nocturnal eye which you need to trade with the Dark Adepts or the Priestesses of Chaos. And even though I use the turtle they don’t always drop keys. I battled the Necromancer boss and lost before I found this site. I din’t know what to do back then so I lost my keys and some weapons and it has taken forever to find the 9 keys I have so far. And to open the locked castle you need 20 keys! I hope the Brides of Strigoi and Beloved of Strigoi are more friendly.

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