Heart of Spring Hotel

Heart of Spring Hotel

The Heart of Spring Hotel is the home of Kai and Gerda located in the yard. You must be level 20 to open the hotel.

In store for Kai and Gerda is a beautiful ice hotel, the coziest and most wondrous of any hotel on earth. Luxurious rooms, fresh as young frost, an attentive staff that’s trained in the magic of feelings.

Entering the Heart of Spring Hotel

Once you reach level 20 you can go to the yard and select the Heart of Spring Hotel. You will need to click the Upgrade button and collect the 36 Mars and Venus Rings required to Enter a battle. Battle information is listed at the bottom of the page.

Heart of Spring Hotel Roamers

You must banish the roamers to get the Collection Items and Keys to enter the Heart of Spring Hotel. There are some  you can charge for the Celestial Rose Signet Rings. They can be found in the yard.

  • Snatchin Florist – 10 Celestial Rose Signet Rings and 15 Energy
  • Snatchin Culinary – 12 Celestial Rose Signet Rings and 20 Energy

Heart of Spring Hotel

Heart of Spring Hotel Quests


  1. Restless Kai – Explore the Living Room in Silhouettes mode.
  2. A Queen’s Gaze – Explore the Bedroom in Night mode.
  3. Pack of Magical Hounds – Charge the Dreamcatchers Collection to complete the quest.  If you do not already have the items of this collection, the quest says they can be found by exploring the rooms of the manor in Words mode.
  4. Warm Ice – Explore the rooms of the manor in Silhouettes mode to find the ice mirror fragments.  These are HARD to find and not giftable. They will be kept when you complete the quest.
  5. Hotel for Lovers – Trade with Snatchins to find the Fashion Magazine.  This are not giftable and will be kept when you complete the quest.
  6. Golden Crumbs – Explore rooms with the Mist phenomenon to find 5 Scrooge Coins.  Do not banish the Mist!
  7. Scrooge and the Queen’s Gold – Banish the Snowminator 10 times using the Glacial Sword. These can be found searching the rooms of the manor or charging a Collection.
  8. Scrooge and the Unusual Flight – Gather and charge the Snatchin Armory Collection to get the Snatchin-thrower; you can get the items by banishing Snatchin Guardsmen and Knights in the yard.
  9. Scrooge and the Escaped Staff – Explore the General’s Bunker in Night Mode to find the Pianist (or pay 5 diamonds) and in Silhouette mode to find the Maid (or pay 7 diamonds). You can also find them by banishing the Snatchin Culinary or Snatching Florist.
  10. A Beautiful Stranger – Gather and charge the Beautiful Stranger Collection to get the Fashionable Clutch. Look for the items in rooms in the manor in Zodiac mode. The items will not be found at once.
  11. From the Bottom of One’s Heart – Gather and charge the From the Bottom of One’s Heart collection to get the Diamond Pendant. Look for collection items by trading with Snatching Culinary and the Snatching Florist.
  12. Scrooge and the Drumbeat – Find the Ice Citadel in the yard, enter inside and defeat the Snow Queen.
  13. *A Ringing Heel – Explore the Ice Citadel in Silhouettes mode to find the Crystal Shoe.
  14. A Loyal Companion – Banish Armored Bears in the Yard to find the Loyal Companion.
  15. A Saber’s Ring – Explore the Hall in Zodiac mode to find the Saber’s Ring.
  16. A Talkative Visitor – Explore the Japanese Garden at night to find the Keeper of the Hearth.
  17. The Romance of Flight – Explore the Hunting Room in Silhouettes Mode to find the Pegasus.
  18. Scrooge and the Magical Transformation –  Go to the Heart of Spring Hotel, select Gerda and help the magic staff turn the girl into a real princess.
  19. Scrooge and the Puffy Croissant – Explore the Heart of Spring Hotel to find the Croissant.
  20. Scrooge and the End of the Tale – Transform Kai the the Heart of Spring Hotel. So, this time go to the hotel and select Kai.



You will need to give Kia and Gerda the Mars and Venus rings to enter the battle to “transform” them. The Mars and Venus rings can be found by trading with the Snatchins Culinary and Florist. To trade with them, you will need a different type of of ring, a Signet Ring, that can be found by exploring the rooms of the manor.


The following info was provided by player, Pidden:

Once you have collected your 36 Mars and Venus Rings be prepared and have friends lined up to help you. You get 46 chances to collect 23000 magic points.  Your weapons are the items from the Horel Heart Collection and here are their values:

  • Porter = 50 magic points / 40,000 coins
  • Receptionist = 100 magic points / 75000 coins
  • Waiter = 150 magic points / 145000 coins
  • Pianist = 400 magic points / 5 diamonds
  • Maid = 500 magic points / 7 diamonds
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Where do I get the celestial signet rings? I don’t see them on the list of items for any of the rooms. I need those to trade with the snatching to get enough mars and Venus rings

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