Hanako’s Labyrinth

Hanako’s Labyrinth

There’s a new mistress in Hanako’s Labyrinth garden who wants to whip it into shape, but it’s not so easy! The delicate girl cannot handle the wild and untamed plants of the garden all alone. It’s as if they’ve been possessed by something… wicked. Who else but you is there to unravel this mystery?

This is a Boss Room in the upper right corner of the Yard. You will need to collect weapons to battle the Roamers and Keys to Battle the Boss and explore the Labyrinth. This won’t be easy as there are no chests to purchase the keys. You must be level 25 to open the Labyrinth.

Hanako’s Labyrinth Keys

Keys may drop from banishing the Roamers. You can also get them from the Mystical Box and battle chests.

  • Flasks of Ginger – 15 to Battle 1 Diamond Each
  • Labyrinth Charts – Required to Explore 1 Diamond Each

Hanako’s Labyrinth Roamers

Banish these Roamers to obtain keys and collection items. Search the rooms of the Manor to get the weapons to drop. The drop rate is terrible!

  • Solar Ayakashi  – 4 Taiyaki Cookies and 30 Energy
  • Lunar Ayakashi – 2 Taiyaki Cookies and 40 Energy

Hanako IconHanako’s Labyrinth Quests



  1. Rustles in the Night Darkness – Explore the Kitchen in Night Mode 3 times.
  2. Cook to the Rescue? – Explore the Bedroom in Words Mode 3 times.
  3. Burglary in Broad Daylight
    • Long Rice – Banish Hungry Snatchin on First Floor
    • Adzuki Beans – Banish Snatchin (Cook) Culinary in Yard – This quest has the wrong Snatchin listed. If you do a Show it takes you to the correct Snatchin.
  4. Sugar Castle Siege – Explore the Gingerbread House in Silhouettes Mode to find the Japanese Sugar. It can also be found by banishing Solar Ayakashi.
  5. From the Cherry Garden – Explore the Japanese Garden in Witch’s Curse (Will o’the Wisp) mode to find Cherry Leaves.
  6. It’s All About the Color! – Explore the Laboratory in Words mode to find a Food Dye.
  7. Recipe for Happiness
    • Charge Japanese Delicacy Collection
    • Explore the Japanese Room in Words mode
  8. Strange Guests a-Coming
    • Living Room in Curse of the Evil Eye mode – follows Mist
    • Living Room in Zero Gravity Curse mode – follows UFO
    • Living Room in Curse of the Stone Tongue mode – follows Native Idol
  9. Introduction Over Tea – Explore the Fortune Telling Room in Night mode to find Green Tea. You might be able to get this from a friend as it’s from a previous collection.
  10. The Manor We Live In – Explore any of the Manor’s rooms 10 times to show them to Hanako.
  11. The Deal of the Century – Explore the Kitchen with the Native Idol phenomenon to treat Hanako to some food.  You much not banish the Phenomenon.
  12. A Matter of Honor – Find Ripe Apples in the Japanese Garden – Hanako should like them very much.
  13. The Sweetest Syrup – Trade with gypsies to find Simple Syrup. (Gypsy Woman)
  14. Caramel Joy – Explore the Ice Hotel in Silhouettes mode to find Caramel Candy.
  15. In Search of Chocolate! – Look for Grated Chocolate in the Library with the curse of the Evil Eye.
  16. Hands Off!
    • Explore the General’s Bunker at night to recover Skewers
    • Charge the Sweet Taste of Victory collection.
  17. Grade A Magic – Go into the yard and find the overgrown garden.  Press on it, and then on the Upgrade button to complete the quest.
    • Unlock Location:  Wild Garden
  18. The …Bush We Live In
    • Trade with Joe the Farmer for Pruning Shears
    • Explore 10 rooms of the Manor in Silhouettes Mode.
  19. Tactical Retreat – Explore the Japanese Garden with the Native Idol, Will-o’-the Wisp and Mist phenomenon to help Takeshi.  You must not banish the phenomenon.
    • Japanese Garden in the Native Idol mode
    • Japanese Garden in the Will-o’-the Wisp mode
    • Japanese Garden in the Mist mode
  20. Valiant Gardener – Find a Tree Cutter, a Spreader and a Garden Scoop in the Sakura Room and the Japanese Garden.
    • Tree Cutter – Sakura Room in Night mode
    • Spreader – Japanese Garden in Silhouette, Witch’s Curse, Word
    • Garden Scoop – Sakura Room in Silhouettes mode
  21. The Gardener and His Team – Trade with the Solar and Lunar Ayakashis in the yard.  You’ll find the Taiyaki Cookies required for the trade in the rooms of the Manor.
    • Solar Ayakashi – Banish 5 times (4 Japanese Taiyaki Cookies)
    • Lunar Ayakashi – Banish 5 times  (2 Japanese Taiyaki Cookies)
  22. Under New Command – Tame the wild garden!  You’re going to need ginger tea and items from the Plant Bane and Gardener’s Dream Collections.  The Ayakashi has all you need.
    • Defeat boss: Hanako
  23. The Labyrinth’s Footpaths
    • Hanako’s Labyrinth in Words mode
    • Hanako’s Labyrinth in Silhouettes mode
    • Hanako’s Labyrinth in Night mode
  24. Fashionable Trends – Explore Club 69 Snatchins, the Ice Hotel and Hanako’s Labyrinth to complete and charge the Taming of the Shrew Collection.
    • Adorable Dress – Club 69
    • Armband Cuffs – Club 69
    • Exquisite Ribbon – Ice Hotel
    • Enchanted Sword – Hanako’s Labyrinth
    • White Gloves – Ice Hotel
  25. Fighting Off Sleep – Complete and charge the Garden Rest collection by using the Solar and Lunar Ayakashi.

The  End


Hanako’s Labyrinth Battle

The battle requires 15 Flasks of Ginger to enter and the weapons are from Gardener’s Dream and Plant Bane Collections.

Thanks to our Russian helpers for sending me the screen shot. The words may look different to us but I think we all understand what they mean! It is so awesome to have others on the page!

Hanako Battle

Battle Weapons

Battle takes 25,000 points, 50 hits and 12 hours. Not sure yet how many can enter battle.

Gardener’s Dream

  • Watering Pot – 300 points, 6 Diamonds
  • Fertilizer Pouch – 350 points, 7 Diamonds
  • Spreader  – 400 points, 8 Diamonds
  • Coiled Hose – 450 points, 9 Diamonds
  • Garden Scoop – 500 points, 10 Diamonds


Plant Bane

  • Grass Trimmer – 50 points, 1 Diamond
  • Flower Cutter – 100 points, 2 Diamonds
  • Pruning Shears – 150 points, 3 Diamonds
  • Hori-Hori – 200 points, 4 Diamonds
  • Tree Cutter – 250 points, 5 Diamonds

Blooming Garden

Blooming Garden is a quest on the right side of the manor. You need to charge each of the collections 6 times each to receive the reward. Open the Custodian’s Chest to find 100 Labyrinth Charts, 1 of each item for the Plant Bane collection, and 2 of each item from the Gardener’s Dream Collection.

Hanako’s Labyrinth Blooming Garden

Hanako’s Labyrinth Collections

  • Taming the Shrew
  • Garden Rest
  • Sweet Taste of Victory
  • Japanese Delicacy
  • Protection from Spirits
  • Picnic in Nature

Hakano’s Labyrinth

Hakano Inside Room

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Re: Labyrinth quest #21 – “The Gardener & his Team”: the drop rate is FAR better for the cookies whilst this quest is active. So, if you just pick ONE of the Solar or Lunar to banish, & banish them over & over, you can really stock up on the coll items/ weapons/ keys which that particular one drops. Don’t banish the other one at all. I like to wait until I get to 100 cookies in my inventory & then go on a banishing spree. I’ve had this quest active for weeks & weeks! You can do this with other similar quests too.


    Thanks for the great tip!


I have all items to complete the event on the right. However, even though I’m at Expert 100%, the clothes for Taming of the Shrew collection are not options to find. Where can I find these items to complete event on the right? Please help!


    Probably from the battle chests.


I have explored manor rooms on every floor and have yet to have even one cookie drop – to complete that quest I need thirty cookies and I am extremely frustrated that after searching over 20 rooms no cookies and I refuse to buy them!


    Use a turtle of luck and keep searching! I think I have less than 10% drop rate. Think of this room as a long term one. I searched 400 rooms one day and had 40!


I’m on quest 21 “Gardener and his team” and still do not have right side quest. When does it appear or do I need the submit a ticket to GI?


    Mine appeared today. I think right after quest 17 to Unlock the location. If you don’t have it open a ticket.


Is the ice hotel, the citadel or the heart of springs hotel?


    Heart of springs hotel


      I have been playing the ice hotel for two hours and it hasn’t once gone to silhouette mode. ☹️


        That’s insane! I would open a ticket. See if you can give the number of searches. It’s an excessive waste of keys.


I opened a battle to open the garden and checked this morning to see if it had been won. It had but there seemed to be no way to back out of that screen without activating the room. My usual technique if touching the far right of the screen, in the column of “right side challenges”, didn’t work at all. Has anyone else found this or is it just my apparently “non-conductive” very dry fingers?


    Indeed, several people have commented on this. The only recourse at this time seems to me to be immediately closing your game and restarting it. Perhaps there is a less extreme way???


    They are going to fix this so it is possible to save the room. Let’s hope it doesn’t take too long!

Daniel O'Hearn

3rd Quest (Burglary in Broad Daylight) has a typo: “Snatching Cooks” should be “Snatching Culinary”.


    You must have gotten to that quest the same time as me! I included it in the quest! Also reported it to GI.

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