Gingerbread House

Update 2.26.0 brings us a new Boss, the good witch Mirlanda, in the Yard. Mirlanda’s gingerbread house has been literally pecked out of existence, and now the party the good witch planned is not going to happen.

Building the Gingerbread House

Click on the foundations of the house in the Yard:
Gingerbread Room construction

The Gingerbread House needs to be rebuilt using sweets – the hardest part will be not eating them first! You need to collect the sweet building materials by banishing Swans and Gingerbread men and this is Quest 15 in the quest string below.

Gingerbread Remodel

Gingerbread House Keys

  • Sun
  • Lollipop

Gingerbread House Roamers

  • Gingerbread Man – 2 Miracle Muffins and 30 Energy
  • Sweet-Tooth Swan – 2 Miracle Muffins and 30 Energy


GB House Icon

Gingerbread House Quests



  1. Friends for the Good Witch – Do as the good witch says: visit your friends, leave them 36 clues, and of course invite them to the Gingerbread House for summer fun. Visit your friends and tip 36 rooms.
  2. A Tour around the Manor – Explore any rooms in Silhouettes mode five times.
  3. For a Dream I Tarry – Collect 30 Pleasant Dreams in the Manor’s rooms by exploring them in the Zodiac mode, and you will help Miranda’s Candy tree blossom. Remember that you can get Zodiac shatters by banishing gypsies.
  4. The Gluttonous Swans – Explore any three rooms in the Manor in Words mode.
  5. The Green Culprits – Chase off 5 Hungry Snatchins, 5 Bookworm Snatchins and 5 Grubby Snatchins to stop the spread of the unusual gluttony among the swans.
  6. Earwig Elixir – Find the Earwig Elixir in the Laboratory in Silhouettes mode.
  7. Miracle Muffins – Explore the Kitchen in Silhouettes mode while Giovanni prepares the Miracle Muffins for the Swans.
  8. Here Little Swany, Have a Muffin – Feed Miracle Muffins to 20 Sweet-Tooth Swans in the Yard. (Swans take 2 muffins to banish so this quest takes a while as muffins are slow to drop from room searches. Try asking friends for collection items for the Bedtime Stories Collection which gives 10 Miracle Muffins when charged. If you want to buy them, 10 Muffins cost 72 diamonds!)
  9. A Midsummer Afternoon’s Dream – Explore any rooms in Night mode three times.
  10. Old Wives’ Tales – Explore any rooms with the Mist phenomenon three times. Do not banish the phenomenon before exploring.
  11. Lost Children – Explore the Bedroom in Night mode three times.
  12. Expert Opinion – Explore the Library in Words mode three times.
  13. Beckoning Lights – Explore any rooms with the Will-o’-the-Wisp phenomenon five times. Do not banish the phenomenon before exploring.
  14. Tales from the World Over – Banish first-floor Snatchins to get the items to charge the Bedtime Stories Collection.
    • Russian Folk Tales – Banish Bookworm Snatchins
    • Tales from the Orient – Banish Thieving Snatchins
    • Arabian Lore – Banish Hungry Snatchins
    • European Stories – Banish Grubby Snatchins
    • Native American Myths – Banish Snowdoll Snatchins
  15. Rebuilding – Gingerbread Remodeling – Banish Swans and Gingerbread Men with Miracle Muffins to get the materials (sweets) needed from them. (Muffins drop from room searches or charge the Bedtime Stories collection, which gives 10. The good news is that the Swans and Gingerbread men give one of these items each time they are banished so if you can get the muffins, you can get the sweets.)
  16. Baked by the Sun – Trade with the Gingerbread Men and the Sweet-Tooth Swans to find 10 Suns.  Guess what?  More muffins required!  The drop rate on the suns is miserable, I got 1 sun in 10 banishes, which took 20 muffins. If you want to buy them, the suns cost 1 diamond apiece from the Shop (first tab in the store).
  17. Children’s Laughter – This quest says to meet Hansel and Gretel in the Gingerbread House, but it shows a picture of Hansel only and you must pick Hansel to satisfy the quest.
    Children's Laughter Quest Hansel
  18. Gummy Fauna – Explore rooms in the manor in Words mode to find 30 Gummy Bears and 40 Gummy Squirrels.
  19. Happy Green General – Cure the Snatchin General 1x.
  20. A Gardener’s Delight – Explore the Gingerbread House for the Jar of Jam.
  21. To See Gretel Smile – Choose Gretel when joining the Gingerbread House battle.
  22. All the Sweets You Can Eat – Collect 30 Miracle Muffins by exploring rooms in the Manor (charging the Bedtime Stories collection will get you 10 Muffins).
  23. Safety Inspection – Explore Gingerbread House 2x at night.
  24. Valiant Protector –  Explore rooms in the Manor in Silhouettes mode to assemble and charge the Friendly Toys collection to get the Stalwart Teddy Bear.
  25. Once Upon a Time – Save Gretel by gathering all the characters from the story, and get the Puppet Theatre by charging the Puppet Show Collection. (Items found in Gingerbread House battle chests or from generous friends.)
  26. Final Preparations – Trade with Swans and Gingerbread Men to assemble the Legendary Artifacts collection and charge it.
  27. Gingerbread Friendship – Trade with Gingerbread Men (10x) to assemble the Sweet Treasures collection and charge it.
  28. Bouncing Around – Trade with the Professor’s robots to assemble the Leisure Time collection and charge it.
  29. The Grand Tea Party – Assemble and charge the Tasty Welcome collection 3x – you can find items in General’s Bunker (Honey Bun and Exotic Tea), the 69 Club (Teapot), the Magic Hotel (Jar of Jam) and the Gingerbread House (Poppyseed Bagels).

End of Quests

Gingerbread Battle

You will need 10 Suns to enter into battle with Mirlanda. Tap on the Gingerbread House, click on Upgrade (after acquiring the Suns needed from the Swans and Gingerbread Men) and then you must choose between Hansel and Gretel and start the boss fight.

Gingerbread Boss Room Keys

Choose Hansel or Gretel for battle

Battle with Gretzl - Gingerbread House

Weapons (12000 damage required, 24 hits, ? hours to complete battle)

  • Fun and Games Collection
    • Swift Top –  damage 50, buy for 2 diamonds
    • Mosaic – damage 100, buy for 4 diamonds
    • Skip-a-lot Rope – damage 200, buy for 6 diamonds
    • Baseball Kit – damage 400, buy for 8 diamonds
    • Colored Pencils – damage 500, buy for 10 diamonds

Gingerbread House Exploration

Once the battle is over, you can explore the Gingerbread House for 4 hours by paying Lollipops. You will need from 10 to 50 for each search depending on your level. The Lollipops come from banishing the Swans and Gingerbread Men with muffins or purchase a chest in the shop.

Gingerbread Room

Gingerbread Room

The Gingerbread Friend

Charge 7 of the Gingerbread Collections 5 times to complete this quest on the right side of your manor and receive the reward. You will receive the Gingerbread Friend’s Chest  which contains 5 Golden Phoenixes, 5 Turtles of Luck, 300 Lollipops and 5 of every toy required to make Hansel and Gretel laugh.

Gingerbread Collections

  • Sweet Treasures – reward: 30 Batteries, 20 Magic Hotel Keys
  • Puppet Show – reward: 3 Chocolates, 4 Faraday’s Generators
  • Fun and Games – reward: 25 Bone Goblets, 25 Vampire Goblets
  • Tasty Welcome – reward: 3 Tesla Coils, 3 Angry Idols, 5 Golden Bombs
  • Legendary Artifacts – reward: 2 English Breakfasts, 3 Gauguin’s Hyperboloids, 500 Experience
  • Bedtime Stories – reward: 10 Glacial Swords, 10 Miracle Muffins
  • Leisure Time – reward: 30 Necropolis Keys, 30 Keys of the Castle
  • Friendly Toys – reward: 10 Infra-bullets, 10 Passionate Dancers


Remember to check the Collections Table for current collection numbers.


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I’ve been stuck on quest 25 for awhile now, the puppet theatre.
The items I cannot get are the witch, and witty harlequin. They must ONLY come from chests and I have tried many chests for quite a while. Some friends are generous, but no one has gifted them to me, I can only guess that my friends don’t have them. Collection has to be charged to complete quest. So there goes the precious items, whoosh!
I’m mostly just posting this in case anyone else gets a bit stuck here also.
I think they should be available from the room, or at least one of the 2 items. If anyone knows anything or can help, I’d appreciate it. Thank you.


    You should get them from the chests you receive for the Gingerbread House battle.

Marilyn Rodger

How do you get charming prince to drop? I have been trying for ages


    What quest are you on? I don’t see any that are looking for Charming Prince?


Can you get pleasant dreams for #3 as a collection item and if so what is it called? Ty so much for this awesome page!


another quest that will remain unfinished forever 30 zodiac room visits will take years


    It’s not the zodiac that takes the time, it’s all the quests which require muffins!


how do we get the muffins to feed the swans? I’ve followed the quest string to the part where we have feed 20. I only collected 4 so far but don’t know where they came from. I don’t want to have to keep buying them. Thanks!


    The muffins drop from room searches, but very rarely so far.


    You can also get 10 muffins by charging the bedtime stories collection (423), put items on list or trade with friends


    Angelique, they drop at random while exploring rooms. They don’t drop very frequently, and they don’t show on the available item bar before you explore.

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