Hyperion’s Hall General Krieg

Hyperion’s Hall General Krieg is a new Boss in the Yard.

Portal to Hyperion

Complete this quest to defend the Mystery Manor against Hyperion forces, standing shoulder to shoulder with the other residents.

First, if you look in your Yard, you will be blinded by a bright pink object, the Portal to Hyperion.

You must be Level 20 to fight with General Krieg and enter Hyperion Hall.

Hyperion Hall

A Dangerous Opponent

The burning smell in the air, the rattle of tank treads, the marching of boots. Can it all mean? A shift in the electromagnetic spectrum has opened a passage between worlds. The troops of Hyperion have once again returned to our dimension… A serious battle looms. Gather your most loyal friends under a single banner and prepare for what is to come. Do not let the enemy capture Mystery Manor!

There is no digging up for this Boss, he is ready for battle as soon as you Upgrade.

Hyperion’s Hall Keys

  • 35 Hyperion Art of War to Battle
  • Portals to Hyperion – to search

Hyperion’s Hall Roamers

The first 2 can be found in the Yard. The rest are on the First Floor and their Weapons come from Collection 207 Hyperion Weapons. They can be bought for coins but are very expensive.

  • Snatchin Partisan – 3 Ciphertexts and 10 Energy
  • Snatchin Resistance Fighter – 5 Weapon Boxes and 75 Energy
  • Grenadier – 4 Speedshooter
  • Imperial Zeppelin – 8 ‘Fist’ Launcher
  • Knelt Panzer – 6 Ash-Maker
  • Panzer – 7 ‘Fist’ Launcher
  • Punisher – 3 ‘Gewehr’ rifle
  • Royal Panzer – 9 Machine Gun ‘Mitralier’
  • Storm General – 5 Ash-Maker
  • Storm Trooper – 2 ‘Gewehr’ rifle


Hyperion Hall

Hyperion’s Hall General Krieg Quests



  1. Enemy Attack in the Morning – Find the following weapons by exploring the rooms of the manor: (a) Speedshooter (or purchase for 65,000 gold), Machine Gun “Mitralier” (or purchase for 350,000 gold), and Ash-Maker (or purchase for 135,000 gold.) These weapons were not really hard to find; had to explore rooms about 9 or 10 times to get them all. Save your gold!
  2. Mission: Capture a Prisoner for Interrogation – Fight the soldiers around the manor to try and take a Hyperion soldier prisoner. I used the weapons I had accumulated during the previous quest to finish this quest. By soldiers, they are referring to the following new entities, e.g., Storm General, Storm Trooper, Grenadier, Punisher, etc…
  3.  Drafting Elsa – Explore the Bedroom in Silhouette mode to complete the quest.
  4. The Prisoner’s Unintelligible Language – Find the Hyperion’s Dictionary by exploring the rooms of the manor. I don’t remember which room but found it fairly quickly.
  5. I Know Nothing!  Banish the Storm Generals to catch General Krieg. This is the quest I am currently on. To banish the Storm General, he has to be “hit” 5 times which costs 647,000 in gold — my gold is rapidly deplenishing.  Finally, I stopped using the gold to banish it and patiently played for several days to get enough weapons to drop to banish the Storm General.  It took 2 more times until I finally caught General Krieg!
  6. The Enemy’s Sinister Plans!  Assemble and charge the Hyperion Weapons and Storm Brigade collections.  They Hyperion Weapons collection contains all the weapons you need to banish the “soldiers” to get the items for the Storm Brigade.  Here is a list of the “soldiers” you need to banish to get the Storm Brigade collection items
    • Assault Trooper – Banish the Storm Trooper
    • Punisher – Banish the Punisher
    • Grenadier – Banish the Grenadier
    • Avenger – Banish the Grenadier
    • Storm General – Banish the Storm General
  7.  A Strange Disturbance – Explore the Hunting Room in Silhouettes mode 3 times.
  8. Preparing for War – Look for 30 Runestones by exchanging with the Gypsies.  I chose to charge a collection that gave Runestones as a reward
  9. Hyperion Prisoner – Explore the Japanese Garden, Laboratory, and Room 51 three times each.
  10. Foreign Invasion – Explore the Hall to complete the quest.
  11. Escape of the General – Charge the Mechanical Robots collection to complete the quest.  Once you get this quest, each of the 5 robots appears on the findable items list for every room.  Unfortunately, I gave all but 1 of my robots away so I would advise you to at least one set of robots in preparation for this quest.  I didn’t expect this!!!
  12. To Arms!  Collect the following weapons of Hyperion in the rooms of the manor:  15 Gewehr rifles, 15 Ash-makers, and 15 Fist Launchers.  They do drop from multiple rooms but it takes a while to gather them all.  Of course, you can use gold to buy them if you choose.
  13. Gathering the Reserves –  Banish 15 Snatchin Recruits.  Banish regular snatchins, Bookworm, Eartwisting, Thieving, Hungry, Grubby, etc.  While you are banishing the snatchins, you will see the quest update periodically.  You have to banish quite a few snatchins before this quest is completed.
  14. The First Skirmish – Defeat 5 Stormtroopers, Punishers, and Storm Generals.  My experience was that the drop rate for weapons drastically decreased after Quest 12.
  15. Maneuvers – Explore any 5 rooms in Zodiac mode to complete the quest.
  16. Sturm Hall – Explore the Hall while the Mist phenomenon is present 3 times.  Do not banish the Mist.
  17. In Pursuit of the General – Banish Snatichin Partisans and to find 3 Hyperion portals..
  18. Facing the General – Defeat General Krieg in the Hyperion Hall.
  19. Unexpected Allies – Charge the Imperial Desserts collection and Drinks of the World collection.  Banish Hyperion Soldiers to obtain items for these collections if you don’t already have them.
  20. Preparations for the Agent – Charge the Cavalier Honor Guard collection to obtain the World Conqueror.  You can get the medals by defeating various Hyperion forces.
  21. Operations Results – Charge the Warriors of the Resistance collection to obtain the Snatchin-Partisan.  The items can be obtained by banishing Resistance Fighters found in the Yard.
  22. Saving Kate – Explore the Hyperion Hall 3 times in Night mode.
  23. Battle Wounds – Charge the Field Nurse collection to get the Sister of Mercy.  You can find the collection items in any room, but only once.  No multiple items.
  24. Meeting the Higher Ranks – Heal the General and explore the Bunker 1 time.
  25. Training Camp – Explore the following rooms 3 times:  Oceanic Room, the Pirate Brig, and Room 51.
  26. Under Cover – Charge the General Krieg collection.  Combat enemy forces to find the items.
  27. Interplanetary Play – Explore Room 51 and the Laboratory 1 time to find a bomb.  (You don’t actually find a bomb.)
  28. Mission Destruction – Explore the Hyperion Hall 3 times in Night mode.
  29. Awards Ceremony – Explore the Manor and drive away the Hyperion Soldiers to find the items needed to charge the Grand Festival Lights and Cavalier Honor Guard collections.

General Krieg Battle

Here is a look inside a battle with General Krieg.  Make sure you have enough weapons, players!   The weapons come from 3 collections:

Hyperion General Krieg Battle

  • You have 46 hits per player and total points of damage must be 23,000.
  • Need 35 The Hyperion Art of War to summon.
  • 23,000 Damage/ 46 Hits/ 17 Hrs to Battle
  • Key to room is Portal to Hyperion.
  • Roamers are: Snatchin Partisan/Ciphertexts; Snatchin Resistance Fighter/Weapons Boxes
  • Other Roamers – Hyperion Soldiers are on first floor, give Battle Weapons, chargers, BUT they use Battle Weapons to banish: Grenadier/Speed Shooter; Imperial Zeppelin/Fist Launcher; Knight Panzer/Ash-Maker; Panzer/Fist Launcher; Punisher/Gewehr Rifle; Royal Panzer/Machine Gun Mitralier; Storm General/Ash-Maker; Storm Trooper/Gewehr Rifle

From Collection Hyperion Weapons

  • Gewehr Rifle = 25 units / 30,000 coins
  • Speed Shoter = 30 units / 65,000 coins
  • Ash Maker = 30 units / 135,000 coins
  • Fist Launcher = 40 units / 200,000 coins
  • Machine Gun Mitralier = 45 units / 350,000 coins

From Collection Storm Brigade

  • Assault Trooper = 50 units / 1 diamond
  • Punisher = 100 units / 2 diamonds
  • Grenadier = 150 units / 3 diamonds
  • Avenger = 200 units /4 diamonds
  • Storm General = 250 units / 5 diamonds

From Collection Iron Fist

  • Light Panzer = 300 units / 6 diamonds
  • Hyperion Triplan = 350 units / 7 diamonds
  • King Panzer = 400 units / 8 diamonds
  • Armored Zepplens = 450 units / 9 diamonds
  • Walking Tank Kneht = 500 units / 10 diamonds


Treasures of Hyperion

Treasures of Hyperion is a quest on the right side of your manor. You need to charge the Collections 5 times each to receive the Hyperion’s Winner Chest. Upon opening this chest, you will receive 600 Oil Cans, 60 Golden Bombs and 20 Sets of Alien Weapons.

Treasures of the Hyperion.jpg


  • Army Headquarters – reward 15000 coins, 40 Bone Goblets
  • Cavalier Honor Guard – reward 17000 coins, 50 Gravitrons
  • Former Glories – reward 300 experience, 40 Solenoid, 4 Boss weapons
  • Field Nurse – reward 400 experience, 40 Icy Roses, 40 Vampire Goblets
  • Warriors of Resistance – reward: 16000 coins, 15 Keys of Reanimator

Hyperion’s Hall

Hyperion's Hall


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I was given another quest after the last one on your list. I haven’t finished it yet, so I don’t know if there’s more.

#29: Awards Ceremony: Complete the Salute Cannon (#95) and World Conqueror (#207) Collections

Every room I had open was offering the fireworks for the Salute Cannon Collection -#95. (1 each with exclamation points)

All the medals for World Conqueror collection-#207, are available in the Hyperion Hall in expert mode, or as a one time thing (with exclamation points) from the roving soldiers.

Kneht panzer has ‘Serve the Empire’
Grenadier has ‘Ad Gloriam of Hyperion’
Storm Trooper has ‘Hero of the Hyperion’
Storm General has ‘Hyperion’s Shield’
Punisher has ‘Steel Hunter’

Nothing in
Royal Panzer
Imperial Zeppelin

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All fields with “*” are required