The ’69 Snatchins Club (Oh No They Didn’t…)

Club Snatchins seems to be a very, uh, interesting type room and yes, another boss fight room.  Will we actually see people doing “intimate, hot, seductive” dances in there per the description?  Do you even want to see “intimate, hot, seductive” dances in the midst of a hidden objects game, lol?

You must be at Level 19 to access the new room.


Along with The 69 Snatchins Club Comes the Quest on the Right side of your Manor screen to collect 5 of each collection for a Reward. When you complete the 7 collections: Rudolf’s Exposure, Perfect Eurydice, Club ’69 Snatchins’, Fun Loving Girlfriends, Only for Boys, Green Fiddles and  The Night in the Bar you claim your reward and it goes into your inventory under the chest tab. Click the chest to see your reward and use it.


Tap on the club and you will see the next screen:


Now, click on the green “upgrade” button:


Now tap on the club once more:



I think the best rewards in a couple of the new collections are keys to the castle and the pyramid!  You will need to ask your friends for the following chargers for these new collections.

  • Pink Boa can be gifted by Level 99+
  • Stripper Shoes can be gifted by Level 70+
  • Disco Glasses can be gifted by Level 40+


Important Note:  The weapons that you will need to later “dance” with Rudolph or Eurydice are the items of the Green Fiddles collection (photo below).  Keep that in mind if you decide to charge these collections!  The items for the Green Fiddles collection can be found by trading with the Snatchin Stripper and Snatchin Bartender who are hanging out in the Yard.  And they can also be purchased but cannot be put on your wishlist.



Quest 1: “Table Book.” Explore the Living Room in Night mode to find the Book of Monsters. I found it on the first try, but the book can be put on your wishlist.

Quest 2: “When Reading Turns Deadly.” Explore the Kitchen in Silhouettes mode.

Quest 3: “A Man Works with His Hands.” Explore the Living Room when the Native Idol is present. Do not banish the Native Idol.

Many thanks to players, Natalie, Melissa, and Krista, for supplying the following quest info!

Quest 4:  “An Ancient Greek Example.”:  Explore the Bathroom in once in Words Mode

Quest 5:  “Breakfast in Bed.”  Explore the Kitchen in Night mode to find an English breakfast. (I tried to charge collections that give you the English breakfast, but it wouldn’t count it.)

Quest 6:  “Bride’s Bouquet.”  Explore the Japanese Garden in Silhouettes mode to find Bride’s Bouquet.

Quest 7:  “Drive Them to Me.”  Banish 10 Bookworm Snatchins.

Quest 8:  “Words in the Library.”  Explore the Library in Word mode 3 times.

Quest 9: “Self Assured Competitor.”  Banish 3 rooms with the Native Idol phenomenon.

Quest 10:  “Protect Her with an Axe.”  Banish 10 Zombies using axes. You can only find Zombies in the Yard during the Full Moon Event or pay 15 diamonds to complete the quest.

Quest 11:  “Six-string Seduction.”  Explore the Fortune Telling Room in Silhouettes mode to find a guitar. (Or banish Gypsy Boy, which is faster.)

Quest 12:  “Going Clubbin’!”  Capture 15 Vacuum Robots or complete the quest for 25 diamonds.

Quest 13:  “How to Rob Caravans.”  Find a bar chair and shaker by banishing Snatchin Knight (shaker) and Snatchin Guardsmen (chair) in the yard.

Quest 14:  “Some Cleaning Won’t Hurt.”  Explore the General’s Bunker in Silhouettes mode to find a Citrus-Press and in Night mode to find a Mirroring Ball.

Quest 15:  “How to Pass Face Control.”  Explore the Japanese Garden to find the Snatchin Face Controller.

Quest 16:   “A Toast to Love.”  Charge the “The Night in the Bar” collection.

Quest 17:  “When Its Hard to Find Words.”   Explore the Library in Curse of the Stone Tongue mode left by the Native Idol phenomenon.  Do not banish the Native Idol!

Quest 18:  “Dance of Passion.”  Enter (battle) Snatchin 69 Club and choose Eurydice as your avatar.

Quest 19:  “Stars of the Night.”  Explore Club 69 Snatchins 3 times.

Quest 20:  “A Wager is a Wager.”  Enter (battle) Club 69 Snatchin and choose Rudolph to help him perform a “fiery” dance (HaHaHa!)


Here is a look inside the battle where we are helping “Hottest Eurydice” perform her dance.  In this fight each player gets 44 hits and a total of 22,000 points damage is required to win the dance battle.

Dance with Eurydice

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I am on the corrective measures quest. I got Madam X’s dress. How do I dance with Roudolph? It says to wait until his performance ends, and kidnap him. What does that mean? What am I suppose to do?


    This means you have to enter a battle in Club 69 with Rudolf. There are 2 choices of who,to battle.

Marilyn Rodger

I have been trying to find Vest of Hesling for weeks and it won’t drop. I have been first place for the chest many times but the vest won’t drop, anyone have the same problem


    The battle chests are very stingy with the bosses’ wardrobe collection items. Maybe add it to your wish list. Otherwise you’ll have to just keep winning battles. But I don’t think you have to come in first place. 2nd and 3rd seem to give the same number of collection items as 1st. You probably just don’t want to be lower than that. But who knows. Good luck!


I completed the 69 club room but don’t understand what is in the chest. It says five flowers from the wild beauty and spring aromas collections, but there are no such collections in your list.


    Those are in the artifacts tab of the collections table.


Soooo… It has been over a year since this room was released, and I have only managed to accumulate 16 of the 45 badges required to start the boss battle. They drop so rarely from those two snatchins, whose banishing items themselves are fairly uncommon… Is this typical? Are we just supposed to spend diamonds whenever we want to open the room?

Craig Slist

Ok, did they change something? I used to be able to buy one badge at a time, but now that button is gone and I can only buy them all at once. Is this a glitch or intentional?


anyone know where to find the items for Rudolph’s Exposure and Perfect Eurydice? That is all I have left to get the reward. So frustrating.


    You only get them from winner’s chests in the battle.


    Those cabn only be obtained by getting a winners chest in battle, Traci


I’m on “toast to love” but my barstool seems to have disappeared (or maybe I gave it away… too long to remember). Now my snatchin knight/guardsman don’t drop that item anymore. Any idea how to get one? I’ve put it on my wishlist but not sure if that’s going to happen.


Here are two corrections to quest titles: Quest 6 – Language of Flowers & Quest 8 – Hard Control.


    Thank you once again , PegWalt! You are a game super wizard hero with all the info you give to us!


    What happens after quest 20? I’m there already, waiting for friends’ help to fight… Would be great if I knew what quest is next…thx 😉


      I think that is the end, Aishnazu.


        That’s disappointing…


How often does the Room Key Snatchin Merchant appear ? I had to buy keys from him to work the room and still need more. I’ve called him loads of time and he still doesn’t come.


    It is completely random 🙁


What is the total needed for this dance battle and how many hits do we get to finish it?


    You get 44 hits to do 22,000 damage, Lekingsley.


I am in quest 20, choose Rudolph and dance or whatever it says. I have opened the room twice now, chosen him both times, won the fight, and then explored the room. But i have not finished this quest. Could someone please tell me if i am doing something wrong?

I did the Eurydice one just fine…


    It sounds like you are doing everything right, Zanzibar.


What weapons doyou use to dance with the boss? And how much damage to defeat them?? Taking my time to get there…..


    Hi Michelle 🙂 I just updated this note with that info. The collection items that are part of the Green Fiddles collection are the items that will need to be used to “dance” with Rudolph or Eurydice (that is what they call this battle, lol.)

iPad Kersty

Something I figured out which may help those who are struggling with the native idol going into the hall… You will need to have lots of outside room keys… As you get each phenonimum search it, and leave the second phenonimum there. This will allow another phenonimum to arrive in another room. It will also overwrite zodiac mode too. In the end I only had the hall with nothing in it, so any phenonimum would only go into the hall.


Anyone got tips about how to get the Native Idol into the living room to get Joanna’s glasses.
Have blocked all other rooms with cursed mode, like suggested somewhere else on this site, but only get zodiac mode over and over in the living room. Maybe it’s just a matter of time…. And diamonds to buy the shatters. A bit annoying since there is no “buy for…” at the quest.


    The zodiac can be in 3 rooms at a time. Maybe if you clear a couple of cursed rooms and play the living room, the zodiac will move.


      Thank you Julie, will try that. Just got a feeling the Native Idol will turn up there and notvin the Living room.
      Well worth a try and at least I’ll get the benifit for another quest having to explore any room 5 times with Native Idol 🙂


        Good luck, my friend! I am stuck on the same quest as you 🙁


          Just an update Julie. Your idea sort of worked. Got zodiac in 3 rooms an curses in the rest. Explored the living room huge amountvof times and nothing happeded. At some point one of the zodiac rooms changed into a UFO, wonder why.
          Finally spent 20 diamonds on a device to summon the Native Idol. Only vacant room being the living room it should go there. Or so I thouhgt. The minute I tapped the USE button the zodiac left the hunting room and guess where the Native Idol went… Okay, I got stubborn, bought another device for 20 diamonds…. Out went zodiac from kitchen and in went … Yep! I now had 2 rooms with Native Idols and the rest with curses. Spent another 20 diamonds and the poor thing had nowhere else to go but the living room 🙂
          Activated a golden clover and took a helper with me, at got Joanna’s glasses, some very expencive glasses.
          My advise is, wait until you also have a quest telling you to explore a room with Native Idols 5 times before you go down this road, at least it wont be a total waste of diamonds.
          Good hunting and good luck 🙂


            Thanks for letting us know what happened, Woody. Sorry you had to spend 60 diamonds to get those darn glasses 🙁


I would like to know how this game still has a rating of 4+ and not NC 17 in the App Store? I am really disappointed that they had to smut out the game. This is definitely not a place where sex sells. Bummed to be uninstalling the game.

Is there any way to convince them to remove this new clubbing part?


    Just write to GI and tell them your opinion.


Isn’t the glasses from quest no 3 the same as the one in collection 118?


    It is not, I tried and it did not work


    No, they just look the same. Already tried to exchange with friends and it doesn’t update the quest 🙁


Club Snatchins 69 is a bit sexually suggestive, don’t you think? I have 2 friends age 5 and 7. Not liking this one bit!


    I agree, PegWait.


      I also agree. My 6 year old daughter plays, and wanted to know what “passion” is (the “hits” in the new boss room)


9- Self assured competitor: banish 3 rooms with idol phenomenon

10- Protect her with an axe: banish 10 zombies using axes. You can find zombies in the yard during the full moon or pay 15 diamonds

11- Six-string seduction: explore fortune telling room in silhouette mode to find guitar. (Or banish gypsy boy, which is faster)

12- Going clubbin’!: capture 15 vacuum robots

13- How to rob caravans: find bar chair and shaker by banishing snatchin knight(shaker) and snatchin guardsmans (chair) in the yard.

14- Some cleaning won’ hurt: explore bunker in silhouette mode to find citrus-press and night mode to find mirroring ball.

15- How to pass face control: explore Japanese garden to find face controller.

16- A toast to love: charge the ‘the night in the bar’ collection

17- when its hard to find words: explore library with curse-tongue mode after native idol phenomenon.


    THANK YOU, Natalie!!!


    18 – Dance with Eurydice. Enter (battle) Snatchin 69 Club and choose Eurydice as your avatar.


    19 – Explore Club 69 Snatchins 3 times.


    20 – Dance with Rudolph. Enter (battle) Club 69 Snatchin and choose Rudolph as your avatar.


You can buy a chest to get items to enter club and banish snatchins. 75 diamonds a pop tho! I’m at the club opening and waiting for others to do battle w me. Have to choose Eurydice as first boss choice per quest I’m on. Looks like snatchins that drop from battles are used vs boss.


For the collection charging items: level 99 for the pink boa, level 70 for the shoes, level 40 for the disco glasses.


    Great info! thanks for sharing that, Mswillow!!!


Quest: how to pass face control: explore the Japanese garden to find the snatchin face-controller. Item will not be found right away. ( I found it on my first try with the turtle of luck charm)
Quest: A toast to love. Charge the ‘ night in the bar’ collection


    Thank you, Melissa 🙂


I ended up trading with a gypsy boy to get the guitar. The next quest is to banish 15 vacuum robot.
Quest: how to rob a caravan: you need to collect a bar stol and shaker by banishing snatching guardsman and snatchin knights( it took me 4 snatchin knight to get shaker, and 8 snatchin guards man)
Quest: some cleaning won’t hurt- explore the bunker in siluette mode to find citrus press and at night to find the mirrored ball


After u Banish the zombies, then u have to explore the fortune telling room in siluette mode, to find a guitar. That’s the one I’m on right now

    Commander Kinnison

    Where are you finding zombies to banish?


      I payed the 15 diamond because its going to be 2 weeks until the next full moon, I’m not that patient. Lol


4- explore bathroom in words mode 1 time

5- explore kitchen in night mode to find English breakfast (I tried to charge collections that give you English breakfast, but it wouldn’t count it)

6- explore Japanese garden in silhouette mode to find brides bouquet

7- banish 10 bookworm snatchin

8- explore library in word mode 3 times

@ admin- I took pictures of each quest, the descriptions are too long, but I can’t post them. If you want the pics I can send them to you 🙂


    Thanks for info, Natalie! I don’t really need the pictures, just the quest names.

Commander Kinnison

Clubbing? Geez. 69? Really?

Anyway, the inital quests are very straight forward and simple. However, about 10 or 12 quests into this series, you get one that requires banishing 10 zombies. So, no more progress until the next Full Moon.

Someone at G! Dropped the ball on this one.


    We really need a Zodiac banshing charm!! It’s in my kitchen and I don’t have enough shatters!!

    I sent a ticket about not having levels on the chargers for the new collections. I wasted so many requests, because there isn’t any gift level on them!


      Has anyone let you know what the level requirement is for any they couldn’t send?


    Thank you, Commander. I am still trying to get the Native Idol to go in the living room!


Do you know how to get the pieces to banish the snatchins in the yard?


    I have had a couple drop when exploring the rooms.


      Do you also find that the items to banish the new snatchins are VERY difficult to get? I just searched 62 rooms in a row and got 2 bottle of water!!! At this rate, it will take months to enter the club, which is my only remaining quest 🙁
      If anyone has tips on how to get them to drop more often, i’ll take them 🙂

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