Blossom Salon by way of Frozen Pond

Blossom Salon by way of Frozen Pond

The Blossom Salon is a new Boss in our Manors Yard. You must be level 29 to access it. This new room starts as a Frozen Pond and we must complete tasks to turn it into the Blossom Salon.

As we all know, spring is a time of reawakening and the promise of good things to come…. Help the fair Sprinalina to break free of winter’s grasp and recover her natural beauty, Inside and out!

Opening the Blossom Salon

Frozen Pond

They say that there was once a time when spring reigned eternal in the Mystery Manor… alas, the Event changed everything and spelled eternity’s end. From then on, even the magic pond beside which the keeper of spring, fair Springalina, loved to rest, froze through.

But the belief holds strong that the warmth of spring will one day return to the Manor in full force, and sunlight will shine and birdsong will fill the air once again!

When you tap on the Frozen Pond in the Yard select the Upgrade Button in the Box.

Thanks to you, the magic pond has thawed! Could it really mean that Springalina is coming back to the Manor? The answer depends on you!

Frozen Pond

Magic Pond

In Springalina’s absence, winter has been too frequent a guess in the Mystery Manor, for only the keeper of spring can keep winter at bay! This magic pond was always the princess of bloom’s favorite spot; help melt the ice that holds it winter bound! The moment the ice breaks on the pond, the fair Springalina will awaken from her winter slumber.

Confront Stern and Brutal Armored Bears these vassals of winter, to get Blocks of Ice, and then use Powerful Heaters, which you can find around the Manor, to produce Buckets of Meltwater! This is the only way you can free the magic pond from winter’s clutches!

Magic Pond

You will need 30 Buckets of Meltwater to move on to the next step of opening the Blossom Salon. These come from Melting Blocks of Ice with Powerful Heaters which you will need to collect.

Blocks of Ice

Banish the Bears to get the Blocks of Ice. I tried to use less Ice Swords by banishing all Stern Armored Bears but while it shows it gives the Blocks of Ice it never does so you need to do both equally.

  • Stern Armored Bears – Banish 15. Each Bear takes 5 Glacial Swords.
  • Brutal Armored Bears – Banish 15. Each Bear takes 7 Glacial Swords.

Powerful Heaters

Explore rooms of the Manor to get the Powerful Heaters.

Creating Buckets of Meltwater

Once you collect these items they will go into last tab of your inventory. Tap on the Blocks of Ice and select Use. This will use one of your Powerful Heaters to create a Bucket of Meltwater. Repeat 30 times.

Once you have all of these tap on the Magic Pond again.

Ice may be water in essence, but some forms of water are more pleasant than others, and meltwater is the best of them. The Mistress of Spring, who you are about to meet, certainly thinks so.

Pond in Bloom

The ice has broken, ladies and gentlemen, which means it’s high time you met she who holds sway over this pond, and all of spring: Springalina. It looks like she could use your help after so long a sleep in winter’s arms…

Trade with Layle the Fidget and the Wise Rook to collect enchanted Springtime Keys. This is the only way for you to unlock the gates hidden in the frozen pond!

Blossom Salon Keys

There are currently no chests in the shop for these keys. you can buy them in groups of 10 each for 10 diamonds. You can also purchase them individually as you need them.

  • Springtime Keys – 20 to Enter Boss Battle. 1 diamond each.
  • Wind Chimes Talismans – 10 to 50 for each search. 1 diamond each.

Blossom Salon Roamers

The weapons to banish these roamers can be found searching rooms of the manor.

  • Layle the Fidget – 2 Springtime Brushes and 20 Strength. 10 for 45 Diamonds in the Shop.
  • Wise Rook – 3 Handful of Seeds and 20 Strength. 10 for 54 Diamonds in the Shop.

Blossom Pond Icon

Blossom Salon Quests



  1. Wilted Sakura – Explore the Japanese Garden in Word mode 3 times to talk to Takeshi.
  2. Snow, Snow, Go Away – Find the Frozen Pond in the yard and tap the Upgrade button.  Give the Freezing snatchin Red Mittens.  They can be found in the Manor.
    • Unlock location: Magic Pond
    • Freezing Snatchin – Banish 10 with Red Mittens found by exploring rooms of the manor. The Freezing Snatchin is in the Yard.
  3. Wise Words – If you have correctly understood Takeshi’s hint, help Hanako prevail in the Battle in the Garden. Defeat Boss:  Hanako
  4. Self-Evident Solution – Banish Stern Armored Bears and Brutal Armored Bears to get Blocks of Ice.  Use Powerful Heaters from Manor room to turn them into meltwater.
    • Unlock location: Pond in Bloom 0/1
    • I had done this already so this quest just skipped for me.
  5. What’s In a Name? – Explore rooms on the first floor under the Witch’s Curse (Will o’the Wisp/ White Mist to collect Springtime Keys. Springtime Key 0/20
  6. Rise and Shine – Use Springtime Keys to wake up Springalina and help her get ready for work.  Layle the Fidget and the Wise Rook will share the keys with you. The keys fall under the curse mode with each exploration
  7. Natural is Best – Accept Springalina’s invitation and explore the Blossom Salon in Silhouette mode.
  8. Grand Homecoming – Treat the Wise Rook to Handfuls of Seeds to find out if at least one Singing Nightingale has returned. Singing Nightingale 0/1
  9. Silence is Golden – Explore Hanako’s Labyrinth at night to find Birch Catkins.  Trade with the Solar Ayakashi to get a Daisy Wreath.
    • Birch Catkins 0/1
    • Daisy Wreath 0/1
  10. Fine Dining – Energize (wake) your friend’s helper’s to find a Baby Squirrel.  Charge the Heralds of Spring Collection.  Missing collection items are in Springalina’s chests.
    • Baby Squirrel 0/1
    • Charge collection Heralds of Spring 0/1
  11. Secret Ingredient – Explore any rooms in Night or Zodiac modes or under Curse of the Evil Eye (Prospero’s  Book) to find Lilac Oil, it’s not going to be at all easy, though!
    • Any room in Night mode 0/10
    • Any room in Curse of the Evil Eye mode 0/5
    • Any room in Zodiac mode 0/5
  12. Got to Pluck a Petal or Two – Trade with Layle the Fidget to get Bath Petals. Bath Petals 0/1
  13. Ask No Questions – Charge the Spring in Your Step collection to get Miss Spring’s Slippers.  Trade with female residents of the yard to get the collection items.
    • Charge the collection Spring in Your Step 0/2
    • Beauty’s Slipper – Priestess of Chaos
    • Flirt’s Slipper – Beloved of Strigoi
    • Stunner’s Slipper – Solar Ayakashi
    • Minx’s Slipper – Lunar Ayakashi
    • Enchantress’ Slipper – Model Eurydice
  14. Meta-Decorations – Banish the Heavy Rain Phenomenon from the Sakura Room and fin Aromatic Oil.  Explore the Blossom Salon in Word mode to find Natural Body Scrub.
    • Aromatic Oil 0/1
    • Natural Body Scrub 0/1
  15. It’s Who You Know – Use Enhanced Time Snail while exploring rooms to help Springalina.
    • Enhanced Time Snail 0/10
  16. Special Gift – Charge the Royal Creams collection.  Explore yard locations in Silhouettes mode to find the necessary items.
    • Velvet Cream – Castle of Strigoi
    • Perfect Tone Cream – Hanako
    • Goddess Cream – Animatorium
    • Silk Cream – Hotel
    • Tenderness Cream – Club 69
  17. Righteous Indignation – Anger doesn’t lead to anything good!  Calm down and distract Hansel in the Gingerbread House. Defeat Boss:  Hansel 0/1
  18. Bitter Rivalry – Explore rooms on the first floor in Night mode to find a Mirror Catapult.
    • Mirror Catapult 0/1
  19. Tried and Tested Peacemaker – Explore the Blossom Salon, until Springalina has thought of a solution.
    • Blossom Salon 0/5
  20. For the Greater Good – Explore the Gingerbread House in Word mode and also charge the Well-Deserved Rest Collection.  You can get some of the collection items from the Wise Rook
    • Gingerbread House in Words mode 0/3
    • Charge collection Well-Deserved Rest 0/1

The End

Blossom Salon Battle

You must enter and win the battle with the boss Springalina to search the room. For this you will need 20 Springtime Keys.

Blossom Salon Battle Weapons

Nature’s Gifts Collection

  • Mint Oil – 300 points – 6 Diamonds
  • Finest Petals – 350 points – 7 Diamonds
  • Fragrant Soap – 400 points – 8 Diamonds
  • Evening Gel – 450 points – 9 Diamonds
  • Seven Seas Salt – 500 points – 10 Diamonds

Staying In Collection

  • Massage Stones – 50 points – 1 Diamond
  • Bath Full of Petals – 100 points – 2 Diamonds
  • Cedar Barrel – 150 points – 3 Diamonds
  • Spa Capsule – 200 points – 4 Diamonds
  • Exfoliation Aquarium – 250 points – 5 Diamonds

Right Side Quests

Blossom Salon Right Side Quests

These quests all appear in the box with the Trumpet on the right side of your manor.


Blossom Salon

Collect and charge all of Blossom Salon’s collections 5 times each to get a blooming marvelous reward! Open the Beauty Chest to receive 10 Golden Bombs, 100 Wind Chimes Talismans, 1 of each item from the Staying in collection and 2 of each item fro the Nature’s Gifts collections.

Blossom Salon Right

Blossom Salon Collections

  • Heralds of Spring
  • Spring in Your Step
  • Royal Creams
  • Relaxing Massage
  • Well-Deserved Rest
  • Farewell to Winter

The Art of Awakening

Help Springalina 10 times before it’s too late. Note: this quest indicates there is a time limit to do this but there is no time shown. GI has confirmed that there is no time limit. Open the Good Morning Chest and inside you will find enough items to summon the yard bosses once. So, keys to enter battle!

The Art of Awakening Right

Perfection Itself

Collect all the items, complete the quest, and don’t miss your chance to receive a generous prize for reaching the final level of mastery! This will take 1655 Keys if I calculated it right. Open the Chest of Perfection to find 200 of each item to explore basement locations.

Perfection Itself Right


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Is the a way to summon (Heavy Rain) phenomenon?

Marilyn Rodger

Is there no chest to buy for blossom pond


    No. Only when they put them on Sale.

Car Scal

For the secret ingredient quest #11, I never got the lilac oil after completing it. Went to GI with a ticket and they gave it to me. Check your inventory.

Diane Farley

One of my Guild members tried to complete the update but it said that he had already updated the day before and he doesn’t have the option of updating or giving gifts to friends, Is this happening to anyone else and do you know how it can be fixed? Thanks, Diane

    Cindy Ison

    I am filling in for MM_admin while she recovers. I’ve not seen any complaints like this, but I’m checking on how he should handle this and will get back with you as soon as I hear something.

Diane Farley

I completed the Art of Awakening quest for the Blossom Salon quest, collecting each collection five times each, and received the prize for it. However, I do not understand how to get the Perfection Itself Chest since I have already collected each collection five times each. Can you tell me what I need to do next? Thanks, Diane


    When you have reached Expert Level, which is the highest, you should be able to collect this chest.

      Diane Farley

      Thank you! You are awesome as usual! 😀


#16 Perfect Tome Cream is in Hanako Labyrinth.


Has anyone found wich room the Perfect Tone Cream is in for quest 16?


Special Gift nothing in General Krieg


Does anyone know which Blossom Salon collection ONLY comes from a battle chest?


Goddess Cream is in the Animatorium in Silhouette mode only. It takes a while to drop, so have plenty of keys!


Anybody found the tone cream yet in the yard in silhouettes? What room is it?


For quest 5 What’s in a name can I just banish Layle the Fidget and the Wise Rook to get the Sprungtime Key’s.


    You could! I got lucky and was on that quest when GI gave a Facebook bonus of keys. Otherwise I wasn’t really getting anywhere with my searches.


      Thanks, they seem to drop about 50% of the time from the Layle the Fidget and the Wise Rook.

      Appreciate all your hard work and patience.


I read the info on step 16 of the Springalina quest string, the Special gift & search for the perfect tone cream, I can safely say it is not in the gingerbread house or with Anubis either,
Further more, I’m getting virtually no drops for the yard creatures/boss rooms (or space level) from any level of the manor. Even with the guild event to banish full moon monsters, I got very little to battle or search those boss rooms.


Have yet to see Layla or Wise Rook. Sent ticket to GI…they told me I have to banish existing roamers before these will appear. Can’t believe this! Since when is there a requirement for roamers to appear?


    Try finding them in your friends manor. There are so many Roamers now that they want you to make some go away before the others will come out.


How many times do you have to wake a friend’s friend to get the squirrel? I have been waking people for 2 days and no squirrel.



    Did you get the baby squirrel and maybe just need to charge the collection since this is a 2 part quest. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that! I would think it would fall pretty quickly but if not open a ticket with GI. They are know to have strange glitches!

    I have not gotten to that quest yet. Need time to play!


      I don’t have the squirrel but will open a ticket, good idea,

      Thank you.

Veronica Hardy

How do we get springalina’s chest? I already fought battle in the salon and placed 1 st and second place and the chest I received did not have any of the items I needed. So far 4 battles and no luck


    Which quest are you on? What chest are you referring to?


    I am too looking for the spring butter fly in the fine dining quest. It states to find in Springalina chest. Where are those located?


      Those are the chests you receive from battling Springalina.


        It took me ages to get the baby squirrel, and now it’s taking ages to get the butterfly from the chests. Has this happened to anyone else, or is it one of those weird glitches?


          I was thankful that friends gifted some of those items to me. Waiting for what I need in a chest is a crazy thing.


I have the left hand side quest but I don’t have the event – do you know when this appears?
Thank you xx


    Let me look at my screen shots. Looks like just after Wise Words to Defeat Hanako.


      I definitely don’t have it and i’ve checked theres no update I’ve missed!


        Have you had the quest to defeat Hanako or perhaps turned the ice blocks into buckets of ice water to get to the next phase to battle Springalina? If you’re at the battle part then open a ticket.


I do not understand what the Perfection Itself window means!? Collect all of what items, complete what quest? I don’t have it yet but just not understanding it from the post.


    To complete the quest you need to reach the Expert Mastery level which is the highest level.


Just completed Step 11, but did not find Lilac Oil.
Not sure what to do now.


    Did it show as findable in those search modes? Maybe put it on your wish list. I see it is the 5th collection item so may not be findable until you reach the highest mastery level in the room. You’d think after all those searches it would show up!


      Did not show as a findable item, but Step 11 clue says to explore and find…
      Very confusing.
      On WL now.
      Thanks for the help.


        Same thing just happened to me – no lilac oil. I put in a ticket. Did you get this issue resolved?


          GI responded to my ticket that some items are harder than others to find, keep trying. I think the wording of the quest made me think that the lilac oil would drop during or as a reward for completing this step, but not so.


The drop rate for the seeds and paint brushes is terrible. I explored various rooms on the 1st floor about 50 times and found seeds one time and paint brushes twice.


Hi, thank you for this posting. I have been unable to find items to banish rook, the seeds and Layla the paint brushes since I have opened the room. I searched top floor rooms with Turtle and cornucopia and helper withphenoms, even the curse? Witch I think it says here and others and basement floors. Has anyone stated how they got theirs to drop. I have a friend with same problem. I sent in a ticket & they just said search, ugh…


    Yes, the drop rate for the brushes and seeds is dreadfully low! People are reporting hundreds of searches for just a few weapons. This will be a long slow quest string from reading all that is required!

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