Anubis’ Tomb

Anubis’ Tomb

On the edge of the world, defended by the wise sphinxes, among endless dunes there stands an ancient structure that is both a temple and a tomb. It is the subject of many spine-chilling legends, and Anubis himself is said to sleep within it.

Anubis is the Greek name of a god associated with mummification and the afterlife in ancient Egyptian religion, usually depicted as a canine or a man with a canine head. Archeologists identified the sacred animal of Anubis as an Egyptian canid, that at the time was called the golden jackal, but recent genetic testing has caused the Egyptian animals to be reclassified as the African golden wolf.

Anubis’ Tomb has appeared with the September Harvest Moon of 2016. You will find Anubis’ Tomb in the dead center of your yard.

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You must dig up Anubis’ Tomb just as you did many other Bosses. You can request the items from your friends or buy them with diamonds.

When Does Anubis’ Tomb Appear

2016-09-30 15.47.20.png

What we know now that the Full Moon cycle is over is that Anubis’ Tomb is now locked in the Yard. If you are in the middle of the quest string I’m sure it will come back when the next Full Moon appears. If you have finished the quest string we will see if you get anything else other than the ability to search the tomb.

I just did some room searches, not a ton, and did not have any Krisses drop. If you get them from room searches please let me know.

I will keep this section updated when the next Full Moon happens.

The Return of Anubis’ Tomb

We saw with the first month of Anubis’ Tomb that there appeared to be 2 separate quest strings. I am going to go in and separate those quest strings now.

It does appear they just repeat. I still have the same number of Nile Keys I was trying to collect at the end of the last event.

Anubis’ Tomb Keys

  • Nile Keys
  • Scarab Seals

Anubis’ Tomb Roamers

These will be found roaming the Yard!

  • Priestess of Sekhmet – 3 Kris and 30 Energy
  • Priest of Hathor – 4 Kris and 60 Energy

Anubis Tomb Icon.png


Anubis’ Tomb Quests

Some of your quests may come in a different order based on when you complete them as after quest 4 you get 2 quests at a time.

String 1This one is currently repeating from the beginning every full moon, no matter where you are.

  1. A Fortune Teller’s Unease – Explore the Fortune-Telling Room to speak to Magda.
  2. The Rite
    • Collect 10 Ogham Runes in rooms in Zodiac Mode – this is not a collection item so I don’t know where else you can find them if you have not reached Zodiac Mode yet.
    • Explore Japanese Garden at Night for find a Wreath of Wildflowers. These can be purchased in Collection 494, Love Me Do.
  3. The Fairy’s Prophecy – Search rooms under the Witch’s Curse, which appears after banishing the Will-o’-the-Wisp phenomena to find the Magic Wand.
  4. Not a Moment to Spare
    • Living Room in Silhouettes mode
    • Hunting Room in Words mode
  5. More Than Mere Gold
    • Find Sacred Ring by trading with Gypsies – it is only the Gypsy Woman that gives this.
    • Find Scarab Seal by exploring rooms under the Curse of the Evil Eye which comes after the Mist phenomena.
  6. A Guide to Action – Find the Gold Tablet in the Pharaohs’ Treasure collection by exploring the Fortune-Telling Room with the Curse of the Blinding Light, which is left behind by the Night Vision Phenomenon. Do not Banish the Phenomenon.
  7. A Job for a Young Egyptologist – Charge the Champollion’s Grammar Collection to obtain the Clay Tablet.
    • Lotus – Hotel
    • Star – Strigoi’s Castle
    • Water – Ice Castle
    • Foot – Mist, any room
    • Ibis – Bedroom at Night

This ends this quest string.

String 2 – This quest string will pick up where you left off the previous month.

  1. A Gentleman’s Embarrassment – Find Today’s Paper by leaving hints for your friends. Go pass out some tips!
  2. Defeat, Punish, and Enslave!
    • Silhouettes Mode – Egyptian Axe – 30, Can get 20 charging the To My Valentine Collection (492)
    • Night Mode – Kris – 15
  3. Aggressive Scouting
    • Explore the Pyramid in Night Mode
    • Explore the Pyramid in Words Mode
  4. Lesser Gods – Explore the Library in various modes to find the statues of the Egyptian gods. From the Egyptian Pantheon Collection
    • Statue of Bastet – Silhouettes
    • Statue of Sebek – Zero Gravity
    • Statue of Maat – Words
  5. Like Cats and Dogs – Find the Statue of Anubis by exploring rooms with the Mist Phenomenon. Do not banish the Phenomenon.
  6. A Warning from the Past – Find the Symbols of Power by exploring rooms in Silhouettes mode.
  7. Round One – Banish 10 Priestess of Sekhmet. You will find Krises to banish them by searching rooms.
  8. The Lion’s Share – Explore the Hall in Zodiac mode to find the Fearless Lion in the Sacred Animals collections.
  9. The Clumsy River Giant – Explore the Hunting Room in Silhouettes mode to find the Fierce Hippopotamus in the Sacred Animals collection.
  10. Taking the Bull by Its Horns – Explore the Kitchen in Words mode to find the Mighty Bull from the Sacred Animals collection.
  11. A Falcon Swift and Peerless – Explore the Sakura Room with the Fog (Heavy Rain) phenomenon to find the Sharp-Eyed Falcon from the Sacred Animals Collections.
  12. Ask the Shaman – Explore the African Room in Words mode.
  13. Opening Invisible Doors – Collect Nile Keys, used to begin battle in Anubis’ Tomb, by exploring rooms in Zodiac mode. You will need 30.
  14. Opposition – Banish 10 Priest of Hathor.
  15. Poor Mbongo
    • Find a Censer, this is a charger, in the Hunting Room in Evil Eye curse left behind by the Mist phenomenon.
    • Explore African Room 3 times with the Native Idol phenomenon present.
  16. Will the Heron Help? – Find the Clever Heron in the Sacred Animals collection by exploring the Japanese Garden under the Witch’s curse left behind by the Will-o’-the-Wisp phenomenon.
  17. Topsy-Turvy – Charge the Sacred Animals Collection to obtain the Proud Baboon.
  18. The Old-Fashioned Way
    • Unlock Anubis’ Tomb in the Yard by digging it up
    • Defeat the Boss Anubis’
  19. A Knightly Investigation
    • Explore Anubis’ Tomb in Silhouettes mode
    • Explore Anubis’ Tomb in Night mode
  20. Deception Revealed – Explore the Hallway in Words mode
  21. The Stone Guardians
    • Find the Balinese Sphinx in the Living Room in Silhouettes mode
    • Find the Assyrian Sphinx in the Library in Silhouettes mode
  22. The Sun Sets on Antiquity
    • Find the Greek Sphinx in the Fortune-Telling room in Night mode
    • Find the Roman Sphinx in Room 51 in Night mode
  23. The Final Chord
    • Find the Egyptian Sphinx in Anubis’ tomb in Silhouettes mode
    • Charge Great Sphinx collection

The End

Anubis’ Tomb Battle

You will need 30 Nile Keys to enter Battle in Anubis’ Tomb. You will need Scarab Seals keys to explore.

The battle lasts for 19 hours and takes 40,000 points. You get 80 hits.

Anubis Battle

Anubis’ Tomb Battle Weapons

Protection from the Golems

  • All-Seeing Eye – 50 Damage, 30,000 Coins
  • Gypsy Horseshoe – 100 Damage, 65,000 Coins
  • Tibetan Knot – 150 Damage, 135,000 Coins
  • Tarquinian Bulla – 200 Damage, 200,000 Coins
  • Coptic Cross – 250 Damage, 350,000 Coins

Instruments of Crime

  • Carved Cane – 300 Damage, 2 Diamonds
  • Sharp Epee – 350 Damage, 4 Diamonds
  • Threatening Riding Crop – 400 Damage, 6 Diamonds
  • Steel Knife – 450 Damage, 8 Diamonds
  • Brutal Brass Knuckles – 500 Damage, 10 Diamonds

Relics of Ancient Egypt

Relics of Ancient Egypt is the right side quest which goes with the Anubis’ Tomb quests. You will need to charge them 10 times each to receive the Egyptian Coffer which contains 50 Krises, 100 Scarab Seals and 2 of every weapon required to battle Anubis.

2016-09-16 18.14.25.jpg

Anubis’ Tomb Collections

  • Pharaohs’ Treasure
  • Egyptian Pantheon
  • Champollion’s Grammar
  • Sacred Animals
  • Secret of the Sphinxes
  • Protection from Golems
  • Instruments of Crime
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After I completed number 4 of string 1, I got number 1of string 2 as well as number 5 of string 1. Has GI changed it so you no longer have to complete string 1 in order to gain access to string 2?


    I don’t think you ever had to complete string 1 to get string 2 to start. Quest 4 may have been the one that triggered it. I feel like I had them both from the beginning but it’s been a long time.


I’m working on the second string, number 4, Lesser Gods, and I have searched the library a few times in the correct mode, but the statues are not dropping. How many times do I have to search the library in the proper mode to get the statue? It looks like I should have to search it once in each mode. Nowhere did it say to search multiple times. Can anyone help me?


    Sometimes it takes several, and more, searches in the mode. Things don’t always drop the first time. You can put them on your wish list and hope a friend has extra.


Note that in step #7 of the 1st series, A Job for a Young Egyptologist, all of the parts of the Champollion’s Grammar remain available until you create the clay tablet. Thus you could farm 10 of each part in a single run of the quest series to complete relics requirement negating the need to ever redo this series.


Do you only get the second quest once you have completed the first quest string, or does it begin once you have fought Anubis and opened the temple?


    No, you should have gotten 2 quests for Anubis at the same time the first time around. After you finish the second quest string you will not get it again. However, that first one will restart from the beginning every month no matter where you are in it.


Do you have to get to a certain point in quest string 1 for quest string 2 to appear? Quest string 2 hasn’t appeared for me, but I haven’t got past quest 2 in first string yet, so I wondered if that was why.

Linda Greene

I refuse to do that quest every month, ridiculous


    I’m with you! Can you believe I have not completed the first set of collections for the Full Moon events added in 2015. I think they are just made to part with your boss keys and excessive. When that stupid first Anubis quest came up today I wished there was a way to opt out of even seeing it. Who is the idea person behind this? Could they not be more creative?

    I swear if I did not LOVE my friends in this game I would quit and then the website would go away. But I LOVE all of you and understand that you need what I am giving!


I had finished the entire quest string last month. This month I only received string 1. When I completed it, I was not given any additional quests. I still have the right side quest for the reward chest.


I put in a ticket as well. I won’t do these quests if they make us do them over and over. That is ridiculous!


I had the same problem, put it in a ticket and GI said there is no problem, the developer made it that way to start over. I couldn’t believe so I am rebutting it. I think they thought I was referring to the other full moon quests. I will not waste all those zodiac shards again.

Cherub Halperin

Can’t believe I have to do the Anubis Tomb again! Took forever to find the 10 runes only to not be able to finish the event and then I have to start over again? Unbelievable!


I just had to start with #1 all over again and could not start where I finished last time. Anyone else have the same problem? Because that way I won’t bother with these quests. It takes a whole lot of zodiac rooms before you find 10 of those stones, and to do that every month is no fun.


    Yes. I have same problem and completely agree with you. Not worth the bother.


    Same for me! And I will not start over! ???


    Me too! I put in a ticket. I am not doing this every month.


      GI just replied to my ticket that there is no mistake. Developer intended the quest string to start over.


        Don’t get me wrong, I have no beef with the full moon quests picking up where left off the previous month, Anubis’ Tomb quests should do it the same way.


          Yes, the first 7 start from the beginning and the next ones carry forward. I have been communicating with GI regarding this quest string and hopefully they will make some changes. I even pointed out to them that this keeps players without zodiac mode from doing the quest string at all because there is no other way to get the runes and you don’t get to zodiac until about level 100. I will fix the page shortly to make it clear which ones do what!


    Ditto for me.


For #15, I am in Strigoi’s Castle, but tablet is not on findable items list. Any ideas?


    I think you need to be in Ice Castle maybe. Is it the Water Tablet?


Quest 2- find 10 time’s in zodiac modes ogham runes…horrible ‘s..the barely drop and cost a lot of to by zodiac ..never finish quest on time??


Battle lasts 19h and takes 40000 points

    Big Perch

    Never mind. I just checked my collections & it must have dropped ‘cuz there it is! Yippie!


I am on #13 A Guide to Action – Find the Gold Tablet in the Pharaohs’ Treasure collection by exploring the Fortune-Telling Room with the Curse of the Blinding Light, which is left behind by the Night Vision Phenomenon. where can I get the phenomenon summoner Fear of the Dark for Night Vision?


    There is a “Fear of the Dark” option in the Shop under the Sack tab that is 17 Diamonds. I searched the Collections Table on the word Phenomena and there are no collections that give this.


    Omly available in shop, at the cost of 17 ?


First, My quest order was a little different than this in the beginning, but the latter ones seemed to match the same sequence described here.

Opening Invisible Doors — 30 Nile keys…from Zodiac searches??? Really????? My first zodiac search yielded only one key…well I’ll be a while completing that one. Good grief!!!! Out of zodiac fragments completely.

And I’ve already opened and searched the new room.


    I agree PenWenny, I can’t get through the second quest. Used hard to come by diamonds and bought two chests with zodiac fragments. Required items drop so infrequently it’s ridiculous. Just another event with not enough time to complete it. Wonder how a couple of friends have twenty plus of each collection already ???


      You can get zodiac fragments by banishing gypsies. Use a turtle for a better chance of items dropping.


    If you charge a few different collections, they’ll give you zodiac


    Buying the 30 Nile Keys for 30 diamonds saved my sanity (and a lot less than buying infinite shatters!)


Can we upgrade and dig up right away, or do we need to wait for a specific quest?


    I found out you can upgrade and dig up right away!

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