Ancient Pyramid of Mictlantecuhtli

Ancient Pyramid of Mictlantecuhtli

These skeleton creatures occupying the Ancient Pyramid of Mictlantecuhtli are perhaps some of the strangest looking MM creatures ever!

Complete the quests for the Ancient Pyramid of Mictlantecuhtli to save the poor souls enslaved by the pyramid’s terrible spirit.

The Ancient Pyramid of Mictlantecuhtli is located in the Yard of the Manor and must be assembled.  Look in your Yard and click on a Mayan-style pyramid covered in ruins.  A screen called “Ruins of the Pyramid” will pop up.  Hit the green “Upgrade” button.  You must be a Level 22 to open this room.

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Building the Pyramid

Build Pyramid

As with many of the Boss rooms you need to dig up the Pyramid with these items. You can ask your friends for these items or purchase them.  I recommend asking your friends.

Keys for the Ancient Pyramid of Mictlantecuhtli

  • Mayan Keys
  • Goblet of the Skeleton

Roamers of the Ancient Pyramid of Mictlantecuhtli

Banish these roamers to obtain Keys for the Pyramid. Luckily Baseball Bats can be purchased with Coins.

  • Skelton-Sacrificer – 15 Baseball Bats and 25 Energy
  • Conquistador Don Juan – 12 Baseball Bats and 20 Energy

Pyramid Quests


  1. The Anomalous Gravity – Explore Hunting Room in Night mode and Fortune Telling Room in Silhouette mode.
  2. It is Important to Monitor the Press –  Explore the Library 3 times with a curse left behind by any phenomenon. You must not banish the phenomenon.
  3. Striking News – Explore any 3 rooms with curse in curse mode.
  4. Collector of Weapons – Explore rooms in Zodiac mode to find items to charge the “Faithful Guards” collection and obtain the Battle Axe. Warning: not all rooms in Zodiac will have an item!
    • Maccana is in the Library
    • Reed Bow is in the Fortune Telling Room
    • Obsidian Knife is in the Hunting Room
    • Bamboo shield is in the Bathroom
    • Woomera is in the Kitchen
    • If you do not have time, patience, Shatters of Zodiac, etc. you can also obtain these items by banishing Conquistadores Don Juan and Skeletal Sacrificers which can be found in some of the Yards of neighbors whom are ahead of you in these quest.  You will need bats (the same ones you use to banish Skeletons during the Full Moon), and if you are out of bats, at least you can purchase these with gold!!!
    • NOTE:  When you charge the Faithful Guards collection, you get some excellent weapons to help with the fight rooms
  5. Eternal Conquista – Banish 10 Conquistadores Don Juan.  Once you get this quest, you should be able to find these creatures in your own Yard.  You can finish the quest for 15 diamonds is you wish, but here is a chance to use some of that gold!!
  6. History of the Pyramid – Charge the “Tributes of Nationals” collection to obtain the Great Gorger. You can find the items by exporing the rooms of the manor in curse mode listed below:
    • Golden Grain – Living Room with Stone Tongue curse left behind by the Native Idol phenomena.
    • Sacrificial Bouquet – Bedroom with Evil Eye curse left behind by Mist phenomena.
    • Bowl of Fruit – Library with Witch’s curse left behind by Will-o’-the-Wisp phenomena.
    • Wineskin – Kitchen with Zero Gravity curse left behind by UFO phenomena.
    • Royal Trout – in Bathroom with Stone Tongue curse left behind by Native idol phenomena.
  7. Charge Vase of Faith by banishing Conquistador Don Juan.
  8. Banish 15 Skeleton Sacrificers
  9. Once Again Digging – Tap on the pyramid to find what is needed
  10. Skeleton and His Dinner – Defeat the new boss

Pyramid Battle

40 Mayan Keys, which can be obtained banishing Skeleton Sacrificers and Conquistador Don Juan with Baseball bats, are required to enter the battle and Goblet of Skeleton is required to search the room.  Mayan Keys can also be obtained by charging the following collections: Martian Cuisine, Only for Boys and Party at the Pub.

Pyramid weapons

Weapons (25,000 damage required, 50 hits, 20 hours):

  1. Daywalker’s Arsenal Collection:
    • Garlic Necklace – Damage 25, Buy for 30000 coins
    • Silver Nitrate – Damage 30, Buy for 65000 coins
    • Vampire Sword – Damage 35, Buy for 135000 coins
    • Daywalker’s Culverin – Damage 40, Price 200000 coins
    • Daywalker’s Harquebus – Damage 45, Buy for 350000 coins
  2. Van Helsing’s Arsenal Collection:
    • Hunter’s Ring – Damage 50, Buy for 1 diamond
    • Silver Shuriken – Damage 100, Buy for 2 diamonds
    • Gatling Piercer – Damage 250, Buy for 5 diamonds
    • Dai-katana – Damage 150, Buy for 3 diamonds
    • Archangel Machine Gun – Damage 200, Buy for 4 diamonds
  3. Night Avenger collection:
    • Infra-Bulled – Damage 300, Buy for 5 diamonds
    • Stiletto of the Avenger – Damage 350, Buy for 7 diamonds
    • Silver Trap – Damage 400, Buy for 8 diamonds
    • Lepage of the Avenger – Damage 450, Buy for 9 diamonds
    • Dispersive Flamethrower – Damage 500, buy for 10 diamonds

Exploring the Ancient Pyramid of Mictlantecuhtli

Goblet of the Skeleton are required to explore the Pyramid.  These can be obtained by banishing the Skeleton-sacrificer in the yard or charging Collections. Please see the Collections Table for current collections that give these keys.  The room is open for 4 hours after the battle has completed.


Catacombs of the Pyramid

This is the quest on the right side of your manor.  Charge each of the Pyramid of Mictlantecuhtli Collections 5 times to receive the Chest of Pyramid Explorer. This chest contains 5 Golden Phoenixes, 5 Turtles of Fortune, 300 Skeleton Goblets and 5 or each weapon against boss.


 Pyramid Collections

  • Faithful guards – rewards 3 traps, Infra-bullets, Flame-throwers
  • Jaguar Warriors – rewards rewards 25 keys of each type to summon some bosses
  • Tributes of Nationals – rewards 3 chocolates, 1 elephant, 4o seeds
  • Treasures of Yamiyami – rewards 500 experience, Golden Phoenix, Turtle of Luck, 5 Magnets
  • Sacrament of Faith – rewards 4 Angry Idols, 2 Tesla Coils, 2 Illuminati Lamps

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