Willie the Pumpkin and the Pumpkin Field

Just in time for Halloween, a new Pumpkin Field room has appeared in the Basements of our Manors.  There are new quests, collections, and yes, we have to fight Willie the Pumpkin with a whole new set of weapons to even enter the Pumpkin Field.

Opening the Pumpkin Field

Go to the right-hand side of the Basement and click on the Pumpkin Field.

Pumpkin Field
You will see the following screen:

Place for the Ritual

To build the room, we must request materials from our friends. When you click on each item, the game will tell you what level a friend needs to be to gift that item to you.

Pumpkin Field Keys

  • Pumpkin-Speaker
  • Key of Pumpkin

Pumpkin Field Roamers

  • Scarecrow – 4 Scythe of Fearless and 24 Energy
  • Witch – 6 Occult Staff and 30 Energy


Pumpkin Field

Pumpkin Field Quests



  1. Grown With Love – Explore the Japanese Garden 3 times in Night mode.
  2. Plants in Motion –  Explore the rooms of the manor to find the missing pumpkin, Jolly Joe.
  3. Living Vegetables – Explore the Kitchen in Silhouettes mode to find the Tricky Phil pumpkin.
  4. Nightmares from the Garden – Look for Spooky Eugene in the Living Room.
  5. Carnivorous Food – Explore the Kitchen with the Curse of the Stone Tongue to find the insidious Bo pumpkin.  (Curse of the Stone Tongue occurs after room with Native Idol phenomenon is explored, not banished.)
  6. Scary Omen – Explore the bedroom to find the Ferocious Ben pumpkin and then charge the Demonic Pumpkins collection.
  7. Hidden Meaning – Explore the Hunting Room in Silhouettes mode to find the Black Dragon record.
  8. Even Royal Hunters Conjure on Halloween – Look for the following records by banishing phenomenon: Autumn Melancholia, Knight Rider, and Mexican Tales. NOTE:  I only found these items when I explored the rooms with the phenomena present.  I tried banishing the phenomena at first as the quest says, but did not find anything that way.
    • Autumn Melancholia – any room with the Native Idol phenomenon
    • Knight Rider – any room with the Will O’ the Wisp phenomenon
    • Mexican Tales – any room with the Mist phenomenon
  9. All Components – Find the ‘Electrocutioner’ by exploring the General’s Bunker. Find 6 gramaphones by exploring the rooms of the manor.
  10. Unnecessary Noise – Banish 15 each of the following:  Ear-Twisting Snatchins, Grubby Snatchins, and Snowdoll Snatchins.
  11. In Sum – Charge the Hardrock in Blood Collection .
  12. Pumpkin Rider – Assemble the Place for the Ritual.  (Get all of the items necessary to open the Pumpkin room.   See above.)
  13. Plans Have Changed – Fight Willie, the Pumpkin Head Biker.  You get the weapons from the Scarecrow and the Witch.
  14. Demonic Technology – Find Flashing Lightening in the Pumpkin Field.
  15. Power in Motorcycle – Banish Thieving Snatchins to find Light Devourer.
  16. The Great Pumpkin Escape – Banish Pumpkinhead Bikers on the first floor to find Catastrophic vortex, Absurd Danger, and Vomiting Matter.  (Vomiting Matter?  That’s disgusting!!!)
  17. Anthropogenic Ritual – Charge Need for Speed collection.
  18. Explore Pumpkin Field 5 times.

End of Quests

Pumpkin Field Battle

You need to call the Pumpkinhead Rider demon;  click on the Pumpkin Field and the following screen appears:

Fire Portal

The Scarecrow and Witch in the basement will give you the 20 Pumpkin-Speakers needed to start the battle.

Weapons (20000 damage required, 40 hits, 15+ hours to complete battle)

  1. Mythical Arsenal Collection
    • Protective Amulet  – damage 25, buy for 150 coins
    • Spray ‘The Holy Cleansing’  – damage 30, buy for 350 coins
    • A Powerful Mascot  – damage 35, buy for 600 coins
    • Garlic Sauce – damage 40, buy for 950 coins
    • Spearhead of Justice  – damage 45, buy for 1300 coins
  2. Cold Greeting Collection
    • Dagger of Retaliation  – damage 50, buy for 1 diamond
    • Epee of Restless – damage 100, buy for 2 diamonds
    • Morgenstern of a Hero – damage 150, buy for 3 diamonds
    • Fighter’s Stick – damage 200, buy for 4 diamonds
    • Executioner’s Axe – damage 250, buy for 5 diamonds
  3. Mass Destruction Collection
    • Cavalry Colt – damage 250, buy for 7 diamonds
    • Silicum gun – damage 300, buy for 6 diamonds
    • Cleaner’s Winchester – damage 400, buy for 8 diamonds
    • Steel sawed-off shotgun – damage 450, buy for 9 diamonds
    • Sniper’s Rifle – damage 500, buy for 10 diamonds

Pumpkin Field Exploration

The Pumpkin Field remains open for 4 hours after the battle with Willie Pumpkin is finished. Keys of the pumpkin are required to explore the Pumpkin Field. You will need from 10 to 50 for each search depending on your level.


Treasury of Pumpkinhead

Charge each of the Pumpkinhead Collections 5 times to complete this quest on the right side of your manor and receive the reward. You will receive the Chest of Pumpkin Hollow which contains 5 of each weapon against the bosses, 5 charms of each kind, 10 English Breakfasts and 300 Keys of pumpkin.


Pumpkin Field Collections

  1. Pumpkin treats – reward: 50 Pumpkin-Speakers, 50 Keys of a Pumpkin, 3 enhanced pointers
  2. Arsenal of pumpkinheads – reward: 2 Tesla Coils, 2 Illuminati Lamps, 500 experience
  3. Demonic pumpkins – reward: 3 angry idols, 2 flares
  4. Armours of wind – reward: 5 Scythes of Fearless,  5 Occult Staffs, 900 coins
  5. Hardrock in Blood – reward: 2 Golden Lucky Clovers, 5 Gold Bombs
  6. Need for Speed – reward: Magic Magnet, 2 Prospero’s Books

Remember to check the Collections Table for current collection numbers.


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Trying to get item “fearsome” from arsenal of pumpkins collection. It is all I need to complete the right side quest. But I don’t know how to get it! I’ve had them in the past, but do not remember how I got it. I just opened 3 large chests from battling pumpkin and it wasn’t in any of them. Friends rarely will give, probably because the item is so rare.
It is not in the “findable” column when exploring, yes I’m at expert.
Any suggestions?
I did get 2 black leather jackets from the chests, which is a hard item to get also. But fearsome seems impossible, maybe submit a ticket??


Built the pumpkin field before quest 13. Will I ever be able to complete this quest now?


    Or do I just have to enter and defeat the boss?


      If you have entered and defeated the boss and searched the field and it still hasn’t cleared you might need to contact support. I am hoping I won’t have this problem with the castle.


        It worked out fine.


I charged the hardrock in blood collection before I got the in sum quest, and now it’s not counting it. How can I find the records again to charge it again, or what should I do? Help please!

Amy Restad

I have been trying to charge collection #244 (Armours of Wind) but I cannot find the biker leather jacket? Anyone know any tips??? So far it’s cost me over $20!


Where did this pumpkin patch or what you call it, “Willie the Pumpkin and the Pumpkin Field” go? It just vanished from my iPad game a few days ago and when I visit my friends’ yards their pumpkin patch/field is gone also. Did this get deleted from our yard not to return until next fall?


    It is now in the basement.


Additional info for Quest 16:
To banish Pumpkinhead Bikers we need 5 of magic pumpkins (existing weapon flaming pumpkin used to banish the fullmoon monster) and 100 of energy for one kill. (It took me 18 times banishing to get all the 3 bikes drop)



Amt of damage needed: 20,000

Each players gets a maximum of 40 hits.

Low tier- Mythical arsenal (coll # 242), damage done 25-45
Middle Tier- Cold greeting (coll # 243), damage done 50-250
Top Tier- Mass destruction (coll # 244), damage done 300-500

Like other boss fights, low and mid tier weapons have a timer associated with them.

Low and Mid tier weapons can be obtained by banishing witches and scarecrows. Low tier and first 2 items of mid tier weapons are most easily obtained by opening the mystical chests.
So far I have not been able to find the top tier weapons anywhere, 5 sets of these were obtained by most of the players (including me) by purchasing the initial pack offered by GI.


    Oh, RJ, thank you so much for taking the time to write all this info. It has been driving me crazy trying to figure out where players got those rifles. How are we supposed to get any if we didn’t buy the initial pack?


PcGirl, I too am having the same trouble. Found the Black Dragon three times and none of the appeared in the collection. Have written to GI. They said they will investigate.


    I am having this issue too. I should have received 3 black dragons and 2 pumpkin seeds.


      quest 10 snowdoll snatchins swords are not dropping at all, have tried all the rooms and not getting any. they want 10 diamonds for each and I need 12 more 🙁


Anyone else having issues of the red dragon records dropping when won after exploring the pumpkin field? I’ve won five so far and none have been added to my collection.

    Princess Pea

    Did you finish the associated quest in the hunting room? I didn’t see it start adding to my collection from finding it in the fields until I finished that quest.


    Yes. They owe me 8 black dragons!


      Krista, what did GI say about your missing black dragons?


Quest 9: All Components – find the Electrocutioner in the General’s Bunker and 6 Gramophones on the rooms of the first floor.

Quest 10: Unnecessary Noise – banish 15 Snowdoll, Grubby and Ear-twisting Snatchins.

Quest 11: In Sum – Charge Collection: Hardrock in Blood.

Quest 12: Pumpkin Head Rider – excavate the Pumpkin Patch.

P.S: I did find my records by banishing the phenomena but the Mexican Tales took 7 banishings while the others took only once.


    Thanks for all that info, Nina!


I cannot get th Ferocious Ben pumpkin to drop. The only room I visited yesterday was the bedroom, no drop. Have visited several times this morning, still no drop. If I click on the Halloween icon on the right sude of the screen it says I need help and will sell me help for $4.99. I don’t want to spend any money. Any ideas? I am using a turtle of luck.


    I didn’t use that Snatchin Merchant, Cheryl. The drop rates on some of thee quests are just so difficult. I use the turtle of luck too.

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