The Werewolf’s Lair – Charles de Chewaudan

Start digging again, players!   There is a new Werewolf Lair in the Basement and yes, it is another Boss Fight room.  Half-wolf – half-human, wily Charles de Chewaudan’s howl will scare anyone. You need to be at Level 38 to open this room.

Building the Werewolf’s Lair

To build the room, we must request materials from our friends. The tools you need to dig are the same ones we needed to dig up other Boss Fight rooms so if you still have some in your inventory, they do count. NOTE: Many players who explored the Wolf’s Lair prior to receiving the quest to do so, could not complete the quest. My advice is to NOT explore the Wolf’s Lair until you receive the quest directing you to do so.

werewolf lair

Werewolf Lair Keys

  • Piece of Meat
  • Fang of Werewolf

Werewolf Lair Roamers

  • Savage – Beads and 4 Energy
  • Hermit – Trap and 5 Energy



Werewolf Lair Quests



  1. Scary Animal – Explore the Hall to find the ‘Encouragin’ Syrup.
  2. Monster Tale – Explore the Library in Words mode.
  3. African Fauna – Explore the Hunting Room in Night mode.
  4. Theory and Knowledge – Explore the Kitchen to find the Book of Monsters. (It also drops from the Fortune Telling room or you can trade Books of Monsters with a friend on the same quest. Book of Monsters also sometimes drops when you open a Mystery Gift!)
  5. Disappeared Cadets – Explore the Fortune Telling room.
  6. Clarifying the Circumstances – Charge the Delicious Dinner collection to complete the quest. You may already have this collection assembled since it was part of the Christmas or Thanksgiving event. Or you may want to take the time to explore the rooms and gather some more of these items as they will no longer drop once you complete this quest.
  7. Fortune Teller’s Providence – Explore the Fortune Telling room in Zodiac mode.
  8. DNA Test – Explore the Laboratory 3 times in Silhouettes mode to complete the quest.
  9. Secret Knowledge – Explore the Library while the Witch’s Curse is present. This curse occurs after you have explored the room while the Will-O-the-Wisp is present. Do not banish the phenomenon.
  10. Wolf and Silver – Explore a room with the Native Idol phenomenon present to find a Silver Spoon. This spoon is not the same as the Platinum Spoon in the first collection of the game. Use a Multi-Phase Tambourine to summon the Native Idol.
  11. Hammer under the Spell  – Explore the African Room to find the Snaky Axe.
  12. Special Whistle –  Banish robots to find the whistle of Gauguin.
  13. Defense Tactic  – Banish the Hermits in the basement to charge the Protection From Werewolf collection.
  14. Hunt Begun  – Explore the Garage in Night mode.
  15. On the Search  – Explore the Gym and Cuddy to find a werewolf.
  16. Wild Tricks – Banish the Savages with beads to complete the quest.
  17. Snatchin to Help – Explore the rooms to collect and charge the Catching with Live Bait collection.  Items can be found exploring ANY room.
  18. Meeting the Wolf –  Find wolf’s lair on the map of the basement, and click on it. Complete the terms of an event to get access to the lair.
  19. Defeated Werewolf – Fight with werewolf and defeat the boss.
  20. Wolf’s Treasures – Explore the Wolf’s Liar to gather collections of Werewolf’s Treasures.

End of Quests

Werewolf Lair Battle

15 Pieces of meat are needed to start the battle with Charles De Chewaudan.  These can be obtained by banishing the Savage and the Hermit in the basement or by charging collections or purchasing in the shop.

Weapons (25000 required, 50 hits, 15 hours to complete battle)

  1. Mythical Arsenal Collection
    • Protective Amulet  – damage 25, buy for 150 coins
    • Spray ‘The Holy Cleansing’  – damage 30, buy for 350 coins
    • A Powerful Mascot  – damage 35, buy for 600 coins
    • Garlic Sauce – damage 40, buy for 950 coins
    • Spearhead of Justice  – damage 45, buy for 1300 coins
  2. Cold Greeting Collection
    • Dagger of Retaliation  – damage 50, buy for 1 diamond
    • Epee of Restless – damage 100, buy for 2 diamonds
    • Morgenstern of a Hero – damage 150, buy for 3 diamonds
    • Fighter’s Stick – damage 200, buy for 4 diamonds
    • Executioner’s Axe – damage 250, buy for 5 diamonds
  3. Mass Destruction Collection
    • Cavalry Colt – damage 250, buy for 7 diamonds
    • Silicum gun – damage 300, buy for 6 diamonds
    • Cleaner’s Winchester – damage 400, buy for 8 diamonds
    • Steel sawed-off shotgun – damage 450, buy for 9 diamonds
    • Sniper’s Rifle – damage 500, buy for 10 diamonds

Werewolf Lair Exploration

Once Charles de Chewaudan is defeated, the Lair is open for exploration for 4 hours. Fangs of werewolf are needed to explore the lair. You will need from 10 to 50 for each search depending on your level.


Professional Wolfhound

Charge each of the Werewolf’s Lair collections 5 times to complete this quest on the right side of your manor and collect the reward. You will receive the Lair Explorer’s Chest which contains 300 Werewolf Fangs, 5 Golden Elephants, 5 Golden Lucky Clovers and 2 Hearty Dinners.


Werewolf Lair Collections:

  • Live Bait Hunt – reward: 2 English Breakfasts, 4 Gold Bombs
  • Protection from Wolf – reward: 3 Eyes of the Storm, 3 Mirror Magnets
  • Natural Rage – reward: 3 English Breakfasts, 4 Flares
  • Nature’s Whims – reward: 3 Golden Phoenix, 2 Impact Crushers
  • Full Moon Treasures – reward: 2 Golden Elephants, 2 Gauguin’s Air Syringes
  • Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing – reward: 50 Werewolf Fangs, 5 Steel sawed-off Shotguns

Remember to check the Collections Table for current collection numbers.


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Marilyn Rodger

Where do I find wolfs cane


    You have to give more information. Are you on a quest? What’s the name of it? Have you searched the site based on the name of the quest?

Janice aka Knit

What collection holds the weapons for the werewolf lair? How do I get them?

Avi b9bffd

It seems that the fix was a little drastic…
Now Quest 18 clears automaticly, even if you didn’t dig up the lair…


    That is what happened to me. Now I have no quest in the right hand side for the chest you receive when you charge each collection 5 times.. Not sure what to do.


For quest 10 silver spoon: I happened to have all rooms blocked except the Library. I called the native idol to the library and found the silver spoon on the first try!!!


Help!!! I can not find silver spoon. I have summoned the native idol to many rooms and still no silver spoon!!!


    I have searched also, used all my native idols, about ten of them. No spoon. I give up.


I didn’t explore the lair until quest told me so and the quest still didn’t clear. So I think it is the upgrading the lair once you have all the materials, which I did, which makes leaves the quest uncleared. Hopefully a ticket to GI will help.


Any idea what triggers the string of quests? Just star requesting the tools to open it?


    Nevermind, just rechecked the quests, I already have them


Quest 12 Special Whistle. Banish robots to get whistle. Television robots have it.
Quest 13 Defence Tactic. Banish Hermits to charge Protection from Wolves collection.


Quest 11 Hammer Under the Spell. Explore African Room to get Snaky Axe.


Where I find beads?, need its for banish savage.


    By exploring rooms.


Quest 11: “Hammer under spell.” Explore the African room to conduct the ceremony to receive the axe.
Got the ‘Snaky axe’ in first try straight away.

Quest 12: “Special whistle.” Banish robots to find the ‘Ultrasonic whistle’.
Banished the Television robot 5 times to get the same.

Quest 13: “Defense tactic.” Banish the Hermits to gather and charge the ‘Protection from wolf collection’
First 3 items of the collection i.e. ‘How to identify a Lycan’, Warewolf’s blood, Protective amulet need to be found. It took me a total of 8 banishing to get all 3 items.

Quest 14: “Hunt begun.” Explore the Garage room at Night to begin the search for the warewolf.

Quest 15: “On the search.” Explore the Gym and Cuddy to find a warewolf.
Basically need to explore Gym and Cuddy each once.

Quest 16: “Wild tricks.” Banish the Savages with beads to complete the quest.
Need to banish 10 savages.

Quest 17: “Snatchin to help.” Explore the rooms to collect and charge collection ‘Catching with live bait’.
Items can be found exploring ANY room. I got these easily during 5 random explorations.

Quest 18: “Meeting the wolf.” Find wolf’s lair on the map of basement, and click on it. Complete the terms of an event, to get access to the lair.


    Thank you so much! I still haven’t found the darned silver spoon!


      Here are the remaining final 2 quests:

      Quest 19: “Defeated Warewolf” – Fight with warewolf and defeat the boss.
      Total damage required – 25000. Same weapons required for pumpkin boss. Each player gets 50 hits. Once open room stays open for 2 hrs. Need 10 Fang of warewolf to explore the liar at Novice stage.

      Quest 20: “Wolf’s treasures” – Explore the Wolf’s Liar to gather collections of ‘Warewolf’s Treasures’.
      All items of the collection are available in the Liar. I got 4 items in my second exploration of the Liar, however it took another 9 explorations to find the last one.


        Thank you, RJ!

Commander Kinnison

I gained access to the Werewolf Lair, defeated the Boss, and searched it a bunch of times before getting the quest telling me to do so. Now, in what appears to be a glitch, I can’t clear the quest.


    Commander Kinnison

    On the not so off chance that the translator got the instructions wrong…

    I tried charging the Full Moon Treasures collection to get the Werewolf’s Lair item. Who knows, it could be the way to clear the quest, right?

    It’s not.

    I’m still stuck and am really wondering why I continue to do this.


      You are not alone, there are a bunch of us having the same problem and wondering the same thing.

      Commander Kinnison

      Somebody did something, the quest finally cleared.


Do not open the room before quest tells you it’s time. I have opened many rooms before the quests got there as it helped with finding items. This time, though, it won’t let me progress when the quest for clicking on the lair comes up…..


    Is there a work around if you open the room before the quest asks for it?


    I did not open the lair til the quest came up, but I did upgrade it so I would be able to join a battle when the time came. I still can’t clear the quest. I’ve been in it twice since and still won’t clear.


      Has anyone heard from GI about this? I’m in the same boat – previous to this, I never had a problem opening a boss room before given the quest to do so, but this time the quest won’t auto-clear like usual. Would it help at all to ask them?

        Carol Hemingway

        Been in touch with GI they say they’re aware of the problem & it will be sorted ai one of the next updates……..


11.Hammer under spell- snaky axe explore the African room to conduct the ceremony to receive the axe. Took one try also had the room in ball lighting mode.
12. Special whistle- ultra sonic whistle banish robots to find it was the tv robot took 2trys .
13. Defense tactic capture predator banish the hermit in basement to gather and charge the Protection from wolf collection only had thre traps still working on this one.


    Thank you so much, Lisa!! I will add this info to the notes!


Is this a timed quest like the snow globe?


For syrup in first quest, I traded with a snow elf that was still hanging around in a neighbors yard. Got it on my first try.


    I had plenty of coins so I bought one for 30,000.

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