The Swamp Crypt – Aquarius Stucked

The Swamp Crypt – Aquarius Stucked

The Swamp Crypt is a boss fight room located in the Basement and the refuge of Aquarius Stucked, a dangerous quagmire lord.

Help Benny to find a secret egg to get acquainted with a very mysterious guest. Humidity and magic gravity did their part: new neighbor is the dump beast from the various legends of different peoples.

A strange swamp appeared in front of you. It seems that a reason of all the troubles that have befallen the residents in the last day is here. The danger is waiting for you at every step and only an experienced adventurer is able to stand against the dangerous monster that lives there. you need to be well prepared before you fight with Aquarius Stucked.

Reach Level 41 to get access to the Swamp Crypt. You will need to dig him up by requesting items from your friends.

Drain the Swamp

Swamp Crypt Keys

  • Fresh fish
  • Swamp light

Swamp Crypt Roamers

  • Kappa – Vial of Dichlorvos and 5 Energy
  • Naga – Spear and 5 Energy


Swamp Crypt Quests



  1. Clog in the Bathroom – Explore the Bathroom in Silhouette mode, to view Benedict’s find.
  2. Advice of Spirits – Explore the African room in Zodiac mode, the spirits could help you.
  3. Problems with Sewage – Explore the Oceanic Room at Night 3 times.
  4. Dirty Business – Explore the Hunting Room with the “Curse of the Witch” to find the high boots of Jones. The Item will not be found at once.
  5. Swamp Threat – Explore the Fortune-telling Room with the Granite Golem phenomenon to find Magda’s Ball. The item will not be found straight away.
  6. Depths of Darkness – Explore the garage in Silhouettes mode to find the flare. The item will not be found at once.
  7. Gypsy Trail – Exchange with Gypsies (Gypsy Boy) to get a map of Sewage.
  8. Came Around in Time – Explore the Lab to find Gauguin’s plantcutter. Then charge the collection In Search of the Dangers. The item will not be found at once.
  9. Water Means Trouble – Go down to the basement and explore the Laundry with the ‘Storm’ phenomenon.
  10. Scary Reptile – Look for a scale of Naga in the rooms of the basement.
  11. Fatal Egg – Explore the Pool in ‘Mirroring’ Curse mode to find the egg.
  12. Etude in Green Colors – Treat Hobgoblins with Gingerbread, to find out the legend about a Swamp Monster.
  13. Anger of a Professional – Find and banish Nagas on the Basement map to find the Spawn. The Bear Spawns you need in order to banish the monsters can be found throughout the Manor’s basement rooms.
  14. Android-Polaroid – Explore the basement rooms to find a photo. Item will not be found at once.
  15. Swimming Season is Closed – Explore the swimming pool carefully in the curse of ‘Myopia’, which remains after exploring the ‘Storm’ phenomenon.
  16. Revenge, Rudolph, Revenge – Defeat the Kappas to get Van Helsing’s Whip. You can find the weapons you need to fight them in the rooms of the Manor.
  17. Who is There in the Swamp – Gather the items needed to uncover the Swamp crypt.
  18. Batten Down the Hatches, Start the Dive – Call Aquarius Stucked for a battle and win.
  19. Greeting from the Past – Explore Aquarius crypt thrice.

End of Quests

Swamp Crypt Battle

Swamp Crypt Battle

You will need 20 Fresh Fish to start the battle with Aquarius Stucked.  Fresh Fish can be obtained by banishing Kappas and Nagas or by charging collections or purchasing in the shop.

Battle Aquarius Stucked Swamp Crypt

Weapons (30000 damage required, 60 hits, 21 hours to complete battle)

  1. Mythical Arsenal Collection
    • Protective Amulet  – damage 25, buy for 150 coins
    • Spray ‘The Holy Cleansing’  – damage 30, buy for 350 coins
    • A Powerful Mascot  – damage 35, buy for 600 coins
    • Garlic Sauce – damage 40, buy for 950 coins
    • Spearhead of Justice  – damage 45, buy for 1300 coins
  2. Cold Greeting collection
    • Dagger of Retaliation  – damage 50, buy for 1 diamond
    • Epee of Restless – damage 100, buy for 2 diamonds
    • Morgenstern of a Hero – damage 150, buy for 3 diamonds
    • Fighter’s Stick – damage 200, buy for 4 diamonds
    • Executioner’s Axe – damage 250, buy for 5 diamonds
  3. Mass Destruction Collection
    • Cavalry Colt – damage 250, buy for 7 diamonds
    • Silicum gun – damage 300, buy for 6 diamonds
    • Cleaner’s Winchester – damage 400, buy for 8 diamonds
    • Steel sawed-off shotgun – damage 450, buy for 9 diamonds
    • Sniper’s Rifle – damage 500, buy for 10 diamonds

Swamp Crypt Exploration

Once Aquarius Stucked is defeated, the Swamp is open for exploration. Swamp light keys are needed for exploration. You will need from 10 to 50 for each search depending on the room level.

Dryer’s Trophies

Charge each of the Swamp Crypt’s collections 5 times to complete this quest on the right side of your manor and collect the reward. You will receive the Dehydration Specialists’s Chest which contains 5 Golden Phoenixes, 5 turtles of Luck, 300 units of Swamp Light and 5 of each weapon for use against the Boss.

Dryer's Trophies Aquarius Stucked Collections

Swamp Crypt Collections

  • In Search of Danger – reward: 2 Magic Hammers, 2 Chocolates
  •  Swamp Beasts – reward: 2 Rockets, 2 Spiritualistic Sets
  •  Predators of Chenopodium – reward: 5 Enhanced Flashlights, 5 Gold Bombs
  •  Water Spirits – reward: 10 Vials of Dichlorvos, 10 Spears
  •  Swamp Treasures – reward: 50 Keys of a Pumpkin, 50 units of Magic Flame
  •  Mysterious Finds – reward: 4 Golden Phoenixes, 4 Golden Toads

Remember to check the Collections Table for current collection numbers.

The Swamp Crypt

Swamp Crypt Inside

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Swamp String Quests:

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