Hunting Lyceum – Van Helsing

Hunting Lyceum – Van Helsing

One of Van Helsing’s youthful memories, or, more exactly, his alma mater the Hunting Lyceum, manifesting itself as an entirely physical building right next to the Manor?

A real undead hunter always has something to remember, and Rudolph Van Helsing is no exception – on the contrary, he’s proven the rule yet again. Van Helsing remembers a lot of things, even catching vampire bats on the banks of the Danube and hunting a Snark that had turned into a Boojum! But Recently Rudolph has had the strange feeling that there are still unread pages in his memory.

You will be able to determine whether there really are black holes and white spots in Van Helsing’s member when you reach level 47.

The Hunting Lyceum is boss fight room in the Basement. In order to get the Lyceum quests you must complete the Balthazar the Fearless – The Frigate and then the Academy’s Basalt Tower Quest strings.

Colleague, are you ready for a complex scientific experiment that will allow us to thoroughly investigate Van Helsing’s memory? Then let’s begin!

Remember Everything – and More!

You will need to ask your friends for various quantities of the items you need to conduct an experiment and open the Hunting Lyceum. This is the only room so far that has used these tools so just request what you need.

2016-07-19 14.37.49.png

Once you collect all these items you will need to charge 3 of each of the following Collections to continue opening the Hunting Lyceum. And the names in the quest image are different than the actual Collections. Previously charged Collections will count.

2016-07-20 15.47.00.png

  • Natural Fury – Actually Natural Rage – Werewolf’s Lair
  • Swamp Creatures – Actually Swamp Beasts – Swamp Crypt
  • Pumpkinhead Arsenal – Actually Arsenal of Pumpkinheads – Pumpkinhead
  • Robber’s Arsenal – Balthazar – The Frigate

An Unexpected Outcome

The experiment didn’t end the way we thought it would… the Crystal of Representation was shattered, and one of Rudolph’s childhood memories materialized in the form of a mysterious building next to the Manor!

Hunting Lyceum Roamers

  • Mnemophage – Slingshot from Top-Notch Weapon Collection and 5 Energy
    • Only used for 1 quest
  • Mr. Huckleberry – 5 Antique Cameo and 25 Energy
  • Young Incubus – 4 Colorful Posters and 20 Energy

Hunting Lyceum

Hunting Lyceum Quests



  1. Memory Games
    • Find 40 lbs of Magic Salt from Cuddy
    • Explore Fortune Telling room in words mode
  2. Vortex of the Past
    • Find Cup of Water from the Pool
    • Find Moon on a String from the Werewolf’s Lair at night
  3. May the Phantom Help You
    • Explore Hallway in Mist
    • Explore Hallway in Zodiac
  4. All Is Not Simple Under the Moon
    • Find the Lunar Calendar in the Library in silhouette
    • Find Zodiac in Fortune Telling Room ( this is from collection 30 that we all have a lot of, so have your friend ping-pong it back to you or put on WL)
  5. And the Secret Shall Become….
    • Carbuncle of War from portal to Hyperion
    • Seal of Jupiter from Room 51 (both a and b are zodiac items from collection 183. Either put on WL or ping-pong back and forth with friend)
    • Van Helsing’s Pistol from Club 69
  6. A Scientific Approach – Explore Laboratory to speak with Professor
  7. Aliens from Tentura – Go to the Basement to Battle 10 mnemophages with slingshots you will find from exploring basement rooms (good news: right now, you can also find them from elevator and 1st floor rooms) Slingshots are a Collection item fro Top-Notch Weapon.
  8. From the Depths of Memory – Find Jackhammer in Garage in gravel mode which is after granite golem phenomenon (think mine said stone hash mode but anyway, it took me 3 times to get this)
  9. Electrification Forever
    • Catch Ball Lightning from Basement rooms 5x (it says ball lightning is moody and not always trapped. I realized it meant that it doesn’t count every time you explore with Ball lightning phenomenon. I had to summon 8 times to complete the 5x quest and ran out of summoners)
    • Find Satchel Generator from Boiler room (this is from collection 200 so I just sent it out to a friend and asked her to send it back. I finished quite a few quests with this “re-gifting” strategy)
  10. Mostly Harmless – Trade with 10 Young Incubi with posters you will find from exploring Basement rooms.
  11. Shine Your Pretty Light – Find Hunter’s Matches in Basement rooms in night mode. This took a while to drop but you can also try to put on your WL.
  12. Excavate the Hunting Lyceum – or something like that as it quickly cleared for me. At this point, I was done digging and collecting the 4 collections 3x.
  13. Rudolph’s Fears – Explore basement rooms to charge Defense is Always Near (this is actually the Best Offense is a Good Offense that gives Mask of Red Gold). The items can be found in following rooms:
    • Seer’s Axe – Cuddy
    • Unsportsmanlike Bat – Gym
    • Texas Chainsaw – Garage
    • Anti-Vampire Panacea – Wine Cellar
    • Cup of Water – Bathhouse ( i couldn’t get this to drop but fortunately i already had 1 from an earlier quest)
  14. Have We Met – Trade with 10 Mr. Huckleberry.
  15. Hunters Credentials – Guardian of the Hunting Lyceum (again this cleared quickly for me so I think it was completing the 4 collections 3x in stage 2 of digging the Lyceum in the basement)
  16. Collect 45 keys from Basement rooms in Night mode – this doesn’t drop from every basement night mode so I gave up and bought 2 more of the cheapest Hunting Lyceum backpacks which gave me total of 50 keys. I already had 50 keys from earlier purchases but previous items don’t count. But buying the backpacks was cheaper than buying basement room keys. There are also a few Collections that give the keys so search the Collections Table to see if you can charge one of them.
  17. Hope for a D student – Trade with Young Incubi to find Cheat Sheets for Violin:
    • Clue in a Sheath
    • Bracelet with Cheat sheet.
    • The bracelet dropped right away but I couldn’t get Clue in a Sheath so I just bought it as it was only 18,000 coins.
  18. Judging a Book by its cover – Explore rooms of Basement with Mirror phenomenon to charge Playing with Fire Collection.
    • Skirt – Laundry Room
    • Shirt – Bathhouse
    • Black Stockings – Boiler room
    • Sandals – Pool (I ran out of keys)
    • Tie – Cuddy.
  19. An Inexperienced Tutor – Get Violin ready for exam – this just means battle using Violin with weapons from collection 351 (Examination Arsenal)
  20. Fount of Knowledge – Explore the Hunting Lyceum 3 times
  21. The Prom and Clever Mage
    • Graduation gown – Laundry room in silhouette (bought it for coins as its cheaper than keys)
    • Graduation Ribbon – Cuddy in Words mode
  22. Cinderella: Monster Hunter – Get Yanina ready for the ball (battle using Yanina with different weapons. If you can get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, it may help you with Quest 25 but don’t open till you get quest 25)
  23. Mask of Memory – Explore basement bosses to charge collection Armed to the Teeth (I didn’t want to try and battle all basement bosses so I just explored Lyceum since it was already open from quest 22. I got first 3 items and I already had the last 2 from previous quests)
  24. Presents and Returns – Find Hunting Knife from Basement room with Myopia curse (or put on WL, it’s from a collection)
  25. Fast to Adapt
    • Cologne with Pheremones – trade with Mr. Huckleberry (I already had it so i sent it to a friend and had her send it back)
    • Pumps – from opening chests (this was a confusing and extremely difficult quest. It meant win the battle with Yanina and get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place and you MAY get it in the winners chest. I didn’t get top 3, so my chest didn’t contain a single thing from that collection. If a very helpful and generous friend of mine hadn’t gifted it, I might have been stuck on this forever.)
  26. The Light Side of a Strange Planet – Explore Hunting Lyceum at Night mode
  27. Back to First Grade
    • Top Student – Charge the Pride of the Lyceum Collection by getting items from exploring the Lyceum.
    • Toy Machine Gun – Charge collection Top-Notch Weaponby getting items from banishing Basement minions.
      • Slingshot – scarecrow
      • Water pistol – naga
      • Spitball – madam horrible
      • Plastic sword – desperate parrot
      • Bow & arrows – hermit
  28. An Incubus Pride – get the incubus blade by helping friends. Go Tip your friends Manors.
  29. Armed, Jealous & Very Dangerous – Explore Lyceum  in Silhouette mode and Words mode
  30. Did Anyone See the Fat Lady Sing? – Find the items to charge Mask of Yellow Gold by exploring basement rooms in various curse modes. This is not true, you must search under phenomena.
    • Keen Knife-Boiler room with Mirror phenomena
    • Van Helsings Pistol-Garage with Storm phenomena
    • Aztec Stone-Bathhouse with Granite Golem phenomena
    • Flare Gun-Pool with Ball of Lightning phenomena
    • Sinister Pumpkin-Wine Cellar with Mirror phenomena

THE END – Finally!

Hunting Lyceum Battle

To get into the Lyceum, you need to battle either Violin or Yanina. You will need 45 Hunting Lyceum Keys You need 40000 points and have 48 hours. At an early stage my room was open for 4 hours. However, we have seen as people advance in the rooms they may stay open longer.

You need Stake Pencils to Explore the Hunting Lyceum.


Violin Graham Battle

Battle with Violin Graham using the following weapons from the Examination Arsenal collection.

  1. Voodoo doll – 100 points, costs 5000 coins
  2. Clue in a Sheath – 300 points, costs 18000 coins
  3. Lunar Calendar – 500 points, costs 10 diamonds
  4. Bracelet with a Cheat Sheet – 700 points, costs 15 diamonds
  5. X-Ray Specs – 1000 points, costs 20 diamonds

Yanina Graham Battle

Battle with Yanina Graham using the following weapons from the Prom collection.

  1. Graduation Gown – 100 points, buy for 5000 coins
  2. Glass of Champagne – 300 points, buy for 18000 coins
  3. Beauty’s tiara – 500 points, buy for 10 diamonds
  4. Graduation Ribbon – 700 points, buy for 15 diamonds
  5. Gold Medal – 1000 points, buy for 20 diamonds

Explore the Lyceum

Hunting Lyceum

Mystery Manor Lyceum

Hunting Lyceum

Hunting for Knowledge

Hunting for Knowledge is the quest on the right side of your manor. You must charge the following collections 5 times each to receive the Medal-Winning Lyceum Student’s Briefcase containing 5 English Breakfasts, 5 Golden Phoenixes, 300 Stake Pencils and also 30 Sets of Incubi Weapons.


The Collections:

  1. Top-Knotch Weapon – Rewards: 4 Colorful Posters, 10 Tame Mice, X0Ray Specs
  2. Hunter’s Kit – Rewards: 5 Antique Cameos, 10 Sharp Thumbtacks
  3. The Best Offense is a Good Defense – Rewards: 3 Time Freezes, 10 Keys to the Headmaster’s Office
  4. Fearless by Moonlight – Rewards: 5 Compass Pack, 5 Magic Hammers, Cleaner’s Winchester
  5. Armed to the Teeth – Rewards: 5 Golden Bombs, 5 Current Suppressors
  6. Meeting the Incubi – Rewards: 3 Golden Toads, 3 Crookes tubes, 3 Eyes of the Storm
  7. Top Student – Rewards: 3 Golden clovers, 30 Stake Pencils
  8. Playing with Fire – Rewards: 3 Golden Elephants, 30 Stake Pencils, 30 Black Chalk Sticks

There are two more collections that belong to the Lyceum but they are not required to satisfy the event on the right hand side of your game.  These items cannot be put on the wish list and are used to battle the Graham sisters, so be careful about charging them.

  1. Prom – Rewards: 3 Mirror Magnets, 2 English Breakfasts, 1500 Experience.  These items are the ones required to fight Yanina Graham.
  2. Examination Arsenal – Rewards: 3 Flares, 30 Captain’s Keys, 1000 coins.  These items are the ones required to fight Violin Graham.
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Where did you receive the bracelet? Or from whom did you receive the bracelet? I’ve traded with Young Incubus, battled, and searched…no bracelet or sheath.

Joan Ducharme

Where do I find the clothes required for the collection pride of Lyceum and Playing with Fire? I have been in Hunting Lyceum room but never see the clothes as an item received.


    They must come from the battle chests.


Quest 21-Prom items: searching for the ribbon was very time consuming and expensive. I completed the cuddy event (charging relevant collections 5 times to get 300 keys, i also purchased 3 cuddy chests at 50 diamonds each & then spent all antique cameos banishing huckleberry many times & still didnt find the ribbon. All with as many charms possible! I bought it for 15 diamonds in the end, wish i’d just done this at the start! 😒


    Oh, I feel that way sometimes too!


I am wondering about collection items for the “Prom” collection listed above. They do not show as findable in the list of items inside the Lyceum Room, not any of them, and I am at expert level. I am early expert level however, and I have not completed all of the quests listed above. I am just wondering how to get these prom items without buying, as they are the weapons required to battle the boss. Thank you.


    You can find the items in the Prom collection by banishing Mr. Huckleberry and young incubus. Most boss rooms have collections with items that can only be found by banishing the boss minions. You can use the Collections and Roamers tables to help figure these out.


      That is super helpful, I did not know that. Thank you!


      Yes, it is good to search the Roamers Table when looking for collection items.


In the Chests in Store, the Chest Lyceum gives 150 Stake Pencils & chargers. But GI shows picture of the Summoner,Hunting Lyceum Keys. This makes you think you will get 150 of them and you don’t! GI needs to put the correct picture of Stake Pencil on that.


    Did you take screen shots and open a ticket?


Just wanted to let you know that your suggested strategy for Hunting Lyceum quest 25 worked perfectly. I won the battle in quest 22, saved the chest and opened when I got to number 25. Voila- the Pumps. Thank you!

Pretty in Pink

Thank you SO much for putting this together. It looks very time consuming on your part. I for one appreciate your effort and have been using this on a daily basis. I would be in the dark without it!

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