Librarium – Julian Payne

There’s a new room outside of the Basement, the Librarium which is also referred to as Julian Payne, along with some creepy new characters, the Pestilential Doctor and Obsessed.  You must be at Level 35 or higher to enter the room.

Building the Librarium

To build the room, we must request materials from our friends.  You may already have some of these items in your inventory from building other rooms. It will require 35 of each item.

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Librarium Keys

  • Epicentre of Magic
  • Magic Flame

Librarium Roamers

  • Obsessed – 4 Anti-goth balm and 10 Energy
  • Pestilential Doctor – 3 Magic Crystals and 5 Energy


Julian Payne

Librarium Quests



  1. Mysterious Stranger –  Explore the Fortune Telling Room in Words mode.
  2. Visitors Again…  Explore the Living Room in Silhouettes mode.
  3. Mysterious Visitor –  Explore the Kitchen, Oceanic Room, and Laboratory to gather and charge the Delicious Dinner collection.  Hopefully, you have this collection already since we just gathered the items from the Thanksgiving event.  If not, explore the rooms, put the items on your list, or offer to trade with a friend.
  4. Noise, Hubbub, and Gritting – Drive away the Native Idol phenomenon from any room to complete the quest.  I actually explored a room with Native Idol to complete the quest.  I do not know if banishing the Native Idol will complete the quest or not.
  5. Not to Leave Under the Hatches!  Explore the Living Room in Night mode.
  6. Order of Thorn –  Explore each of these rooms in Word mode to complete the quest:  the Library, Hunting Room, and Fortune-Telling Room.  NOTE:  before you try to get all of these rooms in Words mode, try to get three other rooms in Zodiac mode so Zodiac mode does not overtake any of these 3 rooms.
  7. Black Death –  Explore the Laboratory while the Ball of Lightning phenomenon.  I kept exploring other rooms with phenomenon and leaving them in curse mode until the Ball of Lightning entered the Laboratory.
  8. True Evil –  Exchange with Gypsy Women to find the Wineskin.  This was pretty easy.
  9. Call at the Gun –  Explore the Bunker in the Yard.
  10. Power of Knowledge – Explore the Crypt to find the Book of Necromancy.  Or you can put it on your wishlist and trade with a friend.
  11. Vampire Book – Explore Strigoi’s Castle to find the Book of Black Magic.  Or you can put it on your wishlist and trade with a friend.
  12. And Snatchin Has a Family Too – Banish 10 Bookworm Snatchins to complete the quest.
  13. Indefatigable Genius – Explore the Animatorium to find the Book of Monsters.  Or you can put it on your wishlist and trade with a friend.
  14. Necessary Help – Collect 30 Runestones by exploring rooms.  I preferred to charge a collection with Runestones as rewards to complete this quest.
  15. Meeting the Warlock – Explore the Hall in Night mode.
  16. Academic Board – Explore the Laboratory in Words mode.
  17. Satellite Observation – Explore the Laboratory in Silhouettes mode.
  18. Brake Through to the Bunker – Banish 10 of The Obsessed.  You will find The Obsessed roaming about in the Basement.  The drop rate for the Anti-Goth Balm needed to banish the Obsessed is horrible!  I spent diamonds to buy a chest to complete this quest so I could write this note.  Otherwise, completing the quest will take a long time and lots of patience!
  19. Diversion – Search the Bunker in the Yard to find the Horn Fragment.  This took me quite a few searches.
  20. Who Disturbs Us Will Help Us – Explore the rooms in Night mode to find the Black Diamond.
  21. Sand and Ceremony – Explore the Island to find the Casket with Sand.
  22. Items for Ceremony – Banish the Obsessed and Pestilent Doctors in the Basement to find the Stone Printing and Ceremonial Dagger.  You will need Magic Crystals to banish the Pestilential Doctors and these are rare drops too.  I got some in the chest that I purchased to banish The Obsessed.
  23. The Ceremony of Call – Explore the Fortune-Telling Room to find the Magic Chalk and charge the Tool for Call collection.  Make sure you start requesting chargers from friends before you get this quest.
  24. Strategy of Conquering – Explore the rooms to find the items to charge the Subdued to Will of Another collection.  This took a little time but wasn’t too hard.  Once you find all the items to charge the collection, the items are no longer findable.
  25. Banishment of Delusion – Banish The Obsessed and Pestilential Doctors in the Basement to collect and charge the Power and Control collection.  Any delusions I had of finishing all the quests were definitely banished here!  I am out of the items to banish these creepies and getting low on diamonds.  So let’s see if my patience can hold out or I sacrifice the rest of my diamonds to do this…
  26. Face to face with evil – Defeated Julian Payne – Find the Librarium in the basement and click on it to find the conditions of entry. To complete this quest you must win over Julian Payne.
  27. Taming of the obstinate – Explore the Librarium to gather and charge the ‘Clothes of warlock’ collection.

End of Quests

Librarium Battle

You will need 20 Epicenters of Magic to enter into battle against Julian Payne and these can be obtained by banishing the Obsessed and Pestilential Doctors.

Weapons (35000 damage required, 70 hits, 24 hours to complete battle)

  1. Mythical Arsenal Collection
    • Protective Amulet  – damage 25, buy for 150 coins
    • Spray ‘The Holy Cleansing’  – damage 30, buy for 350 coins
    • A Powerful Mascot  – damage 35, buy for 600 coins
    • Garlic Sauce – damage 40, buy for 950 coins
    • Spearhead of Justice  – damage 45, buy for 1300 coins
  2. Cold Greeting Collection
    • Dagger of Retaliation  – damage 50, buy for 1 diamond
    • Epee of Restless – damage 100, buy for 2 diamonds
    • Morgenstern of a Hero – damage 150, buy for 3 diamonds
    • Fighter’s Stick – damage 200, buy for 4 diamonds
    • Executioner’s Axe – damage 250, buy for 5 diamonds
  3. Mass Destruction Collection
    • Cavalry Colt – damage 250, buy for 7 diamonds
    • Silicum gun – damage 300, buy for 6 diamonds
    • Cleaner’s Winchester – damage 400, buy for 8 diamonds
    • Steel sawed-off shotgun – damage 450, buy for 9 diamonds
    • Sniper’s Rifle – damage 500, buy for 10 diamonds

Librarium Exploration

Once Julian Payne is defeated, the Librarium is open for exploration for 4 hours (for expert level, may be less for lower levels).  Magic Flames are required for exploration. You will need from 10 to 50 for each search depending on your level.



  • Energy required = 85
  • Experience rewarded = 250
  • Coins rewarded = 280
  • No of explorations to level up = 7 (progress per exploration 16%)
  • Magic flames required for exploration = 10
  • Items Discoverable: Humble snatchin, Ominous manuscript, Terrible fear, Horn fragment


  • Energy required = 90
  • Experience rewarded = 270
  • Coins rewarded = 300
  • No of explorations to level up = 9 (progress per exploration 12%)
  • Magic flames required for exploration = 20
  • Items Discoverable: NOVICE + Broken Robot, Brooch for the clock, Lord of the flies, Magical chalk


  • Energy required = 95
  • Experience rewarded = 290
  • Coins rewarded = 320
  • No of explorations to level up = 13 (progress per exploration 8%)
  • Magic flames required for exploration = 30
  • Items Discoverable: TRAINEE + Devoted stranger, Hair clip, Loss of memory, Casket with sand



  • Energy required = 105
  • Experience rewarded = 330
  • Coins rewarded = 360
  • No of explorations to complete = 100 (progress per exploration 1%)
  • Magic Flames required for exploration = 50
  • Items Discoverable:  DETECTIVE + Unarmed storm trooper, Stricken ninja, Nail polish, Cream for burns, Delusion, Time freeze, Stone printing, Ceremonial dagger, Brand new DVD

The fighter of the Black magic

Charge each of the Librarium Collections 5 times to complete this quest on the right side of your manor. You will receive the Chest of the Librarium Explorer which contains 5 Golden Phoenixes, 5 Turtles of Luck, 300 Magic Flame and 3 English Breakfasts.


Librarium Collections

  • Clothes of the Warlock – reward: 1000 Experience, 50 Heavenly Rose Signet Rings, 7 Cups of Coffee
  • Treasures of Warlock – reward: 15000 coins, 6 Illuminati Lamps, 30 Gravitrons
  • Power and Control – reward: 60 Gold Seeds, Golden Laughing Buddha (Hotei)
  • Tool for Call – reward: 25 Gold Coral, 4 Illuminati Lamps, 4 Gold Bombs
  • Subdued to Will of Another – reward: 300 Experience, 40 Keys to Necropolis, 50 Oil Cans
  • Pestilential Doctor – reward: 20 Gravitrons, 6 Torches, 6 Forks

Remember to check the Collections Table for current collection numbers.


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I use your site a lot! Thank you for all of your work. Would you consider showing a picture of the outside of the bosses rooms please? I’ve been playing since the beginning and still have trouble matching the boss to his lair.

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