The Frigate – Balthazar the Fearless

Complete these tasks to find the legendary Frigate and find out about the terrible fate of the youngest student of the school of evil: Balthazar the Fearless Pirate.

Rudolf Van Helsing was sure that a fourth graduate of the school of evil would appear in the Manor, but the find surprised him nonetheless. Just think: ship masts! Could it really be that an entire frigate is buried beneath Mr. X’s Estate?

Building the Frigate

You must reach Level 43 to uncover the Frigate found in the Basement.. So Dig up the Ship in the Desert. Fortify yourself with a pull of Rum and set off for new adventures. You need 35 of each of the tools to Dig up the Frigate, which we must request from our friends. This is not the only Boss room you need these for so ask for plenty from all your friends.

N.B. It is recommended that you do not dig up the Frigate until you get the quest to do so as some players have found that the quest does not auto-complete if it has already been dug up!

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Frigate Keys

  • Captain’s Key
  • Barrel of Rum

Frigate Roamers

  • Desperate Parrot – 2 Serpent Pendants and 2 Energy
  • Faithful Monkey – 4 White Oars and 16 Energy


Frigate Icon.pngFrigate Quests



  1. Search Warrant – Search in Night mode 3x each: Wolf’s Lair, Swamp Crypt and Pumpkin Field.
  2. Minion Saga – Banish Hermit, Kappa and Witch each 5x.
  3. The Snatchins Abandon Ship – Banish Blackbeard 1 time. Charge the new collection called Crime and Punishment. Items are on main floor and basement. I found the Fetters, Deserted Island and Walking the Plank items in night mode. I found Black Mark in word mode and Buried in Sand in silhouette mode.
  4. A Feathered Financier – Search the Island 5x each in Silhouette and Night modes.
  5. Beyond the Sea – Find the Lifeboat, Ketch, and Schooner by searching Basement rooms in Silhouette mode.  These items are in the Wave Runners Collection and may be put on your Wish List.
  6. Perfect Storm – Find the Frigate and the Galleon by exploring Basement rooms with the Storm phenomenon. These items are in the Wave Runners Collection and may be put on your Wish List.
  7. Fearsome – Charge the Wave Runners collection.
  8. Monster Search Operation – Use compass 15x – You can use multiple compasses in the same room search.
  9. Dig, and Ye Shall Find – Click on the Frigate in the Basement and collect the tools you need to excavate it. If you have already dug it up, this should auto-complete. (However, some players have found that the quest does not auto-complete if it has already been dug up and in that case you will need to submit a ticket to GI.)
  10. A Mild Provocation – Explore rooms of the basement to collect and charge the new collection Robber’s Arsenal and the Mass Destruction collection (weapons used to fight basement bosses).
    • For Robber’s Arsenal, the Eyepatch and Cat seemed to be available in any basement room with any mode. The Spyglass only appeared for me in night mode. The Dice showed up when the Granite Golem was present and the Robber’s Bandanna showed up with the Myopia curse (after the Storm phenomenon).
    • For Mass Destruction, the Silicum gun, Steel Sawed-off Shotgun and Sniper’s Rifle seemed to be available in any basement room with any mode. The Cavalry Colt showed up in word mode. The Cleaner’s Winchester showed up in silhouette mode.
  11. The Duel – Fight Balthazar and defeat him. Please NOTE: if you place 1, 2 or 3 in the battle DO NOT TAKE YOUR REWARD!
  12. Truce – Find Fire Rum in the Boiler Room. This looks like, but is not the same as, the Jamaican Rum charger. It cannot be gifted.
  13. Believe it or Not – Fight Balthazar and win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place chest. This quest is satisfied when you TAKE the reward at the end of the battle, not when you OPEN the chest from your inventory. I took the reward right away and saved the chest in my inventory. When I opened it from my inventory, the quest was not satisfied. The next time I fought Balthazar, the quest was satisfied when I took the reward. Save yourself some weapons and at least try saving the chest for later! Hopefully someone can confirm whether this works.
  14. Find the Box of Gold Teeth by banishing the Faithful Monkey.
  15. Explore the Frigate 1x.
  16. Collect and charge the Seance collection
  17. Explore the Pirate Brig on the main floor to collect and charge the old Precise Route collection. Also explore the Frigate in the basement to collect and charge the new Treasures of Our Time collection.
  18. The Parrots Will Have Their Revenge! – Defeat  Desperate Parrots 10x – found in the Basement.
  19. Yet Another Piece of the Puzzle – Explore the Frigate 3x in Word mode.

End of Quests
Now that you have completed the Frigate quests you will get the Academy’s Basalt Tower quests.

Battling Balthazar

You need 30 Captain’s Keys to enter the Battle. You can get them from banishing the Desperate Parrot and Faithful Monkey.

Weapons (30000 damage required, 60 hits, 21 hours to complete battle)

  1. Mythical Arsenal Collection
    • Protective Amulet – damage 25, buy for 150 coins
    • Spray ‘The Holy Cleansing’ – damage 30, buy for 350 coins
    • A Powerful Mascot – damage 35, buy for 600 coins
    • Garlic Sauce – damage 40, buy for 950 coins
    • Spearhead of Justice – damage 45, buy for 1300 coins
  2. Cold Greeting Collection
    • Dagger of Retaliation – damage 50, buy for 1 diamond
    • Epee of Restless – damage 100, buy for 2 diamonds
    • Morgenstern of a Hero – damage 150, buy for 3 diamonds
    • Fighter’s Stick – damage 200, buy for 4 diamonds
    • Executioner’s Axe – damage 250, buy for 5 diamonds
  3. Mass Destruction Collection
    • Cavalry Colt – damage 250, buy for 7 diamonds
    • Silicum gun – damage 300, buy for 6 diamonds
    • Cleaner’s Winchester – damage 400, buy for 8 diamonds
    • Steel sawed-off shotgun – damage 450, buy for 9 diamonds
    • Sniper’s Rifle – damage 500, buy for 10 diamonds

Frigate Exploration

Once Balthazar is defeated, the Frigate is open for exploration for 4 hours. You need Barrels of Rum to Explore the Frigate. You will need from 10 to 50 for each search depending on your level. There are several Collections that give them or banish the Desperate Parrot and Faithful Monkey.


Pirates of Mystery Manor

Charge all of Balthazar’s collections 5 times each to complete this quest on the right side of your manor and collect the reward.   Rewards: 300 Barrels of Rum, 5 Golden Elephants, 5 Golden Lucky Clovers, 4 Kettlebells.

2016-01-26 18.06.12.png

Frigate Collections

  • Wave Runners – reward: 3 Current Suppressor, 3 Crookes tubes.  Some items found by exploring Balthazar’s ship.
  • Robber’s Arsenal – reward: 3 Golden Elephants, 2 Hearty Dinners.  Some items found by banishing Desperate Parrot and Faithful Monkey.
  • Crime and Punishment – reward: 100 Portals to Hyperion, 100 Plasma spheres. Some items found by exploring Balthazar’s ship.
  • Pirate Hideout – reward: 10 Golden bombs, 5 Time Freezes, 2 Chocolates. Some items found by exploring Balthazar’s ship.
  • Notorious Sea Devil – reward: 100 units of Swamp Light, 100 Keys of a pumpkin
  • Treasures of Our Time – reward 4 English Breakfasts, 2 Turtles of luck

Inside the Frigate


Remember to check the Collections Table for current collection numbers.

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Where do I find the items in the Notorious Sea Devil collection?


    The Notorious Sea Devil collection items are found in the battle chests awarded for defeating Balthazar.


I have completed the ship 100% and now I get the quest, “Dig, and ye shall find”. It will not auto-complete. What can I do?


    If you scroll through the comments on this page, you’ll see where other people have had this problem and it seems to be a glitch that GI has to fix when you submit a ticket. Good luck!

Tina harris

Yes I’m on 9 of this one and I have already explored the ship a couple of times and it is still on that one. It did not auto complete. In the dig and ya shall find. So what should I do. Thank you


For quest 13, Believe it or Not, you have to actually open the chest you win for 1st, 2nd or 3rd to finish the quest.


After explore frigate 3 times in word mode, the quests with the pirate ship icon disappeared and the dark principal quest icon appeared


    Thanks so much!☺️??


Yet Another Piece of the Puzzle- explore Frigate in word mode three times. (This quest came after banishing the 10 parrots)

Linda Greene

I have done everything for the Dig, and Ye Shall Find quest but won’t say completed. What’s wrong?


    What did it say you needed to do for that quest?

      Linda Greene

      Find buried frigate in basement, collect tools to get pirate ship, explore pirate ship. Did many many times , got all the ships many times in all modes. What else am I supposed to do. Have a guild friend with same problem


        Does it say to explore frigate in basement? or pirate brig on first floor? Maybe that’s where the issue is.
        When you open the quest window, does it have check marks by any of the quests? If so, which one isn’t checked? My friend id is 9a848c if you want to add me


        I saw in the comments on this website’s “The Rooms” page that other people had to send a ticket to GI for this to be fixed.


          I have the same problem. Did GI solve the issue?


A quest to explore werewolf lair, swamp, and pumpkin field three times each in night mode came at some point before the quests I previously listed but not sure where.


Sorry, this won’t be complete but from what I remember:

Battle Balthazar. (That was a long time ago so I’m not sure exactly what came next. All I know is I had to battle at some point before the below quest)

Place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in Balthazar battle and open the chest. – Opening a 1st place chest I already had didn’t count. I had to battle to clear the quest. I didn’t have to open the new chest though. I only had to “take” it to open the room.

Explore frigate. (I think this came here or after the next quest)

Find box of gold teeth by banishing monkeys. White oars are findable by exploring frigate. I found a box while exploring as it’s a frigate collection item.

Charge Seance by exploring rooms in zodiac mode. This is a fortune telling room collection.

Charge Precise Route (a brig collection) and Treasures of our time (a frigate collection.) Items can be found by exploring brig and frigate.

Banish 10 parrots. Serpant pendants are findable while exploring frigate. (I’m on this one now)

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