Alchemist Laboratory

Alchemist Laboratory

The Alchemist Quest string is a long mysterious set of quests you will feel you will never see the end of. I am amazed that anyone has completed it! Before you even know you are working on this quest string you have a symbol in the Boss Page with a Question Mark referring to the Unknown Boss

Thank you everyone for contributing to this page. Please keep me updated with errors, additions and changes. Note that all collections are now listed by name, not number, since the numbers change regularly.  You can look up the current collection numbers on the collections page. There is no quest icon for these and they’re hard to tell which ones belong.

This quest string is one for the long haul. Many items are very difficult to find and can’t be gifted. Some cannot be purchased with diamonds so don’t let it frustrate you and use up all your diamonds and keys.

Alchemist Laboratory Quests

  1. A Mysterious Voice – Explore the rooms of the Basement to speak with the strange man. The hole is hidden and won’t be easy to find.
  2. Meeting the Alchemist – Explore the rooms of the Basement to complete and charge the Champion’s Diet Collection. You won’t find the items right away.
  3. Instructions of the Alchemist – Visit the Shop, find the Charms tab, buy a Copper Lucky Clover. Cost 1100 Coins to buy.
  4. Magical Assistance – Open your inventory, find the Copper Lucky Clover among the items, and press the hand icon overlaying it.
  5. Punishment with Gingerbread – To Complete this quest, purchase the Gingerbread right here, in the quest window. You will be able to purchase items in the Shop (in sets of 10) that you will need to capture Snatching in the Basement.
  6. **The Curse: Explore the rooms of the Basement to find the required reagents: Rare Sapphire. Bottle of Mercury, and Gold Ingots. You won’t find the items right away. (zodiac items DO NOT COUNT)
  7. Mister X is Dangerous: Use the Current Suppressor to get rid of Ball Lightings. You can find this item by exploring rooms or charging collections.
  8. Liquid Fire: Look for liquid Fire in the Garage. The item is well hidden and won’t be found right away.
  9. The Essence of time: Look for the Power of Time in the Cuddy. The item is well hidden and won’t be found right away.
  10. A Concentrated Power: Look for live Steel in Fitness Room, the item is well hidden and won’t be found right away.
  11. The Power of an Element: Look for Living water in the Pool. The item is well hidden and won’t be found right away. This is a unique item and cannot be requested from friends.
  12. The Professor’s Concern: Explore the fitness room to find dumbbells from the six pack collection.
  13. Gauguin is Harried by Strange Doubts: Look for the Mirror of Truth in the Laundry Room, the item is well hidden and won’t be found right away. (curse mode after Granite Golem)
  14. The Purity of Perception: Complete the Gaugin is Harried by Strange Doubts quest to get the Mirror of Truth and carry out the Alchemist’s request.
  15. A New Element on the Gauguin Table: Explore the rooms of the Basement with the Granite Golem phenomenon 5 times. DO NOT banish the phenomenon.
  16. A Natural Disaster in the Basement: Explore the rooms of the Basement with the Storm Phenomenon 5 times. DO NOT banish the phenomenon.
  17. The Basement Anomaly: Explore the rooms of the basement with the Ball of Lightning phenomenon 5 times. DO NOT banish the phenomenon.
  18. A Rare Phenomenon: Explore the rooms of the basement with the mirror Phenomenon 5 times. DO Not banish the phenomenon.
  19. Secrets and Schemes: look for the Copper Lucky Clover in basement rooms. (You can buy each one for 1100 Coins)
  20. Sweet Summer: Explore the rooms of the basement to find the required reagents: Lovely Violet, Rare Carnation, and Charming Lotus.
  21. A Strange Reaction: Explore the Laboratory 5 times to mix the potion into the professor’s tea.
  22. The Secret of Mr. X: Look for the Magic Wand in the Boiler room. The item is well hidden and won’t be found right away.
  23. It’s a fake! Return to the Boiler Room and Find the Real Magic Rod. (For 10 diamonds you can buy..I bought it instead of wasting 500 more keys on the room.)
  24. New Hiding Place! Complete several rooms of the Basement to take a look around. Explore 3 times the following rooms: Boiler room, Gym, Pool
  25. A Mysterious Artifact: Speak with the Basement dwellers about the artifact. You will need to visit their rooms. Explore 3 Times the following rooms: Garage, Laundry room, Cuddy
  26. A Treat for the Stubborn: Find the required amount of Milk (x10) in the Kitchen on the first floor.
  27. Acquiring the Art of Cooking: Explore the Cuddy to find the required items. They are well hidden and won’t be found right away. Find First Pizza, Chef’s Kit, Kiss-Marked Napkin. (Cook from the Cradle collection and can be received as gifts.)
  28. The Suspicious Brownie: Look for Chefs Hat and Photo of Vesuvius in the Cuddy and charge the Cook from the Cradle collection.
  29. Reading Time: Explore the Library on the first floor and you might find something in Joanna’s memories. (Explore 3 times each in: Word, Silhouette, & Night modes
  30. To write or Not to Write, that is the Question: Treat Snatchin Hobgoblins to gingerbreads and they might give you the required items. You need one of each: Writing Pad, Diploma, First Story (Wordsmith Collection)
  31. A phenomenal Discovery: Banish the phenomena from the basement rooms to test the Alchemist’s Theory. You need one of the First Award and Poster with a Magician. Then you charge the Wordsmith collection.
  32. **Milk as a Bribe: Look for milk for the Snatchin Hobgoblin on Snatchins in the Basement. You need 5.
  33. Memories of a Hunter: Look for the required items in the room with Gregory, Jones’ old friend – the Pool. You won’t find them right away.
  34. Underwater Thieves: Banish Snatchin Divers to take from them the remaining collection. You need the following: British Biplane Model, Dog Collar, and charge the Little Sniper collection.
  35. Emergency Assistance: Explore the rooms of the Basement to find the Medicine for the Alchemist. You need to find ten of the following: Leaves of Plantain (also Snowdoll Snatchin); Heartwarming ointment (also Snatchin Guardsman-yard)
  36. Despite the Dangers: Use the Elevator to go to the first Floor and continue to search (must explore elevator in the basement to count!)
  37. The French Woman’s Childhood: Explore Dressing Room in Night mode to find the required items. They are well hidden and won’t be found right away. Young Infante collection – Viola Doll, Paper Doll, & Adele on the Cover, (All these can be received as a gift to complete the quest)
  38. Hunting the Phenomena: Banish phenomena on the first floor and you might find the required items. Then charge the “Young Infante” collection and return to the Alchemist. Miss Universe Crown & ‘Paris’ Perfume. (All these can be received as a gift to complete the quest)
  39. Brief Respite: Banish snatchins in the basement to obtain food. (10 Gingerbiscuits which can only get from Hobgoblin and 1 cup of coffee which I think was from snatchin mechanic)
  40. Time is of the Essense – Look for items from Vincent’s past in his garage. They are well hidden and won’t be found right away. (Toy car, bicycle and toy instruments from Faster than the Wind collection)
  41. The Final Push – explore the Boiler room to find the items left by Vincent, and charge the Faster than the Wind collection. (Golden Wheel award and Drivers License from Faster than the Wind collection)
  42. We did It! – Explore the rooms of the basement and complete the required collections to charge the Toy Manor Artifact. (You should have all collected and charged by the time you get to this point I think, I did anyway, and just be able to charge the artifact)
  43. The Wisdom of Nature – Look for the tree of life’s branch in the Sauna. The item is well hidden, and won’t be found right away. This will be found in the Bath House in Granite Golem Phenomena.
  44. Lost without Light – You will find a candle by exploring the Cuddy with the Storm phenomena. (The candle is a common item, from Visions of the Future collection so I just asked a friend to send it to me and cleared the quest).
  45. The Eye Test: Explore the rooms of the Basement in Myopia Mode to find glasses. (Swimming Goggles & Boiler Operator’s Glasses)
  46. Exact Dates: Return to the first floor and find 3 Lunar Calendars in Gauguin’s Laboratory. Lunar Calendar is a charger in the Lair Collections (Live Bait Hunt, Protection from Wolf, Natural Rage, Nature’s Whims, Full Moon Treasures, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing) and can be gifted.
  47. An Opaque Hint: Explore the pool to catch Ouroboros. (This is a renamed item) Look in Silhouette mode. Tough to find this one….over 25 searches
  48. All That There Was: In a Manor where Giovanni wields the ladle, the entire supply of honey was used for new dishes. Which means you will need to look for it by leaving clues in your friends. 20 needed, visit neighbour manors and give tips
  49. In Flamel’s Footsteps: You’ll find the manuscript on the first floor, in the Library at Night. Again, this looks like the Page From Grimoire in collections but it is not so can’t be gifted.
  50. A Coffer is Easy to Find: Carefully read the Alchemist’s riddle: It contains a code to which rooms with which phenomena needs to be explored to find the required items. These are not Collection items.
    • Case Medici – Ball Lighting in the garage
    • Key from Case – Mirror in the bathhouse
  51. Treasures of the Mountain King: After the Mount King fill, his treasure were looted by snatchins. It is a known fact that the price less supplies of Mountain crystal were carried by a snatch hobgoblin where the quartz was likely grabbed by a snatchin sportsman.
    • Snatchin Hobgoblin – Rare Crystal x 10
    • Snatchin Sportsman – Glowing Quartz x 10
  52. Crystal Failure: Go back to the first floor and explore rooms in zodiac mode to collect the required quantity of crystals. Need 13 Shatters of Zodiac (These have to be found in Zodiac Mode)
  53. The Spellbinding Flower Aroma: Explore the rooms of the Basement under the cover of night to find wondrous Flowers. (Flowers have been renamed, zodiac items do not count)
    • Magic Ivy x 3
    • Magical Jasmine x 3
    • Magic Lily of the Valley x 3
  54. Berries Within Reach: Trade with Snatchins in Basement to collection the Berries you need.
    • Snatchin Laundress Wolfberry x 5
    • Snatchin Mechanic Cloudberry x 5
    • Snatchin Boiler Operator Bog Bilberry x 5
  55. The Final Preparations: Explore the pool with the Granite Golem Phenomenon and the Boiler Room with the Ball Lightning Phenomenon.
  56. Lab Work: Explore the Sauna in Silhouettes mode three times to complete the quest.
  57. Love at First Sight: Explore the rooms of the Basement with curses to see if any other strange things might have happened.
    • Stone hash in the Fitness Room x 1 (Granite Golem)
    • Mirroring in the Garage x 1 (Mirror)
    • Electric Shock in the Laundry Room x 1 (Ball Lighting)
  58. Bring Back the Ghost: Try to find Aphrodisiac Oil by banishing Snatchin Attendants.
  59. Fragrant Soap: Explore the Laundry Room to Collect and charge the Fresh Smell Collection.
  60. Dissatisfied Client: Look for Meat in the Hunting Room, and Fish in the Ocean Room. Need 15 of each. You can change the Secrets of Wine Sampling collection to get them or buy for 1 diamond each.
  61. Warm Milk for the Night: Explore the Cuddy to find Milk, and the Garage to find Burners.
    • Jug of Milk x 5
    • Burner x 5 (the snatchin cook also gives this item & it will count)
  62. A Hot Ritual: Peek into the Broiler Room. Olaf will help you locate the bathhouse rocks (Pure Sensations collection) and stove (Furnaces collection). Both can be gifted.
  63. Night Owl in Love: Explore the Sauna in Night Mode three times.
  64. Gentle Yet Mighty: Find a Women’s Hat in the laundry Room.
  65. A Ceremony for Three: Brew three cups of Green Tea in the Sakura Room. Green Tea Can be gifted
  66. Beauty and Pragmatism: Complete Takeshi’s quests, starting with the Life Force, to obtain a Bunch of Flowers. (Pure Sensation collection, can be gifted)
  67. The Life Force: We can’t talk about Life Force without visiting the Animatorium of Viktor von Schwarzwald (in yard).
    • Bunch of Birch Twigs x 1 (Nice and Clean collection, can be gifted)
    • Vivifying poppy x 3 (different name than zodiac poppies)
  68. The Drop and the Sea: Help your friends in the Basement, and you will find the Oak Bunch of Twigs (Collection 316) and a Cornflower
    • Bunch of Oak Twigs x 1 (Nice and Clean collection, can be gifted)
    • Miraculous Cornflower x 3
  69. An Exotic Motive: You will find the Bunch of Eucalyptus Twigs and Mandrake in the African Room.
    • Bunch of Eucalyptus Twigs x 1 (Nice and Clean collection, can be gifted)
    • Wonderful Mandrake x 3 (Word mode) (This has been renamed and is NOT Mandrake’s Ikebana and CANNOT be gifted)
  70. This Mysterious World: Explore the rooms of the basement with the Reflection curse to find the bunch of Heather Twigs and Peonies.
    • Bunch of Juniper Twigs x 1 (Nice and Clean collection, can be gifted)
    • Brave Peony x 3 (This has been renamed and is NOT the Peony and CANNOT be gifted.) The Brave Peony showed up on the item bar when the Reflection Curse (Mirror) was on the first floor in any room it appeared and counted toward the quest.
  71. The Power of Beauty: Explore the rooms of the Basement in Silhouettes mode to find the required items.
    • Bunch of Maple Twigs x 1 (Nice and Clean collection, can be gifted)
    • Peerless Lily x 3 (renamed and cannot be gifted.)
  72. Birth of Masterpiece: Explore the Japanese Garden in zodiac mode (3 times) to see the creation of the sauna bouquet for yourself.
  73. It’s All Gone! Explore the Sauna and find a Steam Basin.
    • Explore the Bathhouse x 1
    • Steamer x 1 (Bathhouse Set collection, can be gifted)
  74. Elementals, It’s Elementary! You will find the Salamander in the Boiler Room with the Storm Phenomenon. The Pitcher is located in the Laundry Room in Silhouettes mode. (These items have different name than those in the zodiac collections and cannot be gifted.)
  75. Erased Boundaries: The Stairway to Heaven can be found in any room with the lightning phenomenon. And the Pyramid you can find in the Fitness Room at night.
    • Mighty Pyramid x 1 (renamed and cannot be gifted.)
    • Stairway to Heaven x 1 (renamed and cannot be gifted.)
  76. In a Solid Aggregate State: You will need to: Explore the pool to collect water; use the Time Freeze tool while exploring rooms (you will find anomalies with Snatchin Mechanic); Find Dwarf Cutters in the Garage and in the Cuddy.
    • Use Time Freezes x 3
    • Explore the Pool x 3
    • Dwarven Cutter x 9 (I could not find the cutter as an item or a charger, but they fell quickly in the cuddy with 10 explorations.)
      • July 24, 2017 player reports having problems getting them to fall and GI  told them it was a bug and gave her the 9. If you are having problems don’t wait to open a ticket. I know, it would be nice if they would just fix the bug.
  77. The Final Step: Go back to the first floor and find the Runes by exploring the Fortune Telling Room and the Hall in Zodiac mode.
    • Rune of Flow x 1 (Icy Runes collection, can be gifted)
    • Rune of Purity x 1
    • Rune of Rest x 1
  78. A Sign of Affection – You might find a romantic Bathing Rug in the Heart of Spring Hotel that’s in the Yard. (Pure Sensation collection, can be gifted).
  79. New Sensations – Try to find the Massager in the Fitness Room (Pure Sensation collection, can be gifted).
  80. Well Earned Reward – Charge the Nice and Clean collection to complete the quest.
  81. The First Night Together – Charge the Pure Sensations Collection to complete the quest.
  82. In the Mood for Work – Look for the Philosophies’ Wine in the Cellar (This item has been renamed and cannot be gifted.


The Alchemist Identified

At this point your set of Alchemist quests finally gets a little icon to identify them. Now you can shrink with dread when you see them because you still have another set to go. Or you can dance with Joy because you’ve made it this far!

  1. The Mercury – Find Dangerous Mercury in Thief’s Room at night.
  2. Ridding The Lead Zeppelin – Find Pure Lead in Saloon with Storm Phenomenon
  3. 2x2=5 – explore the Bathhouse with Ball Lightning and Granite Golem Phenomenons
  4. Elemental Disasters – Explore basement rooms 7x in Reflection Curse ( Mirror Phenomenon
  5. I Need To Keep An Eye On You – Find Cinnabar by banishing Snatchin Ranger.
  6. We’re Going to Draw – Find the Portrait of Prophetess in The Librarium in Words Mode.
  7. It’s Bigger on the Inside – Fight the Priests of Chaos and Dart Adepts to find the Portrait of Hermes Trismegistus.
  8. Just Like a Roman – Find the Portrait of Paracelsus in the Thief’s with the Myopia Curse ( Storm Phenomenons).
  9. The Great Swindler – Find the Portrait of Saint Gremain by banishing the Storm Phenomenon in any way.
  10. The Alchemist at Home – Find the Portrait of Nicolas the Immortal by trading with the Snatchin Detectives.
  11. Retro Video Chat. Charge the Charlatans collection, Explore the Cuddy in Silhouette mode.
  12. Another Brick in The Wall – Find the Alchemist Room.
    • Room is right next to pool tap on an upgrade.
    • You will need to find 10 of all the alchemist items to open the room
  13. A Friend in Need – Find 5 of each Snatchin Apprentice and the Irreplaceable Automaton
  14. The Lazarus Reaction – Find the Alchemical Reagents by trading with the Snatchin Apprentice
  15. Come on Baby, Light my Fire – Find the Liquid Fire in the Garage using the speed charm ( from the Alchemical Reagents)
  16. Genius, Collector, Alchemist, Philanthropist – Find the door to the Alchemist Room…this is where you have to find 10 each of the 10 alchemist items you have had to find through the quest (Liquid fire-garage, mirror of truth-laundry, philosophers wine-wine cellar, tree of life branch-sauna, power of time-cuddy, live steel-gym, magic rod-boiler room, dangerous mercury-Thiefs room, aqua vitae-pool, pure lead-saloon).  They start you out with one each of the last 5 you found so that means you have to find 95 items!  By repeating ‘The Lazarus Reaction” and “Come on Baby, Light my Fire” steps above, each time you banish an apprentice or automaton they will give you an alchemical reagent…go under charm tab in inventory and use it. In turn you will receive a potion to find one of the 10 alchemist items. When you USE this potion and search the room it says you WILL find the item on first try. However, remember you need to do this 95 times. So save all of your dragon blood and oil cans for banishing! But then you need to search each basement room 10 times (or 9 in the ones they start you off with one item)…that is 900 or 1000 keys for each basement room…so save keys also! Now you can summon phenomena to rooms so it won’t cost you keys if you have plenty of summoners (or just hope that they appear).  Now when I got to about 60% the potions I got started repeating ones I had already found 10 items in so you will need to banish more than 95 of the alchemist snatchins. I had 40 potions left over that were repeats and unneeded. Near the end when I was running out of banishers I found that by charging the Siegfried’s Dagger collection I could get more dragon blood and you should be able to do this several times since you have been banishing apprentices and automatons which give you these items. I think this was the cheapest way…if you are short on one of the items they are only 3 diamonds apiece…much cheaper than buying the banishers themselves.
  17. You Call That A Knife – Find the Sharp Blade in Basement by Banishing the Obsessed.
  18. All Hail The Hilt – Find the Finely Curved Hilt in the Hunting Room in Witches Curse.( Will of The Wisp Phenom)
  19. Bring My Beloved Dagger to Me – Find The Rugged Sheath by exploring Basement Rooms with Ball Lightning Phenom.
  20. Youthful Daydreams – Find A Page From Memories by exploring the Hunting Lyceum in words mode.
  21. A Weapon For Connoisseur – Find Dust Of Ages by exploring the Laundry Room in Stone Hash Curse ( Granite Golem Phenom)
  22. Open Enchanted Door – Tap on the upgrade (after charging Siegfried’s Dagger) and then battle…if you had already charged Siegfried’s Dagger to get more dragon blood this will already count.
  23. Be My Guest – Words and Silhouettes in The Alchemist Lab
  24. A Way To Communicate With The Spirits – Explore The Alchemist Lab at Night to find the communicator.
  25. Alchemy in The Computer Age – Find the Memory Keeper by exploring the Academy of Shadows in Words mode.
  26. The Photo Hunters Defeat – Find The Impression Catcher by banishing Strigoi’s Brides in the Yard.
  27. Reading Isn’t Bad For You; Not Reading Is – Find the Pocket Librarium in the Boiler Room with the Myopia Curse (left by Storm)
  28. The Turning Machine – Find The World Control Unit by exploring basement rooms with the Mirror Phenomenon and Charge the Keeping Up With The Times Collection
  29. Changing The Universe – Explore the Alchemist Lab three times.  After this quest it says “to be continued”.    More quests coming?  Stay tuned.

Opening the Alchemist Laboratory

I think you have to get 10 of each potion to dig up boss?? At Quest Genius, Collector, Alchemist, Philanthropist – After the Liquid Fire part of the quest is done, an Invisible Room Window opens to get various potions with Reagents obtained from Roamers to find 10 of each of 10 Artifacts in Basement Rooms. Each potion tells you what you can find & in what room (Pay attention). You do all of them the same as you did for Liquid Fire portion of quest. You USE them in your Charm Inventory. Keep in mind that One Potion will allow you to find only One Item. After it is all done, you tap on the room again and charge Coll 396 to upgrade, then you can go to Battle.

Alchemist Laboratory Battle

  • You will use collections Basis of Creation and Power of Microcosm as weapons for the battle.
  • Basis of Creation has cool down times of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 minutes from right to left
  • Power of Microcosm has no cool down times
  • Battle lasts at least 12 hours (that’s where it was when I first saw it)
  • You must do 45,000 damage and each person has 45 hits
  • The room stays open 4 hours
  • The levels use 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 keys
  • Caduceus are the keys for the room
  • Each time you want to battle instead of having ‘boss keys’ to enter you just have to charge Siegfried’s Dagger (or have it charged already)

Alchemist Laboratory Roamers

  • Irreplaceable Automaton – 4 Lube Oil and 30 Energy
  • Snatchin Apprentice – 3 Cinnabar called Dragon Blood in the Weapons and 25 Energy

Alchemist Laboratory Keys

  • Caduceus – required to explore Alchemists Laboratory

Alchemist Laboratory

Here is a photo of the room.  The room shows up after Retro Video Chat quest (#92) and is right next to the pool below the Thief’s room.   The room shows up with a lock on it until you complete finding 10 each of all 10 alchemist items. On the basement Wall of Bosses, it is the boss with a question mark on it.  A right hand side quest comes up to charge 5 each of the 5 collections ( don’t need the 2 weapons collections nor the Siegfried’s Dagger collection). Also, the collection with the photographs is the one that can only be found in the winners chests.

Alchemist Lab

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I can’t figure out. A coffer is easy to find. I can’t find the chest.


Holy cow! I now see it will take awhile to get into the Alchemist Laboratory. When do the quests needed show up? I’ve been playing for 3-4 years and haven’t seen them yet.


    You probably have a quest. They are not marked by an icon that indicates which quest string you are on until you are most of the way through. Look in your quests for an unmarked one and see if it’s in this list.

Shari Sanservino

Is the Tree of Life Branch from quest 43 an item in a collection? I didn’t see it in a search of the collections table but thought it might have a different name or I was missing it. Thanks so much for all you do!


    I think it’s an item you have to find.


I am confused. I am trying to open the alchemy lab, but don’t have any of its quests showing on the left hand side of the screen. When I tap on this room’s boss i’m Told to complete quest #92.i.e. Retro Video Chat. I can’ remember what my last alchemy lab quest was, but suspect it was around #30..well before the ones I need to complete to get the portraits for #92. Should I try to complete #92 before earlier ones or wait until the alchemy quests reappear? In the past completing quests out of order disqualifies the collections. Hellpppp!


    Do you have a quest that doesn’t indicate what room it’s for on the left? Something without an icon. Look to see if that’s in the Alchemist quests. It took me years to finish them all.


      Yes, thank you. You comment helps.


I am so confused with your explanation #97. I have to keep searching the garage(?). But then how do I get the other items you listed?? I’ve banished snatching and have 60 charms. I clicked on one and searched the Cuddy and got nothing.


    Sorry, I meant I searched the Garage.


    You have to select the item/potion in the charms tab and then search the room for that charm. When you do that you will get the potion to drop. They will show up in your last tab of your inventory.


      Duh, ok, silly me. Thanks for explaining 🤔🤪


Still looking for the case Medici???

Linda Lovelady

I’m lost. When I click on a potion, a window says I’ve already used one of similar effect — but I have received none of the gifts needed from the indicated rooms.


    After you click on the potion you need to search that room to get the item.

      Linda Lovelady

      I click the potion and it says to search Cuddy. I click “use” and it says already used one of similar effect. Search Cuddy anyway — no gift received. Now all my previous potions are gone.


        When you search the Cuddy it will show at the end of your found items and in the last tab of your inventory. I wonder if you have one used in another room that you haven’t searched and it’s blocking the one from the Cuddy. It should show in the list of findable items before you search.

        The process is to use the potion from your Charms tab of your inventory. Search that room and you will get the item. If this isn’t working take screen shots and open a ticket.


    They are in one of the other collection bags (sorry Cant think of their name!) I have loads left over since completing the quest.


Bonjour, impossible to find mandrake magnifique mode world (quête 69) mode world in room africaine 🤨


    TO find mandrake magnifique


    Yes! Keep trying. It took me months!


quest #85, I have explored 5 basement rooms so far with the Mjirror mode and I didn’t get credit for any of that. I says explore any 7 rooms?


    As long as you have explored them and not just banished them open a ticket. I don’t have any notes that there was a bug with it.


On quest 95 for alchemist and got a potion from the snatching apprentice. However I can’t do anything with it as when I click on in the end tab it just tells me what it is?

Any suggestions? Tyia


    You got a potion from banishing the roamer. Now it shows up in your charms inventory. When you select it in there you must search the room it’s for to get the item it gives. Then it will appear in the last tab of your inventory.


      Thank you. Done that but how many searches does it generally take for liquid fire to drop? Does it need to be a specific mode, as so far it hasn’t shown up in the findable items at the bottom?


        Worked it out thank you!! I was looking in the wrong place for the potion. Now just need to get through all the items I need!


          Oh good. I was trying to find my screen shots to give a better explanation.


How do you get the Retro Video quest?


    You work through all the quests until you get to it at #92.

Linda Lovelady

AN EXOTIC MOTIVE: I have searched and searched the African Room in word mode but no mandrakes drop. Is there another secret to this’ll?


    Oh, this one took me forever!


    This took me about 40 explorations in the African room (the mandrake could only be found in words mode) it took several visits in word mode even then before I got the 3 mandrake flowers needed. Like many of these quests to open the Alchemist Room it takes lots of patience for sure! Sigh… only on #71… 🤷‍♀️👍

Mike Carruthers

How do I know if the Speed Potionis working in quest 96 “Come on baby light my fire? “ I’ve cleared the Garage 15+ times & nothing!


    So, in your charms inventory is the potion you get from banishing the Alchemists Roamers. Use the Potion for Speed by selecting it and search the garage. You will be returned the Liquid Fire on your search. It should clear your quest. If it doesn’t open a ticket.

    I think it shows up in the last tab of your inventory. I call that the junk collector tab. The only thing you ever need in there are the Phenomena summoners and I’ve asked repeatedly to have them put in their own tab.

    You will have to repeat this with every potion 10 times in the next quest. I received what I needed for every potion I used. You are almost to the end! If you’re in a guild you’ve been saving those keys forever!


I am on level 333 and can collect keys to this room, but it hasn’t ever opened. Any ideas?


    Do you have a quest on the left with the quest symbol or one that doesn’t have any symbol. You have to be to a certain place in the quest string to be able to open the room. If you find that quest in this quest list you will know where you are and how soon you might be able to get in.


Hi, am on the opening room bit and stupidly didn’t pay attention but have a potion of courage but it has glitches and doesn’t show which room to use it in and for which item..can anyone remember? Know it is not pool or garage.


    My potion of courage still shows it’s the saloon and you get a nugget of pure lead


    Ohhh! I should make a list of those. Can you tell me what they all are and what room and I’ll put them on the web page. Thank you! I found in the end I had way more of some and not enough of others so I bought a few.

Ronda Meyers

I’m on quest #33, Memories of a Hunter.
I have discovered that the toy rifle is located in the pool.
But I cannot locate the “photo of the lost world”,and the
“adventure novel.”
It says I do not have any rooms with the correct mode.
How are we supposed to figure that out?? I don’t know if they mean a “mode” or a phenomena…nor do I know what room they are referring to.
The basement is hard, because keys are scarce, so I would really like to narrow this down. Does anyone who has done the quest remember what rooms those are in? Any help appreciated!! Thank you. 🌸🦋


    Did you find the Toy Rifle in the Pool? What mode was it in? I have a screen shot of the quest and it sounds like they are all in the Pool but in different modes. If you find out let me know so I can put it in the quest. If it helps at all these are items normally found in the Cuddy.

    Looks like you are about 1/3 of the way done!

      Ronda Meyers

      I did find toy rifle in pool, although I haven’t received it yet. I will try different modes and let u know exactly what I find out.
      I assume I’ll have to try phenomena as well. When I get the answer, you’ll get it too. I asked GI, but they will not tell me. They said I have to find it myself. Not quite the response I wanted!
      Yes I am making headway in this ridiculously long quest. Thank you for your help.


      I found the toy rifle in the pool under mirroring curse.

      Ronda Meyers

      It turns out they were all in the pool, but in different modes.


Does 76 In an Aggregate State require a certain mode for the rooms? I’ve played several modes in Cuddy and Garage, yet the Dwarvin Cutter never appears as an item you can win.


    Did you scroll throw the comments? I have some of the screen shots for the quests I’ll try to look at the tomorrow. I might have some little tip in there.


      Typically winnable items appear with an exclamation at the end of the list when you enter a room. The Dwarvin Cutter does not appear in the list for either room. I haven’t gotten thru all modes for each room, but so far nothing appears in the list.


        Well, let me know. Lately we have been seeing that they don’t always appear there! Frustrating!


          Finally sent in game ticket for Dwarvin cutter issue in quest 76. It is a bug in the game. They gave me all nine cutters for my frustrations, very nice.


            Thanks! Sorry it was such a problem I put a note right in the quest so players will open a ticket right away. It would be nice it they’d just fix the bug.


    It might not appear. I don’t have anything special so I’m guessing they were just in any mode. But you have to find 9. Some of these items take lots of time. I searched the African room once for months! Sometimes if you ignore the quest for awhile it pops up!


    Having same problem. No cutters to be found. Opened ticket with GI, hopefully they will help.


    I was having major issues with this quest, no dwarven cutters were dropping for me at all. I finally contacted GI support and they progressed the quest for me.


If you are working on #97, note the items are now 10 diamonds each, not 3. If you summon phenomena, you will only need half the keys to complete. There are plenty of collections to charge to get these…


    Thank you! I will fix that quest. I’ll have to see what I paid. It hasn’t been too long since I did it. Now I have all these leftover bottles in my charms list because of course I got too many of one and not enough of another.


#37 Hunting the Phenomena: Found the perfume in the Library with the Native Idol. Found the Crown in the Dressing Room with the UFO phenomena. I don’t think the room matters as I had seen the crown in the list for various rooms. I found the perfume by exploring the library and after several unsuccessful attempts exploring rooms with UFO got the crown by banishing with the hyperboloid in the Dressing Room.


How to completed the quest Retro Video Chat .
I want to start the quest


I have been on The Mercury/Sulfur Theory for Dummies for 2 months – Have tried a hundred times to get the dangerous mercury using so many thief’s room chests. Will it ever drop? So frustrating!


    Took ages for me to, I think it is just a really hard one my experiences sound the same as yours.


I need to find living steel in the fitness room, but can’t remember the conditions I need. Anyone remember? I feel I have tried everything???


Liquid Fire quest 7, the quest name is actually “Serious Work”. I should know, I’ve been on this quest since the beginning of time. It is literally at the very bottom of my quest list. A seemingly simple quest that just requires exploring the garage in any mode to find one item. I found all five purses in boss rooms in special modes quicker than this. Maybe I should just pay the ten diamonds, but then I feel like the game got the better of me. These days I try not to pay diamonds for anything except boss chests. I’m hoping writing this will net me my liquid fire at last.


    Thank you. I’m sure that quest string need some fixes. Please let me know if you find other problems. I appreciate the help! I just finally hit the half way point and I wasn’t doing the web page from the very beginning.


#63 The laundry room has to be in Words mode to get the hat.


Ok. I’m on #96 Come On Baby Light My Fire. I activated the charm and have explored the garage 10 times and still have no Fuel! I have banished more snatchin’s hoping to find another charm, but haven’t excelled with that either! Do you see the charm running on the right like other charms? Did it take others this long?


Alchemist Lab
71. Birth of Masterpiece . Explore Japanese Garden in Zodiac 3x.

I rarely get Zodiac mode in this room. Does it require placing Phenomenons in all other rooms, except J. Garden?
Please advise. Thanks.


    Zodiac doesn’t depend on phenomenon. But you can only have three rooms in zodiac at a time. So I’d make sure you have 2 or less zodiacs elsewhere and keep exploring j garden till it comes. Sometimes banishing a phenom makes zodiac show up. But I also think the game is stingy and doesn’t give is what we want when we need it ?


    That is what I would do! Make sure that there is an open Zodiac slot, (there’s only 3 at a time) and search it until it appears.


Quest 19 is called Sweet Slumber not Sweet Summer.


Quest 82-The Mercury(dangerous) To find in thiefs room at night.Its every time 100 key’s to explore..Already many many weeks busy .anybody a idea ??


    They all take a long time! I don’t know if it helps bot I click on the “show” button in the quest to point to the room!

Nancy Libbey

Alchemist string: wants me to find oureboro in pool room. When I check “show” I tells me no rooms in that mode. Any help.? Is this a glitch?


    It’s in sillouttes mode and took most players a very long time to find it! Be patient!


    No, it’s not a glitch. It wants the room in a certain mode. Play the room to change the mode and click “show” until you know.


I no longer have access to the quest trail and am missing completion of the Retro Video Chat quest where you have to charge the Charlatans collection. Without this there is no chance of access to the basement room. Has anyone else had this happen?


    I am on Warm Milk for the Night, exploring Cuddy forever to get milk. It’s still showing as a quest. Someone reported that their lab disappeared. Someone else had a quest glitch. Seems to be sure me thing with the 3.7.0 St. Patrick’s update.


I’m on 97 of Alchemist quest. I have used the reagents several times, but currently have one potion for the sauna, to get tree if life. I got it but the potion charm wouldn’t go away so that I can continue. Tried to explore sauna again several times but it still won’t go away. Any suggestions would be helpful.


    Same thing happened to me, twice. Had to get GI to fix it. Put in a ticket. Include the name of the elixir.


    That’s happened to me too in the boiler room. Submitting a ticket to GI 🙁

Linda Greene

Need mandrake 3x in African word mode. How many times before I receive one? Done in word mode 10-15 times!


Note that the Ouroboros in quest 47 IS NOT the same as the Jormungand dragon the pirate brig collection #77 – even though it looks exactly the same.


Also, in last 12-15 Zodiac searches, not one single Zodiac collection item dropped.. Same with anyone else?


On Alchemist quest 51 I think. Find shatters in Zodiac mode. I am getting them, but they are not counting. I am still 0/13. And just found 5 in Zodiac mode?? any advice? Thanks


    Take screen shots when you find them. Open a ticket with GI. Take a screen shot of the quest that shows 0 first, then the one after you complete that shows it in the room reward and again the quest showing 0. I am sure they will ask you for them. I have been on that quest for ages. I found a few right away but now only find one in every 10 searches! I still have 4 to go.


Quest #11 The Professor’s Concerns, requires collection of Dumbbells 5 times


I’ve had this quest for literally months and have made little progress. I am stuck on finding living water in the pool. I think that I’ve searched at least 20 times without getting the item to drop, and at 50 keys a pop, my opportunities are few and far between. I came here to seek advice, but now that I’ve read through the rest of the arduous chores it takes to open this room, I’ve decided to just let this whole quest string slide off into happy oblivion! I really do enjoy a challenge, but this is a career! I come to MM for fun, not aggravation. So NOT worth the time and effort IMO. Good luck and best wishes to all other intrepid seekers!


    Yes, I just let my Alchemist Quests sit and when I search the rooms for something else I sometimes finish one of them. It is best just to not let the Quests stress you out. Or to fall into what GI wants and spend loads of real money on keys!


Can someone help me with number 95. I have found one Reagents. Do I go ahead and use it to solve quest 95? Or keep trading with the assistant hoping to get more reagents?


    Go ahead and use it or continue to banish and do a whole bunch at a time it really makes no difference


    Go ahead and use it for quest 95


Number 97: I am using an elixir fo the boiler room but it will not give me the rod that it is supposed to. Tried five times, it’s only supposed to take one time. Anyone else have that problem?


Quest #10: Is the living water different than the Aqua Vitae in the collections?


    Yes, it is a unique item!


    Yes, it is a different item . Cannot be gifted. Good luck.


You have to tips your friends basement rooms


I am on 67 of the quest. Help friends in basement! What does this mean? Do I have to keep visiting rooms or zap roamers? Someone please?


    Visit your Friends. Go to their Basement. Leave tips.


Is there a trick to get the picther to drop in quest # 73? I’ve searched the laundry room in silhouette mode I don’t know how many times


    This quest took me over 5000 keys for laundry room and at least a month to finish.


Any hints on step 30? Are ther specific rooms or specific phenomenon a they are looking for. Are you supposed to banish pre-search, or banish by searching. I have summoned and banished 6 random phenomena with no success.


    Sorry I’m not sure, I think I had the poster from before (maybe u could put it on ur wish list) and I believe you can banish something in the basement to get first award or just buy it if I’m thinking of the correct item.


    My bad, they are both Cuddy items which I’d had already and asked a friend to send back to me, maybe you could do that or if you don’t have the items put em on your wish list ?


    I just completed #30 in the string of quests. You need to banish the granite golem to get the First Award and banish the mirror to get the Poster with a magician. These phenomenon can be in any rom in the basement. You do not search the room, you actually just banish the phenomenon.


    You can WL the items, search the Cuddy or Banish Granite Golem and Mirror Magnet in any basement room.


Step 108 – I can’t seem to get the pocket librarium to drop. Over 20 searches in myopia in boiler room, turtle running, not using bombs, compasses, or other tools… What gives?!?


I am working on #99. I have explored the Hunting Room twice in witch’s curse and have not found the finely curved hilt. Does it take multiple tries?


    I found it after four tries! If you don’t have enough items to summon the phenomenon, you can also buy the item with diamonds.


New alchemist quest 15 find liquid fire in Garage, is there a certain mode you need it in because it is not showing up?


    Did you ever find this liquid fire? I now have this quest and would liketo know what mode it requires to even show up cuz so far it has not!


      I am going to answer my own ?. This part of the game has a flaw and I had to write Gi about it and they fixed it and put the liquid fire in my findables.


I am going slowly mad trying to complete the zodiac quest on this one – so far must have explored rooms in zodiac over 30 times but shards have only dropped six times – still seven to go. Every alchemist quest seems to take forever!


    Are you trying to get zodiac shards to complete the quest? Which one is it? You can get zodiac shards by banishing gypsies while running a turtle.


      He/She is stuck on Crystal Failure quest, that was is a doozy! Took me a week to complete and only because I finally charged all of my MLR collection that gives zodiac shards as prize (that I had been saving) and banished gypsies til I thought I was gonna go crazy. I lost track of how many searches it took with turtle running just to get the thirteen. Jeez Louise!


    Ginny, I am stuck on the same quest. 3/13. I got the 3 with each zodiac search but haven’t found a crystal in past 5 or 6 zodiac searches. I always use Turtle charm. Is this normal??.”” Anyone?


*An Exotic Motive: You will find the Bunch of Eucalyptus Twigs and Mandrake in the African Room.
Bunch of Eucalyptus Twigs x 1 (Collection 316)
Wonderful Mandrake x 3 (Word mode) (This has been renamed and is NOT Mandrake’s Ikebana and CANNOT be gifted)
I have tried over and over in word mode to get this mandrake and finally got one after 12 tries. GI says keep trying. Anyone else have a problem with this??

    ?? Q3Honey badger ??

    I am having same issue. I have not found a single one yet. I have searched the African room for the last 2 weeks almost exclusively!!! These Alchemist quests are frustrating


    What I noticed is the pattern where you have to complete African in Zodiac mode before the Word mode would release the Mandrake. That means three Zodiacs / words combos.


Ugh, I have been stuck on quest 8 for seriously like a year. Only got enough keys to explore the fitness room like three times in all that time. I really feel like if they are going to charge so much for the basement rooms they should really increase the drop chance; this is really discouraging. Does anyone have tips for finding gold barbells?


    Golden Dumbbells for exploring the Fitness Room can be gotten from using a Turtle of Luck to Fortune when visiting friends or from the spinning chest of chance. But that’s not quest 8. Are you trying to find something that can be gifted? Do you have it on your wish list. You can check the Collections Table to see if it’s there to put on your list.


    Isn’t that something you can put on your WL?


    Can get them out of the mystical chests and sometimes out of one of those achievement quests chests you win, the guild chest of unity will give basement room keys and then the athletes chest will give them once you have gotten your right side icon chest for that room. You get that by charging the rooms collections five times. Hope this helps.


Getting fed up with looking for orobus. By the time you collect keys then get sillohette mode and you still don’t find it!!!!!! Been trying for several months now

    Jenny Andrews

    I found it by calling phenoms into the room, banishing them until you get the right mode (silhouettes). Then explore the room, make sure you have a turtle of luck running. Uses up phenom callers but not room keys… NOTE: one of the Santa’s house collections (from Christmas) gives ducks for the pool, if that helps. Also some collections give phenom callers. Good luck, I am stuck on trying to find the manuscript in the library at night…


    FOUND IT!!! Feel like I’ve won the lottery.


      Maybe that’s why they make it so difficult to find!


I am also looking for robust. Been told it sillohette mode


I’m doing quest 69 an exotic move. Have explored the African room (lost count of times) and the mandrake doesn’t even appear in the list of items available to get. It doesn’t say you have to explore in a certain mode , so how many times do they expect you to explore a room before the item drops. Getting very annoyed with this game no wonder so many people have stopped playing


    Is it not showing in any mode? Does the quest really say you need 3 of them? Hopefully someone will know if it’s mode specific because it should show as findable.


    I had the same issue. I took a screenshot showing that the Mandrake doesn’t show-up as a findable item and sent issue to GI. They sent me the 3 Mandrakes so I could move on. since they sent me the items I believe there is a glitch.


Re: #69. I have searched for the crystal shatters in Zodiac mode 10+ times and have NEVER had even one drop. this is ridiculous.

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