Academy’s Basalt Tower

Academy’s Basalt Tower

Also known as the Academy of Shadows or the Dark Principal.

The Academy’s Basalt Tower with its Headmaster Dark Principal is located in the basement level on the lower right corner. You must reach Level 45 to open and Complete all Frigate Quests before you will get the Academy Quests.

Building the Academy’s Basalt Tower

The first thing you have to do is gather up all the tools to dig up the Academy. You will need 40 of Each. Tools left over from previous digs are still useful. Be sure to ask for extra tools to have them handy for the next boss room dig.

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After that, you have to charge 4 collections from other boss rooms in the basement: Balthazar the Frigate, Werewolf Lair, Aquarius Swamp Crypt and Pumpkinhead Rider. Fortunately you only need to charge each of them once and it looks like previously charged collections will count. The task allows you to buy your way through it and for newer players who haven’t opened these rooms, this may be a great relief.

These Collections are not all named the same as the Collections Table. Here they are:

  • Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing – Werewolf’s Lair
  • Mysterious Finds – Aquarius Swamp Crypt
  • Wind Armor is Armours of Wind – Pumpkinhead rider
  • Seasoned Filibustier is Notorious Sea Devil – Balthazar the Frigate

Academy Roamers

The 2 new roamers drifting around the basement are:

  • Madam Horrible – Tame Mouse
  • Professor Birchwood – Sharp Thumbtack and 5 Energy


Academy Icon

Dark Principals Quests



  1. Back To School – Visit Laboratory in Words mode once.
  2. Paranormal Phenomena
    • Find the Radar Scanner – 1 – Garage
    • Paranormal Activity Detector – 1 – Room 51
    • Calculator – 10 – Basement Rooms
  3. Something Doesn’t Add Up
    • Night in the Animatorium – 1 visit
    • Night in the Werewolf’s Lair – 1 visit
    • Night in the Pumpkin Field – 1 visit
  4. Historical Analysis
    • Explore the Library with the Curse of the Stone Tongue (this follows the Native Idol)
    • Explore the Cuddy with the Storm phenomenon
  5. Strange Workers – Elephant Sapiens
    • Charge Freaks of Nature Collection (items in Basement)
      • Anthropomorphous Mushroom in Laundry
      • Amphibian Man in Boiler Room
      • Were Rabbit in Bathhouse
      • Flip Flop Hedgehog in Pool
      • Orthograde Mouse in Wine Cellar
    • Area Map – Find by banishing Pirates’ Desperate Parrots
  6. Everything’s Topsy Turvy – Defeat Balthazar the Pirate in the Frigate
  7. Picnic on Deck
    • Pirate’s Breakfast – Find in Swimming Pool
    • Barrel of Rum –  Find 5 barrels by trading with Snatchin Sommelier
  8. Robber’s Briefcase
    • Filibustier’s Textbook –  Trade with Snatchin Blackbeard to find or request from Dark Library Collection
    • Student’s Badge –  Trade with Faithful Monkey (or request from friend it’s a collection charger)
    • Outstanding Pupil’s Medallion – Collect & charge Corsair’s Studies Collection by exploring the
      • Pirate Brig – Pirated Breakfast and Replacement Footwear
      • Island – Outline Map
      • Frigate – Death Warrant and Magnificent Club
  9. Oh Professor! – Banish Professor Birchwood 10 times. Thumbtacks needed to banish can be found in Basement.
  10. Study Hard – Collect the Library of Monsters – Complete quests starting with How do You Like Them Pies and ending with No One Mourns for Wicked Witches:
  11. How Do You Like Them Pies – Wolf Textbook
    • Basket with Pies – Find in Cuddy or request from Friend
    • Anti-Werewolf Potion – Find in any Basement Room in Mirror Phenomenon or request from Friend.
  12. Swamp Of Ignorance – Book of Aquatic Beasts
    • Fishing Net – Find by banishing Nagas
    • Sharp-toothed Piranha – Find in Swamp Crypt.
  13. Instructive Rock
    • Biker’s Cup – Find in Garage with Ball Lightning phenomenon
    • Pumpkin Juice – Find in Sauna (Or in Pumpkin Field)
  14. Visit To The Warlock
    • Ominous Manuscript – Find in Wolf’s Lair
    • Spell Scroll – Trade with Pestilential Doctor.
  15. Darkness in Hardcover – Forbidden Treatise – Find in Librarium in Night mode.
  16. Paracelsus or Borgia? – Potions for Dummies – Find in any room under Myopia curse (or can drop from Madam Horrible).
  17. He Who Wields the Axe – Tasty Ways To Kill Encyclopedia – Find in Pumpkin Field.
  18. Everyone’s Afraid! – The Art Of Scaring – Find by helping friends.
  19. Ancient Knowledge – Al Azif – Find in Necromancer’s Crypt, Mictlantecuhtli’s Pyramid or Frigate.
  20. No One Mourns for Wicked Witches – Grimmerie – Find in either Strigoi’s Castle, Ice Citadel or Swamp.
  21. Large Scale Operation – Unearth Academy of Shadows – Find Acadamey on Map and raise it
  22. Dupe The Warden
    • Gevaudan’s Cane – Find by banishing Savages
    • Demon’s Cat – Find in Wine Cellar
    • Graduation Cap – Collect & Charge Student from a Swamp collection
    • Find items in Swimming Pool, Swamp and by banishing Kappas
  23. First Barrier – Monster on Watch – Tap on Academy building
  24. Be Vigilant – Blade of Saint – Charge Cold Greeting collection – find items by banishing Basement Monsters
  25. Unexpected Encounter – Madam Horrible – Banish Madam Horrible 10 times
  26. The Selfsame Wolf Cub – Gnawed Journal – Collect and Charge A Werewolf’s Schooldays Collection by using any means to banish Mirror phenomena from Basement Rooms
  27. The Basalt Tower – Key to the Headmaster’s Office – 30 – Find keys in rooms with Stone Hash Curse
  28. Challenge for the Director – Defeated Dark Principal – Win battle in Academy – Madam Horrible and Professor Birchwood drop the books for battling
  29. Beyond Catherine’s Wildest Dreams – Academy of Shadows – Explore Academy 3 times
  30. A Team Effort – Silhouettes in the Fortune-Telling Room – Explore once
  31. Dance of the Spirits
    • Stone Tablet – Find in Fortune Telling Room
    • Page from a Grimoire – Find in Library in Evil Eye curse of Ask a Friend
  32. Black and White Movie – Black Lotus – Get items for Swamp Treasures Coll from The Obsessed, The Savage Woman and Professor Birchwood and Charge Collection.
  33. Bird from the Ark –
    • Outline Map – Find Map by helping Friends
    • Alpine Choughs – Find in any basement room with Storm Phenomena (think mine was found in Bathhouse), cannot be requested from a friend
  34. New and Old Friends – Werewolf Jacob – Explore Manor’s rooms to find Jacob — in the Japanese garden
  35. Happily Ever After – Treat in the Pumpkin
    • Collect & Charge Pumpkin Treats Coll by trading with Snatchin Cook
    • Japanese Garden – explore once
  36. Another Victory – Principal’s Personal Organizer – Collect & Charge Dark Library Coll.
  37. Mystery Manor’s Eternal Motor – Fiery Globe – Collect & Charge Principal’s Office Coll by exploring the Academy of Shadows.
  38.  Great Hunter – Get both by scaring Madam Horrible
    • Stakes in Cartridge
    • Mask of Hunter
  39. A Brilliant Enterprise Fails – Opened Jewelry Box – Find in Basement rooms in Silhouette
  40. What Happened to Madam X
    • Zodiac in Room – Explore 12 rooms in Zodiac
    • Magic Pyramid – Find in Basement Room with Ball Lightning – cannot be requested from a friend


The End. Now that you have completed all these quests you will get the Hunting Lyceum Quests.

Battling the Dark Principal

To Battle the Dark Principal it requires 40000 points and you get 40 hits. Battle Time is 24 Hours. You need 10 to 30 Keys to the Headmaster’s Office to enter the battle. You can get them from banishing Professor Birchwood and Madam Horrible. You can buy them for 1 Diamond Each.  They can also be obtained by charging the following collections:  In Principal’s Office, Finger Exercises, The Best Offense is a Good Defense and The Great Transformation. It’s a good idea to search the Collections Table in case more collections have been added to receive keys.

You need Black Chalk to Explore the Academy.

Weapons for Academy Battle

  • From Forbidden Knowledge Collection
    • Al Azif – 1000 points – 20 Diamonds
    • Grimmerie – 900 points – 18 Diamonds
    • The Art of Scaring – 800 points – 16 Diamonds
    • Tasty Ways to Kill – 700 points – 14 Diamonds
    • Potions for Dummies – 600 points – 12 Diamonds


  • From Dark Library Collection
    • Forbidden Treatise – 500 points – 10 Diamonds
    • Filibustier’s Textbook – 400 points – 8 Diamonds
    • Demon’s Audiobook – 300 points – 6 Diamonds
    • Book of Aquatic Beasts – 200 points – 2 Diamonds
    • Wolf Textbook – 100 points – 2 Diamonds

Once you open the Academy you have 4 hours to explore before it locks again. It takes Pieces of Chalk to explore starting at 10 for the Novice Level.

Exam in the School for Fiends

Charge Collections 5 times each to receive a Practitioner of the Dark Arts’ Briefcase containing 5 Turtles of Luck, 300 Black Chalk Sticks, 5 of each book from the Dark Library and Forbidden Knowledge Collections.


Academy Collections

  • A Werewolf’s Schooldays
  • Student from a Swamp
  • Pumpkin Headed Graduate
  • Corsair’s Studies
  • In Principal’s Office



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