Zodiac Fortress: The Dark Lord

Zodiac Fortress: The Dark Lord

The Zodiac Fortress is a Boss Room that appears on the First Floor of our Manor. Once, the Architect sacrificed his freedom to save Mystery Manor. Now it is your turn to risk it all. Battle the cruel Dark Lord and free the prisoner from his bonds.

Threshold of a New World

When you tap the icon for the new Boss Room a window appears.

The knight’s spirit, the enigmatic guardian of Mystery Manor, is eager to share the secrets of the Event and open the gates into the fascinating world of the Zodiac. But first you’re going to need to assemble a unique artifact: the Ocularis Spiritus, allowing you to see what is hidden from human eyes.

Complete quests given by the Knight’s Spirit and the other residents of the Manor to collect all the fragments of Leonardo da Vinci’s manuscript, as well as the components to assemble the Ocularis Spiritus. You can track your progress in this difficult undertaking in the Mystical Zodiac event window.

Basically, this means you must have completed the quests to be able to get Zodiac mode in your rooms. If you haven’t done this yet follow the quest string on the Zodiac Mode page. You will need to complete all those quests before this quest string appears.

The Zodiac realm is open!

The priceless artifact allowing the bearer to see into the secret world of the Zodiac is now yours by right, and this is only the beginning of a captivating adventure.

Starry Investigation

Now that you can see far more than the other residents of the Manor, it is your duty to help the knight’s spirit recover his memories of the terrible Event. Why did Mr. X disappear? How did his mansion get cut off from the outside world? Who is it that hides behind the mysterious letter A: A trustworthy ally or deadly enemy?

Complete the quests given by the Knight’s Spirit, charge Zodiac collections to find answers to your questions and continue your adventure.

At this point you must follow the quests on the left side of your manor to go any further and battle the Boss; The Dark Lord.

Zodiac Fortress Keys

There are no chests available for this boss so watch for the chest offerings to come up on the Bonus purchases. I’ll try to post them on the Facebook page when I see them.

  • Tournament Swords – Required to battle the Dark Lord. Can be received from Zodiac Knights. 10 for 10 Diamonds.
  • Chivalric Codes – Required to Explore Zodiac Fortress. 10 for 10 Diamonds.
    • This is an important part of the keys for this room. After you have opened the room and searched it the first time, or maybe just opened it, 7 days later you will no longer need keys to search. From what I can tell you just battle the boss again and no keys are needed to search. However Zodiac mode will still appear in this room so you will need shatters when it appears.

Zodiac Fortress Roamers

Weapons will drop from room searches. The Roamers will appear on the First Floor when you get the quest to banish them.

  • Ophiuchus Knight – 4 Magic Crossbows and 40 Strength. Can be purchased in the Shop 10 for 27 Diamonds.
  • Thunderbolt Knight – 5 Steel Scorpions and 50 Strength.  10 for 45 Diamonds.

Zodiac Fortress Icon

Zodiac Fortress Quests

This quest string starts with 2 quests. If you need Zodiac Shatters banish gypsies with a Turtle of Luck Running. When you need to get Zodiac Mode in the Zodiac Fortress make sure you don’t have it in any of the rooms of your manor and it will come more often. To get Zodiac Mode to appear in a room keep searching it repeatedly.

  1. Healing Bite – Assemble and Charge the Constellation of Ophiuchus collection.  You will find the items to charge the collection in rooms in zodiac mode. The quests that follow help you find these items.
  2. Snake in an Elephant’s Shadow – Find the Snake Cup by exploring any rooms in Zodiac mode.
  3. Helping Each Other – Explore the Bedroom or Library in Zodiac mode to find Tourmaline.
  4. Attached at the Hip – Explore the Hunting Room in Zodiac mode to find a Binary Star.
  5. Do You Hear That? – Explore any rooms in Zodiac mode to find a Zinc Chain.
  6. The Mythical Flower – Explore the Japanese Garden in Zodiac mode and find springtime Daffodils.
  7. Written on the Wall in Chalk – Explore the Living Room in Zodiac mode to complete the quest.
  8. Angle A and Angle B – Chase away Television robots to get a Precise Protractor.
  9. Descriptive Ufology – Explore Room 51 under the Blinding Light Curse (Follows Night Vision) to find a Drawing Board.
  10. A Scientist’s Notes – Banish Mist Phenomenon from the rooms of the Manor by any means you can to recover the Notebook.
  11. Stop, Thief! – Explore the Animatorium in Silhouettes mode to find the Architect’s Work Folder.
  12. Meeting a Phantom – Explore the Library in Zodiac mode.  Assemble and Charge the Mastery’s Secrets Collection to get the Zodiac Pyramid.
    • Library in Zodiac Mode 0/1
    • Zodiac Pyramid – Charge Mastery’s Secrets Collection
  13. Cosmic Chase – Battle Ophiuchus Knights and Thunderbolt Knights.  You can find weapons in the rooms of the Manor.
    • Ophiuchus Knight – 5 times – 20 Magic Crossbows needed
    • Thunderbolt Knight – 5 times – 25 Steel Scorpions needed
  14. A Fateful Plan – Find a Steel Sphere in Professor Gauguin’s Laboratory, and a Book of Metal in The 69 Snatchins Club.
    • Steel Sphere – Laboratory – Spheres of Destiny Collection
    • Book of Metal – 69 Snatchins Club – Book of Verses Collection, can be found in any room using the Time Control Artifact.
  15. Under Blue Skies – Explore the Pyramid in Night mode to find an Earth Sphere.  Look for the Book of Earth in the Sakura Room with the Ghost Shadow phenomenon.
    • Earth of Sphere – Pyramid at Night – Spheres of Destiny Collection
    • Book of Earth – Sakura Room in Ghost Shadow phenomena – Book of Verses Collection, can be found in any room using the Time Control Artifact.
  16. Surrounded by Water – Explore the Oceanic room under the Water Strides curse (Heavy Rain) to find a Water Sphere.  Look for the Book of Water in the Ice Citadel.
    • Water Sphere – Water Strides Curse – Spheres of Destiny Collection
    • Book of Water – Ice Citadel – Book of Verses Collection, can be found in any room using the Time Control Artifact.
  17. A Tale of Flint – Explore the Portal to Hyperion in Silhouettes mode to find a Fire Sphere.  Look for the Book of Fire in the African Room in Witch’s Curse mode (Will o’the Wisp).
    • Fire Sphere – Portal to Hyperion in Silhouettes – Spheres of Destiny Collection
    • Book of Fire – African Room in Witch’s Curse – Book of Verses Collection, can be found in any room using the Time Control Artifact.
  18. Breathe In, Hold… – Explore Hanako’s Labyrinth in Word mode to find the Wooden sphere.  Look for the Book of Air in the Gingerbread House.
    • Wooden Sphere – Hanako’s Labyrinth in Words – Spheres of Destiny Collection
    • Book of Air – Gingerbread House – Book of Verses Collection, can be found in any room using the Time Control Artifact.
  19. Falling Stars – Defeat the Dark Lord!  Get Tournament Swords for your Challenge from Knights.  Tournament in the Heavens and Stellar Triumph Collection items will be your weapons.
  20. The Never-Ending Story – Explore Zodiac Fortress in Zodiac mode 3 times.

The End

Zodiac Fortress Battle

You will need 20 Tournament Swords to battle the Dark Lord and explore the Zodiac Fortress. You need 40,000 points to defeat the Dark Lord.

Duel Between Stars zodiac Fortress battle

Zodiac Fortress Battle Weapons

  • Tournament in the Heavens – Battle Weapons
    • Taurus’ Dagger – 100 Damage – 2 Diamonds
    • Cancer’s Poleaxe – 200 Damage – 4 Diamonds
    • Virgo’s Stiletto – 300 Damage – 6 Diamonds
    • Capricorn’s Mace – 400 Damage – 8 Diamonds
    • Pisces’ Cutlass – 500 Damage – 10 Diamonds
  • Stellar Triumph – Battle Weapons
    • Aries’ Sword – 600 Damage – 12 Diamonds
    • Gemini’s Sabers – 700 Damage – 14 Diamonds
    • Leo’s Sword – 800 Damage – 16 Diamonds
    • Libra’s Dagger – 900 Damage – 18 Diamonds
    • Aquarius’ Blade – 1000 Damage – 20 Diamonds

Zodiac Fief

Zodiac Fief is a quest on the right side of your manor in the Trumpet box. It will not appear until you get to a certain quest. You need to charge each of the Zodiac Fortress Collections 6 times each to receive the Star Treasure reward. Open the Star Treasure chest to receive 30 Tournament Swords, 100 Chivalric Codes, 300 Shards of Zodiac, and Runestones, as well as 2 of every weapon against the Dark Lord from the Stellar Triumph collection.

Zodiac Feif

Zodiac Fortress Collections

  • Constellation of Ophiuchus
  • Mastery’s Secrets
  • Spheres of Destiny – These come from Battle chests
  • Great Temptation
  • Accounts Payable
  • Beckoning Constellation
  • Heads Full of Heavens

Zodiac Fortress Room

Zodiac Fortress

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I just today received quest one for this room. Looks like I have. Ways to go yet.

Some of the references are a bit confusing because we still have the older zodiac mode as well. Will having the older zodiac mode be of any help in getting this room open? It’s a bit confusing.


    So, what was your last quest in the old Zodiac quest string? Did you have to complete it? It’s the part I haven’t figured out to tell players yet.


      I just started the Zodiac Fortress quest tonight. I had to finish the Zodiac string, for me that was to charge the Constellation of Capricorn collection (#193 currently). Glad to get started on this one!

      Thank you MsWillow for all you do to help us with this amazing page. 🙂


        Thank you. I think I am almost to that quest on my Fun Willow game.


I can’t seem to get zodiac mode to appear for the last quest. Have been searching for hours, but no zodiac mode


    Make sure you don’t have it in any of your other rooms.


Stupid question – Portal to Hyperion? Where’s that?


    Hyperion Hall Follow this link.

Mike Carruthers

I am trying to get the Zodiac Fief but cannot find any Spheres. You say the Roamer will drop them but if I search the Roamer Table for any of the Spheres the answer is always 0! Where are they?
I have finished the Zodiac Fortress quest.


    Beginning with quest 16 you have places to search to find the spheres. The Roamers do not give them and I believe in order to get them in the future you will have to battle the Dark Lord and open the battle chests.


I received this email from GI after questioning them why some friends were able to search the Zodiac Fortress without using keys.

“…room will be free to explore after the week from the time when it was opened.
It is not a glitch but a part of the game mechanics.
Unfortunately we don’t have the record about when you have opened the room so we can’t provide the exact date when the room will became free for you.”


    Really? Now I’ll have to go in and look. And then I’ll question my GI guy. And then ask for my diamonds back from chest purchases!


      Did you get your diamonds back from the chests you purchased?


        I have not asked for them yet.


When do the zodiac quests appear on the left? I charged The 12 constellation collections but clearing first floor rooms in zodiac mode don’t provide the rewards needed to charge the constellation of ophiuchus.


    Have you completed the Zodiac quest string? Are you working on Quest 1 of this quest string? Quest 1 tells you that completing the following quests will give you the items needed to charge the collection. You should have Quest 1 until you complete the nest 5 and can charge 1.


      Quest 1 has not appeared on the left side of my screen. How do I get there?


      I completed all the zodiac quests and charged the 12 constellation collections several times but am still stuck on “Starry lnvestigation”, and haven’t seen any Dark Lord quests on the left hand side of the screen.


        Open a ticket with GI.




I seem to be stuck on the Zodiac Fortress activity. I updated the room and have the panel that says “Starry Investigation.” But I don’t see any quests displayed. I have not finished the old Zodiac quests but I am on #47 in the quest string which I believe should be far enough to proceed.


    I was guessing when I said once you got to quest 22 in the Zodiac quest string and had Zodiac mode you would get past the Starry Investigation. But I see that Fun Page Willow, my newer game, is on quest 37 for the Zodiac Quest string and I have the same thing. We will have to progress further in that quest string to move on. I am working on it now, also the Zodiac Quest page needs updated so have that on my list.

    Let’s look at it this way. There are no chests for keys and we have to wait for weapons to drop so while we’re working on the Zodiac quests we will be piling up weapons and we may get lucky and GI will offer us a chest with keys!


How do I get the collection items from Sphere Destiny? I have explored the new Zodiac room over 200x and do not see it as a possible collection item gift.


    Then they either come from the Battle chest or from the Roamers. You can search the gifts Roamers give in the website table.


How to these quest start? I and several of my friends don’t have them?


    Have you completed the quests for Zodiac Mode? You must be done with that quest string. I state that in the instructions.

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