The Bosses

The Bosses

There are many rooms for Bosses, in the Basement and Yard of the Manor. You have to enter battles to search these rooms. Find instructions for battle and links to each Boss here.

In both the Yard and the Basement there is a Boss Fight Wall that you can open by clicking on the Bosses button on the right hand side.   You can only see the button if you are in the Yard or the Basement.

Boss Fight Wall Button

This is the Yard Bosses Fight Wall, notice the different color of the boss icons that show what stage you are in for each Boss.

Yard Boss Fight Wall

This is the Basement Bosses Fight Wall, notice there is a ? for an unknown Boss.

Basement Boss Fight Wall

You will notice that some of the bosses appear in color and others do not. If the boss icon is in color, you have already paid the keys to join a fight. If the bosses are not in color, you still need to pay keys to join a fight. Also, although it does not show up in this photograph, you will see numbers in the little circles by each boss on the bottom right of the icon.  Those numbers are the number of ongoing boss fights you could possibly join.  You can find out how many keys are required for each boss by tapping on the boss icon or by tapping on the boss room itself.

To join a battle, first you need to click on a boss.  In the photo below, I chose to join a Strigoi’s Castle battle:

Boss Battle Window

In this photo, you see the green “All Players” button lit up at the top.  This means I am seeing all battles that I could possibly join among all Mystery Manor players.  If I click on the “Friends” button instead, I will see a list of all battles I could possibly join in which my friends in the game are engaged.

I also have 2 more choices:  (1) decide I don’t want to get involved in any battle and hit the green “Back” button at the top, or (2) click on the green “Start a Random Battle” button at the bottom of page which will put me in a battle alone and I will have to wait and see who will join me!

For instructions on fight each of the bosses, please click on the links below. If you have any information to help fill in the empty pages let me know.

First Floor Bosses:

Basement Bosses:

Yard Bosses:

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Any input on which order to open the boss lairs? In the guide on the right of the screen it gives rewards for the yard lairs in a specific order but not the basement. I seem to have quests for all things at the same time. Not sure if there is a best place to start.


    Just start asking for the tools to open those yard bosses. A lot of those bosses take the same tools to open. When I started a new game and I had all those quests at once I started at the bottom of the list and worked my way up. I did what I could. You will come to the point where it wants you to search the boss room in order to find something. If you can put it on your wish list then put it up there and save your searches for when it can’t be gifted.

Danny Johnson

How do you get Snatchin Designer.


    It is listed under the quests for the 2nd anniversary room. It’s all explained there.
    Good luck.


Does anyone remember what room has the quest for The Mysterious Past of Mr. A? I can’t remember what room that quest is for. Thank you


    You can do a search on the quest name in the search box on the right. Oddly when I search this one I don’t see where it belongs. Where do you see it in the game? I think it is the Alchemist quest string but if you give me more information I can update the web pages.

Linda Lovelady

Why is the “invite friends” message staying on even when friends can no longer join when battling bosses?


    Is that when there is a maximum number in the room or when the points are too high?

      Linda Lovelady

      Yes. In the last 2 battles I participated in the “invite friends” message was still on, but friends messaged they were told they were too late to enter.


        Thanks! I’ll keep an eye and write up a report.


Where do I find the Witches Athenium?


    That’s a Halloween Event and goes away when the event is over. Do you have a quest for it?


      No. I was looking at gaps in a collection and saw it was from the Witches Athenium. I came back to the game recently after a three year absence and thought maybe one of the rooms had been renamed. So no chance of getting those items anymore? Thanks.


        It’s possible they’ll do a Halloween event next year that will fill them.


        The Witches Althenium has come for me 2 years in a row. This year I picked up where I left off last year and filled same collections. I hope it comes again, I love that room.


Hi there,

In the yard there seems to be an still unused space. It is to the right of the generals bunker and above the snow cottage. I see a path there and a cleared space.
There is also a pinkish tree.
Any info on that?


    I see it. Some day they may put another boss there.



Golden Girl

Is there some secret to getting a collection item for beating a boss? I have come in 1st &2nd place many times, and rarely get a collection item, even if I spend half of what is required to ensure 1st place. I am at the point of not bothering to try to place-


    I know. Sometimes I open several first place chests at a time and nothing from the hardest collections. Thankfully other players will gift me some of those things.


    The chests DO give collection items, maybe just not the ones you want. Higher places give more. If you think you aren’t getting any because you don’t see them pop up on the screen after you close your inventory window, don’t base it on that. Sometimes the non-coll item rewards from the chest show up instead but you still received coll items too. I like to wait until I have more than one chest, so that I can open up all of them at once. If you have more than one chest, say you have 3, you’ll be asked how many chests you want to open, 3 or 1, and I pick 3 and a special window pops up that lists all the gifts I received. It’s easier to see everything you got that way.

      Golden girl

      Thanks for the replies. After a while I started checking the collections after I opened a chest. I may get a collection item but it is one I can get by exploring the room, not the items in the collection for the boss. At the rate it is going, I will never be able to meet the tasks on the right side that require multiple collections charged 5times. Some of these battles can be “expensive”, if you come in first and have spent quite a bit I think it would be fair to get one of those items-just a gripe. Good idea on saving the chests.

christine rodgers

How long do you get to enter a bosses room after winning a battle? As we won a battle on tuesday night and when I tried to enter the room tonight thursday it had went back to the battle stage. I didnt realize you had a limit to entering a bosses room I know when you enter it last for a few hours.


    When you check to see if the battle is done, you can either hit “close” which opens the room, accepts the chest and starts the clock ticking OR you can touch/click on the screen on the far right, and leave the screen without actually opening the room. You do not collect the chest, you cannot search the room right now and you do not start the open room timer. But you can comeback to play the room when it is more convenient. There is no time limit as far as I can tell as to how long a room can stay in that “won but not open” status. I try and keep all my rooms in that status so I can open and do battle whenever I need/want to. So far I’ve not encountered a problem doing it that way.


The sapphire light collection produces weapons against low level bosses…. which bosses are classed as low level?


    I’ve never charged that collection since the chargers are so hard to come by but I’m guessing it’s the bosses in the yard based on what collection number it is. So, the original early bosses like the bunker, or maybe the pyramid, crypt, Strigoi that all take the same weapons.

    Maybe someone else knows!


I was disappointed that the valentine room is a boss room. Cost quite a bit to play.


Some of the icons with the quests are easy to understand. Others I forget what chain they belong to. Could you have a listing of those icons indicating the group? Right now I have no idea what a butterfly means. Thank you.


    I think admin is working on this. Until then, if you click on the quest, and then on the butterfly icon at the top of the quest window, it should give you a title/description of what quest string it belongs to.

    Purple butterfly is mirror garden FYI


    I am working on a page with just the icons and quest string names. However, while I can get the icons to display beautifully I’m having trouble getting the caption to show with my gallery method. And then I thought it would be nice if you could click on it and it would take you to the proper page. So, I need my super special talents of Ken to take a look and see what he can do. He spent last week fixing other issues! Every time the Word Press software for the back end of the website changes there is a little fallout and oddly there are hackers always trying to take down our website. He works hard to keep them from being able to do that.


Does anyone know how to get more of the 2nd & 3rd tier weapons to battle the basement bosses? I mean the most expensive ones that do the most damage – other than buying them. I know a couple of collections give some of them, and they sometimes drop from basement minions. I guess that’s how I got them in the first place. I’m so low on them and always seem to need more for these guild events. ? Thanks for this web site, btw.


    Other than the colls, minions, and buying them, you can receive them for completing certain achievements. There will soon be a page on this site that lists all the achievements and the rewards so that you will be able to search for something specific and see what you need to do to receive it.

    You may want to check out the new roamer table on this site and search for the weapon names to see which minions give them.


i wanted to ask about the fight with the Hanako in the garden, and i couldn’t find it here, can anyone help me what items are needed for the battle? thank you

PS: I’m glad to find people do still play this game as i thought no one played it anymore and went on to hidden adventures, since every time i search up mystery manor: hidden adventure comes up 😛


    I’m not sure what you’re talking about with the Boss. This is Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventures HD for the iPad.


I don’t understand how some players are doing damage to the bosses that is not a multiple of 5 or 10. Like a battle I was in yesterday, one of the players in the battle with me did a total of 536 points of damage. Now I just don’t see how that is possible with the weapons I have in my arsenal. Are these players cheating? Or are the weapons like currency, with different exchange rates in different countries, so in my country a weapon does 500 damage but in another country the same weapon does 416 damage? Or maybe there’s a charm you use to increase damage to the bosses, if so I haven’t discovered this one yet.


    I’ve wondered the same thing. The very last artifact gives 10% more damage to a boss but I thought I’d seen the odd numbers in a battle before that artifact was part of he game.


    I think when you level up on VIP points you are able to do more damage to bosses. At Level 6 it says:

    Rooms vacated by defeated boss are available in 2 times. ( I think this means the room is open longer )
    Weapon recovery time against bosses is decreased by 10%
    Weapon power against bosses is increased by 5%


How do I summon bosses?


    What is it you don’t understand. Read the section above regarding the Bosses then go to each Boss page for more information on what is required.


Does anyone know how to get the necromancers phone needed for a collection?


    The phone and the other items in that collection can be found in the chests you receive for winning the necromancer battle. You may have to open several chests to find it. Or you can put it on your wish list and a friend might gift it to you


Does anyone know which Boss rooms have the Pendant and Twinkling Star?


    For the 2nd anniversary quests? Check the 2nd anniversary quest page on this site and look in the comments. It should be in there


How dominaccept a friends request to join them in a fight against the boss?


    You have to make sure you use the first set of Keys to make the Boss room available. So, if you get a request on your wall and want to join go to that Boss room before you tap on the Join on your wall. After you have opened the ability to battle go to the Join request on your wall and join the battle.


Is there a way of knowing which bosses have a count down or count up? When I click on the wall of battles it shows xxxxx/yyyyyy for some bosses ‘x’ is how much is left and for others it’s how much is added up but there’s no way of knowing until you join the battle. Thanks!


I have two new quest strings that seem to be Christmas bosses… One is called Santa Claus’ House but I don’t see a location on the map… and the other is the “Snow Cottage” which is located in the yard. Tried to find the quest strings on this site but I can’t. Is there info for these yet? I’m probably just blind…


Since the most recent update, doesn’t seem to be any way to check to see if the battle is won, then get out of the screen without opening the boss’s room. Am I just unobservant or can you no longer win a battle and just leave it so you can take the chest and/or explore the room at a later time?


    It has been reported that you can no longer save the room until later to explore. This causes an issue because then players will come in, play a little of the battle and not come back to see if they need more weapons. This was always my method. Or players just won’t enter a battle until they’re ready to search.

    I see this as an item we should open a ticket on and see if GI responds.


      I’ll open a ticketaaI just don’t know the process. Do I contact t
      GI via facebook?


        In the upper right row inside your game there’s a big G! Go through there to open a ticket because that will send all your game information to them.


I noticed that when I go into a bosses room I no longer get a prize now I just get a message that says I didn’t fight in the battle?? If I didn’t fight how would I have beaten the boss??


If a friend invites you to join a battle, do you still need to pay the items needed to summon the boss or do you skip that step and join the battle that is in progress? I have had invitations show up on my wall for boss fights that I did not have enough summoners for and haven’t accepted them not knowing what was needed.


    When a friend invites you to battle you still need to have the required number of keys to enter a battle with the Boss. When you accept to join the battle you must have already used the keys to open the Boss room for battle. Otherwise you will not be able to join the battle.

Alison Rawlins

I was wondering about Mirlanda’s quests. The Once upon a Time quest doesn’t tell where to find the items from the Puppet Theater collection, so I came here, but you don’t have information from the latest update, or have not completed this quest stram yet? Please let me know when you have information about the Gingerbread house yard boss. Thanks 🙂


    We get information from other players so if you have any information on a quest string please post it here.

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