I guess we are exploring our solar system as Mystery Manor reveals its newest room, Saturn, following update 1.26!

Complete this quest to help Professor Gauguin in search for the new energy source on Saturn and reveal the mystery of this planet.

Entering Saturn

Saturn appears on the Space floor, a Purplish Structure on the right-hand side.

After completing the first nine quests below, you will get a quest that instructs you to find Saturn’s astrolabe in Space and click on it.

Tap on the Purplish Structure and hit the green “upgrade” button.  You will be informed by a Beetle-Juice-Looking Creature that you can now begin building the spaceship that will take you to Saturn.  Tap on the Purplish Structure once more and the following screen appears:

Starship's Heart of Iron

This screen informs us that we need to collect disks necessary for the guidance computer to work by completing five quests (quests 11 to 15 below).

Saturn Keys

  • Gas Ball

Saturn Roamers

  • Saturnian – 1 Cosmic Accelerator and 30 Energy



Saturn Quests



  1. Supply Energy to Flip the World Upside Down – Find Einstein’s Engine in the Laboratory and the Wimshurst Generator in the Animatorium.  The Einstein Engine can be found in the Laboratory at expert level, or you can put it on your wishlist and trade with a friend so you both can complete this quest.  You must fight the boss in the Underground Animatorium in the Yard to complete the second part of the quest.
  2.  Step on the Gas! – Trade with Marley the Robot to get 10 Gas Balls.  You will need batteries to trade with Marley the Robot who will appear on the first floor.  If you do not see Marley right away, banish a couple of things until Marley appears.  Not the kind of batteries that we use when we enter the Laboratory; these are the batteries that we had to ask our friends for when we were trying to build the Diamond Drill to build the Laboratory.  Some players may have these batteries on their gift lists and can gift them.  If you want to see how many you have, look in your Inventory under the very last tab, “Miscellaneous”.   And there is the option to buy each of these Gas Balls for 1 diamond a piece.  Gas Balls also may randomly drop from a Mystical Chest!
  3. Negotiations and Persuasions – Explore the Flying Saucer Room in Words mode and find the Lava Lamp in Room 51 in Night mode.
  4. Mostly Dangerous – Spaceships can be found by exploring the Library and Hunting Rooms in Zero Gravity mode.  You need to find the Wells’ Spaceship and Space Liner One.   You may already have these items as they are part of the Dreams of Space and Spaceships collections, respectively.  If you do have them you can trade with a friend who needs the same items.  If you don’t have them, put them on your wishlist.  You can also get these items fairly easily by banishing the Octopus to get the Wells’ Spaceship and the Xenophage to get the Space Liner One.  (Use a charm!)
  5. Interplanetary Brigade – Explore Selene and Mars 3 times each.
  6. In Reliable Hands – Banish Aliens to collect and charge the Master of All Trades collection.
  7. The Planet: In Profile and En Face – Explore Mars.
  8. Hello?  Hello?  What’s New? – Find the Phone Directory on Mars in Words mode (or purchase for 12 diamonds) and find the Staff Phone in the Living Room.  Phone Directory is a charger for Saturn collections so you can ask a friend to send it.
  9. Starship Construction for Dummies – Find the Locksmith from Mars by exploring Mars.  Find the Martian Mulled Wine by exploring the kitchen with the Mist phenomenon – do not banish.   Both of these items can be put on your wishlist.
  10. A Small Step for Household Members – Professor Gauguin instructs us to find the Guidance Computer Disks. Find Saturn’s astrolabe in Space and click on it. Gather the Guidance Computer Disks to complete the quest.  (In other words, complete the next 5 quests to complete this quest!)
  11. Through Years , Through Distances – Find 5 Jump into Hyperspace disks by exploring the Moon (Selene) and 5 Banal Teleportation disks by exploring Mars.
  12. By Pythagoras and Turing! – Find 5 High-Accuracy Calculation disks by exploring the Laboratory  (these are hard to find) and 5 Infinite Improbability Drive disks by exploring the Flying Saucer Room.
  13. We Come in Peace – Find 5 Peace in the Galaxy disks by defeating Octopuses (found on the first floor) and 5 Sign of Friendship disks by helping friends (visiting friends and leaving tips or awaking sleepers).
  14. Who’s an Engine Whiz – Find 5 Nearly Perpetuum Mobile disks by exploring Room 51 and 5 Flaming Engine disks by banishing Destroyers (found on the first floor).
  15. Well Protected – Find 5 Lead Shield disks by exploring rooms with Zodiac mode and 5 Security Module disks by exploring the Portal to Hyperion.
  16. The Space Traveler’s Loyal Companion – Collect 4 Traveler’s Towels by exploring the Bathroom while the Will-o-the-Wisp phenomenon is present.  Or better yet, just request them from your friends!
  17. From One Hardship to the Next – Finish building the ship.  Find Saturn’s astrolabe on the map and complete the requirements for the second stage of building the ship. Now when you tap on the Saturn structure, you will see the following screen: Saturn At the Edge of the Galaxy Station
  18. Full Tank – Collect Biofuel by trading with smuggling robots or exploring Selene and Mars.
  19. Dinner is Served – Charge the Martian Ham collection. You will find the items in the following rooms:
    • Dressing Room – Martian Julienne
    • Fortune Telling Room – Martian Cake
    • Oceanic Room – Martian-Style Fish
    • Sakura Room – Martian Dessert
    • Kitchen – Martian Casserole
    • Microwave found in the General’s Bunker
  20. Crew, We’re Taking Off – Find a Launch Button in any room with zero gravity curse.  You can also get the Launch Button by requesting it from a friend or banishing a Xenophage.
  21. Ticketless Passenger – Find the Thermometer by exploring the African Room and the Ammeter by exploring the Flying Saucer Room.
  22. Marley Translate – Find the Universal Translator by exploring Room 51 and find 5 Gravitrons by banishing the Little Green Men.  The Universal Translator can be gifted and the Gravitrons can be obtained by banishing any of the aliens.
  23. Tea Party in Deep Space – Find the Teapot by exploring the Library and the Pack of Tea by exploring the Living Room while the Native Idol is present.  The Pack of Tea can be gifted.
  24. Approaching a Rough Landing – Find the Astronaut Helmet in the Bathroom in Silhouettes Mode, the Spacesuit in the Dressing Room, and the Oxygen Tanks by exploring the Japanese Garden while the Mist phenomenon is present.  These items can be gifted by friends or found by banishing aliens as well.
  25. We’re not in Kansas Anymore – Explore Saturn 3 times.
  26. Local Aborigine – Trade with a Saturnian 10 times (found on Space floor).
  27. It’s Fun Visiting Friends – Find the Alien abode by exploring Saturn in Silhouettes mode.
  28. How Far Can Progress Go – Find a Vacuum Cleaner by banishing Vacuum Robots and find the Radio by banishing Musical Robots.
  29. Going On a Wild Ride – Trade with a Saturnian to get an Ink Ball.
  30. Precision Scales – Explore the Kitchen.
  31. The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish – Find 5 River Babylonia by exploring the Bathroom, Pirate Brig, and Island. These are chargers and can be gifted by friends.
  32. Breakfast of Polyglots – Find the Martian Fork and Knife by exploring Mars and Butter by trading with Snatchin Cook.
  33. The Professor’s Dreams – Collect and charge the Dreams of Space collection.  Drive away phenomena to collect pieces:
    • Native Idol has bullet
    • UFO has blue space craft
    • Mist has UFO thing and space rocket
    • Will-o’-the Wisp has round spacecraft
  34. If It’s Not Pirates Attacking You, It’s Planets Talking at You – You will need to collect the Revolver (found in Night Mode in any room you’re expert in), the Memory Eraser (found in Night Mode in any room you’re expert in), and then collect and charge Gauguin’s Hyperboloid collection.
  35. Born Metallic – Find the Love Meter and the Iron Heart
  36. The Mechanic’s Hospitality – Collect 4 Saturnian Visors by trading with Saturnians or requesting them from friends.
  37. Want to See Some Physics? – Charge the Super Magnet collection found by exploring Saturn.
  38. Excursion into the Past – Find the  Projector by exploring the Snatchin Club in Silhouettes Mode.  You can also put the Projector on your Wishlist or search Saturn.  Find the Film Stock by exploring Room 51.
  39. Deus Est Machina – Charge the Saturniac collection.
  40. Magic Tech Support – Charge the Book of Merlin collection (collect from Fortune-Telling room, Hallway, and African Room and then charge).
  41. The Return of SOG – Charge the Formidable Foreman collection.  Explore the Sakura Room, Flying Saucer, Laboratory, Selene and Saturn to find the pieces.
  42. Even Copernicus Didn’t Dream of This – Explore Mars or Selene to find a Tellurion.
  43. Instead of an Alarm System – Find the Plasma Ball by banishing Model Eurydice or exploring Saturn.
  44. I’m Staying! – Find the Bouquet of Transistors by banishing Television Robots.
  45. On Someone Else’s Starship – Explore Saturn 3 times in Silhouettes mode.

End of Quests

Saturn Exploration

Gas Balls are required for exploration. You will need from 10 to 50 for each search depending on your level.

Saturn Collections

  • Saturnian Technology – reward: 20 Oil Cans, 20 Gas Balls, 3 Enhanced Flashlights
  • Saturnian Physics – reward: 20 Martian Shards, 20 Selenoid Fragments, 200 Experience
  • Biofuel – reward: 15 Doubloons, 15 Ocean Cards, Golden Clover
  • Saturnian Robots – reward: 50 Gravitrons, 50 Cannonballs
  • Astonishing Instruments – reward: 30 Containers, 30 Gas Balls, Astronaut’s Breakfast


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I’m stuck on the assembly the space craft quest. Where do I find these parts? They aren’t the flowers that are pictured?


    I don’t know. This page was written years ago and then GI kept changing what was needed. Each window should tell you what to do,though.


Just playing the Saturn quest. I think the picture at quest 17 belongs to quest 18. Quest 17 is a simulair screen with 5 other items to complete the ship. 7 needed from each 5 items. Two of them can be found after will o wisp and UFO. Another by exploring Selene. The other two Green man and TV robot.

The dropping rate on UFO is terrible. And then i had 3 good drops in 5 UFO. I used some diamonds on the rest for UFO.


    Thank you! I will try to get these quests updated with the correct info. I am slowly working my way through and updating all the quest strings.


Hi admin

I’m trying to open the Saturn level. I’m to the point where I’m stuck at the quest The Planet: In Profile and En Face. In the guide it says that I must travel to Mars but for some reason the game says I must go to Saturn to complete the quest but Saturn isn’t available yet because I’m doing the set that opens Saturn. I’m not sure what to do.


Quest 18: trade with smuggling robots or explore Selene and Mars to get biofuel.


I’m on Quest 17 From one Hardship to the Next. My query is; should the items be searched for in order that they are listed in the information? At the start of this quest I already had 5 ufo phenoms in various rooms on the 1st floor so searched them first before anything else. I did not find one item from any of them, i went back to the first item mentioned & found them every 2nd or 3rd attempt i am now up to searching rooms with willo the wisp & seem to be finding an item every 2nd or 3rd attempt as with the previous. The Ufo has been in my room amidst all this but stil did not drop the required item. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just coincidental? I av no faraday generators left to summon wisp to find the last 2 items & so i’m tempted to work on the ufo items, i dont want to ummon the ufo if willo the wisp items need collecting first. I av read the listed comments but avent come across anything suggesting theres an order to collecting these items. Any advice would be appreciated.


I’m trying to open Saturn. I’m trying to complete quest 17, “from one hardship to the next”…but have no idea what needs to be done for this. Can anyone help?


    Same here. I do not understand what to do?


Anyone tell me what collection the “film stock” is in? Or is it just a random object?


    It says room 51 it shows on display I’m on17attempt it still won’t drop george


      It finally dropped for me but is definitely a one off item.


Dream of space – collection #98


Can anyone tell me what the number is of the “dreams of space” collection? I can not find that in my list.


    Dream of space if coll #98

Avi b9bffd

For Quest 17
You need 7 each of 5 items.
Getting them by:
* Little Green Man
* TV robot
* Will-O-Wisp phenomena
* UFO phenomena
* Selene

    Kerry Anderson

    Thank you 😊


Hi admin, please help me i couldn’t build the flying saucer until now. I didn’t see it on the map, and i have a lot of pending quests need to explore the flying saucer !!! Now i am building the crop circle and one of the items should be found in the flying saucer !! Also i couldn’t finish the moon rover, mars rover and the starship until now.. Didn’t receive any quests for them. Please advise how can i finish all those stuff .. Thank you


    I think the crop circle quest you are referring to means that you should explore a room with the UFO phenomenon in it, Hosna.


Quest 18 is now different from the picture above.


I need four travellers towels from quest 16. How do I request them from friends? Are they from a collection – if so which one? Thanks!


    Karina, they are chargers for Saturn collections. You can request from friends or add to your wish list. Same with Babylonian fish and Saturnian visor in later quests. Good luck!


I am at quest 17, From One Hardship to the next, but when I click on SATURN I don’t get what is pictured above. I am looking for parts to the Saturncraft? The hardest one to find is found by exploring with UFO. Any hints for getting the UFO to show up?


    The pic above is for quest 18, not 17.


    So here I am a month and a half later, still stuck on q17. I have found all the parts except the steering wheels and I only have 2/7 of those. They can only be found when UFO is in the room and the last 4 times I have had a UFO it didn’t drop.

    Anybody have a clue what I should try next?!


      It is a tough horrible quest to accomplish! Especially now with all the other phenomena. I bought the last 2 in desperation 🙁


        I finally gave in and purchased the last four steering wheels. Sigh.

        Now I am collecting the biofuel. Pretty sure this will take just as long. The items are found in Mars, Selene, and by trading with a new smuggling robot who wants a new red oil can that will supposedly start dropping.


Have been working on the second part of the Purple spaceship for awhile and am at 49% but it is at a stand still! I continue trade with green men, visit rooms with Will-o-wist, explored Selene and traded with TV Robots etc. But it won’t move beyond 51% and if I look at what can be earned from the rooms and trading and the tools needed are not even listed anymore!
It says complete the quest “from one hardship to the next” but I don’t have anything that says that! I only have 2 quests on the left right now, “finish building the spaceship” and “Diamond Van Helsing” (which I charged after the last full moon which was apparently a big mistake because it didn’t count and now I have no way of getting the certificates!)
So how do I get the remaining items needed to assemble the spaceship?


    You are working on the same as me I believe, Finish Building the Spaceship. For the Diamond VanHelsing send a ticket to GI & they will help.


Both revolver and memory eraser can be found in room 51…for the iron heart, if u dont have keys to enter animatorium, banish homunculus…some higher level players have them in their yard, or you can gift/regift it…


The biofuels can be found when searching selene (first 2) and mars (remaining 3 fuels). It was easy for mars room but rare drop on selene room. You can find all five from smuggling robot but items to banish does not drop…


Searching for the love meter in the ” lovers section” …. Where is that? Anyone knows?


    Well, i found mine in the saturn so i guess the lover’s section is just an expression…


    I assumed it was the bedroom, lol. But I found it on Saturn.


    Found the love meter in the hotel in basement…dropped in first search.


    Just got mine in 69nightclub dropped about fourth time george


Quest 27: “It’s Fun Visiting Friends.” Find the Alien abode by exploring Saturn in Silhouettes mode.
Ive tried doing this 100 times and it still hasnt droppppped!! Ive used all the charm etc and nothing ! Any tips

Christina Parrish

Family received all the desks but now I need to assemble the spaceship I have not received any questions regarding Saturn since I finished the disks what do I do??


Hi all does anyone know where to get the love meter from in the born metalic quest it says the lovers section not sure where that is…..



    I really need to know where to find the love meter… Where is the lovers section?


    Found it in the hotel in basement during first search 🙂


After quest HOW FAR CAN PROGRESS GO is another quest GOING ON A WILD RIDE to trade with Saturnian to get Ink Ball (car fuel that is gradually going out of fashion in the galaxy).


    Thank you, PegWalt!

iPad Kersty

Read where to find the model to find the plasma ball. She is in the yard. The lady who you banish for the Club.


    For the plasma ball you banish Model Eurydice in the yard …took me awhile but it finally dropped

iPad Kersty

After the quests above….

After “At the Edge of the Galaxy” Gas Station

Full Tank
Collect Biofuel (and can’t remember where from)

Dinner is Served
Martian Ham collection (charge)
Dressing room
Oceanic room
Sakura room
Fortune-Telling room
Microwave (found in the Snatchin General Bunker)

Crew, We’re Taking Off
Launch Button (found in any room with zero gravity curse) or banish relevant alien

Ticketless Passenger
Thermometer (exploring African room)
Ammeter (exploring O’Olle’s Flying Saucer)

Marley Translate
Universal Translator (exploring room 51)
Graviton (find 5 by banishing Little Green Men)

Tea Party in Deep Space
Teapot (explore the Library)
Pack of Tea (Living room with Native Idol)

Approaching a Rough Landing
Astronaut Helmet (Bathroom in Silhouette mode)
Spacesuit (Dressing room)
Oxygen Tanks (Japanese Garden with Mist Phenomenon)

We’re not in Kansas Anymore
Explore Saturn 3 times

Local Aborigine
Trade with Saturnian 10 times

It’s Fun Visiting Friends
Find the alien abode by exploring Saturn in Silhouette mode

How Far Can Progress Go
Vacuum Cleaner (banish Vacuum Robots)
Radio (banish Musical Robots)
Precision Scales (exploring Kitchen)

The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish
Find 5 River Babylonia (exploring Bathroom, Pirate Brig and Island)

Breakfast of Ployglots
Martian Fork and Knife (exploring Mars)
Butter (trading with Snatchin Cook)

The Professor’s Dreams
Collect and charge “Dreams of Space” collection
Drive away phenomena away to collect pieces
Native Idol has bullet
UFO has blue space craft
Mist has UFO thing and space rocket
Will-o’-the Wisp has round spacecraft

If It’s Not Pirates Attacking You, It’s Planets Talking at You
Revolver (found in Night Mode in any room your expert in)
Memory Eraser (found in Night Mode in any room your expert in)
Gauguin’s Hyperboloid (collect and charge)

Want to See Some Physics?
Super Magnet (collect and charge – explore Saturn)

Excursion into the Past
Projector (exploring Club ’69 in Silhouette Mode) or get someone nice to send it to you or search Saturn
Film Stock (explore Room 51)

Magic Tech Support
Book of Merlin (collect from Fortune-Telling room, Hallway, and African Room and then charge)

The Return of SOG
Formidable Foreman (explore Sakura, Flying Saucer, Laboratory, Selene and Saturn to find pieces. Charge collection)

Even Copernicus Didn’t Dream of This
Tellurion (explore Mars or Selene to find one)

Instead of an Alarm System
Plasma Ball (it says to banish Evridik models but none arrived so search Saturn)

I’m Staying!
Bouquet of Transistors (banish Television Robots)

On Someone Else’s Starship
Explore Saturn 3 times in Silhouette Mode

Job Done… Time to twiddle fingers


    WOW!!!!!! Thank you so very much, Kersty!!!!!


    I just completed all quest too. Now back to waiting


    What collection number is the “dreams of space” collection? I don’t have that at all..


There are two more quests to get in. First is to collect four Towels which are most easily obtained from friends. Put it in your Wish List. Then the quest to obtain 7 each of five items.


    Which items (7 each)?


      Those are parts to a spacecraft…can be found when banishing greenman, octopus, visiting rooms w will of the wisp and ufo phenom, and in the selene room…still finishing this quest though


        Its green men and television robots, not octopus…


Where do you get the earthly vacuums from to trade with the smuggling robots?


    No one seems to know where to get vacuums …they don’t seem to drop from any room or creature……You can search Selene and Mars instead to get drops ….Friends tell me they drop fairly easily. …Good luck


    They appear around your manor just start banishing others and they will appear hope this helps


Where do you get thaw vacuum to trade with the robots?


    I sent a ticket about the vacuums …MM reply was the only way to currently get the vacuums is to use diamonds and they are working on the problem


      So I searched Mars and Selene and got the drops


Ok – the next stage totally sucks! The pieces needed that are supposed to drop when wilowisp or UFO are present are not dropping at all. Played both phenomenons at least 20 times each and have received none. So not feeling this one :(!


    It does suck so I am just taking my time and not worrying about if I ever finish !!!


    A friend told me she searched the mystical living room a lot …like 150 times and got UFOs to come in her manor ….I tried and got two…I also found that I got better drops with only the golden turtle on


Why do i get the diamond drill batteries again? I have no use for them. Anyone a clue??


    You have to ask friends if they can send them or not. Some players have them on their gift lists and some don’t.


    The batteries are used to trade with Marley Robot for the quest when you need 30 gas balls ….some friends have gotten lucky and got the gas balls to drop from the mystical living room chest


The phone directory can be asked from a friend, it is a charger for the saturn collection…


    Thanks for the info, Isay 🙂


But it’s sooooooo hard to find the disks even with charms…took me about 5-6 banishes for octopus, destroyer before i could get one…helping a friend is the same…searching through room 51, laboratory and flying saucer is equally difficult so stock up on keys to these rooms…it was quite easy for the mars and selenoid room thou, one for each visit…haven’t tried the zodiac and hyperion searches yet…


The quest to find the disks follows after the martian locksmith and mulled wine quest…


The Gas Balls are also randomly given with the Mystical Chests. Of course, I mean RANDOM! Good Luck!


    Thanks for that tidbit, PegWalt!


For the mulled wine, I just traded it with another player since it is from a mars collection


    Thx, Dawn121. I looked through those Mars collections and missed it!!!


I know you’re not this far but one of the quest to get the disk for Saturn – Well Protected – references a room called “portal to Aleman”. Any clue as to which room that is? Anybody???


    Portal of Alemon is Hyperion Room.


    I think it is the Hyperion Hall. I think they meant Aleman as a reference to Germany in French although I thought it was spelt Allemande.

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