Combeferra and Medeina

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Combeferra and Medeina have appeared in the upper left corner of space.

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In order to open Combeferra you need to collect the following: (Thank you Bill for the info)

A – An Educated Guess,

Open planet in Space Room

Collect 5 of each item in the collection “Navigating the Stars “. You can find these items by Exploring rooms on any floor in different modes. They require diamonds to purchase:

  • Microphone in Words mode
  • Earphones in Night mode
  • Monitors in Silhouette mode
  • Adjuster in Night mode
  • Synthesizer in Silhouette mode

Collect 5 of each item in the collection ” Banal Porrigation” by Banishing space creatures. They require diamonds to purchase:

  • Buckwheat – Martian Bear
  • Millet – Visitor from  Alph Centauri
  • Oats – Little Alien
  • Rye – Arch-Octopus
  • Barley -Saturnian
  • All 5 can be found be banishing the Simian Scientist

Once you obtain all of these items you need to battle to open the room. Weapons come from Space under Control and Over Pulsars and Forests Collections. They can be purchased for Diamonds:

Combeferra Battle Weapons

Combeferra – Once you enter you need ? for each exploration and the room is open for ?


Quest List

  1. Point of Contact – Explore rooms ( first floor) in Zero Gravity Curse (UFO) to find the Conversation Printouts
  2. Emptiness and Disappointment – Explore the Flying Saucer in Words mode 3 times
  3. Pointing Skyward – Explore Room 51 in Words Mode to get Interstellar Telegraph
  4. The Idea Collector – Find the Mental Accelerator by trading with Y’Lli and the Wooden coins by Playing the Space Rooms ( Selena, Mars and Saturn)
  5. Eddie ex Machina – Find
    • The Portable Algorithms in the Laboratory in Word Mode
    • The User Manual by Banishing the Bookworm Snatchins
    • Edison’s Machine by Charging The Sum of Technology Collection
  6. We Made Contact – Click on Combeferra and Trade with 5 Secret Agents
  7. Like A Laminated Comet – Charge the Space Woodfall collection. Items found In the Yard.
    • Treesawer found in The Bunker
    • Stumpcutter found in The Crypt
    • Woodtrimmer found in The Animatorium
    • Loghacker found in Strigoi Castle
    • Chippy found in Hyperion’s Hall
  8. The Programmable Carpenter – Collect 5 Boards by exploring rooms on any floor
  9. Look at Those Splinters Fly – Collect The Ignition Keys and deploy a flight to Combeferra to meet Master Tarnada
  10. A Planet in Rebellion – Explore Combeferra 3x
  11. I Know Three Words – Trade with Simiam Scientist 10x (thirty banana batteries )
  12. Breaking The Chains – Explore the Space Planets to get Beavers in Space Collection and charge collection
  13. Reunification – Explore Room 51 3x in Words and 3x in Silhouettes Mode
  14. Rebellious Whispers on the Wind – Banish Space Aliens to get Space Delicious Collection Items and charge collection
  15. Homecoming – Explore the Laboratory 3x in words mode
  16. Adaptation by Tea
    • Explore Sakura Room at Night to find Sweet Crayzins
    • Explore Fortune Telling Room in Zodiac mode to find Astralium Dragee ( can also get Dragee from the Little Alien on space floor)
    • Explore Kitchen to find Porcelain Cup
  17. The Real AAIB – Explore Room 51 to find Agents Badge and Charge Agents Personal Belongings Collection. Find other items on First Floor rooms in Various modes
  18. Revelation – Trade with Special Agents to get FOCS AAIB
  19. Event Digest – Find Platinum 12C by trading with Television Robots Explore Rooms in Zodiac mode 7x
  20. Oh,Those Pesky Global Lines – Explore Combefeera 3x in Silhouette Mode
  21. Do You Hear The Beavers Sing – Explore Combefeera to find the Beaver Staff, Beaver Crown and Beaver Signet Ring
  22. The Fall of The Wooden Curtain – Charge the Zoo Among The Stars Collection, Get items by exploring the space planets.
  23. Restoration – Explore Room 51 5x.
  24. May The Algorithm Run Forever. Explore any room in the Manor to catch 100 Flying Monkeys.

That’s the last quest.

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Hi .. I’m not sure if my game has a glitch, do these quests come after Ampritrite … I’m still working through these quests. Both the others are open and requesting sawdust and keys but no quest string etc. Any advice welcome. Thanks


    I think you do need to complete the Amphitrite quest string to get to these quests. I see these pages need to be updated so if, or when, you find out please post a comment so I know!

Ronda Meyers

I have a quest which involves traveling thru space. It’s called
“We need more Food”. It starts with collecting high energy dinners, easy, then a voyage thru space but I’m not clear on all that that entails.

I don’t see my quest listed here, does anyone know about this space quest?


    Here’s the method to find quests you don’t know where they belong.

    1. Look at the little quest icon. You can tap on it and usually find out which quest string.
    2. On the right side is a Search box. Type the name of the quest in quotation marks.

    For your quest name it returned the page for Amphitrite And the quest is listed there.


There is nothing on Medeina? Where is Master Tarnade to get needed entry items?


    That is the little tiny planet/moon next to Combeferra. From what I can tell you have to collect those items that you get each time you battle Combeferra and then you get a gift every 24 hours. I have not done it yet!

Debbie Larkin

#17 The Real AAIB
The various rooms and modes that collection items can be found in for
Agents Professional Sunglasses #50 Sunglasses
Room 51 – any Mode – Agents Badge
Living Room – Silhouette Moe – Felt Hat
Dressing Room – Words Mode – Trench Coat
Library – Words Mode – Voice Recorder
Hunting Room – Night Mode – Revolver


Does anyone know where to get the plates of sawdust for Medeina? Thanks

Jenny Andrews

I have just opened Combeferra for the first time! When I tapped on Medeina again, it showed 1 of 15 plates of sawdust. So I assume all you have to do to get Medeina open is to fly to Combeferra 15 times total. You don’t seem to get actual plates of sawdust. I have no idea what Medeina may do for you though..

Jenny Andrews

I have just completed An Educated Guess, but no further quests have appearered.. Do I need to unlock the combefrarra room first? The quest cleared when I just tapped Upgrade.. Any help gratefully received!


I have opened Combeferra, but where do you find the sawdust to open Medeina?

    Richard Dawson

    i have no idea where to get sawdust, doesn’t seem to appear in rooms or anywhere else, I’ll let you know if I find out. Good luck


How do I collect ignition keys for quest 9. To start flight to combeffera


How do you find astrillium and bananas?


    I found most of mine exploring the Flying Saucer with a Turtle of Luck and an Astronaut’s breakfast/lunch.

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