Space is a floor deep under the yard of our Manor. Space includes bosses you have to battle to search and rooms outside the space area that require keys to search.

Space 1


There are also two new planets and their moons. Many players feel they will never get them open so just be patient!

Space 2


Amphitrite and Phorcus are the first set of new planets/rooms to explore in the Pisces Constellation.  They are 0n the bottom left of the space screen.


Combeferra and Medeina are in the Beaver Constellation, on the upper left of the space screen.


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Nancy Cramer

working on saturn where do find information on assembling the spacecraft


    Unless it has changed it’s still under the Saturn Link.


Hi! I just received the quest “Pointing Skyward” to find an interstellar telegraph. It says to explore Agent Fox’s room in words mode… which room is that? I’m asking in the space quest string because when I tap the icon that looks like a little brown dinosaur it talked about the plante Combeferra.
Thanks so much for all this amazing info you have put together. I don’t think I would get anywhere in this game without it!
Lynette (justwannaplay58)


    Room 51


      Thank you!

Gary B

When I go to the bosses tab while on the space floor, I see a “mystery boss”. What is this referring to?


    I never noticed this unknown boss. I asked about it and was told it is unavailable at this time. No idea when we will see quests for him! It’s a good floor for another boss though because the other ones are getting crowded.


tem mais planetas liberados na versão do facebook.

Translated. There are more planets released in the Facebook version.


    All versions are different depending on which device or game you are playing.


I have just completed the spacecraft to get to Saturn. I am now asked to find biofuel by trading with smuggler robots. where are these robots?


    Try banishing a few roamers to make the smuggling robots appear.


    Check the Saturn Quest string and comments. It’s probably listed there.

Ronda Meyers

I am not getting any more blueprints for Border Patrol quest. GI says I have to finish Favorable Stellar Winds quest first.
That doesn’t seem right, because I WAS getting blueprints, lots of them.
And I can’t seem to get the hydron things to complete the Stellar Winds quest. They say I also need to complete that in order to get the whales. And I forgot why I need the whales!
Something seems wrong here, and I do not want to pay the many diamonds needed for these quests.
Can anyone help me with a suggestion? Thank you.


It is so difficult to accumulate keys for the space bosses. I’m in need of the ignition keys.anyone have any suggestions for acquiring more.


    If you go to the Roamers page or the Collections pageand do a search on which keys you are looking for you may find who to banish or what collections to charge. Also if you find Roamers but don’t have weapons I think some of the collections give weapons to banish the roamers.


When in space, on the bosses page, it shows there is a 3rd space boss. Anyone know about this?


I have finally gotten the Beaver planets open, but now the little one, Medeina, needs plates of sawdust to open it and references flying to master of tarnade to get them, what is this talking about?


    I have just gotten to the same point and wondering the same thing!! That was after spending the last of my diamonds to open it!!
    Did you find out how to get these????


      You get those plates by exploring the beaver planet, one for each time you go in it. I hear it is nothing more than like the anniversary cake, it will give a gift every 24 hours once you have collected all the plates, so nothing to really look forward to.


I’m doing the Peace in the Galaxy quest for Ollie the Alien and am supposed to kill octopuses to get the We Come In Peace Discs. I’ve killed the first floor space octopuses and a couple of Arch Octopuses on the space floor and none register on the counter for the 5 I need. any one else have this problem? Any suggestions?


How are we suppose to earn Star Krill and Australium? I do not see them as findable items anywhere. I have played the Planet many times and numerous attempts on First Floor rooms.


Hi, you guys have gone above and beyond doing a stellar job on these 2 sites. Would love to see the rest of the Space quest string
Thank you


I can’t find 4 different certificates one or two of them maybe by feeding space whales but am uncertain how to do this as I don’t have space whales in my manor, can anyone tell me what I have to do to collect the other 2 or 3 certificates as well as letting me know how to feed space whale Sharks?


    You have to open Phorcus (the little planet beside the big one) first before the whales will appear.


    I dont get the space whale comment… I have no space whales! How doe you get them to float… All I have is the space bear…


Kudos! You are doing a great job!


can anyone please tell me where I can find the weapons to banish the aliens in the space floor? I’ve tried the planets and the saturnians plus just general room exploration but nothing has dropped so far. Help!


    You get weapons for slaying space aliens from exploring 1st floor rooms. They are very few and far between. Hope this helps

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