Mystery Manor iPad 3.1.1 Update

a couple of years ago

I have not even had time to play the game I’m so busy with Halloween Costume Making but I was notified there was an update today. It says Improved Game Stability! If anyone has noticed any benefits please let us know! Hopefully they returned some of the things they took away last time. I’m especially […]

Update 3.0.1 Returns Our Friends to Us!

a couple of years ago

After nearly 2 weeks of not being able to visit Friends GI has released version 3.0.1 with a statement that there are Game Stability Improvements. The usual Friday bonus of a chest containing 5 diamonds for visiting Facebook arrived on time. A Facebook Bonus of 20 Oil Cans, 50 Shatters of Zodiac, 5 Cowboy Lasso’s […]

Using Coins – Don’t Hate the Bankers!

a couple of years ago

I’m a Banker! Okay, take that frown off your face! When I first started to play this game I had a lot of Friends in the game tell me not to tip their rooms! They didn’t want coins. Eventually I just quit tipping everyone. I would only wake Sleepers. Then I accumulated Real Friends in […]

The Designer’s Manor Update

a couple of years ago

Today GI release update 3.0.0. We’ll call this the Designer’s Manor! The First Floor of the Manor has been transformed and you now how the opportunity to furnish your rooms with Bonus items such as an increase in Experience. Also, the names of the rooms no longer appear until you click to open the room. […]

There’s a New Boss in Town

Todays update 2.26.0 of Mystery Manor iPad brings us the Gingerbread House in the yard. Could this sweet temptation be evil and take away all our keys? We also hear that there will be an Independence Day Event. That’s the 4th of July for the U.S. so it should appear in our manors soon. On […]

An Easy Way to Get Phenomena Summoners

I don’t always notice all the little things that pop up on the right side of my manor. Perhaps it’s because I still have so many of the 5 of each collection quests to complete. However, I was looking at them the other day because I was working on website updates and I opened the […]