There’s a New Boss in Town

a couple of years ago

Todays update 2.26.0 of Mystery Manor iPad brings us the Gingerbread House in the yard. Could this sweet temptation be evil and take away all our keys? We also hear that there will be an Independence Day Event. That’s the 4th of July for the U.S. so it should appear in our manors soon. On […]

An Easy Way to Get Phenomena Summoners

a couple of years ago

I don’t always notice all the little things that pop up on the right side of my manor. Perhaps it’s because I still have so many of the 5 of each collection quests to complete. However, I was looking at them the other day because I was working on website updates and I opened the […]

Updates to Collections Page

a couple of years ago

My time off is over and I spent a portion of my day working on the Collections Table page. They are small changes but hopefully will make it a little easier to maneuver. First, the rows are closer together. And while this still makes it a long table to scroll through I’ve added a HINT […]

Holiday Weekend for U.S.

a couple of years ago

Hi Everyone! After a wild and crazy day at Disneyland for their 60th Anniversary Celebration I am back to my desktop. But not really full-time for a few days. This is Memorial Day Weekend for the U.S. and my husband has some time off. This time I’m using it to finishing painting walls in my […]

Helping with the Future

Today brings a couple of updates. There’s a Menu Item for the Mystic Arena and a pretty much blank page. I put this here for everyone to be able to post comments and help each other out. I have a Guild that is working on compiling information for me to post. There is also a […]

Initial Web Page Changes

You will notice that the Welcome 🙂 page now contains blog posts that will keep you updated on what’s going on in the game and on the web site. The first thing you will notice is that the entire menu has changed. We’ve added Menu items for The Rooms, The Bosses, Space, Collections and Guilds. […]