The MM iPad Fun Page Takeover

a couple of years ago

Don’t worry, it’s not the space aliens taking over the page! After 3 years of very hard work and exceptional writing Keri, urbankatgirl, is going to enjoy real life. I am hoping to be able to fill her shoes. I am MsWillow in the game, cf1daa if you want to add me as a friend. […]

The Dealer’s Suitcase

We now appear to have a way to trade in some items we might not want for items that we might want more of. I took advantage of the first trade offer to get 100 batteries. I don’t know if the same offer goes to each player or if it is tailored to the individual […]

Achievements Strategy & Tips

By Mary Anne Dorman for the Mystery Manor iPad FUN Page Achievements – are you making the most of these freebies? Well, check the tab with the winner’s trophy two-handled cup on the right of your manor. Currently there are 67 possible achievements with 5 levels each.Each level is harder to get to but the […]

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