Visiting a Friend

You can visit a friend by (1) going to your “Friends” list and tapping on the ” visit” button or (2) tapping on the “visit” button of a friend who has posted on your wall.

The photo below shows some of the options you have when visiting a friend:

Visiting a Friend

Visiting a Friend

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When I visit a friend and give a gift from their wish list, does it come from my collections?


    If it’s a collection item yes. If it’s a charger no.

Marilyn Rodger

What is to flip something mean


    I think the player wants to send you something to return to them. Commonly called bounce or ping pong by other players.


What does it mean 🔌. Thanks.


    It means someone has sent you an item for charging a collection. An example is a Mobius Bow.


      Thanks !!!😁


    That means somone left you a charger. We use it since it’s the cord and closet we came up with.


How can a player visit you and leave a message and your not friends? I visit them back but can’t leave a message.


    I am wondering the same thing Star. Just had this happen today. You can visit them but not reply to them. A mystery for sure.


      You can send a message to a player that is not your friend by finding them in the list of guilds. It’s a weird way of sending a message. I have done it to notify guild leaders of special changes. But if you’re sent this message you won’t be able to reply if they’re not your friend.

Dashing The Daring

If you are searching for a snatchin you don’t have in your yard, you might find it in your friend’s yard. If you kill it, it will go away, but you can go to another friend and come back and it will be there again.


    Yes, the problem with banishing snatchins in your own yard is that some of them disappear and don’t return to your manor. However you can find them in your friends manors and then will return after you banish them but you have to leave and come back.

    You can only banish them once while you’re in there. During the Full Moon just move from friend to friend to banish them.


How do I put friends on my favourites list?


    In your friends list you can tap the star next to their name.




when I leave a clue for a friend on their page:
1) what is that doing?
2) what are the hearts for that pop up?


    When you tap on a friends room you are leaving them a Tip! So depending on if you are a banker, scientist, or explorer you are leaving a 10% increase in coins found, 10% increased chance to find an item or 15% increase in experience for exploring the room. The little hearts are increasing your reputation and until your reputation gets to 51 where it maxes out this is how many gifts you can get for visiting friends each day.

    You want to visit friends and give tips or wake sleeping helpers your maximum amount every day to help you move forward in the game. If you use a turtle of luck or fortune you will,also get extra keys to those pesky rooms that require keys.

    That’s a really brief explanation.


When visiting a friend’s manor, there is a blue circle with a hand and a number in the upper left hand corner of the screen. The number shows how many actions you can perform at the friend’s manor. When the number goes down to zero, how do you get it to go back up? I have several friends I can no longer help even though I have gone up in reputation level several times.


    The maximum help you can give each friend in a 24hr period is 15 times. If it he hand/number doesn’t change after 24hrs, contact GI to let them know the problem.


I haven’t been playing much this month but after this new update, it looks like there’s a limit on how many friends you can visit in a day? Is anyone else experiencing this? I can’t even go back to a friends manor I’ve already visited and I’m unable to get the full number of daily gifts from visiting my friends because I can’t get to their manors… Any advice?



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