How to Delete a Friend in Mystery Manor for iPad

Click the “X” by the name of the friend you wish to delete as indicated in the photo below:


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I realized that the game has false profiles like katherine, do not send requests, have your wish list empty or do not change it in weeks. They have little reputation and have different levels. They do not send anything and we send collectibles of their wishes.


I accidentally deleted some friends, how do I get them back?


J yamazaki

Why would u drop a friend? Should I be cleaning up my list. Even when inactive, they still provide gifts for visiting and source of extra monsters. But all these undependable friends are frustrating…what is the strategy of experienced players?


    Lots of players delete friends. If it seems that your friend isn’t playing anymore, visit the friend’s wall, see if the friend has left a message on his/her wall that he/she is on vacation, ill, working a lot, etc. If you don’t see anything like that, leave a message on the wall asking if the friend is still playing. If you don’t hear back after a week or two, you are probably justified in deleting the friend. If you make a mistake, the friend can be re-added in 30 days. Also, if you feel a player is unfair or deceitful in anyway, I would delete the friend.


      I delete friends that didn’t respect a swap deal, they say they will send the coll item, but you send yours and then …. No collection item in return promised and most of them are hight players. I delete friends because when you need to find a friend … the list can be too big!

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