How Do I Send a Mystery Gift?

You are probably already sending Mystery Gifts and don’t even know it!

Every time you accept a gift that a player has sent to you and then press the “thank” button, a Mystery Gift is sent to that player!

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Kathie Mulvihill

When’re is the Thank button for returning a Mystery gift?


I am playing albion on my iPhone.
My question is – after I accept my mystery gift, how do I actually get it? Today I had a pop up informing me that I have 12x… I clicked on it to see what I received (some candy) but then could not find where the “pop up” went to get the rest? I clicked every button on my screen and cannot seem got figure it out


    The mystery gifts show up in your inventory under the “ALL” tab. You have to scroll down a screen or two to find them.


So we don’t know what is In the mystery gift we sent, of there is a collection gift In the mystery box, It wasn’t sent by the friend then and ARE NOT TAKEN from his Inventory ? I ask this question because I I always send back collection gift. My code is 8c225f


    Yes, Alexia, when you send a mystery gift because you thanked someone, it is impossible to know what the friend received and they are NOT taken from your inventory. If you send a regular gift from you your gift list, it is NOT taken from your inventory. However, if you send a gift under “send collection” it WILL be taken from your inventory.


Since I updated the game on my ipad, I’m not receiving any mystery gifts anymore…I send more than 50 gifts n 10 collection items everyday…how come I don’t get the mystery gifts?! Moreover, last week when I was accepting my gift, the page just closed…I lost all the gifts I accepted and my gifts page was empty!!! But few days later, I recovered some of the collection items on my gifts page again! What’s the bug? Help out plz…thx


    Aishnazu, this is happening to almost all players, including myself. According to what I have read, these issues will not be fixed until the next update 🙁

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