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Star Mitchell

I’m playing the min-game and I have to remove 4 bottles. I don’t understand how to remove them because when they get to the bottom they don’t drop unless I have a bomb.
It’s the Match three level 58. txs


How do I explore in a given mode faster. It seems I do not get the mode unless I explore 4 or 5 times


    Are you in the original or New MM? The only modes you can make appear faster are phenomena. Otherwise you just have to keep searching. Though I did notice on day in the New MM that if it asked for a phenomena and you used the show button in the quest and then summoned it the phenomena would go to,that room. I haven’t tried it since the last 2 updates so,that could have changed.


how do you get boxes of confetti


    Do you have more information about it? In what context does it appear in the game? I can’t remember what this is…


What are the professors robots


    The vacuum, tv, and music robots on the first floor. If you don’t have any, try to find them in friends’ manors. I think the chances of finding them are better at friends under level 100. That’s been my experience.


Is there a “best way” to accumulate the COMPASS? After losing 60+ ? my third day on the game I refuse to keep them showing so I don’t open the Treasure Chests I get and have missed out on the level up bargain ? Because I’m not ready to spend real bucks ?

One or two via the first collections takes forever, I’m hoping there is something I’m not aware of as an enthusiastic newby ?

BTW learning about your site on day one has really made all the difference. WOW‼️ Thanks for all you do


    There are multiple ways to get free Diamonds in the game. Here’s a Diamond Tips page. You can also buy a tree in the Japanese Garden that will give you a diamond every day. It costs 20 diamonds but if you check in on your game every day and collect it you will be ahead quickly. Leveling up faster is a good thing.

    Then you have coins that can help you get Diamonds. There are some listed in Making Use of Coins. I charge the Mythical Arsenal Collection all the time and I find it’s easy to charge the collections that give horseshoes so I can banish gypsies. This gives experience points and Zodiac Shatters.

    I will add you as a friend. I’m MsWillow in the game. If you have the always use the turtle of luck during game play!


How do I find out what Profession I am?


    Ask a friend to tell you. I’m MsWillow in the game cf1daa.


I’m trying to find out how to get started. Downloaded the app, floor plan came up. It goes nowhere and I keep getting a message to finish the tutorial which I can’t find.


Any idea how long an item can be in your gift inventory?? I’m at the dreaded 25 quest and don’t want to lose items that have been sent.


    NOrmally, gifts can sit in your gift inventory for a long time. Right now we are under the curse of the update glitches so tread carefully.


      Thanks, I better not lose all my booze!! I just wasn’t sure if they were trashed after a week or so.


On the Friend page, there are “present” icons. What do these icons mean?


    Those present icons are a new addition since the last update and are supposed to represent how many gifts you have given; however, we do not believe they are accurate at this time.


Somehow all of my entry did not get through. Maybe due to use of icons!
What I wanted to post was a small suggestion to write a bit about the use of charms here on “Tips for new players”. My way was try and error and sure could have used some tips and trix when I first entered the Manor.
Still, a great game and a wonderful site.


    Thank you, Woody, and that is a good suggestion 🙂


      Glad you like the idea about how to use charms. I’ve seen a lot around this site who uses turtles but can’t find coll. items. Personally I always use a golden clover if I am after a coll. item and a turtle if I want different stuff to banish snatchin and other creatures. It took me a long time to figure this out and not until I read the describtion on each I figured it out. Actually the clover says you will increase your chance of finding a collection item, whereas the turtle “only” says you’ll increase your chance of finding an item. And I always use a turtle when I go after the different creatures roaming around as I found out I always get either chargers or coll. item, sometimes even both. Problem with the turtle is that it lasts for 6 hours, so usually I do all my room exploring with cloves and when I out of energy I turn on the turtle and go after the snatchins and other creatures. Except during events like full moon where I want weapons to banish creatures that give away coll. items for the quests, then I always explore rooms with a turtle on.
      Sorry about this long entry, hopefully it can be of some use 🙂
      Thank you again for a great site and the great work you are doing.


        The gold Turtle of Luck is the best charm in my opinion 🙂


First, what a great site

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