Player Etiquette Tips: Keep Friends and Minimize Frenemies!

Leave a comment and let us know if you agree, disagree, or have other player etiquette tips that you would like to see added.  We will amend this list as time goes on based upon players’ comments.

1. Collection items and charging items are not of equal value.  Don’t send a friend a charger then demand a collection item in return.

2. In fact, don’t DEMAND anything!  Politely ask or just keep quiet!

3. Offer to make a trade with another player instead of just asking for a collection item!

4. Don’t send a player a collection item and then demand a particular collection item afterwards.  The polite thing is to agree which items will be traded before any items are sent.

5.  Don’t type the “help me with my wishlist” message on players walls. Players of all levels need help.  If you need help, ask for help but also offer to help others as well.

6. If you are not going to play Mystery Manor for a while because of the demands of real life, leave a message at the top of your wall and state when you may be back around.  Players will therefore know that you have not just quit playing and therefore not delete you!  Also, some players who aren’t sure if or when they will play again just remove all items from their wishlists instead of posting a personal message about  heir status.

7.  If you are going into a battle to enter a paid room, make sure you have weapons before you use keys to join and then don’t have any weapons to help contribute to winning the battle!  (Boss Fight Etiquette page coming soon, by the way.)  If you want to ensure that a player realizes you have tipped, woken helpers, or sent gifts, leave a quick note on the player’s wall, especially players with many friends.

8.  Do not leave a note just because you returned a wall request.  Leave a note if you actually visited the friend, helped them by tipping, waking friends, or sending the player something off of his/her wishlist!

9.  Remember, players of ALL levels are restricted to gifting 10 collection items a day unless they are willing to spend 10 diamonds to reset the collection item gift counter.  Just because a player may have a lot in inventory, he/she is still restricted by that gifting limit.

10. No player owes any other player ANYTHING unless it has been discussed,  in which case, a player with integrity will honor his/her word.  It is each player’s choice to give, trade, not give, etc., and each player’s decision whom to retain as a friend based upon game interaction.

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Adrianne Locke

Lost friends please add me Id: ecedagcaiv


    This is not a valid friend code.


I take an extra step when receiving a collection gift. I keep a written list of collection gifts and sender names I receive as I accept them. Some players just do not leave messages, I don’t understand why. The thing is collection item are earned by playing the game and I always want to give back. I take time to browse a players collections to help me not only give something needed but prevent me from depleting items in my collection. It takes a little time but it has saved me from gifting something that I will need for events.


When I accept gifts there is another step for a “thank you” to the player who gave. This second step is slow to process, but if I just close the window the “thank you” icons are all gone. Does the return gift actually process for the giver or do I have to specifically tap on each of those “thank you” photos?


    You actually have to tap to return the gifts. If you are on an older iPad it is painfully slow. I have put in a request to GI to make it automatic. Perhaps everyone should!


      You have to tap the photo with the ‘Thanks” at the bottom.


      Also, on my older iPad2, tapping on the Thank You photo causes my game to crash. That means I lose all gifts that just downloaded whether I have accepted them or not. It’s one of the problems playing with an older device. Once I can afford a newer model, I want to transfer my game.


        Try the used iPads people are selling. I am going to buy the new 12″ so I will sell my iPad Air. I want the bigger screen!

Lady Mona


Would like to point out that if reciprocating a collection item, don’t gift something at random. It uses up your gift allowance for no reason, and was quite a *oh, I only had a few dozen of this item already* moment. Just wait for my WL to change instead ?

Alternatively, don’t gift, and just accept the generosity.

Regarding emojis, I leave a legend on my wall which explains this.


I like banker tips.
You can spend the coins in the shop.
I usually buy weapons with the coins, so I say the more the merrier.
I also think it’s rude to not like tips from bankers and or ask them not to tip you.
You should be thankful that someone has tipped you and took the time to visit you in the first place.


    I agree completely! Thank you.


What do the tabs on the left mean on the friends lists? I understand the sleeping, but I don’t know if the gift is a friend I have gifted or who has gifted me. Also, what is the reason for the order the friends are in when you open the list? Thank you


    The gift is all the friends who have gifted you recently, the star is favourite friends. The order seems to be roughly the order in which friends have been added, but any friends you’ve favourited will be at the top.


      Thank you!


    In the friend window, the order friends are listed is not the order they became your friend. It’s not even close. And the order seems to change periodically.

    The friend bar that appears at the bottom of the screen when you visit a friend has friends listed in the order they’ve become your friend, with the exception that starred friends are grouped together. From left to right, friends are ordered this way: most recently added starred friends > older starred friends > recently added un-starred friends > older un-starred friends. Hope that makes sense.


Sometimes I think that a language barrier exits. Lots of players from lots of countries and English is not their first language. Responses to gift requests on the wall sometimes are misconstrued as rude.


I’m a pretty new player. Just found this site. I can’t figure out how to add items to my wish list. Can someone please tell me how?


This site is great!


    There is a place s sign + in your collections list next to the item or in the chargers list next to the item. You can also ask your friends for chargers by using the ask a friend button.


      Thank you for answering my question!

Yuna Ssi

I have a good friend that we always trade collection items when possible and is a generous tipper. She left a note stating she’d be back in about 2 weeks. That was over a month ago. Now she’s just on my sleeper list. What’s a good wait time before unfriending her?

Q3honey badger

Does anyone know of an IPad app that will translate foreign friends messages into English and vice versa? Or any other way to communicate (other emoji) with each other?


    The only thing I’ve found so far is to do it in Google Translator outside of the app. Unfortunately, we cannot copy and paste our wall messages to translate them. Maybe we should ask GI to make it possible.


    I use google translate to translate to their language and copy and paste from here onto their wall. At the end of my message I put a message about how I don’t speak this language and could they go to google translate and write back to me in English please. Seems to work okay, and I’ve even learnt to recognise some words in Russian, like the word for Thank you (looks a little like cnacao) and the word for Russian. Any messages in a language using the same alphabet as English (forgot what it’s called – Duh) can just be written down and typed into google translate. Also sometimes I just use emoji to get my point across, you can say what languages you speak using the flags, and perhaps you’ll have a common one. It’s a lot of fun to converse with people in another language I’ve found.

Q3honey badger

We all have limited time for playing, so here is a tip to make leaving wall messages faster and easier:
You can set up predefined messages and create “shortcuts” for them on your IPad. To do this go to your IPad settings, keyboards and then shortcuts. Type in the message you want to leave and create a “shortcut” word (minimum of 2 characters).
Then when you visit friends and go to their wall, just type in the “shortcut word” and IPad will bring up your predefined message. Just tap on the message and post it.


    Thanks Debbie! I need to combine your tips into a page with images. I appreciate the help!


The most common emoji icons that I have seen used (and adopted) are:
= collection item
= charger item
= tips
⏰ = woke helpers

I think if everyone tries to use the same ones, it will help to break the language barrier as well as the emoji barrier


    I only got the alarm clock. I agree we should try to use the same ones. I will try to write a tips and blog article on it!

    Q3honey badger

    If you want to add the Emoji keyboard go to your IPad Settings and select the following:
    Add new keyboard


I am a fairly new player at level 48 currently but moving up! My comment to other new players is to watch what level a player must be at before requesting a gift. I’ve had several people post on my wall asking for a gift that I am unable to give because my level is not high enough. If you are requesting a gift, be sure to check the level at which your friend must be before asking! I always feel bad if my friend has “wasted” a request on me.


Hi, is there a way I can ask friends for gifts to trade with the snatchins? I have been trying to get to the next level in the yard but never seem to have enough items to trade with the creatures and can’t see how to add these items to my wish list or ask friends.


I am an explorer and have several friends that are higher levels than I am. I want to gift them from their WL after they have sent me a WL gift but usually don’t have what’s on their WL. I send chargers but feel that is not good enough. I have been max tipping but need an opinion, are max tips from an explorer an ok substitute for no WL gift?


    I don’t think max tips are a sub for a WL gift no matter what your profession. What I do is leave their message on my wall & visit every day until I can leave a WL gift, or search their collections to see if there is a hole I can fill.

    When a higher level player leaves a WL gift they usually know that it will be difficult for lower level players to reciprocate fully.


If someone puts a gift request on your wall and you comply, does it come out of my own personal inventory or not? I seem to be working on the same quest as the friend. Thanks.


    Just found the post gifting 101. Which answers this. Ty!

Toye Seales

I have messages from friends in another language Russian maybe, is there a way to translate?


    I generally don’t communicate by talking (typing) I just normally use the emoji. But when I do I use google translate the Russian is the closest it may be the same alphabet but translation can be a little different like Ukrainian etc… . I use an iPad and added another keyboard to try and translate what they send me. It’s a lot of fun talking to people from all over. Best of luck


Thank you for all of the helpful advice. I will have to ask a friend what type of helper I am. I am also looking for advice on how to figure out who is playing regularly so that I can pare my friend list down to just the active players.


How many gifts can we request and receive a day? I know there is a limit of 50 for gifting but what about receiving? I was unable to gift from my wall until another player explained that I should only gift 49 so I would be able to fill wall requests.


I am still confused about the gift limit. I gift everyone who request on my wall and I try to gift fifty free gifts. How are the wall gifts counted and do they come from inventory? Sometimes wall,giftS are not listed under free gifts but, I have over gifted at times.


I have several people leave me a bunch of “emoji” picture in a row on my wall. Are they asking for something in a different language that isnt translating or just leaving a bunch of pictures?


    I use emoj pictures because it is quick and to avoid language barriers…but, I also leave a message when emoji icons are not descriptive enough.

    Seeker K

    I use emoji icons because 1) it’s faster, 2) it bypasses the language barrier, as many friends don’t speak/type English. I use a flag to represent tips (because leaving tips puts a flag in the room), alarm clock to represent waking a helper, gift box for a generic charger present. A few items naturally lend themselves to emoji, such as the pink bow (bow charger), panda (for exotic animal), etc.


Why are visitors allowed to banish or capture the items roaming around someone else’s manor even if they are not friends? It happened by mistake for me then I noticed I could banish and capture items from any manor. is it ok or a glitch?


    It is ok and sometimes you have to look for creatures in others’ manors.


Thought of another one: if you do request a specific collection item from a friend, please put it on your wish list so they don’t have to hunt through the unorganized chaos that is the “send collection item” inventory to do you the favor 🙂


Great tips, as always! Your site has helped me immeasurably. I do think it would be a good idea to note, especially for brand new players, that you don’t need to have “requested” gifts in your inventory to gift them & they are not deleted (w/ a few exceptions, like the Valentines event) if you do have the requested gift in your inventory.
In addition, any gift that you send from the charger page that MM gives you to choose from as gift for friends, does not delete from your inventory.
Happy Hunting!!


    Thank you so much 🙂


These are pretty good. I have one to add that may or may not help.
I am a Banker (I asked a friend to tell me what I was). Because of this, I try never to tip Zodiac or Phenomenon rooms, so the player has a better chance of getting an Explorer.

Also, for gifting advice: Try to establish one or two people you trust completely. When you have a quest for a hard-to-find item you already have, ask if you can send it to them and have them send it back. Then offer the same favor in return. This is how I got past the darn Emerald in the Bedroom quest back before the Zodiac stuff started 🙂


    Good advice, Cidago.


    Very good advice Cidago! I asked someone what I was and found out I’m an explorer!
    I also have a few good friends who trade gifts with me! Sometimes it is the only way to get through a quest – like the Emerald or in my case I was stuck on the Heart.


    On that note, how does one politely ask Bankers not to tip high experience rooms? I was hoarding my scientist tips on my high experience rooms (oceanic, sakura, lab, and 51), while I finished a quest today. I was using up my energy and was ready to level up. Went to look, and my scientist tips were all coins! IN EVERY ROOM! I love this player, so I don’t want to hurt his feelings, but, somehow, I need to ask him to wake sleepers instead of tipping right now. I had no idea that his tips would override the others? Also, they seemed to be “stacked” – I played the room thre times and all three time had his tips. Thoughts?


      I have several friends who have posted on their walls that they don’t want banker tips. It sounds like he tipped repeatedly. You could try to explain it to him; he may not even know he is a banker, but there is no guarantee if he will be offended or not.


        Thanks! He is so nice and tries to give me collection items whenever possible. Maybe I will post something general on my wall. Do you know how some tips override others?


          I don’t know for sure, but I think the latest tips override the older ones.


      Just don’t order the person not to tip the rooms. Someone actually did this to me yesterday with angry emoji icons. I unfriended her, because if she had just politely asked instead of ordering, I would have been okay with it. I found it rude and insulting. Don’t need friends like that, even if it was a language barrier.

      Atown folly

      This is news to me. I am a banker and had no idea that I might b messing someone’s strategy by tipping rooms. Thought I was being nice. I did know that waking sleepers was something I needed to do for friends. How do y’all figure this stuff out?


        It’s really just a personal preference. I’m greatful for all the tips I receive and dont worry about what type my friends leave. Most friends that don’t want bankers tips leave a note on their wall asking for Wakeups instead. It’s rude to “yell” at someone when they were just trying to help.
        Im a scientist and leave experience points. Besides bankers, that leave coins, there are also explorers that leave a higher chance of finding a collection item. The only way to find out your profession is to ask a friend.


          In my opinion it is totally rude and unkind to ask any player, whether personally or via wall message not to leave banker tips. These players are trying to be helpful and nice. It is best to accept the help offered in the spirit it was given, with grace and generosity. Get over yourself! It’s all part of the game!


            I am a scientist so I always tip the most valuable rooms since mathematically that helps friends advance to the next level faster. I have one friend who only wants scientist tips and has it written on her wall all the time, as well as her preferred chargers if you have nothing on her WL. She is so much ahead of me I never have a WL item or any gap filler, but she loves my max tips in the basement and high value rooms upstairs. She helps me a lot with my WL in return. Tips stack on top of each other, and if you leave tips on first floor and then go to basement and return to first you can re tip the same rooms. I try to ask friends where they want tips, but always do wake ups first too. Hope this helps. You can’t succeed in this game without good friends to rely on.

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