New Daily Contests in Mystery Manor iOS

New daily contests have been added to Mystery Manor iOS.  Click on the Contest button near the lower right side of the screen (right below the “Wall” button.)  It seems three contest will run each day and there will be 150 winners per contest.

As of now, there is no way to see your place in the contest but it has been suggested to GI as a possible addition in the future.

Contest Screen 1: Hungry Snatchins Contest

Contest 3

Contest Screen 2: Collect Dreamcatchers Contest

Contest 2

Contest Screen 3: Explore the Hunting Room ContestContest 1


What do we win???

In each contest, there are 150 winners who will be awarded the following based on his/her ranking in the daily contest:

  •  1 – 3 Place:  Gold Cup which contains 2 gold medals, a silver medal, and a chest with 50 diamonds.
  • 4 – 10 Place:  Silver Cup which contains 1 Gold Medal, a Silver Medal, and a Chest containing 30 diamonds.
  • 11 – 30 Place:  Bronze Cup which contains 3 Silver Medals, and a Chest containing 10 diamonds.
  • 31 – 70 Place:  Steel Cup which contains 2 Silver Medals.
  • 71 – 150 Place:  Wooden Cup which contains a Silver Medal and Wooden Cup.


What do we do with these medals???

If you go to the shop and press on the very last tab, a screen appears which shows all of the items you can purchase with medals that you win:

Prize 1

Prize 2

Prize 3


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i don’t find anything on your page about the secret contests, I’ve won a cup accidently from this and talked to a high level player who told me what it was yesterday. I was only able to see the “secret room” and lower level item to banish briefly. But I won a gold cup yesterday! Wish you would offer more information on these contests.


    Who did you talk to about these contests? I have been winning cups recently too and don’t know why. The other day it was for banishing Grubby Snatchins and I hadn’t banished any! I placed really high too.

    I will be happy to write something up if I get some information. I’m MsWillow cf1daa.


      The screen that pops up is showing what the new secret item is to be banished. I’ve been taking a screen shot before I accept my reward which helps me remember. I haven’t won the secret room again, so I don’t get to see that. Miss Willow I will send you a friend request! ?


        Can you email me those screen shots please?


Why isn’t the Victors cup mentioned in the “what we can win” section? And if we win 2 contests, shouldn’t we get two victors cups giving gifts every hour for 24 hours?


I tried to enter one of the contests just a few days ago. Based on the previous days totals/awards, it seemed possible to get a cup if I searched a room 25 times during the time period. Since I already had been in the room earlier that day, that figure seemed “do-able”. I stated to explore more for that particular room and ended up with a total of 25 rooms searched before my supposed internet connectivity issue raised it’s head and wiped out the counter back to zero. I was still hopeful that I might still get a bronze cup. My name did I not show on the list the next day as a winner. I put in a ticket thinking that the issue was with the counter resetting to zero. I got a response from support saying that my “count” was 25 rooms searched and the case was closed. When I sent another inquiry to ask why I did not get a prize, I was told that I was not one of the quickest to search the rooms. The people who are winning must have huge amounts of keys/charms, etc (with no quests to work) and can sit there and rack up the prizes. Some people specifically ask friends for items so that they can be charged from that person’s collections all at once. It will be a long time before I participate in another contest. I don’t see how it’s possible to rack up the scores that I am seeing on the boards. I don’t understand how normal levels of play will ever reach those #’s and speed.


Forget what I said before….. Those are the previous winners…. But the contest does not make sense to me, because I know for sure that at least one time I was not a 150+ place and still did not came up in the list of ‘winners’ the next day.


About these contests; Every 24 hours there’s a new one but the moment a new contest begins I tap the contest button and see, for example, someone allready explored the ‘contestroom’ 500 times… How is that possible?


    Forget this one


In the treasure contest I can only ever find 3 of the 5 items, usually in the living room, bathroom and library, can anyone tell me what other rooms are used for this contest?


    I entered here because I have the same question. They must be either in librarium, pumpkin or in the yard. They are not in snatchin general or pyramid. As soon as I enter other bosses I’ll let you know.

iPad Kersty

Anyone managed to get all five cups and charged the artefact yet??

Interested on what the artefact does??


Here are a few tips on how to win those trophies:
1. Always submit your results by clicking on the contest icon on the right side of your screen. Then click the icon (left side of contest screen) of whatever contest you are entering (hand, treasure or zoom icon). This will record what you have accomplished. You accomplishments can be seen on the left half of the contest screen.
2. Do step 1 whenever you move to another application or when you step out of MM. I noticed that whenever i forget to register before moving to another app, MM seems to forget what i have done and the result will be the same as the result of the last time I checked in. I do this whenever feel like I have banished about 20 or so snatchins.
3. Banishing 7000 snatchins is possible especially for those who have a lot of coins. Some snatchin weapons can be bought with coins. This most advantageous to those who are at level 300 or above because they may have accumulated gazillions of coins by this time.
4. I suggest doing the treasure or room contest. Besides the possible trophy, you get to level up faster and accumulate lots of keys to the chest especially if you activate the turtle of luck and experience artifact.
5. The thanksgiving quest was most beneficial for its bombs. You just blast you way through the rooms using those bombs. That’s how I got my gold trophy. Don’t worry too much about the depletion of your bombs. You can possibly get them back since you also get a lot of peacock feathers and corncobs when entering rooms.

That’s all for now, I hope this suggestion helped… Mmm i think I just did a novella, sorry about that folks!


    WOW,!! Thank You!

Rita Hurd

Twice I have had a score that should have gotten me a cup, but didn’t. If the count was for the day before the next day I should have gotten it. Today we are suppose to explore the laboratory. I searched it several times before a “1” came up. It’s still at one even though I have searched since then. I wish we had been given more information as to how the game is scored. Also, it would be nice if some of the scoring glitches are corrected. I have never had a problem with this game before the contests.


The numbers seem so hig. Does it accumulate day after day??


This game is getting bad….the new contest are impossible to play and when I do think I’m doing good, counter gets set back to zero. This is beginning to be like all suck you in and start making the game impossible to get anywhere unless you pay. Then be careful because just one click and your diamonds will be gone on something you didn’t want. That has happened to me so many times.

the Q

I have won a cup and it appears on my manor. Do I have to use it right away or can I save it for the weekend?

Christy P

When my internet connection is interrupted in game, the infamous “Internet connection error” , all contest numbers drop back down to 0. I’ve seen others post that on here as well. My question is, does GI know the true count? I have not kept track of my numbers today, which is unfortunate as I, nor several of my friends, have not been shown a number for today’s room count for exploring Room 51!


I get the ‘no internet connection’ sign but my internet is FINE. I banished almost 700 snatchins today and now its back to 0!!!! Also i am fighting one of the bosses and cant enter the room because apparently my internet is off…but its not. The issues are getting on my nerves and need to be fixed


Any suggestions on how I can banish 5600 snatchin in less than 45 minutes. While I have enjoyed playing this game and spent money to buy things, I am getting a feeling that something is off. Can anyone help restore my faith? Thanks

    Rita Hurd

    I was playing the game last night when the grubby I snatchin contest started. It was 15 minutes into this contest when the first place player showed a count of 7008! Can anyone tell me how this could be possible? Also according to the chart I should have placed 10th in the gypsy boy contest but I did’t receive anything for it. How does it appear in the game?


      The counts are showing the results of the contest the day before.


        They must have updated that chart right after you started working on the contest.


I must be doing something wrong, how can you banish over 2000+ of anything in one hour? How does anyone have that many items to banish them or find that many hanging around in other people games? But by having the scores of other people in view I won’t even try it!


    Absolutely agree with you. I tried yesterday to banish the hungry snatchings, managed 423 before I gave up! Seeing other people’s scores showed me that I hadn’t come close to a good enough score so won’t be wasting time or items on these contests.


      Agree, it’s a waste of time unless you can see what you are competing against. I won’t waste any more time on it.


Hi vicki,u can find those item when exploring rooms in the manor.and the New room in the yard,you need to request chargers from your friends to complete the building upgrade.


Hi, can someone tell me where to find the scarecrow and the witch? I don’t have them for new room in yard. Also, I don’t see any info for this new room?


I’m already banished almost 500 hungry snatching,but when i relog in the game,the progress became 0, anyone know what is the reason? Do i need to banish again?


    this has been reported from other players. It appears that if you lose or break your internet connection the counter is reset to zero.

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