Making Use of Coins

I’ve compiled a list of Items you can buy with Coins and what you can do with them. So turn those coins into Experience and Level Up faster. Each time you Level Up you gain 5 Diamonds.

If you Banish Monsters or Snatchin’s you gain Experience.

If you use coins to buy every item in the Mythical Arsenal Collection you get 500 Experience for charging it.

If you use coins to buy every item in the Warm Drinks Collection you get 100 Icy Roses to Explore the Citadel. Those are good keys to have.

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Updated: June 26, 2017 8:24 am
#Use/CollectionItemCoinsLocationHeal Amt.Other Info
1Daywalker's ArsenalGarlic Necklace3000025
2Daywalker's ArsenalSilver Nitrate6500030
3Daywalker's ArsenalVampire Sword13500035
4Daywalker's ArsenalDaywalker's Culverin20000040
5Daywalker's ArsenalDaywalker's Harquebus35000045
6Energy CharmCopper Phoenix750080% Energy RestorationLasts 30 Minutes
7Examination ArsenalVoodoo Doll5000Violin Graham100
8Examination ArsenalClue in a Sheath18000Violin Graham300
9Experience CharmElephant of Wisdom120015% ExperinceLasts 30 Minutes
10Finding CharmCopper Lucky Clover110015% Chance to Find an ItemLasts 30 Minutes
11Green FiddlesPrivate Dancer30000Club 6950
12Green FiddlesBoisterous Cowboy65000Club 69100
13Green FiddlesFatal Seducer135000Club 69150
14Hotel HeartPorter40000Hotel50
15Hotel HeartReceptionist75000Hotel100
16Hotel HeartWaiter145000Hotel150
17Hyperion Weapons'Gewehr' rifle30000General Krieg25
18Hyperion WeaponsSpeedshooter65000General Krieg30
19Hyperion WeaponsAsh-maker135000General Krieg30
20Hyperion Weapons'Fist' launcher200000General Krieg40
21Hyperion WeaponsMachine Gun “Mitralier'350000General Krieg45
22It is Hard in TreatmentSyrup 'Encouragin'30000Snatchin General50
23It is Hard in TreatmentAnti-Sweet Stickin65000Snatchin General100
24It is Hard in TreatmentPowder 'Theraflu'135000Snatchin General150
25Mythical ArsenalProtective Amulet150Collections25charge for 500 exp
26Mythical ArsenalSpray 'The Holy Cleansing'350Collections30charge for 500 exp
27Mythical ArsenalA Powerful Mascot600Collections35charge for 500 exp
28Mythical ArsenalGarlic Sauce950Collections40charge for 500 exp
29Mythical ArsenalSpearhead of Justice1300Collections45charge for 500 exp
30PromGraduation Gown5000Yanina Graham100
31PromGlass of Champagne18000Yanina Graham300
32Warm DrinksCacao15000Polar Bear100charge for 100 Ice Roses
33Warm DrinksTea with Raspberries28000Polar Bear200charge for 100 Ice Roses
34Warm DrinksHot Chocolate55000Polar Bear300charge for 100 Ice Roses
35Warm DrinksGrog110000Polar Bear400charge for 100 Ice Roses
36Warm DrinksSbiten220000Polar Bear500charge for 100 Ice Roses
37WeaponHorns – 1011000Bookworm Snatchin
  • 50 Exp.
  • 5 Coins
38WeaponInflatable Hammers – 1012000Hungry Snatchin
  • 50 Exp.
  • 5 Coins
39WeaponToy Pistols – 1022000Thieving Snatchin
  • 50 Exp.
  • 5 Coins
40WeaponFirecrackers – 1024000Grubby Snatchin
  • 50 Exp.
  • 5 Coins
41WeaponBaseball Bats – 1024000Animated Skeletons
  • 10 Exp.
  • 5 Coins
42WeaponFirefighter's Axes – 1021000Zombies
  • 5 Exp.
  • 5 Coins
43WeaponWooden Stakes – 1043000Vampires
  • 15 Exp.
  • 5 Coins
44WeaponFriendship Chainsaw – 1051000
  • Homunculi
  • Make Firewood?
  • 20 Exp.
  • 5 Coins
45WeaponHoly Water – 1060000Demons
  • 25 Exp.
  • 5 Coins
46WeaponSilver Knifes – 1070000Werewolves
  • 30 Exp.
  • 5 Coins
47WeaponAztec Charms – 1075000
  • Cursed Corsair
  • Pirate
  • 35 Exp.
  • 5 Coins
48Weapons for ArenaMystical Staff of Healing5000Arena – Heal bearer and random teammate70-90Cool Down 90 seconds
49Weapons for ArenaSnatchin General's Ointment18000Arena – Heal bearer and random teammate300-340Cool Down 90 seconds
50Weapons for ArenaScroll of Eve's Kiss25000Arena – Heal bearer and all teammates80-100Cool Down 90 seconds
51Weapons for ArenaGauguin's Healing Robot12000Arena – Damage target and heals player180-220 & restore 50%Cool Down 90 seconds
52Weapons for ArenaFocus-Boosting Potion30000Arena – Guarantees Critical Hit for Next attackCool Down 3 minutes
53Weapons for ArenaSnatchin General's Dagger10000Arena – Damage 1 opponent15-25Cool Down 60 seconds
54Weapons for ArenaNecromancer's Scythe of Time27000Arena – Damage 1 opponent45-75Cool Down 90 seconds
55Weapons for ArenaVampire's Fang Sword54000Arena – Damage 1 opponent90-150Cool Down 90 seconds
56Weapons for ArenaThrowing Glaive of Justice67500Arena – Damage 1 opponent and inflickts half that to another random target90-110Cool Down 90 seconds
57Winter's ChillIce Cubes2500Collections
58Winter's ChillIcicle5000Collections
59Winter's ChillSnowball Pile10000Collections
60Winter's ChillSnowflakes20000Collections
61Winter's ChillLiquid Nitrogen40000Collections
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Re what to buy with coins: Every collection item in collection 538, Protection from Golems, can be purchased with coins, which gives you 1000 experience when charged.


    Thank you. This page can be a challenge to keep up. Anouther way to see what you can buy with coins is to search the Collections table using (c). I have been putting that next to items that you can purchase. Always good when an entire collection can be purchased with coins.


    Where do I go to use coins to buy an item that it says you can buy with coins? I don’t know how to do that! I have lots of coins!!


      Are you looking for something in particular? Go to,the Collections table And do a search on (c). It will bring up all items you can buy with Coins. They have the (c) next to them.


Could you use little pictures?


    Perhaps, what do you have pictures of?


Love your website, your posts and insight. Thanx much.

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