How to Avoid Accidentally Time Cheating in Mystery Manor

This is the info that some players have received from the GI support team about this issue. Hope it is helpful :)

Thank you for contacting our Support Team!

We would like to bring to your attention the fact that changing system’s clock time or date affects the game. In this case changing system date and/or time is cheating and it is not allowed to do while playing the game as you can get unfair advantage doing so.

In order to avoid such situations we strongly recommend you to close the game when you want to change system date/time on your device and open it again only after you complete all the changes.

To exit the game in the right manner, press the “Back” button on your device and confirm exit by pressing “Yes” if your device platform is Android.

If your device platform is IOS, press Home button on your device and the application will get folded. After that press Home button twice and the panel with launched applications will pop up. Press the game icon and hold it until the icon starts vibrating and press “-” sign to close the application. To hide the panel press Home button again.

Please, note the fact that any changes should be done using the Time Zone option. If you change date/time manually it will affect the game and you will receive a warning message.

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Good morning. I have a question about the TimeZone of the game. I am in the UK and have noticed my 24 hour isn’t the same as the game. For example when I play a game that is UK TimeZone it resets gifts etc at midnight my time but MM seems a bit random. I gifted my 50 gifts yesterday but this morning (it is almost 5am) when I open the game it tells me I have used my quota of 50. The string for the charm for logging in every day seems at a random time too as does the ‘lucky cat’ event that is running just now. I can’t seem to pin it down to a switch over time for a new day.

I hope that makes sense as I’m awake ridiculously early today! Thank you.


    Yes. The game runs on a 24 hour clock for eberything. However, except for the daily contest and mini games, things done as a group you gifting, lucky cat and many other things is inconsistent. I was so obsessed with these 24 hour Settings being different I would set an alarm and do all the stuff at once. I have asked GI to reset them all at midnight but no luck with that so far.

    Gifting starts when you give the first gift. Then you have 24 hours until it sets to 0. You can see how long if you tap on the number of gifts given on the bottom of the window.
    Visiting friends starts when you visit the first friend.
    Tipping or waking for and individual friend has its own 24 hour clock and starts when you give them the first one. If you give them the maximum it is 24 hours from the first one before you can give it again.
    There are other things in the game as you progress that will have 24 hour clocks.


We take transatlantic cruises every year and there is a 5 to 6 hour time difference when you go eastward and/or westward. So what happens then. One time I got a warning saying I was cheating when I wasn’t , it really pissed me off. Any thoughs on the matter?


This happened to me last spring. Daylight savings time kicked in and I lost my friends, diamonds, energy etc. I eventually (after a long fight) got my diamonds back. How can I prevent this from happening this spring again??


    In your General Sttings, Date and Time, make sure you have it to set automatically for your time zone. Then it will set it and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Candy Crush

I think this cheat don’t work now.

Missy Gamesby

Tapping the vibrating icons on an iPad will *delete* the application. *Close* an application by clicking the Home button twice, so that small versions of each open app appear. Scroll back and forth to the app you want to close, then swipe the app upward. When it jumps up off the top of the screen, the app is closed.

Rachelle price gunderson

Someone just let me know what time cheating is,I did not in any way do this,I read it several times and don’t even understand it. Please give me my game back,intact,with diamonds and friends.
I did not do this,I promise you that. Please reenstate me so I can start playing again. Thanks,get back to me,I check constantly

    Sharon Russell

    Time cheating happens when you change the time on your iPad manually in your settings. We are not Game Insight and cannot give you back anything. If you did not change your time and GI took your stuff away I would send them an email to their support and copy apple on it. Sorry I can’t be of anymore help.


Can you help, my son keeps changing the time on my iPad to cheat on candy crush, without my knowledge, not my social capabilities are no longer available. I’ve tried sening gamesight an email, no response yet. It’s been almost a year. Any suggestions on how to rectify?


    I can’t move forward in the game if I don’t have my social abilities


i play with my facebook account,, kmbrly7, I CANNOT download the recent update, I’ve tried for a week, it starts then just quits, HELP?

I can’t gift…


    Kimberly, are you playing Mystery Manor or Mirrors of Albion on Facebook?


I was playing around with my iPad and have been frozen from game because of time cheating. I never even knew you could do this until I locked myself out of game. I am a little disappointment because I enjoy the game. How do I earn back privilege even though this was an accident.



    Karen, your only hope is to write to Game Insight technical support, explain what you were doing, and maybe they will restore your privileges.


This is interesting. I would never have thought to change my time to help my game. That’s cheating. However, I cross time zones for my job and the time is updated when I next log on to wifi. Usually this happens automatically, but sometimes I have to do it manually as I need to be on local time for alarms set. Does this mean when I do it manually, I could be banned?


    If you have already been doing what you are doing and have not received a warning, I think you are OK, 🙂


      Okay, thank you

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