Guide to Getting Free Weekend Event Diamonds

Many weekends, Mystery Manor for iPad has a Free Weekend Diamond Event allowing a player to receive 5 free diamonds.  Below are photographic instructions about how to get the diamonds.



Click on the Facebook Event button on the right hand side to open the window for this event.



Click on the “To Facebook” button at the bottom of the popup window (notice that the “Get a present” button is not yet selectable).  Clicking the ‘To Facebook” button will leave Mystery Manor and open Facebook on your ipad to the Mystery Manor Facebook page.




Click on the red “Get a Present” button which is now activated.

2015-06-05 10.24.04.png.jpg


Go to your inventory and select the Chests tab.

2015-05-17 14.30.12.png.jpg


Click on the “Casket with Diamonds” and click “use” to open it.  5 Free diamonds should be added to your account.




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I have recently started having trouble collecting the Facebook diamond chests. I always go to Facebook from the weekend link but the colorectal chest button is no longer turning orange for me to be able to collect the chest. I am a long time player. Any help appreciated. (GI has said it is my internet provider !)


    I love the blame on the internet provider! Are you able to collect the Facebook bonuses? When you click go to Facebook in the game does it take you to Facebook in your web browser? If so when you go back to the game can you click the visit Facebook in your right column? If you could list your steps maybe I can help figure out why it’s failing. Oh, and do you have a good internet connection? You can load an app called Speed Test to see.


I am having problems finding the mid week freebies. What do I need to do to correct this?


    Are you getting the Friday Diamonds from inside the game?

    Mid-week freebies come from clicking the link inside the GI official Facebook page or when we share it on our Facebook page. Our fantastic Facebook Admin does a really good job of getting them posted to our page.

    You need to go to the Facebook page inside of Safari or Chrome and click the link. They can’t seem to make it work from inside the Facebook app. They come out on Tuesday and Friday mostly but not always. Sometimes they change the day.

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