Gifting 101

The Difference Between Collection Items and Chargers

(by Danielle Ryan Kokkonen for Mystery Manor iPadFUN Page)


Photo 1. Press the Collections Tab

Photo 2. This is a Collection Item

  • Players can only give 10 of these per day (unless you drop your counter for 10 diamonds.
  • They are not free, which means YOU have to find them when exploring

Photo 3. This is a Charger Item

  • Players can give 50 of these per day.
  • These are “free” meaning they do not come out of your stock.
  • A little known tip, if your counter gets to 50 you won’t be able to send anymore ‘wall’ gifts.  If you don’t let your counter exceed 49, you can send wall gifts all day!

Wall Gifts and How to Send Them

Photo 1. Press the Wall Tab

Photo 2. Press the Gift Tab or the Picture of the Gift and that will send the gift

  • If you hit the button repeatedly sometimes they’ll get more than 1!

 How to Request Chargers from Friends


Photo 1. Press the Collections Tab

Photo 2. Press the Charger Area

Photo 3. Press the Request a Friend Tab

Photo 4. Choose a Friend

  • This is also where you can find the level required to gift these items

 The Multiple Ways to Send Gifts to Friends


Photo 1.  Press the Friend Tab

Photo 2. Choose a Friend and Press Visit

Photo 3. Press their Gift Tab

Photo 4. Gift from their Wish List or choose a Charger.

  • Players can add Chargers to their Wish List, if you don’t know if it is a charger, watch the number in the upper right corner.  This is how many of this item that YOU have.  If the number decreases it’s a Collection Item, if the quantity doesn’t it’s a charger.

Another Way to Send Gifts


Photo 1. Press the Friend Tab

Photo 2. Choose a Friend and Press Gift

Photo 3. Pick the Gift you want to send.

  • Note that you cannot see their wish list doing it this way.

Photo 4. Press the Send Collection Tab and choose the gift you want to send.

  • Please note that if your finger “slips” you can send the wrong gift to a friend.  It’s best to scroll on the extreme edge.
  • This is also the way you have to send those items that are not in Collections and that we cannot add to our wish lists, such as Emerald, Neptune, Mercury, Red Corset, (there are others I can’t think of right now).

You Can Also Send Collection Items Like This


Photo 1.  Press your gift tab.

Photo 2. Press Send Collection Tab.

Photo 3.  Pick the Gift you want to send.

Photo 4.  Pick the Friend to send it to.

  • It is also easy to send the gift to the wrong friend when doing it this way.
  • The only benefit of one over the other is if you do it in the last way mentioned is that at least you know what friend you’ve sent something to, and if you need to, you can try to get it back.
  • Note that the Select a Gift Tab contains Chargers that do NOT reduce your inventory and the Send Collection Tab are Collection Items that reduce YOUR inventory!


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Donna Jeffers

Where can I find the mystery merchant when he comes around I have been playing the MM game for more than a year and haven’t found him? Thanks for your time


    Do you mean the Dealer? If so, you need to have more than a certain number of runestones or mystical living room emblems (10000 I think) for him to appear.

Cecile Nadeau

When sending a Collection Item from the Gift a Collection tab, I note that except for the first 30 item the gift selection is alphabetical. Please advise – What is the significance of the first items not being alphabetical?

Mary Borrelli

I have items in my wish list that I require but none of my friends can see them?


    I know! Players are reporting not being able to get their wish lists to update. I have been playing a few rooms, visiting and tipping and charging a collection. Then I close out of the game and come back in. Sometimes it works really well. Not always.


    I believe you need to complete a minimum of 4 room searches for the change in wish list requests to update.


Good morning. What does it mean when you check your list of gifts requested and when you try to gift something it says ‘sorry you are missing that item’? If it’s a gift that I’m not a high enough level to gift then it advises me of that but I’ve not seen the former message before. Thanks.


    Sounds like someone requested a collection item from you. For the Timesmiths Workshop and Detectives Room there are some collection items needed to open the room. The game gives you the ability to Ask a Friend. It is better to just put them on your wish list and let a friend decide to give them. If you gift them from that wall request it comes out of your inventory. You have not progressed far enough in the game to have those items so it gave you the message.

    Sorry, long explanation but thought you’d need to know when you got to those rooms.


      Thank you! That makes a lot of sense.


Apologies if the answer is already on the site….

Is there any way to change the choice of gifts that I can give? It seems that mine have not changed in at least 5 days. I try to “random gift” chargers that are higher level and seem applicable at the time. I haven’t had Aspen Branch or Silver Bullet in weeks, only garlic. Thank you,


    No, they rotate on some basis but I have never tried to track it to see how often.


      Thank you


How can you increase the multiple of items in your wish list?


    You mean you want to put in there that you want 2 of something? I don’t really understand the question.




        Ok, you only put 1 of what you want on your wish list and leave it there if you need more than 1. When you are visiting friends and look at their wish list the number that shows is the number of items you have in your inventory to give. If it’s a collection item it will come out of your collections and you will no longer have it. If it’s a charger it does not come out of your inventory.

Rose Martin

If you spend the two diamonds to send gifts the easy way, does it send collection items & chargers? Does it send the maximum number of chargers which will stop you from sending wall requests? I have close to 800 friends & it would be awesome if it sent them ALL a charger!😅😇😍I keep track of experience levels so I can see at a glance who is active. I have two starting places when gifting, one for 🔌S & one for collection items. The glitch really scrambled that process! Glad I was almost thru the list and updating very soon.👻😍


    What spending the 2 diamonds 💎 does is collect your experience, coins and the rooms keys you get from visiting your 51 friends. It does not in any way send gifts to anyone! You still need to do that yourself!

      Rose Martin


Ro Ztoy

No answer needed – I’m just wondering if you know that the photos on GIFTING 101 aren’t visible ?


    yes! Do you want to become a page editor? This is my last section to clean up and it requires much work so I’m just not there yet. I’ve been trying to get the quest strings complete yet. These pages came over when I inherited the site and some images were lost! It is already a full time job for me! And you know, I lose money on it every month!


How can I contact friends to see if they are willing to help me with a collection item. I’m happy to organise swaps for things and although I’ve been playing for quite a while I’m only just getting into gifting as I’ve been used to just playing on my own up to recently. Any help greatly appreciated. X


    You can post a message on their wall. Either by visiting them and writing on the wall or “replying” to a message or request on your own wall.


If you are one of your friend’s helpers, can you wake yourself up? I mean that when you tip them and you wake their helpers, can you wake up yourself if they have used you?




I just received a request on my wall for a collection item: zenos paradox. This is not the first time I have seen collection items being requested there instead of using the wishlist. I asked someone once how they did it, but got no reply. Do you know how to do this, or has someone hacked the game?


    This is one of the 5 collection items required to open the Detective’s Room. Until the Room is opened the player can request it from friends just like a charger. It’s disconcerting because I have poor vision and cannot always see what I’m giving as a wall request so keep giving mine away. After the room has been opened players can no longer ask a friend for them. Most players don’t realize it’s a collection item and if you give it it comes out of inventory.


I receive requests for collection items on my wall. How does that work? I know I can request chargers and building supplies but I didn’t know I could request a collection item.


    The collection items to open the Mirror Garden and Cinephile Room can be requested from friends. Unfortunately friends can inadvertently give them from the wall request. I have been putting them on my Wish List so I don’t catch someone that didn’t want to send them. I sent one by mistake one morning and requested it back but I don’t think it was returned.


How can someone send you a measuring tape when they don’t appear anywhere within the collection lists? Is there a way to request that I have missed? Thx!


    No,they cannot be Requested. If you put the tape symbol, looks like video tape and pls, in your name bar or post it on your wall people will send it to you when they have them to give on their gift list.


That was helpful! Thank you.


Thank you for your answer about mystery gifts, but I’m still confused a bit. I get multiple mystery gifts, up to 4 or 5 from same people in a single day, when I’ve only given them one gift. So how do they give me multiple mystery gifts?

Thank you.


    If you give a gift from your wall request you will get a mystery gift in return. Sometimes if you tap multiple times when sending that gift they get more than 1.

    When you give a gift from you 50 a day you will get 1. When you give a collection gift you get 1.

    And then when a player does not pick up their gifts everyday you could get multiple because they are just picking up more than one days gifts.


How are ‘mystery gifts’ sent, versus gifts that specify what they are?


    When you accept a gift sent to you in your gift box the second tap on the gift sends a mystery gift to the sender.


Why can I never seem to receive gifts even when friends say they have sent them.?


    I am losing/not receiving around 40% of gifts sent to me. I don’t know if friends are getting mine, but it this situation is both recent and bad.


      Take screen shots of your wall when friends say they’ve sent you something and open a text Chet with GI.


I have a problem for 2 days. I have received no gift, but my friends send some to me. Is someone have the same problem?


    I have the same problem. I haven’t received any gifts in a couple of days.


I have recently begun receiving multiple gifts (12 on 1 occasion) from a single request. I read the suggestion of tapping the icon multiple times to possibly send multiples. A friend was banned a few weeks ago and another friend told me it was because of gift cheating. I have researched and can find nothing on this. Do you know anything about this?


I noticed that when I am visiting a friend a blue circle with a hand and a number in it Appears in the upper left-hand corner. What does this mean?


Where can you find items for collection 158 & 159? I thought they used to be in the bunker but they are not showing up in the list of findable items on expert level.


Why is it that sometimes I send a collection item and the person receiving it doesn’t get it . I have sent a friend a whiskey joe and then it takes it from my inventory but it doesn’t show up in theirs and they are asking me did you send it . And when I gifted it I’m on their manor and its from the wish list. So now I sent another one I don’t want to look bad !!!

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Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

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You made some clear points there. I did a search on the topic and found most individuals will go along with with your blog.


May I add that if you choose the 2nd form of gifting by pressing send collection then scrolling down to the item to send. DO NOT press send but come out of it, visit the friend, cliick on gifts, then send collection, the page will show at the same place as you left it. So there is no chance of it going to an unknown recipient or sending the wrong gift as you can just X when it comes up with the send to list if you’ve pressed the send button whilst scrolling.

Julie-Ann Williams

I have 2 queries.
Firstly I get runes sent to me as a gift but I’m unsure how can I do it.

Secondly on this site MM users want friends and post their user IDs, how do you add these into your game?


    Julie-Ann, I think you will find the answers to those questions on our Tips for New Players page. Here is the link:

      Julie-Ann W

      Thanks pays to look in the right place.


    You can’t send runes, but when you have given a gift and pressed thank you they are occasionally sent as a mystery gift.

    Secondly, click on the friends tab on the right then the services tab and it comes up with a box to enter a friends code, it then appears under their pending tab for them to accept/decline. Check your pending tab whilst you’re there!

      Julie-Ann W

      Thanks for this info had a look and have now added some codes to hopefully gain more playing partners.
      Also understand about the runes too.


Can anyone help me with the gift counter? I keep having problems with it not resetting. At the end of the day I have been trying to make sure I’ve given away as many of my gifts for the day as possible. But then the next day, the counter is still the same. So either I’m having a problem with the game, or I am wrong about when the counter resets.
I looked here for a time when it resets, and found are ferends to a post, but couldn’t find the post……
Any help. Would be appreciated. It’s very frustrating to start the day unable to gift anything but wall gifts!


    This may be the post you saw someone referring to:


      Thank you so much, that was very helpful!
      It brings up another questions for me, however. Is there a way to know (a counter?) to know when it will reset?
      For example, last night I sat down around 10:30 and had about 3 gifts on my counter. I gifted up to about 42. It’s now almost 22 hours later and my counter still reads 42.
      So is it a rolling counter, that a gift counts for 24 hours before I can give another in its place, or is it that there is a 24 hour mark when the counter resets to 0 and I can gift up to 50 again? Does that make sense?
      And is there a visible counter somewhere on the collection items? I don’t remember seeing that anywhere.
      Thanks so much for all your help. I really appreciate it!


        The counter should reset 24 hours after you give the first gift.

Lisa nasca

Hi I’m new to the game and today just started to visit friends I did give gifts to each friend I visited and left tips . Than I later checked the gift area and I did not get gifts from friends but on my wall it showed that a friend requested a gift so I touched the picture and the gift button and it faded and no gift went to my collection or inventory. It also gave option to visit or reply so I just said thank you lol ! I’m I doing this right??? I have no clue! Or I’m I suppose to give that gift to the player???? Thanks


    Lisa, when you click a picture on the wall, the friend is requesting a gift from you and you have giving them one if the picture fades away.

      Lisa nasca

      Oh man I’m awake and I understand what was written boy do I feel dumb!!! Thank you for your time and info.


I’m confused about what happens when i give a gift from my wall. How do I know if it’s going to be “free” or if I’m going to lose it from my own inventory. I’ve been wondering if I am losing boots by gifting them or if I only had one pair to begin with….


    You don’t lose these items.


The word was visting not busting. Spell check got confused. When I vist other manors I get free gift I would like to know how to do the same for my friends.


    If you go to your friends manor, you can send gifts by clicking on the “Gifts” tab located underneath your friends avatar or picture. You will see the friend’s wishlist displayed. If you have any of the items on his/her wishlist, click on the item and then hit the “Yes” button. Remember, items that are used to charge collections will NOT come out of your inventory; collection items WILL come out of your inventory. If you want to send something that is not on the friend’s wishlist, click on “Choose Gift” to send a charging item or “Send Collection” to send a collection item.


Whet about leaving gifts for friends busting your manor? How does it work?

Christine Mclaren

I have noticed that if I send a charger from a wl and it is not in my choice of gifts that week it has reduced my collection item total to send.


    Now that is an interesting observation! I am going to monitor it in my own manor and see what happens.


      I think that only happens to a certain level(not sure which one). I noticed that happening a while ago, but it doesn’t happen anymore.

    Christine Mclaren

    It’s just happened again. I know I had sent 7 Coll items. Sent another gift with charger from wl as did not have it in my choice and it now says I have sent 9 Coll items. Grrrr.


      Did you figure out what happened, Christine? Which gift did you intend to send?

        Christine Mclaren

        I can’t remember now which one it was. But it was on their wl and not in my choice of gifts. Sent it and the Coll item total left to send reduced by one

          Christine Mclaren

          It was defo a charger . Had already gifted the Coll item so it cost me 2 Coll items to one friend instead of one.


            That is so bizarre. I haven’t heard of this happening before.

              Christine Mclaren

              Well in future if I have not got what is wanted in my choice of free gifts I am afraid they will get only what is in my choice. We have only 10 Coll items a day and don’t want to lose any more with supposedly free chargers.


              There are a few collection items and chargers that look and are named extremely similar…that’s the only explanation I can think of.

Susan Hill

Today a friend and I tried to gift each other steel from the Aries collection to complete a quest. We both had at least one on our collection, but after I sent 1 to her it disappeared. So she sent 1to me and it disappeared. Now neither one of us has the item!! Has this happened to anyone else? I guess they went into the “Gifting Black Hole”!!!


    That just sucks big time! Maybe when you guys reload the game, the items will show up. IT has happened to me.


Apparently if you pay to reset your counter it ONLY resets it for the day…. Couldn’t they make it better by doing what the dinner does — reset counter AND increase gift giving allowance by 10 or something?! I think that’d be great!!!
~ 2fcd43


Sometimes I like to hold my gift for when I need it. Recently a friend says you need to “take” it within 12 hrs or lose it. Is this true


    You can keep them in your inventory for a long time. The only risk is that if the game should crash or problems with an update has caused some players to lose gifts.


      Thank you so much for the info.


New to game, how do I request a gift from a friend? Can’t seem to figure it out.


    Read the section above on requesting chargers. Chargers refer to items needed to charge a collection.


How do i put chargers as my wishlist? Also, how do i put the amount of the things i need?

Thnak you so much


    Go to the collection you need chargers for. Click on the box that has a picture of the charges. Then click on the green + sign. The charger will be added to your wishlist. Unfortunately, there is no way to put how many you need.


      Thanks so much 🙂

Lorelei Woods

Can you send a charger that is not on the “choose a gift”list? I have a terrible list now with items on it that no one needs. I’m wondering about the Klein vase, or bow, etc.


    The only other way to send a different charger is if itis on a friend’s wishlist.

Petit Snatchin

I can’t send any gifts apart from wall gifts today, I’m stuck on 2 gifts out of 50. I’ve visited so many friends today, tried to give them a gift, and I get the message “you are not allowed to do more gifts, you will be able to do it after 1 day. Please try again tomorrow”. I also get it giving wall gifts, but those I think are given because it greys out, I hope they are anyway.


    Petit, look at the last post we did about the new gifting limits and reset times. It may help 🙂

Callie Banks

A friend recently told me if I find the collection item I want to send while on my screen then close it and go to hers it will be in the same place and is easy to find what I want to send and not hit the wrong thing by accident. It worked and I feel much more confident I’ll send the right thing. Try it!


    Thanks for tip, Callie 🙂

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