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Mystery Manor iPad Great Tips!

The Great Tips Section of the web pages is a work in progress. I know you will find pages that need updated and I will get to them.

If you are looking for quest help type the name of the quest in quotation marks in the search window to the right. The search will return any pages this is found on. Please post your comments for specific quest strings on the page for those quest strings. This way others are more likely to see it and respond.

Everyone is willing to help you through the game. That’s the advantage of Friends!

Tables for Quest Help

Remember, there are tables to help you get through the quests. They can all be found under the Collections Tab in the Menu. Please Support Our Site when you can, these helpful items take a lot of work and require frequent updating.

  • Collections Table – Lists all the collection items, rewards, chargers and room they go with.
  • Roamer’s Table – Lists all the Roamers, what they give and the room or event they belong to.
  • Furniture Table – Lists available Furniture and their benefit.
  • Phenomena Table – Lists phenomena, curses, how to summon, how to banish and where they occur.
  • Artifacts Table – Lists all the Artifacts items, rewards and chargers.
  • Achievements Table – Lists Achievements from the Achievements tab.

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Hi how do I find the task “Easy to find, Hard to Forget”


    This is part of the Wine Cellar Quest string. Looks like you have to get to a certain level in the Wine Cellar before you get to it. Looks like quest 9. Read through the page, you might see what quest you’re on.

    A good way to find where these quests are is to type the name of the questvstring in the search box on the right. This one was more challenging because we use the phrase easy to find and hard to get regarding items all over the website.

Sue walsh

Where do I find the tape measures for the designer?


    Searching and friends. I get one on every search with a turtle.


How do you collect the Facebook bonuses?


Hi, is there a way you can change the room modes?


    In the original Mystery Manor if you have Magda’s Dice in your charms inventory it will show up. They come from Chasing Chests Events. The other way is to summon and banish phenomena. Both harder to get.


Collection 442 Perfect Penmanship. Which room gives these items?


    I mean 441


    They come from the Back to School Event Roamers Schoolboy Hansel and Schoolgirl Gretel which are only available during the event.


      Thank you!!!


Hey, so how do I begin the Starry Investigation? I’ve had zodiac for ages now and every time I click on the black globe thing nothing happens? Am I missing something? TIA


    Are you talking about being able to open the Zodiac Fortress? You have to complete all Zodiac quests.


Anyone know what monster I have to banish in order to get Professor Birchwood to appear? I’ve had the
‘Oh Professor’ quest for ages now and he won’t appear so I can banish him and I need to do this 10 times!


    Try finding him in your friends yards. I know I have him if we’re friends. MsWillow.


HI there! This may seem like a really odd question. I’ve been playing mystery manor for a long time on PC, and now it seems like there’s a newer version; Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure. It seems like the two games are marginally linked, but different in many ways. One in particular is that Zodiac Mode is a curse in the old version but not the new one. Are they intending to phase the old one out? All of the info I find online seems to be per the new version and it’s as if the old one doesn’t exist. Can you tell me anything about that? Thank you!


    The Mystery Manor this website addresses is for the iPad only. I’m sorry, I don’t know anything about the PC version.

barbra rainone

Will other “floors” open up when I get to a higher level. If so what is that level?


    There are 4 Floors. You have to work on opening the rooms on each one. You can find quest strings for each one under the Searching tab.

Barb Rainone

How do you get the powerful heater


    Read the page on the Blossom Salon.


They made bakery and toy workshop keys available in bonuses today! I took advantage.


There are no chests with keys for Bakery or for Toy Workshop, we need them! I have sent many tickets, maybe someone has an idea to help motivate GI. Or bring back the 99cent snatchin merchant would be even better, but he never comes like he used to. 😨
Toy workshop has basement weapons!! That’s what I want the keys for.


    You need to take advantage when they make the sale offers for chests of those keys. I keep trying to get them to make them available with no luck.


I do not see the back to school event anywhere in my manor., I checked all the floors. Am I missing something?


    I searched a room after I updated and the quest appeared. There’s no room, just a quest string. All posted on the Back to School Event page.


Where can I find jeweler’s eyeglass


    What quest are you on? Use the search window on the right and type in the name of the quest in quotation marks. The results should show you which page to go to.


How do you know what number in the quest order you are on?


    Search for the name of the quest.

Ronda Meyers

Phenomena frustrations, just trying to locate them in my inventory! I’ve often thought they should have their own tab…alas, probably never!

But if a quest asks for a phenomena and u click on “show”, you get this handy little pop up screen that shows ONLY your phenomena items, and u can select one from there. Not all quests have this feature.
What I want to know is there another way to get that handy little screen when I’m working on a quest that doesn’t have the “show” button.


I’ve just acquired a block of ice by banishing the brutal and stern bears. It seems I need a powerful heater to produce meltwater. Any ideas as to what this is about? Thanks.


    Hmmmm, is there a quest on the left to go with it? What is the name? Whatlevel are you? This sounds like an early quest before I was tracking them.


      No quest is linked to it, as far as I can tell. I’m on level 29 and have now got the heater. There was a time limit for melting the ice, but it’ll still be nice to know if it happens again.


        Are you playing on an iPad? We can’t find anything in our new player notes about this.


    I have collected 30 ice cubes and 30 powerful heaters for the pond that has appeared, but don’t know how to use them to melt the ice. I’m level 400. Suggestions?


      Touch/clock on the ice cube and then use and you got melted ice ( hope you understand my english is not so good


        It should be click on the ice cube


      Where did you find the powerful heaters exactly


        Are you on the Blossom Pond Quest string? Use the link to go to the page with all the information.


Do you have any idea how we are supposed to get the bottles for today’s Guild Event? It’s not from charging Collection 4.


    You need to search the Hunting Room and Bathroom but don’t get too excited. The drop rate is terrible!


      Your page is sure helpful.


What are Gelid Keys and how are they collected?


    They were from a Christmas event a couple of years ago and then not used again. Players have chests and no way to get keys. We managed to get an offer to buy them last Christmas but the price was not worth the purchase


I have a question about the middle number underneath a players picture. I know that is the number of gifts given but does the number also include collection charger requests sent?

I’m attempting to clean my player list by removing dormant players. Most players with”0″ in this field have not cleaned their wall but the energy number indicates that they have been in the manor. I’m confused.


    The middle number indicates the number of gifts given in the past week. This includes collections, chargers and wall requests. It maxes out at 999.

    If a player goes to sleep ? and get the pillow head it’s 5’days after they have not been on the game. So they could still be showing gifts because they were gifting 6 days ago. Sometimes that’s a good sign they will be back.

    In your friends list there is a gift box on the left. If you look at that it will show the friends that have given you a gift. But again this includes collections, chargers and wall requests and it is since they became your friend. I have asked this to be changed to show who has gifted you a collection or charger, but not tapped a wall request, in the last 7 days. It would make that list way more useful.


      Thank you for your promt reply. The information you provide will help.


Hi, I’m at level 121 and I started playing less than a year ago and I love the game but I have a problem. I cannot find the quests Sorrow from the Past and Night Watch of Magda which will enable me to open the two areas on the left on the 1st Floor. I’ve searched repeatedly through the quests but they aren’t there! Do you know if they’ve been deleted? And is there anyway around this?
Thank you


    To find information on the quests you need to go to the page for that quest string. If you don’t know what it is type the quest name, in quotation marks, in the search window. You will get what page it belongs to. I searched for “Sorrow from the past” and it took me to Pirate Brig. You need to do all the previous quests to get to the one you’re looking for. Same with the other one. Read through the room page so you know what’s coming. You must open the pirate Brig to get the island quests.


When looking at a friend’s Wish List, is there an easy way to distinguish a Charger from a Collection Item? Same question when a friend asks for a gift on my wall. How do I know if the friend is asking for a charger or a collection item?


    Almost ALL the gift requests on your wall are chargers. There is one collection from the Detectives Room and the Cinephile Room, I think, that you could get a wall request from. Those are the ones needed to open the room and have given away more than I’d like. Usually it’s the lower level players that ask for them because they haven’t opened the room and they don’t know they’re collection items. You could check the pages on those rooms, I think I listed them.

    You will become familiar with which items are chargers on people’s wish lists but often an easy way to tell is if you have a lot of them they are usually chargers. And we’ll, if you have a lot of them and they’re not charges you can afford to give that collection item away.

    If you really, really want to know you could use the collections table as a reference. It lists all the chargers as well as collection items and is easy to search. Open it on another device, like your phone, if you have it.


      Thanks for the reply. I would think that the magical people in Mystery Manor could come up with an easy way to distinguish a charger request from a collection item request. Having to memorize all the items, refer to another device, or look at how many of the items you have seems so last century … but it is mysterious.


        Here are some things to think about. 5 years ago this was a tiny start up company with a few programmers putting stuff together in an app and seeing if it would fly. Having worked at companies like this there was no future planning for the fact that we would have 600 Collections one day. They still have a small team of developers and work on page improvements all the time. I will put this request on my Wish List of things the players would like to see changed. It’s a good idea! I can imagine for people that have not played from the beginning it would be overwhelming. I opened a new game for quest info on another iPad and just the Quests you are hit with are insane! You can always open a ticket and under the general category put in suggestions. Remember be nice to them and they will be nice to you!


What collection gives Knight of the Dragon order?


    What quest are you on? I don’t see a collection that gives that but if you want to know what collections give then use the Collections table to search. To get help with a specific quest use the search on the right of the page and type the quest name in quotation marks. It will return pages that it shows up on.

Ryan Lozada

Hello there,

I just want to know how does it work the golden dragon diamond chest that gives diamonds everyday. Last time the dragon gives every 6hours. And since I’m busy with my work I couldn’t get them from the time indicated. Please help me.i wanted to purchase this service and I only have 2 hours and 45 minutes. I need a clear information. Thank you


How do you increase your VIP Level?


    Increase your VIP by visiting everyday and making purchases in the bank. If you touch the coin and diamond area at the top of your game to go to the bank, it tells you this and shows how many extra VIP points you’ll receive with every purchase.


Is Game Insight ever going to offer a “confirmation” step for the use of diamonds? Most games have this option and it is frustrating to find that I accidentally used 10 diamonds because my finger hit the screen in the wrong place. Especially when there are “shop” screens automatically opening up.


Has anyone found the three ingredients for Magda’s recipe and where? Having a hard time. Can anyone please help me?


What is the quest of the golden orb?


    What quest string are you on? What is the actual name of the quest.


    That’s a good question I’ve been hunting for that a long time still haven’t found it ,the same with the unknown boss you need to fight in the yard good luck if you find either of these please let me know


    The Golden Orb has been unearthed on the pages. Please see the quests for Flying Saucer I believe it’s 26.


Today Nov. 6, I broke down and bought the $9.99 chest because it offered an armchair along with some other items and of course 15 precious diamonds. I specifically purchased it for the armchair but I can’t for the life of me find out where it went after purchase. I’ve checked all of the rooms. Any ideas?


Where would I find the Etruscan bulla I need it for a collection


I used the golden toad of wealth and it didn’t give me credit in the quest


I’m having a difficult time finding the golden toad of wealth. Where would it be.


    The Golden Toad of Wealth is a charm in your inventory. Do you need one for a quest? Do a search in the Collections Table for a Toad of Wealth, there are several that give them as a reward.


      I need it for a quest

Kaye Addicott aka nannykin

Lost my game. I think I accidentally deleted it. In touch with GI but I don’t know if they will be able to help me. I’m not technically minded. As long as it’s working I’m ok. Was on level 808. Gone back to level 1. I have screen shots of level. I bought diamonds at weekend also. Friends I’m in touch with say I’m still there, everything in tact!! I’m so cross with myself. I should have left well alone. I was in touch with GI because since last update I had lost sound to game. Thank you for listening.


    Kaye have you a back up copy to iTunes that you can restore to? Do you save your game regularly? It should be recoverable.


When I won the “joker slot machines” from the cat, where does it appear? What does it do/give?


    It’s in the Library! I have suggested to GI that they put the room it belongs to because it’s tedious to look through every room!


My living room keeps locking friends I that need rescued. I can’t figure out how to stop this.


    The game automatically does this in an effort to rotate the helpers roaming about your manor. One helper disappears and a new one is locked in the room. You don’t HAVE to rescue him. I usually leave the helper in there and ignore it until I have to explore the living room for a quest. But, you may want to rescue him if you don’t like the type of help that your current helpers give (experience, coins, chance to find item.) In that case, you can keep rescuing helpers until you are happy with the helpers you have and don’t worry about exploring the living room until you have a quest to do so. The game won’t take away helpers if one is trapped in the living room.


      Thank you! I wondered how the “helpers were chosen.


Who are Layle the figid and wise rook and where do I find them?


Is there any way to see what quests I have completed? Thank you!


    IGNORE! There was a glitch and most of my quests were gone but they’re back now.


Have you noticed the time to search a room has got quicker. It always says 3.40. But it actually equates to 2 minutes 43 seconds


Help!!!! In the Pipes game, I was getting between 8,000 and 15,000 for each round/match/game. One, since the last update, I’ve just had 3 games with zero score. What have they done? Please help. Brian


    The game now allows you to start playing before the mini-games are loaded. You will see “Processing…please wait” on the top, and “loading” for the top players. Wait until everything is loaded before you play.


hi everyone. My game was level 148 but sadly I lost it when my iPad broke. I contacted the help desk and they said my game files could not be located but they have restarted my game. They have my game as level 148 again with all my old friends but I have no rooms unlocked, no collection items, mo gold and about 50 quests!
Has this happened to anyone else and if so is it possible to restart your game this way?
I have no idea which order I should open the rooms as I have access to all and I don’t know which order I should be doing the quests. It is just all very confusing! Any help or advice would be amazing.


The coins you earn in a game are for the mini games. I am guessing they will come when the slot leaves. We have a chance to earn coins ahead but I do not know where they are stored. Also each day you get 3 coins for the slot.


Thanks everyone for your help! This community is the BEST!


I need tips on how to transfer my game to a new IPad! I’m afraid to do it since I’ve heard so many horror stories from others. Any instructions would be greatly appreciated.


    There is a post from 5 days ago that should answer your question. Scroll down to see it


    Hi Minnie,

    I transferred my game to a new IPad about 3 months ago. Make sure you back your old one up to the cloud or computer before you transfer. Also make sure your IOS in your old IPad and the new IPad are the same or the restoration won’t work…took me about 30 tries before I figured that out. The instructions were pretty easy and I had no problems once I got the IOS issue figured out. Good luck. 🙂


    You need to make sure the game is part of your iPad backup. I recently had to get a new iPad after shattering the screen of my first generation mini. Once you back up the old iPad, use that to set up your new iPad.

    Very important to use your previous back up instead of setting up the new device as “new”. I was able to not lose any data from the game when I did mine


Hi, how do I find the snatchin dealer to trade with? Is he supposed to be wandering round or is he a button somewhere?


    He can be found in one of those boxes on the right or currently he showed up on the bottom of the first floor down by the arena and anniversary houses.

Technological Doofus

A general question: Is it possible to upgrade to a new iPad without losing points, stuff, friends, etc.? I gather from various comments that this can be tricky at best.


    Yes, when you buy a new iPad you should completely back up your old iPad and do a restore from your old iPad to your new. This will keep most of your settings on the iPad and will keep everything on the game. I have done it twice with no problems. I always back up to my desktop Mac in iTunes and restore from there. I have never done a restore from the cloud.


Where can the flute be found to summon the dragon?


    There was a discussion once on this. I think maybe on the Facebook page but cannot recall. I think if you put a question out on the Facebook page it will help. Hopefully someone will be able to answer you.

Q3honey badger

Not sure where this should go but thought it would be nice to share: backup ur iPad to iCloud. It will help to recover the game if it crashes. Settings->iCloud->backup


    Thank you! I was thinking of doing some kind of page on backing up and restoring. I am open to suggestions of what to include.


Suggestion perhaps ?
A section here called Anomalies ‼️ Or Warning

Thanks to you, I’m taking screenshots of collections to send for your terrific COLLECTIONS page. It also has become a great tool for me to remember where to go when I’ve had to ask for chargers ? for collections. Especially when they are ‘The oddballs’

This morning I needed a GLASS ACORN to charge NAVIGATING THE STARS, Collection 122. I KNOW that because I took a screenshot!

A friend sent the acorn, I checked my photos, went to my Collections … It took me 40 minutes to find that darn NAVIGATING THE STARS Collection ?

I went up and down and up and down… I was ready to give in and (shudder) put in a support ticket… When I did it one last time.

The NAVIGATING THE STARS Collection was now Collections #410! I HAVE the screenshots of all of this, honestly. AND NOW THAT I HAVE CHARGED IT, I CAN’T FIND IT AGAIN ???


    So, its collection 410 when you’re in the list of All the collection which is the first tab. It’s collection 122 when you are in the Boss tab. The collection table only lists the number for the main tab of all the collections. You can search the collections table by putting the name of the collection or item you want in the search bar at the top of the table. If you have more than one word use quotation marks. For example “Navigating the Stars”.


The Tresurey #20, the Kitchen with the Mist.


Please help me. I need golden shields and scrolls for exploring in zodiac mode. How do i get these as i havent had any fir a very long time.


    Following I need them too


    This is a known bug that GI says they will fix in an upcoming release!


Where do I find the items for Necromancer vestments collection 136 please. They aren’t in the crypt


    The collection items are in the chests you collecting for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place battling boss


finally looks like when you are asking friends for chargers and mistakenly hit “buy” it will ask you if you really want to buy!!


So – this new update/event has made it so that I need golden scrolls for the library! I haven’t earned those in over two years! Any idea where to get those?


    My Library is in Night Mode and doesn’t need any keys. What mode are you in?


      At the moment, it is in ghost mode. However, if needed scrolls to do Zodiac and Witch’s curse. My Japanese garden is in Zodiac and asking for seeds! I have a couple thousand of those…


I,m asking cos this is not the first time I have stupidly accidentally spent my diamonds by missing the ask a friend box when meaning to request help to obtain items. Is there any way I can ‘cancel last request’ ?


    I have hit that box more times than I would like. Players have repeatedly ask for a confirm button on spending the crazy amount of diamonds they want to buy a charger you can get from a friend but it seems it’s an improvement they are unwilling to make.


I need my friends. How much longer do I have to wait for them? I’m losing the will to play.


    We wish we could give some information but unfortunately GI does not share anything with us. When we asked they gave us the same answer of “soon”.

Barb Rossi

Hi, I have a new ‘friend’ on my manor screen, smuggling robot. What can you tell me about him?


My friends/services page does not have the third entry for gift codes. How do I get it.


    I’m not sure what you’re looking for? There are no gift codes in this game. Are you playing on the iPad?


      Yes, I’ve read where folks enter gift codes on the friends page under services an then a third selection item after adding friends codes for entering gift codes.


        There is a way to enter a gift code in the Android version. For example when we get the recent bonuses from the iPad Facebook page from GI the Android users have to enter a code instead of using a web link.


          Thank you I didn’t know they were different. I won’t worry about it!!


I’m trying to kill swamp creatures, but can’t find flare guns… Where do I find them? And I’m stuck with laboratory for months, I cannot get duct tape. I’ve done the TV robots and radio … Still nothing


TO STOCK UP ON BANISHING ITEMS THAT ARE DIFFICULT TO GET, like the silver roller for succubus and ice swords for ice queen minions, and nocturnal eye charm for necromancer minions, and oil cans for robots, do not do the quests to banish these right away, and let it sit until you accumulate a lot of banishing items.
if you get these quests to banish these entities, these banishing items become sort of a common drop when you explore rooms. when you don’t have any of these quests, the banishing items then become random drops and are sometimes quite rare to drop.
it makes you progress slower in the quest string because you’re sort of holding on to a quest and you can’t move forward, but i think it’s worth it to be able to do the achievement tasks such as banishing 50 dark adepts or 100 priestess of chaos.


Can anyone give me information on the Snatchin Designer?


    The Snatchin Designer will appear after you get the New Guy on the Block quest.

      J yamazaki

      Yes but when does the new guy on block appear…someone said after “manor quests” are done.. Which quests should I focus on? Thanks


Can someone please tell me how to get the wheel thing to enter the elevator without paying for it. I can’t get in and am unable to finish and of the levels.


When does the flying saucer room opens I am level 108 or 118 either one of them but any way I have about three quest to complete and it is slow progress.


Have been sitting on the corset quest forever, could someone please lend it to me, I will send it right back, I promise. I am level 108, 45cfe2, daily player, I check in a few times per day. TIA. Gina


    Bill sent you a request to friend. Have corset to loan.


      Thanks Bill. You’re awesome!!!


      my code is ed39a5 could you lend me the corset?


        Bill sent you an invite to be friend. Do you still need the corset?


          Hi, any chance you could lend me the corset, on level 143 and still haven’t been able to find it. My code is b6e74d, thanks


      hello, bill. may i borrow the corset? i’d really appreciate your help.
      my friend code is ef4418.


      How do you ‘borrow’ an item , use it then sen it back?

    Big Mama

    I too have been stuck on the corset quest, did anyone send it to you? I’m on 160 and I have been able to do anything with the Brig. It’s been over 2 years that I’ve tried. Any help would be appreciated


If my question regarding non-FB players being able to participate in contests sounded cranky, my apologies. Currently, spent a lot of time, diamonds, and basement room searches to find quests aren’t counting due to glitch that is supposedly fixed with next upgrade. Meantime, can’t do any basement searches.


Just wandering where do i get the items for the ninja collection numbers 72-76? Cant seem to find it either in sakura room or japanese room and im already in expert lvel in both rooms, and i can only find joe the farmer to banish…were you able to complete the collection?


    You suddenly get chan etc appearing just like Jo the farmer and if you banish them ( I used a charm when banishing and got a few) you will get the collection items, sorry cannot remember when or how they appeared, maybe someone who has played longer can help.


      Joe Farmer appears around level 127 – 129. (1st floor)
      Good luck


    hello. in the quest string for either the japanese garden or sakura room, you need to banish 10 joe the farmer, then 10 of his other friends (chan the florist, kun the vacationer, giri the gardener and agronomist-chan). each of them can give you at least each collection item in those collections. you need weapons that drop from rooms and either energy or strength to do the quests/tasks.
    i think you need to keep running multiple charms to increase chances of getting said items when you get the quests. like the turtle of luck charm and maybe at least one other charm that increases chances for getting items when you trade/battle.
    if you’ve already done the quests and you didn’t get the collection items like agronomist-chan, etc., when you do the daily contests and win and get the cup, some of these collection items are given as a prize every hour.
    i actually finished my collection because of the daily contests; i got 2 chan the florist, 1 giri the gardener, and 1 agronomist-chan from the cup at different times. i hope that helps.


Going into Battle the Bosses with others,

I get invites from my friends to do battle with bosses but I Don’t Know which collections I should have stored up for these battles.
Is there a page that I can copy/print off for reference?
I need to be prepared inorder to help out my friend with their battles?
This may help others who have this same question.
I wait your reply,


    I have the same question! Any help would be appreciated!!

    My code is 5f2e8c I’m at level 95 🙂


What rooms will give you the golden driving wheels needed to get in the garage? They don’t seem to drop very frequently. Thanks!


    They are random rare drops, Mimi! Sometimes you can get them from the Mystical Caskets & Chests.


Does anyone know if there is ANY benefit to going”back to the boss?” It seems like you are throwing away keys and weapons? Or, can you do it once you are done playing a room, so you don’t have to use keys again? I don’t get it…


    I don’t see any benefit. Although some players told me you don’t have to collect keys again, if you click the button to go back for 2 diamonds, it asks if you want to go back to the stage of collecting keys, so I’ve never gone through with it. Seems like a waste unless you are desperate to get those special winner chests. Maybe I’m missing something…

    M A Dorman

    Yes, there is a potential benefit, but only if you have keys to summon the boss, but are short on keys to search and are running out of time. I could use this to search the Snow Globe. I have a lot more keys to wind the globe than I can use, but almost no holly. For 2 diamonds I can go back to the beginning and join a new fight. The winner’s bag will have 50 holly in it so I can get 1 search done at Expert level. This is cheaper than buying 50 holly. The Snow Globe has a limited amount of time left and a search window is about 8 to 10 hours long before you can fight/enter again.


      Thank you! I am having a devil of a problem with the silly holly. Do I need keys, though? Or just food for the fight?


Here’s a helpful tip that I recently figured out: To keep energy level at a CONSTANT increase, use the Golden Rose Artifact and Golden Phoenix charm together. Your energy will automatically increase after every use, and this allows you to increase your charms that increase energy to use at a later date. Basically, you NEVER run out of energy!


    It is one of the best discoveries in the game, isn’t it?


      Yes it is!! 🙂


      I have the charm and the artifact but don’t know how to use them together.


        If you want to use a charm and an artifact that have the same effect at the same time, use the charm first then charge the artifact collection. Charging the artifact first and then trying to use the charm will usually result in the game telling you that you can’t use the charm because you are already using something with a similar effect.


I jus figured out you can enter a room without having enough keys, if the night vision mode is in the room. That way I entered the Gym. 🙂
Don’t know if this goes for other of the new phenomenons or only the night vision.


    Thank you. I can’t wait to try it!!


      Seems to work with all the new phenomenon, just entered Sukaru room, with no seeds, but lightning ball in it. Wonder if I have been totally blind and it also works with the old ones too!


        LOL 🙂

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I’m at level 56 and suddenly I can’t send anyone a gift from my wall. I’m also unable to visit any one else’s site although I can send my 50 gifts the day from the general collections. It says I have to “update the last version of mystery Manor” before I can continue. Any ideas on what I’m supposed to do?


    You need to I stall the latest update, Jean.


      I did reinstall, but the problem is that I upgraded to iOS 7.2. MM is loading ever so slowly but I am hopeful! Thanks for getting back to me


        GOOD Luck, Jea!


Are there any specifc rooms that regularly drop the rolling pins for banishing the succbi??


    It’s all random, sweetheart!

    M A Dorman

    Your best bet is to banish the Giant Werewolf. Drops one every time.


I recently had to reinstall the game on a new iPad. I lost all my friends and would like to find some I really lied playing with. Is here a way to do this? Thanks so much!


    Here’s a link you our friend codes page:


      That link isn’t working for me, said I’m not allowed to edit.


        You aren’t allowed to edit but you can post comments and reply to comments.


          My issues resolved now but I just meant that’s all it said…I saw no comments etc. just the cant edit spiel hehe

          Audrey Harman

          Where do you find the Fluggy Kittens? I can’t seem to find any of them? Thanks for any hints.


    Did you get an error message saying you are not register when you loaded onto a new iPad? I did the same thing today but that’s the message I get. I can’t visit friends or request gifts or go to the wall.


My wish list doesn’t appear to refresh when I make changes for others to see. I’m getting same gifts even though not on wish list. Friends have told me this is true. Any suggestions..


    When you put new gifts on WL it doesn’t automatically update. Add new items, explore 3 rooms, then it will update! 🙂


Today’s reward for making a purchase in the bank is totally worth it! Chargers for every room on the first floor!!


    YAY!!! You can post now!!!


      From my phone only it seems!


    Selene & Martian room too?


      No just 1st floor!


Hi, I would like to have a different id (which it says can be done for 5 diamonds). Does anyone know if changing your name affects your collections etc? Have worked really hard to get to my current level & don’t want to lose anything.


    It doesn’t affect your collections, Jan 🙂


      Thank you, great pages by the way, have progressed big time following your tips & those of other posters



Is there a faster way to clear the requests on the wall? I get over a 100 requests a day and now I have to delete them one by one. It’s not the biggest problem in the world, but I just like to have a clean wall 😉


    Unfortunately, Kir, one at a time is the only way to currently do it 🙁


    No need the delete the wall requests after gifting, they all clear by the next day, the only posts that remain are those that were written by your friends or yourself.


I recently charged the storm brigade (collection 203), and received two flaming hearts. Using these with the golden Phoenix charm restores your energy by the second 🙂
I’m gradually getting to understand the game. Sites like this really help. I’m not sure how to get to the Island, but will have a look at the information on here. Thanks 🙂
If anyone wishes to add me my code is 8bab1e, I’m happy to gift what I can to help others 🙂

Vanessa Bruno soldes

Does your site have a contact page? I’m having problems locating it but, I’d like to send you an e-mail. I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great blog and I look forward to seeing it grow over time.


Hi, I’m looking for help/advice . I’ve purchased shards and cannon balls via the .99 cent deal that pops up on occasion. At times, like this weekend, I don’t receive the items but I get billed for it. I tried to send a request through GI, but it requires an order I’d number….I have not a clue where to find this number… Anyone know what this is and where to find it? Thanks..Holly


    The same thing has happened to me a few times as well. Very frustrating 🙁


    On your iTunes receipt it says report a problem. That’s how I received a refund


Here are some of the questions GI will ask if u need to restore, transfer to a new device. Hope this helps:
1) Old in-game nickname.
2) Your old UDID.
3) Your new nickname (if you have changed it).
4) Your new UDID.
Here is the instruction on how you can find your UDID:
5) Level you had before the problem occurred.
6) Number of friends you had.
7) Description of avatar you use in the game.


I do not know if someone has already posted this, but if u are an avid player writing down your UDID ( your IPad, iPhones unique identifier) is a good idea, in case it gets stolen or lost:). When all u need to do is send that number to GI and they can restore your game:)


    Very good tip! Thx Melissa!


    I have my udid and so I didn’t forget where I wrote it down I took a pic and emailed it to myself so I can access it anywhere.


      Good idea!

xcel energy

thanks for your share guys


    Can anyone tell what rooms or who the collections go with??


      Crystal, have you looked through “The Rooms on the menu. I don’t have a list up of every collection. Are there any particular collections I can help you with?


      Actually, that is a good idea, Crystal, to add what collections go with each room!


Hello there! I know this is kinda off topic but I’d figured I’d ask. Would you be interested in trading links or maybe guest writing a blog post or vice-versa? My website covers a lot of the same topics as yours and I think we could greatly benefit from each other. If you’re interested feel free to shoot me an e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you! Terrific blog by the way!



“The Emerald and Neptune are part of future collections. When this collection appears in the game, you will see them in your collection items. However the corsett has been taken due to the quest conditions.”


    I have a quest for the corset and have yet to find it in the dressing room does that I will not be find it?

      Lisa Bonar

      I have searched the dressing room n the mist several times and still have not recieved the corset. I take an explorer with me, and the turtle of luck! Still no corset 🙁


        You can borrow a corset from a friend, Lisa.

          Lisa Bonar

          Great idea! Thanks


          Where is the corset? I can’t find it in my collections?


            The corset isn’t part of a collection, but if you have one, you can only see it under the “send collection” tab.


        Lisa B. who lives in Colorado???????


I love the efforts you have put in this, thank you for all the great posts.


What room in night mode does the italian fir tree appear in???


Hey, use the golden rose ( not the game awards) artifact along with the golden phoenix. The energy restores every second and you can kill every monster around easily….

Bo Diddly


Most of us know that the total number of creatures around your own mansion or in your yard remains constant. The variety improves as you advance in the game. If you banish something around your mansion or in your own yard, it is replaced with something else.

Tip #1: DO NOT banish rare items if you can help it. Instead, visit someone else’s mansion and banish theirs. Banishing a creature in another mansion removes it from the screen, but it is refreshed if you visit again.

Tip #2: DO banish the run of the mill creatures around your mansion and in your yard. By “weeding out” the common creatures, you make room for the more rare ones (remember, the total number remains fixed) AND it gives other players an incentive to visit. The more they visit, the more they gift. Everybody wins, right?

Tip #3: Consider “specializing” in one particular creature. Few things make me happier than stumbling onto someone’s mansion that is loaded with a creature that I need to banish in large quantities.


    I’d like to add something on that. I have the banish 10 swamp monsters quest. The other day I was about to change level so I wanted to use all the energy I had on banishing swamp monsters and other creatures around. After I attacked my monster 9 times ( not 10), I visited my friends’ manor and did the same. I attacked the swamp monster 9 times so when I recharge I would only have 1 attack left. Unfortunately when I leveled up and visited the same monster on my friend’s manor the monster had to be attacked from the start. My 9 attacks (9*40=360 energy) was gone. I had to attack the swamp monster again from the beginning. This doesn’t happen on your manor, only on your friends’ manors.


      Thanks for sharing that, Lena. Those quests are brutal!


    Excellent comment and good advice!


The game award is the 9th artifact


How do I trade with the horse stealer Gosha to get the generals horse? It is part of the ” in search of a heroic horse” quest.


    You need 2 gold horseshoes, which you can get from charging the 1st artifact


Anyone know how to get a glacial sword to banish the snow elf? I can’t find any by exploring rooms and I don’t see any in collections.


    Banish snatchins, look in their collectible items list for ones that have it


For those of you who have not gotten your helpers back…try this:

Worked for me!


Quick question:

I picked up a “Declaration of Independence”, but I clicked away the notice that explained it before I realized what I had done. So, while it is clear enough what it does, I don’t know how I got it.

Can someone explain?


    I think we got it if we had already completed the Turkey charm, apparently there was a bug with the charm and it actually lowered the drop rate of items! I had completed the quest, but hadn’t used the charm so now I have both. Must say, the deceleration is great, like having a turtle + elephant on for a week


      Thanks, Kaz!


Never mind! Lol! They are there now!




I have a question about quest Lunar Energy It said to chase aliens. Are they snatchins? They are not in my manor!


    Not snatchins, little green men, octopus, destroyer, xenophage and tripod. Be sure to check friends’ manors!


Is it possible to take away the posibillity to add a website to the comments? The only people who use it, are ten ones who don’t play the came and just use this page to say some general crap about how great an article is, but they just want you to visit their site and buy some “fantastic” Uggs.
If I even wanted Uggs, I would know where to find them myself, don’t need this site for it 😉

Other than that, I think this site is great!!


    Kir, I was out of town for almost 2 weeks because my Mom was in the hospital. This is my first website and I had no idea how awful this spamming would be!!! I have been deleting spam now for the last 2 hours and am trying to find an anti-spam software for this site because I want the site to be for the players, not the spammers!! I am working on it.


      Okay, I understand.
      Hope your mom is doing fine now!


        Keep up the good work. Love this site. Hope mom is doing well.


          Thank you and she is much better!


I need horseshoes! Copper n gold! I have had the hardest time getting them and I’m tired seeing it on side of screen! Any suggestions?


    The gold you can get by charginging artifact 1


      The copper you can get for charging the visions of the future collection. I don’t think u can get the ruins till you are expert though (at least i found it hard to get them till then). If u need items for that collection, add me and leave a message on my wall about what u need – 8bf92f – lvl112(51)


Any ideas why I get a message saying ’empty param uid’ ? Is this the same thing as udid, and if so what is it?


    I have gotten that message before and some other weird Russian messages but I would reload and they eventually went away.


      I used to get that message all the time! I think it is related to if u are friends with the person or not. Way back I lost all my friends – but I must have still appeared on their lists, cause they left me messages on my wall but I would get the “empty parim uid” message. If I tried to visit them, I would see their manor page, but not be able to gift or tip because I wasn’t a friend of the person. Eventually I stopped getting the message after several upgrades.


        I’ve had that pop up when a new friend (that I had yet to visit) requested a gift and I tried to send it. After visiting their page then returning to my own, it lets me send their gifts.


What would happen if you had the Faithful Heart (10% finding) running, then used a Turtle (90% finding), and then charged a Cornucopia (50% finding) on top of that? Would it just waste it? Would a Phoenix or something be a smarter way to go?


    My favorite combo is the Turtle and the Golden Phoenix. And if I want the 24 hour energy, I charge the Flowers of Passion artifact or the Olympics artifact and use the Turtle and Phoenix with them.


      That Turtle has spoiled me. 🙂

      I tried all three at once. The cornucopia was wasted. Not a surprise.


The udid is no good leaving to others its like giving your personal security number away to people!?


    I know I am just reporting that if you switch iPads and want to retain your progress in the game, Game Insight will ask you for that info.


Leave a hint for people use game award and phoenix at the same time and you will get energy restoration every 1 sec :0)


    What is “game award” and where do you get it?


      more detail please….which game award?


        It’s the flowers of assign- golden rose, which I think you already mentioned. 🙂


I just found an easy way to find your UDID!!!! Go to Very simple directions!!!


    Thx for sharing that info!

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