Mystery Manor iPad Game Support

Game Support using our Web Page

If you need answers to in-game questions the best way to get them is to find the page that your question belongs to, search the page for your question and if you can’t find the answer post a comment on that page. Other players will help.

If you have a quest and you don’t know where to find it go to the search box on your right and type the quest name in quotation marks. For example “quest name”. You will get a list of where the quest is on the site.

Once you get this list you will then want to search within the page for what you’re looking for. Sometimes it brings back more than one web page. To search within the page on your iPad, in Safari, go to the top bar where you type your web site you want to go to. Enter the word you are looking for, scroll down and select the option to find on the page. A little clumsy but it works.

Game Support from Game Insight

If you are having in-game issues that cause crashing, lost items or other failures please contact Game Insight using the in Game Support link. When you submit your ticket from inside the game GI gets all the information needed to look at your game including your Friend Code, Game Version and iPad version. To do this in the upper right of your game there is a big G!

G! icon

When you click on that a big page will come up. Select the Help & Support tab on the left.


Enter your Email address. I always choose Technical Problem. Even though you can’t send screen shots when you write your ticket up they will almost always ask you for a screen shot. So, take them whenever you have an issue.

Send Ticket


Tips for submitting a problem to GI or even posting a comment on this web page.

  • Make sure you always take a screen shot of what the problem is. Once you submit your issue you will receive a confirmation email. Immediately reply and send those screen shots. It will save you the wait of having them ask you for them.
  • Provide the quest string, quest name or part you’re having a problem with.
  • Give steps to recreate the problem, it will make the resolution faster.

You can see the History of your tickets in the History Window. If you already have an open ticket on an issue you can click on the History and respond if needed. Don’t keep opening a new ticket for the same problem and open separate tickets for different problems.



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