The Mystic Arena

To take part in Mystic Battles, you need to first build an the Mystic Arena.  The arena is found on the right side of your screen.  If you click on it, you will see the conditions to build it.

Once the arena has been built, the Mystic Arena battle is started by clicking on the Arena Event Button or the Arena itself on the right hand side of your game.


This opens the Mystic Battle Screen.  To start the battle, click on “To Battle”.  The game will go out and search for team members and opponents and will set up a battle.  This may take several minutes.  Note your Willpower to start a battle is 15/15 initially.  With each battle your Willpower will go down unless you replenish it with diamonds.  Willpower will accumulate over time back to 15.  I don’t know exactly what reduced willpower does in the game – if you know please leave the information in the comments!

Mystic Arena - Start Battle

When the battle starts, you will see a screen with two tabs and a list of players on each side.  The battle lasts about 10 minutes.  The players on your side (green) are your team members.  The players on the other side (red) are the opposing team.  The yellow highlighting of the row means that the player selected is the one to which the weapon or healing effect is applied.  Players can be selected by clicking on them.  Healing effects are applied to your team members and weapons are applied to the opposing team players.



The player’s value (listed below their name) is the measure of what the player does during combat.  It’s best to target the highest value players first and try to knock them out of the battle.  Once the health of a player declines to zero, the player is out of the battle.  You will see the colored part of the player’s tab decline as health goes down.  The idea of battle is to knock out all of the opposing team without being knocked out yourself.

Weapons and health effects are disabled for a time after use, so it’s a good idea to try to plan how best to protect yourself and fight the opponent before you begin.  Below are charts of the weapons and health effects.  The weapons collections can be found by searching for the weapon name in the Collections Table.

Arena comments:

  1. Target the high score folks first. Tap on the one you want to target. Once they are out of the game, winning is easier.
  2. The First player in the list is always attacked and taken out immediately. If the rest of the team helps protect them they will be in battle longer to attack the opposing team.
  3. Don’t join if you are not going to participate. This is not fair to the others on your team. These folks do nothing but yet get rewarded based on the hard work of the real players. I wish GI would not award non-participants.
  4. Know your weapons and effects and Alternate between them. Help your team mates, you’re all in it together.
  5. Arena is fun once you catch on!
Effect Weapon Effect Damage Cooldown Price
 Snatchin’ General’s Dagger Damages 1 opponent 15-20 1 min 10000 coins
Necromancer’s Scythe of Time Damages 1 opponent 45-75 1 min 30 sec 27000 coins
 Vampire’s Fang Sword Damages 1 opponent 90-150 1 min 30 sec 54000 coins
 Throwing Glaive of Justice Damages 1 opponent and inflicts half that damage on a random opponent 90-110 1 min 30 sec 57500 coins
 Mictlantecuhtli’s Twin Swords Damages 1 opponent 75-125 1 min 30 sec 3 diamonds
 Willie Pumpkin’s Flaming Chain Damages 1 opponent 195-325 1 min 11 diamonds
 Helsing’s Throwing Knives Damages all opponents 50-70 2 min 30 sec 5 diamonds
 Guardian Spirit’s Sword Damages 1 opponent 300-500 1 min 16 diamonds


Health Weapon Effect Restores/ Damages Cooldown Price
Mystical Staff of Healing Heals Bearer or Random Teammate 70-90 1 min 30 sec 5000 coins
Snatchin General’s Ointment Heals Bearer 300-340 1 min 30 sec 18000 coins
Scroll of Eve’s Kiss Heals Bearer and all Teammates 80-100 1 min 30 sec 25000 coins
Gauguin’s Healing Robot Damages Target and Heals Player 180-220 50% 12000 coins
Focus-Boosting Potion Guarantees a critical hit for the next attack 3 min 30000 coins
Warlock’s Mental Shield Reduces by 50%, effective for 5 attacks 3 min 3 diamonds
Book of the Vampire’s Whispers Increases damage dealt for the next 3 attacks Increases damage by 30% 3 min 6 diamonds
Cloak of Distraction Reduces damage received for the next 3 attacks Reduces by 30% 3 min 6 diamonds
Time Enchanter’s Hourglass Reduces cooldown time for the last weapon used to zero 8 min 9 diamonds


As an award for winning the battle, you will receive a chest of gold, experience, honor points and medals.  The chest you get is determined by how much the player participates in the fight and what place the player finishes in.  In addition, there are ranks and medals awarded to battle participants.  The medals can be used to purchase items in the store.

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Chris South Africa

Anyone experiencing that you don’t actually get 2x on the 5th win in a row? I’ve just won 7 in a row and only got the 2x reward for the first game of the day…


I had no idea how to participate in arena battles. I needed Kronos and found this was the way to get them. Knowing nothing, I entered the arena and began battling. I won the first battle and 4 consecutive ones. On the next play I placed 2nd but In the next battle I was quickly out so I searched info on how to play. I started playing the way it was explained here . Haven’t won one battle since. Rereading the info just makes no sense. It doesn’t work that way. I just played again. I was last (not first) on left. Yet I took first hit and was out. It’s frustrating. I’m going to try playing my original way. It was working. If it doesn’t work now, I’ll give up. I loved coming in first and getting Kronos since I’d like to buy furniture that would give me extra diamonds but so much in this game is confusing.


    So, you’ve found a strategy that works for you. Everyone has a different strategy that works for them. We were just trying to give an idea of how to play the game and this is what worked for a player. Perhaps you could share yours.


Can someone explain the daily progress? I have won 10 battles plus but am still only getting one chest. I don’t understand the “reward every day”


    I don’t understand your question. You should have a chest for each Mystic Battle you win or lose, just different types. Where are you getting the idea of a reward every day?


      There is a small chest on the Mystic Battles opening screen – to the left of the willpower. When you tap on the chest it says Daily Progress


        ok, if you’re not getting credit for the number of battles you do take a screen shot and open a ticket with GI. Sorry, I never look at those other screens! I am lucky to have time for a battle!


    The chests you are referring to, are the chests you can win daily. You get x2 of the chest you win on your 1st and 5th battle, and x3 on the 10th battle. This counter resets daily. If you only win 7 battle before the day resets, you can’t get the x3 chest unless you win another 10 battles. Hope that helps.


      Wow! I did not know this! I will include it somewhere on the page if I have time!


Could somebody tell me where I can find light of a thousand moons?


    What quest and quest string are you on? That page should have it.


    You have to purchase Light of a Thousand Moons in the arena. It currently doesn’t drop, or is given from charging a collection.

Kay M

Something funky just happened. My level just went backward! I am approaching 2500 wins after working really hard this past month. I had been getting two things that summon phenomen each day and now I just got one. Did they change the number of people that can be at a given level?? Where I am at now means that the lowest player at this level would need to win over 900 times more than me so there is no real reason for me play in the arena for a long time. Could really accumulate a lot of weapons by not playing for several months. Unfortunately I don’t have a screen shot from yesterday showing how the level has changed so know putting in a ticket would be a waste of time. Very unhappy


    So, I don’t play the arena enough to understand these rankings. Are you saying your ratings points decreased? Try rebooting your iPad and see if the data gets correctly sent to GI. You can still open a ticket without a screen shot. Just be sure to explain everything clearly. They may be able to look at your game history and fix it.

    I would love to have an explanation of the Ratings and Hall of Fame Windows for the web page. If you make it to the hall of fame what kind of gift do you get? What do the numbers represent? How are they calculated?


I think the Mystic Arena is bogus. I have screenshots from my last 5-6 battles and, interestingly enough, the same names appear over and over again…or combinations thereof… What are the odds that the exact same people are involved in battles with me repeatedly?? Oh, and these (fake) players all have first and last names… Not screen names like the rest of us. I call foul!

If there is no demand for real Mystic Battles, they should shelve the functionality!


    Chances are that you are seeing arena bots. The game fills spots in when real players aren’t available. They have names like Jake Collins, or Maria Lagousa. Some are funny like Hermoine Leviosa (my favorite). After playing for awhile you get used to the names. They only use weapons about every minute and half to 2 minutes. There pictures used to be just the gray face, but that has changed. It’s best to ignore them at the start of a battle and concentrate on real players. Emoji’s in names or players you recognize are a good indication they are real. Plus if they start using shields and weapons right away they are a real player. I like when I get into a battle of bots. It means an easy win, and a gold chest! I have had many battles where I’m the only live player.


      Yes, there is a certain time I can get into a battle and have only bots, maybe 1 real player on the other side.. they are getting a little more creative with the names but these bot battles are the best place to get the elusive kronas for buying the furniture that gives diamonds!


Has anyone else used the cloak but it went to your opponent? It happened to me the last 2 times.


    Oops! I guess that is what should happen. I got confused.

    Chel Coleman

    It’s supposed to go to the other opponent! The one you highlight it goes to them saving you from their attacks 🤪🤓


Thank you so much! Now I know how to play this!


What determines how much profit I earn? I aim to get top place if I can but although I get started immediately and use all my weapons effectively (which sometimes works to get me ahead) sometimes other players on my team get more profit – how do they do it? Do you get more profit if you hit higher level opponents or ones with no hearts etc to protect them?

Hope you might have some suggestions

Cheers Kate


It is soooo frustrating when you enter Arena and quickly realise that you’re(once again) only one playing! Yesterday my team lost 15 times in a row because I was only one who was actuallu playing!!
So when you press that button and want to battle DO NOT leave or start explore rooms etc! If you don’t have weapons DO NOT come to Arena!
I was so angry yesterday and lost many diamonds too…

Kay M

When you come in first, you get a gold coin/medal. What can you use these for? I may have known once but have forgotten! thanks


    To buy furniture for your first floor rooms


I am ALWAYS first. I have tried every time of the day and night – still 1st. I can’t even get through 1 round of weapons or any healing before I’m out. Very frustrating.


Is anyone having problems with the Arena? 95% of the time I am first on the list. I have been second a couple of times, third once and have never been in fourth place.

By default the first on the list is the opposing teams highlighted target and as a consequence gets knocked out very quickly.

Too many of my MM friends also say they are first most of the time. We cant ALL be first. I hardly ever play the Arena because of it and I have tons of weapons!

Its so frustrating! Any suggestions gratefully received!


    I was third the first few times I played. Then I was first a couple times and third again. I have never been in any other place.


Agree! Help heal each other to keep all in the game. And it’s no fun when someone doesn’t participate.


Do you get certain weapons or effects by banishing specific creatures or is it all random. I found a Cloak of Distraction the first day Mystic Battles was launched and haven’t found one since. I haven’t yet found a Time-Enchanter’s Hourglass, a Guardian Spirit’s Sword, or a Light of a Thousand Moons. Can these be found by banishing?


    I’ve noticed that some of the hard to find weapons for the mystic battles are now available when you charge the new collections. I can’t remember what numbers the collections are but just take a look at the collections to find them.

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