Recreation Center aka Mini-Games

Recreation Center aka Mini-Games

The Recreation Center aka Mini-Games is a competition that you receive tokens for by searching rooms. Every other week you select the games you want to compete in to win valuable items in the game.

The Recreation Center is found at the bottom of the first floor page after reaching level five.

Tokens for Playing

Game Tokens and a small amount of energy are needed to play the mini-games (one token per game) and you earn tokens by searching the rooms of the manor and from awards given for playing the competitions. The maximum tokens you can accumulate at a time is 30, so if you hit that number go play your games so you get credit for the ones you get after that.

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Connect the pipes so that steam can pass through. You gain points for the pipes you place correctly and the speed you place them. If you try to place pipes in the wrong place or start from the end you get negative points.

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This is a card matching game. You see the cards all flipped up and then they turn over and you have to find the matching pairs. These cards move around once they’re turned over so you need to keep track of where they move.

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You get a collection item and points for each game you win and these points accumulate during a competition week. Competitions are currently held every every second week from a Friday to a Friday. You need to be connected to the internet for your scores to count. You can see the time left until the competition rating week either starts or ends once you enter the recreation center. There are 5 Leagues: Wooden League, Iron League, Bronze League, Silver League and Gold League for both the Cards Game and Pipes Game. You start in the Wooden League and your League will change if you place high enough based on final points at the end of the week. On the left of the mini-game window you’ll see the Ratings table. Here you can track your own progress and that of other players whose scores are close to yours. Points are reset to zero after a competition ends. Usually, there are 100 players at the top of every league. At the end of the rating week, the top five will advance to the next league, and the 15 players at the bottom of the chart will go down a league. The higher your league is, the harder the puzzles are, and the better the rewards for winning will be!

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Awards are currently given at the end of a competition week on Fridays in the early morning hours based on the position you finish in. You can click on the chests to see what the rewards are for each level.

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Special Boosters in the Mini Games

Three different special Booster tokens can be purchased that influence the combo bar in mini-games and will allow you to get more points while playing. Once activated the booster will remain active until the end of the current game session. You can also use more than one booster in the mini-game simultaneously.
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2016-09-27 11.15.00.pngGood Start Token – This token allows you to perform better and score higher in mini-games. Use it, and you will start the mini-game with your score multiplier at Maximum. Buy for 10 Diamonds.

2016-09-27 11.15.05.pngLicense to Err – This token allows you to perform better and score higher in mini-games. Use it, and your first mistake won’t reset your score multiplier. Buy for 5 Diamonds.

2016-09-27 11.15.10.pngMagic Freeze – This token allows you to perform better and score higher in mini-games. Use it, and your score multiplier won’t decrease for as long as you don’t make a mistake. Buy for 20 Diamonds.

GI Gives Us a Facebook Note on Mini-Games

GI has written a Mini-Games Note on their Official Facebook Page giving us information about Mini-Games. I find these notes are a great source of information so have a look through for their explanations and give them a thumbs up to let them know you appreciate the information and guidance.

Good luck!

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Hi! I am trying to get the sand tiles, but I always find 38 of 41. I don’t see sand tiles anymore, but still the game isn’t over. How can this game end? I’m frustrated because I can’t get over this level.


    Which level are you on?


Anyone have a pop up in cards that said you were being dishonest and if you continue doing this you will be out for the week? Not sure what I was suppose to be doing??


    Was that in the new or old MM? How can you be dishonest in cards?

    If it’s the new MM open a ticket from inside the game. If it’s the old one go to their Facebook page and send a message to their moderator. You could also open a ticket for the old one on their website.


      It was in the old game.
      I will go to their FB page. Thanks for the help. 🐶


        Sorry, I would have noticed that if I’d seen what page you commented on. I see comments in a different stream. Their Facebook moderator used to do a good job resolving things.


    At one time, I got these and couldn’t for the life of me figure out what I had done. So I just quit playing the cards game in the old MM for a while.


      I think if you’re scoring up high other players report you as cheating. I know they have always gotten a lot of personal cheating complaints from other players but they don’t fix their system to prevent it.

Marilyn Rodger

I can’t get tokens to drop, just now it’s about 1 to every 10 to 15 rooms sometimes more. I get high up in pipe game but the time I get tokens I’m at the bottom again. It’s frustrating..


    Mine were dropping every few searches the other day. I had a turtle of luck and cornucopia. I may still have had the charm from the daily chest too. I don’t remember.


Pipes game -strength is good, using First good start token,connection between green pipe and red pipe looks good and and continuous, but the air flow doesn’t flow. What is wrong?


    Do you have a screen shot?


In bronze league doing pipes, I get the steam path completed but no whoosh , score in 15,000 range- high for me– but get a Failure rating and no points. Asked customer service after I had that happen twice last week- she said I needed to use a highlighted pipe– this week I looked – no highlighted pile section. What gives? The path is completed


    There’s a gold pipe in some of the paths. You have to make your path go through that gold pipe to get credit for it. Not all rounds will have a gold pipe. They’re pretty easy to see when they’re there.

Ronda Meyers

Anyone notice the pipes game scoring seems different this week? I’m in bronze league, the scores are off the charts high, I can’t even get a chest.
Usually I do fine, I get about a third level chest, but this week I can barely compete.
The scores were high on the first day of the game starting, and keep going up of course.


    This may be because players are searching rooms for the chasing chests and are getting more tokens. I felt like the tokens dropped more often for me yesterday but I could be wrong. I may have searched more rooms than I thought!

      Ronda Meyers

      Well the tokens only allow them to play, and they max us out at 30. Maybe more players had tokens then usual, but I can tell there’s something more going on. Tokens do not get u a super high score, they just allow u to play more often.
      I’ll figure out what’s different eventually! I won’t give up until I figure it out.


There are now 5 levels. Silver and Gold the additional levels.


    Yes, the page needs updated. I have just been working on more important stuff.


I came here to see if anyone else was having this issue! Is the drop rate better from certain rooms? Upstairs vs. basement, etc.?


    I hadn’t noticed but I’ll try to pay more attention. I just find they are hard to get!


Game tokens drop rate can be horrible. Anyone else having this issue? I’ve searched rooms for 2 hrs this morning and have only gotten 7 tokens.

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