First Floor Furniture

First Floor Furniture

First Floor Furniture was introduced by GI sometime last year. I don’t remember the exact date or update version. You can purchase what you want for your rooms for either Diamonds, Kronos or Coins.

A First Floor Furniture Catalog is available for each room by selecting to explore the room but instead of exploring you go to the upper left of that window and select the Furniture option.

2016-07-15 16.18.49.png

One of our very dedicated players has taken on the challenge of creating this spreadsheet for the First Floor Furniture to make it easy to see what and where you can purchase items to help you in the game.

  • The default setting for this spreadsheet lists the furniture according to room and in the same order as the game’s furniture catalog.
  • The first piece on the spreadsheet list for a particular room corresponds to the upper left furniture spot on that room’s furniture “map.”  Selecting that spot will open a catalogue with pages to the left and the right. The furniture pieces are listed on the spreadsheet in the same order as the pieces are in the catalogue if you were to scroll through the catalogue to the right.
  • If you find a piece of furniture on the spreadsheet and you want to know exactly where it is in the catalog, determine the room where that piece of furniture is located. Then either view the spreadsheet list without any filters or perform a search for that room name. Once you can see the spreadsheet’s list of all the furniture pieces in that room, you can get a reference point of where that piece is in the catalogue in relation to some of the more recognizable pieces. For example, if the piece you’re looking for is listed a few items below a couch, you can select the couch spot on the furniture map and then scroll through the catalogue to the right until you find it. If the piece you’re looking for is listed a few pieces above a piano, you can select the piano spot on the furniture map and then scroll through the catalogue to the left until you find it.
  • Unfortunately, the game’s furniture catalog does not have page numbers to make the process easier and the order of the catalogue pages does not correspond to the map either.  If you can think of an easier way to identify where pieces are located, please feel free to make a suggestion in the comments. Thank you!

Keep in mind that each page of the furniture catalog is an either/or option. If there are 5 selections you can buy for that page you can only place one at a time. So, based on what you’re doing in game play you may want to purchase more of them and switch them out.

If an item is marked with an S in the Seasonal column that means it is not currently available for purchase but if you own it then it remains in your purchased items. I think these items will come back seasonally.

Furniture Purchase Options

  • Kronos can be found by exploring the Treasury, opening your Chest from your daily visits, or winning in the Arena battles. This is currently the only place to spend them.
  • Diamonds are earned many ways in the game but if you spend 50 in many of the rooms you can purchase a piece of furniture that will give you a diamond every 24 hours. Seems expensive but in the long run if you visit the game daily you will be getting more diamonds than you spend.
  • Coins are gained daily by different things you do and this is a good place to spend some of them.


Updated: June 26, 2017 8:25 am
1DieffenbachiaAfrican RoomKronas 200Diamond every 24 hrs.
2African VasesAfrican RoomKronas 3002 Diamonds every 36 hrs.
3Festive Decorations-3 FlagsSAfrican RoomCoins 76KFind Monster Weapons (+15%)
4Woven VaseSAfrican RoomCoins 256KCoins (+15%)
5African DjembeAfrican RoomKronas 100Find Monster Weapons (+5%)
6Kaomi Nampbell FigurineAfrican RoomDiamonds 135Find Monster Weapons (+10%)
7Christmas Miracle CandySAfrican RoomCoins 30KCoins (+10%)
8Party BalloonsAfrican RoomCoins 50KEXP (+15%)
9Festive Decorations-1 FlagSAfrican RoomCoins 45KEXP (+15%)
10Woven VaseSAfrican RoomCoins 187KPhenomena-All (-10%)
11African Palm TreeAfrican RoomDiamonds 20Energy Cost (-10%)
12Australian Palm TreeAfrican RoomDiamonds 38Coins (+10%)
13Woven VaseSAfrican RoomCoins 234KFind Monster Weapons (+10%)
14Avant-Garde Floor VaseSAfrican RoomKronas 50Phenomena-All (-10%)
15Festive Decorations-2 FlagsSAfrican RoomDiamonds 50Find Boss Weapons (+10%)
16Mammoth TuskAfrican RoomCoins 50KEnergy Awarded (+50%)
17Shaman's HouseAfrican RoomComes with RoomEXP (+15%)
18Shamanic IglooSAfrican RoomDiamonds 165EXP (+20%)
19LionAfrican RoomDiamonds 20Phenomena-All (-15%)
20Bamboo Kawaii PandaAfrican RoomKronas 420Phenomena-All (-25%)
21Festive Decorations-1 FlagSAfrican RoomCoins 50KCoins (+10%)
22Alaskan HuskiesSAfrican RoomDiamonds 230Phenomena-All(-20%)
23WC BuddhaBathroomKronas 100Phenomena-All (-5%)
24Liege Lord Bathroom SetBathroomKronas 310Phenomena-All (-15%)
25Aquada BathtubBathroomKronas 100Find Monster Weapons (+5%)
26King Arthur JacuzziBathroomKronas 350Find Monster Weapons (+10%)
27Earthly Paradise BathtubSBathroomDiamonds 250Phenomena-All (-20%)
28Villardo Bathroom RugBathroomComes with RoomEXP (+5%)
29Persian CarpetBathroomDiamonds 54Phenomena-Native Idol (-10%)
30Santa & Co. Bath MatSBathroomDiamonds 50Find Chargers (+10%)
31UFO RugBathroomEXP (+15%)
32Wasser Shower CabinBathroomDiamonds 15Energy Cost (-10%)
33Lancelot Shower CabinBathroomCoins 450KEnergy Cost (-25%)
34Steam Shower CabinBathroomKronas 250Phenomena-Native Idol (-20%)
35All-Family CabinetBathroomCoins 20KCoins (+10%)
36Merlin CabinetBathroomDiamonds 150Coins (+40%)
37Brunoldini CabinetBathroomComes with RoomEnergy Awarded (+50%)
38Nenezza CabinetBathroomDiamonds 10Mode Night(-20%)
39Petite HoveaBedroomKronas 200Diamond every 24 hrs.
40Sago PalmBedroomDiamonds 40Phenomena-Will-o'-the-Wisp (-10%)
41Festive Decorations-1 FlagSBedroomEXP (+15%)
42Birch Floor LampBedroomCoins 48KEXP (+10%)
43Lava LampBedroomCoins 52KEXP (+10%)
44Jack-o'-LanternSBedroomCoins 75KEnergy Awarded (+50%)
45Fiery RoosterSBedroomCoins 71KEnergy Cost (-10%)
46Las Vegas CabinetBedroomCoins 15KEnergy Awarded (+50%)
47Day and Night CabinetBedroomKronas 349Phenomena-Native Idol (-10%)
48Christmas Miracle CandySBedroomCoins 30KCoins (+10%)
49Party BalloonsBedroomCoins 50KEXP (+15%)
50Hot Stuff LampBedroomCoins 50KEXP (+15%)
51Leprechaun Treasure LampSBedroomCoins 50KCoins (+10%)
52Elf CabinetBedroomCoins 10KCoins (+15%)
53Discovery CabinetBedroomKronas 351Mode Night (-20%)
54Christmas Miracle CandySBedroomCoins 30KCoins (+10%)
55Party BalloonsBedroomCoins 50KEXP (+15%)
56Hot Stuff LampBedroomCoins 50KEXP (+15%)
57Leprechaun Treasure LampSBedroomCoins 50KCoins (+10%)
58Slim Set of DrawersBedroomKronas 100Phenomena-Mist (-10%)
59Arcanum DrawersBedroomDiamonds 85Find Monster Weapons (+5%)
60Mystery TV SetBedroomComes with RoomPhenomena-Mist (-10%)
61Eye of Dragon IMAX ScreenBedroomDiamonds 250Phenomena-All (-20%)
62Gretta Bedside TableBedroomDiamonds 21Find Monster Weapons (+5%)
63Lava LampBedroomCoins 52KEXP (+10%)
64Jack-o'-LanternSBedroomCoins 79KCoins (+20%)
65Fiery RoosterBedroomCoins 75KCoins (+15%)
66Springfield BedBedroomComes with RoomEXP (+5%)
67Three Chocolates BedBedroomCoins 300kPhenomena-All (-10%)
68Holiday BeddingSBedroomDiamonds 300Find Monster Weapons (+10%)
69Coutesan's Dream BedSBedroomKronas 250Find Boss Weapons (+20%)
70Patriotic BedSBedroomDiamonds 599Find Monster Weapons (+20%)
71Ficus TreeBedroomDiamonds 20Energy Cost -(10%)
72Royal PalmBedroomDiamonds 47Find Boss Weapons (+10%)
73Festive Decorations-1 FlagSBedroomCoins (+10%)
74Birch Floor LampBedroomCoins 48KCoins (+10%)
75Lava LampBedroomCoins 52KCoins (+10%)
76Jack-o'-LanternSBedroomCoins 82KEXP (+20%)
77Fiery RoosterSBedroomCoins 79KEXP (+20%)
78Easter BunnyBedroomManeki-Neko CatEnergy Cost -(15%)
79The Eagle Hallway SetDressing RoomCoins (+10%)
80Cascade WardrobeDressing RoomDiamonds 90Phenomena-Native Idol (+10%)
81Modular Furniture SetDressing RoomEnergy Awarded (+50%)
82Monolith WardrobeDressing RoomDiamonds 90EXP (+10%)
83Atalanta Shelving UnitDressing RoomKronas 100Find Monster Weapons (+5%)
84Choice WardrobeDressing RoomKronas 375Mode Comparison (-10%)
85Liberty Shelving UnitDressing RoomKronas 100Phenomena-Mist (-10%)
86Truismo WardrobeDressing RoomKronas 374Phenomena-Mist (+10%)
87Sofico CouchDressing RoomEXP (+5%)
88TerraCatta CouchDressing RoomCoins 350KCoins (+5%)
89Male Tailor's MannequinDressing RoomDiamonds 20Phenomena-All (-15%)
90Santa Claus SuitSDressing RoomKronas 75Mode Comparison (-10%)
91Leprechaun OutfitSDressing RoomDiamonds 250EXP (+25%)
92Patriotic OutfitSDressing RoomDiamonds 150Mode Night (-15%)
93Pilgrim OutfitSDressing RoomDiamonds 148Find Monster Weapons (+20%)
94Femail Tailor's MannequinDressing RoomDiamonds 20Energy Cost -(10%)
95Elf SuitSDressing RoomKronas 75Find Chargers (+10%)
96Lady Leprechaun OutfitSDressing RoomDiamonds 250Mode Zodiac (-10%)
97Patriots DressSDressing RoomFind Monster Weapons (+15%)
98Colonist OutfitSDressing RoomDiamonds 153Phenomena-Mist (-30%)
99Boris BookshelfElevatorCoins 50KEnergy Awarded (+50%)
100BookshelfElevatorCoins 50KCoins (+10%)
101Lilliputian TableElevatorComes with RoomEXP (+10%)
102You and I Rug and TableElevatorDiamonds 300Find Boss Weapons (+10%)
103Vegas Chest of DrawersElevatorKronas 150Phenomena-Night Vision (-10%)
104Mexican Fan PalmElevatorKronas 200Diamond every 24 hrs.
105Namibian PalmElevatorDiamonds 38Energy Awarded (+90%)
106Intimate Floor LampElevatorDiamonds 20Keys Cost (-10%)
107Muse Floor LampElevatorKronas 200EXP (+5%)
108Elevator RobotElevatorKronas 150Mode Comparison (-10%)
109Natasha Corner SofaElevatorDiamonds 28Find Monster Weapons (+5%)
110Aristo CouchElevatorKronas 250Phenomena-All (-20%)
111Angelo DeskElevatorDiamonds 16Find Monster Weapons (+5%)
112Television NoirElevatorDiamonds 250Keys Cost (-10%)
113Vita SideboardFortune-Telling RoomCoins 50KMode Comparison (-10%)
114Anna SideboardFortune-Telling RoomDiamonds 12Find Monster Weapons (+5%)
115Eastwick Curio CabinetFortune-Telling RoomDiamonds 67Energy Awarded (+50%)
116Ollivander's Curio CabinetFortune-Telling RoomCoins 45KEnergy Awarded (+50%)
117Siesta Curio CabinetFortune-Telling RoomCoins 40KCoins (+10%)
118Oscar Movie ScreenFortune-Telling RoomCoins 150KCoins (+10%)
119FireplaceFortune-Telling RoomKronas 100Phenomena-Ghost Shadow (-10%)
120Christmas FireplaceSFortune-Telling RoomDiamonds 350Keys Cost (-10%)
121Warm Feelings FireplaceFortune-Telling RoomKronas 300Keys Cost (-15%)
122Livistona PalmFortune-Telling RoomKronas 200Diamond every 24 hrs
123JubaeaFortune-Telling RoomDiamonds 45Phenomena-Mist (-10%)
124Pet OwlFortune-Telling RoomDiamonds 73Mode Night (-15%)
125Softness SofaFortune-Telling RoomKronas 150Keys Cost (-10%)
126Art Nouveau SofaFortune-Telling RoomKronas 196Keys Cost (-10%)
127Mideira SofaFortune-Telling RoomDiamonds 15Find Boss Weapons (+10%)
128Morpheus OttomanFortune-Telling RoomDiamonds 75Find Boss Weapons (+20%)
129Scary Movie LoveseatFortune-Telling RoomDiamonds 200Mode Comparison (-10%)
130Tomorrow's Unknowns CouchFortune-Telling RoomDiamonds 58Find Chargers (+15%)
131Cathleen ArmchairFortune-Telling RoomKronas 100Find Monster Weapons (+5%)
132Blavatsky ArmchairFortune-Telling RoomKronas 245Find Monster Weapons (+15%)
133Today's Secrets ArmchairFortune-Telling RoomCoins 62KCoins (+10%)
134Aghar Coffee TableFortune-Telling RoomComes with RoomFind Monster Weapons (+10%)
135Arabica TableFortune-Telling RoomKronas 175Keys Cost (-15%)
136Cat FigurineFortune-Telling RoomDiamonds 15Mode Night (-20%)
137Witch's CauldronFortune-Telling RoomCoins 44KExperience (+15%)
138Magnate CabinetHallwayCoins 30KCoins (+15%)
139Monmartre Flower StandHallwayDiamonds 175Coins (+50%)
140Birch Floor LampHallwayCoins 48KCoins (+10%)
141Wah-ta-Wah statueSHallwayDiamonds 126Phenomena-All (-25%)
142Tilly the HelperSHallwayDiamonds 153Phenomena-All (-25%)
143Tycoon CabinetHallwayDiamonds 15Mode Night (-10%)
144Caprice Flower StandHallwayKronas 389Mode Night (-30%)
145Birch Floor LampHallwayCoins 48KEXP (+10%)
146Hawkeye StatueSHallwayDiamonds 163Find Monster Weapons (+25%)
147Caleb the ElfSHallwayDiamonds 167Mode Night (-20%)
148Suit of ArmorHallwayComes with RoomEXP (+10%)
149The Roar StatueHallwayKronas 350Mode Night (-20%)
150Leprechaun StatueSHallwayKronas 250Find Monster Weapons (+20%)
151Statue of LibertySHallwayDiamonds 300Phenomena-Native Idol (-20%)
152Count DraculaSHallwayDiamonds 250Find Chargers (+25%)
153Uncommon Palm TreeHallwayDiamonds 20Find Monster Weapons (+5%)
154Preometheus Floor LampHallwayKronas 150Phenomena-Mist (-10%)
155Leprechaun's Treasure LampSHallwayCoins 50KCoins (+10%)
156Common Palm TreeHallwayKronas 200Diamond every 24 hrs
157Amon-Ra Floor LampHallwayDiamonds 47Find Boss Weapons (+5%)
158Leprechaun's Treasure LampSHallwayCoins 50KCoins (+10%)
159Perkke Shelving UnitHunting RoomKronas 50Phenomena-Mist (-10%)
160The Book KeeperHunting RoomKronas 74Find Boss Weapons (+20%)
161Bearskin RugHunting RoomDiamonds 50EXP (+5%)
162Turkmen CarpetHunting RoomKronas 300Phenomena-Native Idol (-10%)
163Chic CarpetHunting RoomComes with RoomMode Comparison (-10%)
164Inflatable Cutie PieHunting RoomKronas 250Phenomena-All (-20%)
165Big Teddy BearSHunting RoomDiamonds 200Find Monster Weapons (+10%)
166Statue of a HeroSHunting RoomKronas 49EXP (+20%)
167White Tiger SkinHunting RoomCoins 84KPhenomena-All (-20%)
168Maxxi Shelving UnitHunting RoomKronas 75Phenomena-All (-5%)
169Statue of a HeroSHunting RoomDiamonds 52Energy Awarded (+50%)
170Woven VaseSHunting RoomCoins 187KPhenomena-All (-10%)
171Braun Arm ChairHunting RoomDiamonds 10Energy Cost (-10%)
172Touch-Me-Not ArmchairHunting RoomDiamonds 51Energy Cost (-20%)
173American Flag ChairSHunting RoomKronas 100Find Boss Weapons (+10%)
174King Arthur's SeatHunting RoomDiamonds 57Phenomena-Night (-15%)
175FireplaceHunting RoomDiamonds 20Find Boss Weapons (+10%)
176Beast's Den FireplaceHunting RoomKronas 246Find Boss Weapons (+20%)
177Date PalmHunting RoomKronas 200Diamond every 24 hrs
178Statue of a HeroSHunting RoomCoins (+10%)
179Woven VaseSHunting RoomCoins 256KCoins (+15%)
180Rocking ChairHunting RoomCoins 25KCoins (+15%)
181New Classic ArmchairSHunting RoomDiamonds 300Phenomena-All (-25%)
182Legend Coffee TableHunting RoomKronas 198Find Monster Weapons (+25%)
183Woven VaseSHunting RoomCoins 234KFind Monster Weapons (+10%)
184Buffalo SofaHunting RoomDiamonds 13Find Monster Weapons (+5%)
185Stoic SofaHunting RoomKronas 150Find Monster Weapons (+15%)
186Camelot SofaHunting RoomCoins 98KFind Boss Weapons (+15%)
187Coffee TableHunting RoomCoins 30KEnergy Awarded (+50%)
188Snob Coffee TableHunting RoomKronas 175Find Boss Weapons (+20%)
189Yggdrasil TableHunting RoomDiamonds 176Mode Zodiac (-10%)
190Coffee TableSHunting RoomDiamonds 115Find Chargers (+10%)
191The Hawk CabinetHunting RoomKronas 50Phenomena-Native Idol (-10%)
192Elite End TableHunting RoomDiamonds 175Phenomena-All (-15%)
193Skaid Shelving UnitHunting RoomKronas 50Phenomena-Will-o'-the-Wisp (-10%)
194Tracker's WardrobeHunting RoomDiamonds 142Energy Awarded (+50%)
195Zen RockJapanese GardenKronas 100Find Monster Weapons (+10%)
196Japanese Crane StatueJapanese GardenKronas 175Find Monster Weapons (+20%)
197Stuffed SnowmanSJapanese GardenDiamonds 275Find Boss Weapons (+15%)
198Pagoda GazeboJapanese GardenComes with RoomEXP (+10%)
199Fuji GazeboJapanese GardenDiamonds 75EXP (+25%)
200Bamboo BridgeJapanese GardenKronas 150Find Boss Weapons (+10%)
201Path to HarmonyJapanese GardenComes with RoomFind Boss Weapons (+10%)
202Buddah StatueJapanese GardenCoins 45KCoins (+10%)
203Japanese Dragon StatueJapanese GardenComes with RoomPhenomena-Native Idol (-10%)
204SakuraJapanese GardenKronas 200Diamond every 24 hrs.
205Spooky TreeJapanese GardenKeys Cost (-30%)
206Sakura BonsaiJapanese GardenDiamonds 20Keys Cost (-10%)
207Jade Dragon FigurineJapanese GardenManeki-Neko CatItems to Charge Collections (+35%)
208Atlant RefrigeratorKitchenEnergy Awarded (+70%)
209Iceberg RefrigeratorKitchenKronas 290Phenomena-Will-o'-the-Wisp (-10%)
210CryoChamber RefrigeratorKitchenCoins 50KEXP (+15%)
211Gouache Set of DrawersKitchenCoins 10KCoins (+15%)
212Fortuna DrawersKitchenDiamonds 50Phenomena-Native Idol (-10%)
213Butter Fimms Popcorn MakerKitchenCoins 100KEXP (+10%)
214Glaze Dining TableKitchenComes with RoomEXP (+10%)
215Prestige Kitchen SetKitchenKronas 50Phenomena-All (-10%)
216Vector Kitchen SetKitchenDiamonds 19Find Monster Weapons (+10%)
217Mediterranean PalmKitchenDiamonds 20Energy Cost (-10%)
218Namibian PalmKitchenDiamonds 38Phenomena-UFO (-10%)
219Red BarberryKitchenKronas 200Diamond every 24 hrs.
220Mexican Fan PalmKitchenKronas 200Phenomena-Native Idol (-10%)
221Laboratory FlaskLaboratoryDiamonds 15Find Boss Weapons (+10%)
222Charles Darwin FlaskLaboratoryKronas 200Find Monster Weapons (+8%)
223Classique Floor VaseSLaboratoryDiamonds 75Coins (+50%)
224Raid Computer ChairLaboratoryKronas 200Find Boss Weapons (+10%)
225Misanthrope Computer ChairLaboratoryDiamonds 210Keys Cost (-10%)
226Detectoring AmplifierLaboratoryKronas 200Keys Cost (-10%)
227Demiurge 3D NanoprinterLaboratoryKronas 220Keys Cost (-12%)
228Geek DeskLaboratoryComes with RoomEXP (+5%)
229Laboratory TableLaboratoryDiamonds 15Energy Cost (-50%)
230Big Bang Theory DeskLaboratoryDiamonds 150EXP (+15%)
231Irish PubLaboratoryManeki-Neko CatPhenomena -All (-20%)
232Libra BookshelfLibraryCoins 30KCoins (+10%)
233Dimestore Sophisticate BookcaseLibraryDiamonds 130Find Monster Weapons (+10%)
234Vegas Slot MachineLibraryManeki-Neko CatFind Boss Weapons (+10%)
235Talent BookshelfLibraryKronas 100Find Monster Weapons (+5%)
236Alexandria 2.0 BookcaseLibraryDiamonds 87Coins (+20%)
237Free-Standing GlobeLibraryDiamonds 20Phenomena-All (-7%)
238Morpheus Cot 2.0LibraryKronas 100Phenomena-All (-20%)
239Clio Coffee TableLibraryDiamonds 15Energy Cost (-50%)
240Umberto Coffee TableSLibraryKronas 250Mode Night (-20%)
241Michelin ChrysanthemumLibraryKronas 200Diamond every 24 hrs.
242Coconut TreeLibraryDiamonds 48Find Boss Weapons (+10%)
243Attica Floor LampLibraryCoins 5KCoins (+10%)
244Watson Floor LampLibraryDiamonds 35Phenomena-Native Idol (-10%)
245Night Owl FLoor LampLibraryKronas 150Mode Night (-10%)
246Art Nouveau Floor VaseSLibraryDiamonds 75Phenomena-Native Idol (-15%)
247Christmas Miracle CandySLibraryCoins 30KCoins (+10%)
248Party BalloonsLibraryCoins 50KEXP (+15%)
249Writing DeskLibraryComes with RoomEXP (+5%)
250The Senator Furniture SetLibraryKronas 200Find Boss Weapons (+10%)
251Sherlock H. Allmess DeskLibraryDiamonds 248Find Monster Weapons (+15%)
252Joker Slot MachineLibraryManeki-Neko CatFind Monster Weapons (+20%)
253Poker TableLibraryManeki-Neko CatEnergy Awarded (+50%)
254Pocket Aces SofaLibraryManeki-Neko CatItems to Charge Collections (+25%)
255Lucky Roulette WheelLibraryManeki-Neko CatDecrease Phenomena (+20%)
256Marble StatueLiving RoomDiamonds 10Phenomena-All (-15%)
257Phidian ScuptureLiving RoomKronas 200Phenomena-UFO (-15%)
258Statue from the Ruins of PompeiILiving RoomCoins 70KPhenomena-Mist (-10%)
259Lava LampLiving RoomCoins 52KCoins (+10%)
260Statue of a HeroSLiving RoomDiamonds 52Energy Awarded (+50%)
261Jack-o'-LanternSLiving RoomCoins 79KCoins (+20%)
262Ficus TreeLiving RoomDiamonds 20Energy Cost (-50%)
263Birch Floor LampLiving RoomCoins 48KCoins (+10%)
264Lava LampLiving RoomCoins 52KEXP (+10%)
265Jack-o'-LanternSLiving RoomCoins 82KEXP (+20%)
266Glowing ReindeerSLiving RoomDiamonds 78EXP (+25%)
267HoveaLiving RoomKronas 200Diamond every 24 hours
268Birch Floor LampLiving RoomCoins 48KEXP (+10%)
269Lava LampLiving RoomCoins 52KCoins (+10%)
270Jack-o'-LanternSLiving RoomCoins 75KEnergy Awarded (+50%)
271Glowing ReindeerSLiving RoomDiamonds 67Coins (+10%)
272Attica Floor LampLiving RoomCoins 5KCoins (+15%)
273Magic Floor LampLiving RoomDiamonds 45Phenomena-Ghost Shadow (+10%)
274Christmas Miracle CandySLiving RoomCoins 30KCoins (+10%)
275Party BalloonsLiving RoomCoins 50KEXP (+15%)
276Hot Stuff LampLiving RoomCoins 50KEXP (+15%)
277Leprechaun's Treasure LampSLiving RoomCoins 50KCoins (+10%)
278Statue of a HeroSLiving RoomCoins (+10%)
279Phantom FLoor LampSLiving RoomDiamonds 110Energy Cost (-10%)
280Gilbo Floor LampLiving RoomCoins 5KEnergy Awarded (+40%)
281Archivist Floor LampLiving RoomKronas 70Experience (+5%)
282Christmas Miracle CandySLiving RoomCoins 30KCoins (+10%)
283Party BalloonsLiving RoomCoins 50KEXP (+15%)
284Hot Stuff LampLiving RoomCoins 50KEXP (+15%)
285Leprechaun's Treasure LampSLiving RoomCoins 50KCoins (+10%)
286Statue of a HeroSLiving RoomKronas 49EXP (+20%)
287Canterville Floor LampSLiving RoomDiamonds 110Phenomena-All (-10%)
288Monte CabinetLiving RoomDiamonds 10Find Monster Weapons (+5%)
289Forcage CabinetLiving RoomDiamonds 47Mode Night (-10%)
290Merano Living Room Furniture SetLiving RoomComes with RoomEXP (+5%)
291Snow White Furniture SetLiving RoomKronas 235Coins (+10%)
292Christmas CornerSLiving RoomKronas 230Find Monster Weapons (+10%)
293Gift SetLiving RoomDiamonds 250Find Monster Weapons (+14%)
294Big League CouchLiving RoomManeki-Neko CatFind Monster Weapons (+10%)
295The Lord SofaLiving RoomKronas 50Phenomena-Native Idol (-10%)
296Deluxe SofaLiving RoomKronas 232Phenomena-Native Idol (+10%)
297North Pole SofaSLiving RoomDiamonds 160Phenomena-Native Idol (-20%)
298Georgie Set of DrawersLiving RoomKronas 50Phenomena-Will-o'-the-Wisp (-10%)
299Corundum DrawersLiving RoomDiamonds 51Phenomena-Will-o'-the-Wisp (+10%)
300Petfor PianoLiving RoomKronas 150Find Monster Weapons (+5%)
301Gatsby White Grand PianoLiving RoomAchievement Gift (buy furniture, 5th stage)Diamond every 24 hrs.
302Mayflower PianoSLiving RoomDiamonds 212Find Boss Weapons (+25%)
303El Choclo PianoLiving RoomManeki-Neko CatDiamond every 24 hrs.
304Dried CoralOceanic RoomKronas 200Keys Cost (-20%)
305Sphere Floor VaseSOceanic RoomKronas 75Find Chargers (+10%)
306Festive Decorations-1 FlagSOceanic RoomEXP (+15%)
307Scuba TankOceanic RoomCoins 55KEnergy Awarded (+50%)
308Christmas Miracle CandySOceanic RoomCoins 30KCoins (+10%)
309Party BalloonsOceanic RoomCoins 50KEXP (+15%)
310Festive Decorations-2 FlagsSOceanic RoomDiamonds 50Find Boss Weapons (+10%)
311WetsuitOceanic RoomKronas 200Find Monster Weapons (+10%)
312Nautilus SofaOceanic RoomDiamonds 25Phenomena-Night Vision (-10%)
313Atoll DeskOceanic RoomComes with RoomEXP (+10%)
314AnchorOceanic RoomCoins 50KCoins (+10%)
315Festive Decorations-1 FlagSOceanic RoomCoins (+10%)
316Freshwater AquariumOceanic RoomDiamonds 30Phenomena-Ghost Shadow (-10%)
317Festive Decorations-3 FlagsSOceanic RoomFind Monster Weapons (+10%)
318Seawater AquariumOceanic RoomKronas 1000Find Boss Weapons (+60%)
319Mine and Life SaverOceanic RoomDiamonds 10Phenomena-Heavy Rain (-10%)
320Digital-Code SmartSafeRoom 51Kronas 150Keys Cost (-10%)
321Festive Decorations-1 FlagSRoom 51EXP (+15%)
322Business SofaRoom 51Diamonds 38Phenomena-Night Vision (-10%)
323Joy CouchRoom 51Kronas 235Keys Cost (-10%)
324Pro Computer DeskRoom 51Comes with RoomEXP (+10%)
325Venter DeskRoom 51Diamonds 25Phenomena-Ghost Shadow (-10%)
326Festive Decorations-3 FlagsSRoom 51Find Monster Weapons (+15%)
327Lava LampRoom 51Coins 52KEXP (+10%)
328Woven VaseSRoom 51Coins 187KPhenomena-All (-10%)
329Fiery RoosterSRoom 51Coins 71KEnergy Cost (-10%)
330TelescopeRoom 51Kronas 150Find Monster Weapons (+10%)
331Episode VII TelescopeRoom 51Coins 150KEnergy Cost (-25%)
332Festive Decorations-1 FlagRoom 51Coins (+10%)
333Lava LampRoom 51Coins 52KCoins (+10%)
334Woven VaseSRoom 51Coins 234KFind Monster Weapons (+10%)
335Fiery RoosterSRoom 51Coins 79KEXP (+15%)
336Containment UnitRoom 51Coins 50KCoins (+10%)
337Lava LampRoom 51Coins 52KEXP (+10%)
338Snowman Floor VaseSRoom 51Diamonds 75Phenomena-Native Idol (-10%)
339Festive Decorations-2 FlagsSRoom 51Diamonds 50Find Boss Weapons (+10%)
340Woven VaseSRoom 51Coins 256KCoins (+15%)
341Fiery RoosterSRoom 51Coins 75KCoins (+15%)
342Zero-G Shelving UnitRoom 51Coins 50KEnergy Awarded (+50%)
343Beri Bigu DrawersSakura RoomKronas 150Find Boss Weapons (+10%)
344TaikoSakura RoomCoins 50KCoins (+10%)
345Jack-o'-LanternSSakura RoomCoins 79KCoins (+20%)
346Fiery RoosterSSakura RoomCoins 75KCoins (+15%)
347Geisha OutfitSakura RoomDiamonds 26Find Monster Weapons (+5%)
348Statue of a HeroSSakura RoomDiamonds 52Energy Awarded (+50%)
349Fiery RoosterSSakura RoomCoins 71KEnergy Cost (-10%)
350Temple GongSakura RoomCoins 45KEnergy Awarded (+50%)
351Statue of a HeroSSakura RoomKronas 49EXP (+20%)
352Jack-o'-LanternSSakura RoomCoins 82KEXP (+20%)
353Fiery RoosterSSakura RoomCoins 79KEXP (+15%)
354Samurai ArmorSakura RoomKronas 800Keys Cost (-60%)
355Statue of a HeroSSakura RoomCoins (+10%)
356Antique VasesSakura RoomKronas 150Find Monster Weapons (+5%)
357Tea Table with CushionsSakura RoomComes with RoomEXP (+10%)
358Kotatsu TableSSakura RoomDiamonds 175Mode Comparison (-10%)
359Writing DeskSakura RoomKronas 150Phenomena-Night Vision (-10%)
360Jack-o'-LanternSSakura RoomCoins 75KEnergy Awarded (+50%)

GI Gives Us a Facebook Note on Furniture

GI has written a Furniture Note on their Official Facebook Page giving us information about Furniture. I find these notes are a great source of information so have a look through for their explanations and give them a thumbs up to let them know you appreciate the information and guidance.

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Question …
Is there a way to download the list you have posted for mystery manner as a PDF?
Such as the collection list ..etc etc

Or be able to see the full list on one page? or maybe even print it out or save it to iBooks on the iPhone ?

Thank you to who ever took the time to make these list. You did a great job.


    Yes, Super Sleuths Members have the ability to download every pdf I have. Those are the ones that contribute to keep the site up and running.

Nancy Cramer

In the African room they have 2 diamonds you can get Dieffenbachia and african vase can you have both and get 3 diamonds

Ronda Meyers

Just so you know thought, once you win a piece of furniture, you have to find out which room it’s in, then go to that room and place it. You will not see it until u place it.

Ronda Meyers

I had never looked at this furniture list, it’s huge! Thank you. I found my pocket aces sofa that I won from kitty, and now know to look for it in the library.


    I updated the list with the ones from the Lucky Cat the other day. Another player created the original list. It was a huge undertaking!


The Joker Slot Machine, a Cat Roulette prize, can be found in the Library


    Thanks I’ll put that in the table! What does it give?


Where is the furniture that I have won doing the cat mini game? I have won two pieces, but I cannot find them anywhere


    There’s a little icon in the lower corner that shows which room it goes in. Do you remember which pieces you won? I can look on my game since I haven’t won any and see where they go.


      I have won the poker table… in library and looked through the catalog to find and place, but it just isn’t there. I looked three
      times… any suggestions


        Open a ticket! I know they will ask you for a screen shot so when you open the ticket ask them which page it should be on? What other items are on that page because otherwise you will have to send them all the pages!


Why are some of my furniture wrapped in a chain and padlock? On the right side some of them are fine, but some are under padlock. I did buy them, and they are showing on my room map.


I just secured the white piano which provides 1 diamond every 24 hours. I already have a diamond every 24 hours in that room. Do I now get 2 diamonds every 24 hours in that room. I HOPE SO




Where can I find furniture bought from snatching merchant?


    I don’t recall snatchin merchant selling any furniture. Do you know the name of the pieces?

Barb rossi

I see the comment about spending 50 diamonds to get a diamond ievery 24 hours, I dont have this option, but I do have the option for spending 200 kronas to get diamond every 24 hours… dont know any other way to get kronas execpt the arena battles


    There is one Krona in every Daily Chest, and they can be won in the Treasury as well, ???


How do I get the UFO rug in the bathroom ?


    Like any peice of furniture, you go to the room as though you are going to explore it but instead you select “Furniture.” Select the item on the map of the room or scroll through the catalogue until you find it and buy it.


    The UFO rug is not available to many players, and I don’t know why. I cannot get access to it either.


How do you get kronas


    They are in the chest given for visiting daily but you have to open the chest in your inventory before it expires, they drop when exploring the treasury room, they are given as a reward when you win first place in an Arena battle…I can’t remember if there are other ways.


How do you get the piano in the living room?


    If you complete the achievement for purchasing furniture, the white piano is the reward. It gives 1 diamond every 24 hours once it is placed in the living room.

      Ronda Meyers

      I do not see an achievement in achievement section for purchasing furniture. Where did you see that?


How do you get the curving stairs in the hallway?


    The stairs–and any room flooring–are not purchased, but appear once you have a furnishing item in every available spot in the room.

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