Achievements are listed in a bar on the right side of your Manor. When complete certain things in the game you will get credit and a small reward. You can search this list but if you try to use the arrows to sort it will just get messed up. We need to work on special coding to take that option away.

We will also work on improvements as we go along.

Achievements Window

I want to give credit to Jolyn for all the work she put into this going into other players achievement listings to fill in the levels. If you have an answer to the blank ones please put a comment so we can update the table.

Updated: June 26, 2017 8:24 am
Level1stGreenhornReach Level 10Cup of Coffee
Level2ndFrequenterReach Level 50Golden Yin-Yang
Level3rdFrequent GuestReach Level 150Chest of Old-timer (bomb, flare, compass)
Level4thVeteranReach Level 300Old Timer's Chest (5 Illuminati lamps & 4 Faraday Generators)
Level5thSophisticated playerReach Level 1000Old Timer's Chest (snatcher catcher's chest & 3 Turtles of fortune)
FB pics1stApprentice PhotographerPost 5 ScreenshotsTesla Coil
FB pics2ndAmateur PhotographerPost 10 ScreenshotsSandwich
FB pics3rdGood PhotographerPost 25 ScreenshotsIlluminati Lamp x3
FB pics4th
FB pics5thPhotograhy GuruPost 100 screenshotsPhotograher Chest (Detective's chest, golden chest, hearty dinner)
Twitter pics1stApprentice PhotographerPost 5 ScreenshotsCup of Coffee
Twitter pics2ndPhotographerTake 10 picsCompass x4
Twitter pics3rdProfessional PhotographerTake 25 PicsEnergy cell x30
Twitter pics4th
Twitter pics5thFamous photographerPost 100 photos2 lucky turtles, Van Helsing's weapons chest & golden chest
Twitter posts1stPoster5 PostsCup of Coffee
Twitter posts2ndNews Anchor50 PostsTime Freeze
Twitter posts3rdChronicler300 PostsFaraday's Generator x2
Twitter posts4thReviewerPost 1000 postsFlare x4
Twitter posts5thKnight of the pen3000 Twitter postsInterviewer's chest (detective's chest & hearty lunch)
FB posts1stOutgoing5 PostsChocolate
FB posts2ndSociable50 PostsMagic Magnet
FB posts3rdCommunicative300 PostsAngry Idol
FB posts4thPublic Speaker1000 FB PostsGolden Bomb x4
FB posts5thBest Storyteller3000 FB posts'Narrator's Chest (collector's chest and hearty dinner)
Quests1stTrusteeComplete 10 QuestsCup of Coffee
Quests3rdPartnerComplete 150 QuestsRunestones x30
Quests4thColleagueComplete 300 questsAdventurer's Chest (5 Golden Bombs and 2 Golden Phoenixes)
Quests5thTrue FriendComplete 1000 questsAdventurer's Chest (Van Helsing's weapons chest and hearty dinner x2)
Explore1stCuriousExplore 10 RoomsTesla Coil
Explore2ndResearcherExplore 100 roomsRunestones x30
Explore3rdLogisticExplore 500 roomsEnergy Cell x30
Explore4thMaster of OrienteeringExplore 1000 roomsExplorer's Chest (50 golden seeds and 50 golden corals
Explore5thSeeker of TruthExplore 500 roomsExplorer's Chest (detective's chest, golden chest and hearty dinner)
Failures1stScatteredFail 5 ExplorationsMobius Band
Failures2ndInattentiveFail 50 ExplorationsBlunderer's Chest (golden bomb and compass)
Failures3rdDupeFail 250 explorationsBlunderer's Chest, Angry Idol, Nano-Beacon
Failures4thLoserFail 500 explorationsBlunderer's Chest (8 flares and a compass)
Failures5thKing of the derelicts2500 failuresBlunderer's Chest (Golden Sun charm and 5 Golden Elephant charms)
Night Mode1stGuardianExplore Night Mode 5xTesla Coil
Night Mode2ndInsomniacExplore 50xChocolate x2
Night Mode3rdNight OwlExplore 300xProspero's Book x2
Night Mode4thNight DetectiveExplore Night Mode 500xFlare
Night Mode5thBatmanExplore Night Mode 1000xNinja's Chest (detective's chest, golden chest, hearty dinner)
Silhouette Mode1stSilhouettistExplore silhouette mode 5xCup of Coffee
Silhouette Mode2ndStencilerExplore 50xGolden Yin-Yang
Silhouette Mode3rdProExplore 300xSecret Container x30
Silhouette Mode4thKnight of ShadowsExplore Silhouette Mode 500xTurtle of Luck x3
Silhouette Mode5thKing of ShadowsExplore Silhouette Mode 1000xMaster of Shadow's chest (snatcher catcher's chest and 3 turtles of fortune)
Zodiac1stNeophyteExplore Zodiac mode 1xCup of Coffee
Zodiac2ndAmateur AstronomerExplore Zodiac Mode 10xTime Freeze
Zodiac3rdExpertExplore Zodiac mode 50xAstrologist's Chest (nanobeacon and angry idol)
Zodiac4thAstrologer ExpertExplore Zodiac mode 200xTurtle of Luck x3
Zodiac5thNight WandererExplore 800 rooms in zodiac modeAstrologist's chest (Detective's Chest & hearty dinner)
Will-o'-the-Wisp1stLight TechnicianExplore Will-o'-the-Wisp 1xCup of Coffee
Will-o'-the-Wisp2ndLaser GunnerExplore Will-o'-the-Wisp 10xElectrician's chest (Angry Idol and Tesla Coil)
Will-o'-the-Wisp3rdSpecialistExplore Will-o'-the-Wisp 50xRunestones x50
Will-o'-the-Wisp4thElectrical EngineerExplore Will-o'-the-Wisp 200xGolden Laughing Buddha
Will-o'-the-Wisp5thProjector OperatorExplore Will-o'-the-Wisp 800xElectrician's Chest (Detective's Chest, golden chest & hearty dinner)
Native Idol1stMissionaryExplore Native Idol 1xCup of Coffee
Native Idol2ndConquerorExplore Native Idol 10xGauguin's Hyperboloid
Native Idol3rdVanquisherExplore Native Idol 50xGolden Seed x30
Native Idol4thResidentExplore Native Idol 200xPioneer's Chest (hearty dinner and turtle of fortune)
Native Idol5thConquistadorExplore Native Idol 800xPioneer's Chest (Detective's Chest, golden chest & hearty dinner)
Mist1stDisperserExplore Mist 1xCup of Coffee
Mist2ndBane of CloudsExplore Mist 10xHedgehog in the Fog's Chest (Illuminati lamp and compass)
Mist3rdIlluminatorExplore Mist 50xEnergy Cell x30
Mist4thMaster of LightExplore Mist 200xGolden Bomb x8
Mist5thClarity ExpertExplore Mist 800xHedgehog in the Fog's Chest (Detective's Chest, golden chest & hearty dinner)
UFO1stAgentExplore a room with the UFO phenomCup of Coffee
UFO2ndSpyExplore UFO 10xTime Freeze
UFO3rdResidentExplore UFO 50xUfologist's Chest (English breakfast and Tesla Coil)
UFO4thInvestigatorExplore UFO Turtle of Luck x3
UFO5thSpecial AgentExplore UFO 800xUfologist's Chest (5 Golden Elephant charms and Golden Sun charm)
Granite Golum1stRecruitExplore 1 room w/ Granite GolumCup of Coffee
Granite Golum2ndSeasoned FighterExplore Granite Golum x5Turtle of luck x2
Granite Golum3rdExterminator of GiantsExplore Granite Golum 10xMagic shell x30
Granite Golum4thExterminator of GiantsExplore Granite Golum 50xGingerbread x10
Granite Golum5thGiantslayerExplore Granite Golum 100xShaman's Chest (Golden Elephant x10, Golden Phoenix x10, Golden Lucky Clovers x10, Turtles of Luck x10, and hearty dinner x3
Ball of Lighting1stElectric ConsumerExplore Ball Lighting 1xChocolate
Ball of Lighting2ndLightning-QuickExplore Ball Lighting x5Golden Phoenix x2
Ball of Lighting3rdShepherd of LightningExplore Ball Lighting x10Martian shard x30
Ball of Lighting4thFollower of TeslaExplore Ball Lighting 50xScythe of Fearless x10
Ball of Lighting5thCatcher of LightningExplore Ball Lighting 100xBig chest with tools (50 compasses, 25 Golden Bombs, 25 of each tool)
Storm1stFoul Weather DestroyerExplore Storm 1xCup of Coffee
Storm2ndBad Weather in the ManorExplore Storm x5Golden Lucky Clover x2
Storm3rdTyphoon AlertExplore Storm 10xTime Freeze x5
Storm4thThe Tenth WaveExplore Storm 50xSniper's Rifle x10
Storm5thStormbringerExplore Storm 50xShaman's Chest (Golden Elephant x10, Golden Phoenix x10, Golden Lucky Clovers x10, Turtles of Luck x10, and hearty dinner x3
Mirror1stSupernaturalExplore Mirror 1xChocolate
Mirror2ndReflectorExplore Mirror x5Golden Elephant x2
Mirror3rdDistortedExplore Mirror 10xGolden Bomb x8
Mirror4thCatcher of IllusionsExplore Mirror 50xNocturnal Eye x5
Mirror5thKing of ReflectionsExplore Mirror 100xBoss Chest (5 of each weapon against bosses, units of medicine, dancing snatchins and hotel staff)
Night Vision1stIn the DarkExplore Night Vision 1xChocolate
Night Vision2ndThickening ColorsExplore Night Vision 5xGolden Elephant
Night Vision3rdVigilantExplore Night Vision 10xGravitron x30
Night Vision4thGreen Only!Explore Night Vision 50xNocturnal Eye x5
Night Vision5thNight Vision ExpertExplore Night Vision 100xShaman's Chest (Golden Elephant x10, Golden Phoenix x10, Golden Lucky Clovers x10, Turtles of Luck x10, and hearty dinner x3
Ghostly Shadow1stDiscerning ShadowsExplore Ghostly Shadow 1xCup of Coffee
Ghostly Shadow2ndGhostly ReaperExplore Ghostly Shadow 5xGolden Lucky Clover
Ghostly Shadow3rdMaster of the UnknownExplore Ghostly Shadow 10xMartian shard x30
Ghostly Shadow4thCatcher of PhantomsExplore Ghostly Shadow 50xWalking Tank 'Kneht' x10
Ghostly Shadow5thTammer of ShadowsExplore Ghostly Shadow 100xVan Helsing's Weapons Chest (150 each full moon monster weapons)
Witch's Curse1stInitiateExplore Witch Curse 1xCup of Coffee
Witch's Curse2ndMagicianExplore Witch Curse 10xProspoero's Book
Witch's Curse3rdThe Master of ConspiracyExplore Witch Curse 50xAngry Idol x3
Witch's Curse4thEnchanterExplore Witch Curse 200xNano-Beacon x5
Witch's Curse5thWizardExplore Witch's Curse 800xGood Sorcerer's Chest (Detective's Chest, golden chest & hearty dinner)
Curse of Stone Tongue1stLinguistExplore Curse of Stone Tongue 1xTesla Coil
Curse of Stone Tongue2ndReaderExplore Curse of Stone Tongue 10xChocolate x2
Curse of Stone Tongue3rdInterpreterExplore Curse of Stone Tongue 50xFaraday's Generator x3
Curse of Stone Tongue4thDecoderExplore Curse of Stone Tongue 200xRunestones x100
Curse of Stone Tongue5thPolyglotExplore Curse of the Stone Tongue 800xInterpreter's Chest (Detective's Chest, golden chest & hearty dinner)
Curse of Evil Eye1stSuspiciousExplore Curse of Evil Eye 1xCup of Coffee
Curse of Evil Eye2ndGuardExplore Curse of the Evil Eye x10Time Freeze
Curse of Evil Eye3rdThick-SkinnedExplore Curse of the Evil Eye 50xInfra-Bullet x5
Curse of Evil Eye4thSkepticExplore Curse of the Evil Eye 200xGolden Bomb x8
Curse of Evil Eye5thHappyExplore Curse of the Evil Eye 800xSuperstitious Chum's Chest (Detective's Chest, golden chest & hearty dinner)
Zero Gravity Curse1stSoaringExplore Zero Gravity Curse 1xTesla Coil
Zero Gravity Curse2ndWeighlessExplore Zero Gravity Curse 10xSandwich
Zero Gravity Curse3rdAstronautExplore Zero Gravity Curse 50xIlluminati Lamp x3
Zero Gravity Curse4thStarclimberExplore Zero Gravity Curse 200xEnglish Breakfast x4
Zero Gravity Curse5thCosmonautExplore Zero Gravity Curse 800xAstronaut's Chest (Golden Sun charm and 5 Golden Elephant charms)
Stone Hash Curse1stArtisanExplore Stone Hash Curse 1xChocolate
Stone Hash Curse2ndCutterExplore Stone Hash Curse x5Golden Lucky Clover x2
Stone Hash Curse3rdMaster MasonExplore Stone Hash Curse 10xFragment of selenoid x30
Stone Hash Curse4thGranite ExpertExplore Stone Hash Curse 50xCelestial Rose Signet Ring x20
Stone Hash Curse5thFreemasonExplore Stone Hash Curse 100xBoss Chest (5 of each weapon against bosses, units of medicine, dancing snatchins and hotel staff)
Electric Shock curse1stDilettanteExplore Electric Shock curse 1xCup of Coffee
Electric Shock curse2ndExperiments with ShockExplore Electric Shock curse x5Turtle of luck x2
Electric Shock curse3rdConductorExplore Electric Shock curse 10xGolden Bomb x8
Electric Shock curse4thElectrolyteExplore Electric Shock curse 50xWalking Tank 'Kneht' x10
Electric Shock curse5thSuperconductorExplore Electric Shock curse 100xShaman's Chest (Golden Elephant x10, Golden Phoenix x10, Golden Lucky Clovers x10, Turtles of Luck x10, and hearty dinner x3
Myopia Curse1stSharp-eyedExplore Myopia curse 1xChocolate
Myopia Curse2ndKeen VisionExplore Myopia curse x5Golden Phoenix x2
Myopia Curse3rdQuick-sightedExplore Myopia curse 10xNecropolis Key x30
Myopia Curse4thOculistExplore Myopia curse 50xOld Tyres x10
Myopia Curse5thEagle EyeExplore Myopia curse 100xBoss Chest (5 of each weapon against bosses, units of medicine, dancing snatchins and hotel staff)
Mirror Curse1stMirror ManufacturerExplore Mirror Curse 1xCup of Coffee
Mirror Curse2ndMirror VirtuosoExplore Mirror Curse x5Turtle of luck x2
Mirror Curse3rdBehind the MirrorExplore Mirror Curse 10xMagic shell x30
Mirror Curse4thMirror CollectorExplore Mirror Curse 50xDispersive Flamethrower x10
Mirror Curse5thMirror ExpertExplore Mirror Curse 100xBig chest with tools (50 compasses, 25 Golden Bombs, 25 of each tool)
Blinding Light curse1stSquinterExplore Blinding Light curse 1xChocolate
Blinding Light curse2ndTemporarily BlindExplore Blinding Light curse 5xGolden Lucky Clover x2
Blinding Light curse3rdBlindedExplore Blinding Light curse 10xGolden Bomb x8
Blinding Light curse4thAvoiding LightExplore Blinding Light curse 50xSniper's Rifle x10
Blinding Light curse5thRecluseExplore Blinding Light curse 100xBoss Chest (5 of each weapon against bosses, units of medicine, dancing snatchins and hotel staff)
Phantom Trace curse1stExplorerExplore Phantom Trace curse 1xCup of Coffee
Phantom Trace curse2ndDetectiveExplore Phantom Trace curse 5xGolden Elephant x2
Phantom Trace curse3rdSleuthExplore Phantom Trace curse 10xKey of Reanimator x30
Phantom Trace curse4thPinkerton's ApprenticeExplore Phantom Trace curse 50xCelestial Rose Signet Ring x30
Phantom Trace curse5thHolmes 2.0Explore Phantom Trace curse 100x
Make Purchases1stWastefulMake 5 PurchasesCup of Coffee
Make Purchases2ndSpendthriftMake 50 more purchasesShopaholic's Chest (golden bomb and compass
Make Purchases3rdSquandererMake 150 more purchasesAngry Idol x3
Make Purchases4thBig SpenderMake 300 more purchasesRunestones x100
Make Purchases5thHigh RollerMake 1000 more purchasesShopaholic's chest (golden chest, snatcher catcher's chest and turtle of fortune)
Buy tools1stSpecialistBuy 5 toolsTesla Coil
Buy tools2ndExpert HandsBuy 15 more toolsCompass x4
Buy tools3rdMavenBuy 50 more toolsFaraday's Generator x3
Buy tools4thCraftsmanBuy 100 more toolsMaster's Chest (5 Multi-Phase Tambourines and 40 Golden Corals)
Buy tools5thJack of All TradesBuy 300 more toolsMaster's Chest (golden chest, snatcher catcher's chest and turtle of fortune)
Use tools1stApprenticeExplore Use tools 1xCup of Coffee
Use tools2ndProdigyUse 30 more toolsProspero's Book
Use tools3rdMasterUse 100 more toolsArtisan's Chest (golden bomb and sandwhich)
Use tools4thVirtuosoUse 150 more toolsTurtle of Luck x3
Use tools5thHands of GoldUse 500 more toolsArtisan's Chest (golden chest, snatcher catcher chest and turtle of fortune)
Buy chests1stProvidentBuy 1 chestCup of Coffee
Buy chests2ndHandymanBuy 10 more chestsGauguin's Hyperboloid
Buy chests3rdAllocatorBuy 20 more chestsProspero's Book x2
Buy chests4thAmateur of ChestsBuy 50 more chestsTurtle of Luck x3
Buy chests5thShopaholicBuy 300 more chestsStorekeeper's Chest (detective's chest, golden chest and hearty dinner)
Open chests1stPioneerOpen 5 chestsTesla Coil
Open chests2ndInquisitive mindOpen 20 more chestsGolden Yin-Yang
Open chests3rdRipperOen 100 more chestsRunestones x30
Open chests4thPro in treasuresOpen 500 more chestsGolden Bomb x8
Open chests5thLord of treasuresOpen 1000 more chestsTreasure Hunter's Chest (detective's chest, golden chest and hearty dinner)
Charge Collections1stLaboratorianCharge 2 collectionsCup of Coffee
Charge Collections2ndExperimenterCharge 15 more collectionsCompass x4
Charge Collections3rdOccultistCharge 50 more collectionsAlchemist's Chest (golden Elephant charm and Magic Magnet)
Charge Collections4thConverterCharge 200 more collectionsAlchemist's Chest (5 Illuminati lamps and 4 angry idols)
Charge Collections5thWizardCharge 500 more collectionsAlchemist's chest (detective's chest, golden chest and hearty dinner
Get Gifts1stLuckyGet 3 giftsMobius Band
Get Gifts2ndLucky beggarGet 30 more giftsBirthday Chest (golden bomb and compass)
Get Gifts3rd
Get Gifts4thThe hero of the dayGet 330 more giftsFlare x8
Get Gifts5thThe object of cultGet 930 more giftsBirthday Chest (detective's chest, golden chest, hearty dinner)
Visit Friends1stGood neighborGet 5 bonus for visiting friendsCup of Coffee
Visit Friends2ndLover of visitsGet 20 bonus for visiting friendsChocolate x2
Visit Friends3rdTravelerGet 200 bonus for visiting friendsAngry Idol x3
Visit Friends4thWandererGet 400 bonus for visiting friendsDesired Guest's Chest (5 Golden Bombs and 2 Golden Phoenix charms)
Visit Friends5thAmong their ownGet 1000 bonus for visiting friendsDesired Guest's Chest (detective's chest, golden chest and hearty dinner)
Add friends1stSociableAdd 1 friendCup of Coffee
Add friends2ndMaster of CommunicationAdd 10 friendsLife of the Party Chest (Golden bomb and compass)
Add friends3rdBarkerAdd 150 friendsLife of the Party Chest (Magic magnets x2 and Tesla coil)
Add friends4thLeaderAdd 300 friendsGolden Laughing Buddha
Add friends5thVoice of PeopleAdd 500 friendsLife of the Party Chest (snatcher catcher's chest and 3 Turtle of fortune)
Energy1stStrong fellow100 points of energyCup of Coffee
Energy2ndTireless250 points of energyChocolate x2
Energy3rdIrrepressible500 points of energyAngry Idol x3
Energy4thPerpetuum mobile1000 points of energyTurtle of Luck x3
Energy5thLuminary5000 points of energyEnergizer's Chest (Detective's Chest and hearty dinner
Spend Energy1stMobileSpend 100 points of energyCompass x2
Spend Energy2nd
Spend Energy3rd
Spend Energy4th
Spend Energy5thLiving lightningSpend 10,000 points of energyDynamo Machine's Chest (golden chest, snatcher catcher's chest and turtle of fortune)
Gypsies1stGitanoExchange with 3 Gypsy GirlsInfra-Bullet
Gypsies2ndRomanyExchange with 10 gypsy boysSandwich
Gypsies3rdGuitaristExchange with 50 gypsiesIlluminati Lamp x3
Gypsies4thGypsylogistExchange with 100 Gypsy womenEnglish Breakfast x4
Gypsies5thBudulaiExchange with old gypsy women 300xFriend of the gypsie's chest (golden sun charm and golden elephant charm x5)
Snatchins1stBookwormcatcherCatch 3 Bookworm snatchinsInfra-Bullet
Snatchins2ndDietitian10 Hungry SnatchinsChocolate x2
Snatchins3rdCatcher of earedCatch 100 ear-twister snatchinsFaraday's Generator x3
Snatchins4thSnowdolls catcherChase 300 Snowdoll snatchinsGravitron x100
Snatchins5thDetectiveChase 500 robber snatchinsSnatchin storm chest (Golden Sun charm and Golden Elephant charm x5
Robots1stMasterCatch 3 vacuum robotsCup of Coffee
Robots2ndCatch 10 vacuum robotsTime Freeze
Robots3rdProgrammerCatch 50 Television RobotsStiletto of the Avenger x4
Robots4thHackerCatch 100 television robotsGolden Bomb x8
Robots5thAceCatch 300 Robot MusiciansMechanic Chest (golden chest, snatcher catcher's chest and Turtle of Luck x3)
Aliens1stTripods CatcherCatch 3 tripodsCup of Coffee
Aliens3rdFishmanChase 100 OctopusAngry Idol x3
Aliens4thFighter of destroyersChase 300 destroyersNano-Beacon x5
Aliens5thXenophagephobeCatch 500 XenophagesProtector of Earth chest (Golden Chest, Golden Elephant charms x5)
Full Moon Monsters??1stBlighter of Evil SpiritsBanish 1 DemonCup of Coffee x3
Full Moon Monsters??2ndWerewolf's SlayerBanish 5 werewolvesChocolate x2
Full Moon Monsters??3rdBattlemasterBanish 10 Dreadful ManiacsGravitron x 150
Full Moon Monsters??4thEliminator of MonstersBanish 50 Dark AdeptsFlare x8
Full Moon Monsters??5thDestroyer of DarknessBanish 100 Priestesses of ChaosVan Helsing's Weapons Chest (150 each full moon monster weapons)
Full Moon Monsters??1stSuppressor of PassionsBanish 3 SuccubusChocolate
Full Moon Monsters??2ndLord of MummiesBanish 7 ancient mummiesSandwich
Full Moon Monsters??3rdWarriorKill 12 Phantom GuardsTime Freeze x5
Full Moon Monsters??4thGargoyle's smasherBanish 50 Stone GargoylesGolden Bomb x20
Full Moon Monsters??5thScatterer of DarknessBanish 100 HorsemenVigilant's chest (Turtle of Luck x3 and Van Helsing's weapons chest)
Necromancer1stWrestlerDefeat 1xCup of Coffee
Necromancer2ndWarlock DestroyerDefeat 5xCompass x4
Necromancer3rdSorcerer HunterDefeat 10xVampire goblet x30
Necromancer4thBattlemasterDefeat 50xTurtle of Luck x3
Necromancer5thSorcerer SlayerDefeat 100xCrusader's Chest (Van Helsing's Weapons chest and heart dinner x2)
Strigoi1stSquireDefeat 1xTesla Coil
Strigoi2ndInfantrymanDefeat 5xGauguin's Hyperboloid
Strigoi3rdSolar KnightDefeat 10xBone Goblet x40
Strigoi4thTemple WarriorDefeat 50xFlare x8
Strigoi5thPunisherDefeat 100xWarrior of Light's Chest (Detective's chest and hearty dinner)
Snatchin General1stNurseVisit 1xCup of Coffee
Snatchin General2ndDoctor's AssistantHeal 5xGolden Elephant
Snatchin General3rdHealerHeal 10xIcy Rose x30
Snatchin General4thMedicHeal 50xDispersive Flamethrower x10
Snatchin General5thDoctorHeal 100xHealer's Chest (collector's chest and hearty dinner)
Snow Queen1stSource of WarmthDefeat 1xTesla Coil
Snow Queen2ndHot SpringDefeat 5xSilver Trap x2
Snow Queen3rdScalding GeyserDefeat 10xGoblet of Skeleton x30
Snow Queen4thYoung VesuviusDefeat 50xTime Freeze x6
Snow Queen5thHerald of SpringDefeat 100xVolcano's Chest (collector's chest and hearty dinner)
Mictlantehcutli1stUndead HunterDefeat 1xCup of Coffee
Mictlantehcutli2ndUnder ExterminatorDefeat 5xGatling Piercer x3
Mictlantehcutli3rdWitcherDefeat 10xVampire goblet x40
Mictlantehcutli4thBane of the UndeadDefeat 50xGolden Bomb x8
Mictlantehcutli5thScourge of LightDefeat 100xBonesetter's Chest (Van Helsing's weapons chest and 2 hearty dinners)
Schwarzwald1stLab AstistantDefeat 1xTesla Coil
Schwarzwald2ndYoung ScientistDefeat 5xChocolate x2
Schwarzwald3rdProfessorDefeat 10xBone Goblet x30
Schwarzwald4thPhDDefeat 50xGolden Laughing Buddha
Schwarzwald5thPure of MindDefeat 100xBodyguard's chest (Steward's chest, golden chest and hearty dinner)
Rudolf1stAspiring DancerDefeat 1xCup of Coffee
Rudolf2ndSeductive DancerWatch Dance 5xGatling Piercer
Rudolf3rdDance of LoveWatch Dance 10xPortal to Hyperion x15
Rudolf4thProfessional DancerWatch dance 50xFlare x4
Rudolf5thMaestro of DanceWatch dance 100xTempter's chest (Van Helsing's chest and hearty dinner)
Eurydice1stCharming DebutanteDefeat 1xAngry Idol
Eurydice2ndShow GirlWatch Dance 5xGatling Piercer
Eurydice3rdCunning SeductressWatch Dance 10xPlasma sphere x15
Eurydice4thDancing FairyWatch dance 50xFlare x4
Eurydice5thDancing QueenWatch dance 100xTemptress's chest (Collector's Chest and hearty dinner)
Gerda1stWandererTransform 1xIlluminati Lamp
Gerda2ndNoblewomanTransform 5xChocolate
Gerda3rdLadyTransform 10xClub Card x15
Gerda4thInfanteTransform 50xTime Freeze x2
Gerda5thPrincessTransform 100xPrincess Chest (Detective's chest and hearty dinner)
Kai1stVagabondTransform 1xCup of Coffee
Kai2ndNobleTransform 5xChocolate
Kai3rdCourtierTransform 10xIcy Rose x15
Kai4thInfanteTransform 50xTime Freeze x3
General Krieg1stSenior lieutenantDefeat 1xCup of Coffee
General Krieg2ndMajorDefeat 5xGauguin's Hyperboloid
General Krieg3rdColonelDefeat 10xGoblet of Skeleton x30
General Krieg4thInfanteDefeat 50xDispersive Flamethrower x10
General Krieg5thMarshallDefeat 100xChest of the Whirlwind (Steward's chest and hearty dinner)
Willie Pumpkin1stSpeed LoverDefeat 1xCup of Coffee
Willie Pumpkin2ndCareless DriverDefeat 5xGatling Piercer x2
Willie Pumpkin3rdGang LeaderDefeat 10xSnatchin Standard x70
Willie Pumpkin4thAsphalt HeroDefeat 50xTurtle of Luck x3
Willie Pumpkin5thKing of RoadDefeat 100xShaman's Chest (Golden Elephant x10, Golden Phoenix x10, Golden Lucky Clovers x10, Turtles of Luck x10, and hearty dinner x3
Julian Payne1stWhite CatDefeat 1xAngry Idol
Julian Payne2ndAntisithDefeat 5xGauguin's Hyperboloid
Julian Payne3rdDruidDefeat 10xKey of Pumpkin x30
Julian Payne4thDemon HunterDefeat 50xTurtle of Luck x3
Julian Payne5thMaster of MagicDefeat 100xChest of reader (3 hearty dinners and Chest with the Keys)
Charles Chewauden1stWolf HunterDefeat 1xImpact Crusher
Charles Chewauden2ndPoacherDefeat 5xMagic Hammer
Charles Chewauden3rdBeast MasterDefeat 10xMagic Flame x50
Charles Chewauden4thWolf MasterDefeat 50xTurtle of Luck x3
Charles Chewauden5thWerewolf SlayerDefeat 100xChest Wolfhound (50 Compasses, 10 Gold Bombs, 3 Golden Elephants, 3 Golden Phoenixes and 3 Golden clovers)
Aquarius the Sunken1stViper BaneDefeat 1xCurrent Suppressor
Aquarius the Sunken2ndCrocodile HunterDefeat 5xCleaner's Winchester x2
Aquarius the Sunken3rdSwamp ThingDefeat 10xFang of werewolf x30
Aquarius the Sunken4thBog HorrorDefeat 50xEnhanced Pointer x8
Aquarius the Sunken5thKing of the SwampDefeat 100xFishing chest (10 dichlorvos and spears, swamp light x300)
Balthazar1stFreebooterDefeat 1xGauguin's Air Syringe
Balthazar2ndCorsairDefeat 5xExecutioner's Axe x3
Balthazar3rdFree PirateDefeat 10xSwamp light x30
Balthazar4thBuccaneerDefeat 50xSniper's Rifle x5
Balthazar5thKrakenDefeat 100xChest of Fearless (20 Serpent Pendants, 20 White Oars, 300 Barrels of Rum
Hansel1stRule BreakerPlay with 1xCup of Coffee
Hansel2ndImpPlay with 5xGatling Piercer
Hansel3rdPranksterPlay with 10xPortal to Hyperion x15
Hansel4thHellionPlay 25xDispersive Flamethrower x10
Gretel1stFun-LoverPlay with 1xInfra-Bullet
Gretel2ndCompanionPlay with 5xGolden Elephant
Gretel3rdPlaymatePlay with 10xPlasma sphere x15
Gretel4thFriendPlay 25xDispersive Flamethrower x10
Gretel5thIdolPlay with 50xChest of the Innocent Youth (Great Steward's Chest and hearty dinner)
Crypt1stGravediggerExplore 1xCup of Coffee
Crypt2ndCoffin MasterExplore 5xCompass x4
Crypt3rdTombmasterExplore 10xVampire goblet x30
Crypt4thLord of the CemeteryExplore 50xTurtle of Luck x3
Crypt5thUnderground KingExplore 100xNecropolis Chest (Lucky turtle x2, Van Helsing's Weapons chest, golden chest)
Vampire Castle1stVassalExplore 1xInfra-Bullet
Vampire Castle2ndBaronExplore 5xGauguin's Hyperboloid
Vampire Castle3rdViscountExplore 10xBone Goblet x40
Vampire Castle4thDukeExplore 50xFlare x8
Vampire Castle5thKingExplore 100xLord's Chest (detective's chest and hearty lunch)
Bunker1stEnsignExplore 1xCup of Coffee
Bunker2ndLieutenantExplore 5xGolden Elephant
Bunker3rdThe lieutenantExplore 10xIcy Rose x30
Bunker4thThe CaptainExplore 50xDispersive Flamethrower x10
Bunker5thGeneralExplore 100xGeneral's pride chest (collector's chest and hearty lunch)
Ice Castle1stNorthernerExplore 1xTesla Coil
Ice Castle2ndWalrusExplore 5xSilver Trap x2
Ice Castle3rdEskimoExplore 10xGoblet of Skeleton x30
Ice Castle4thArctic HunterExplore 50xTime Freeze x6
Ice Castle5thSnowmanExplore 100xPolar chest (collector's chest and hearty lunch)
Pyramid1stStudentExplore 1xAngry Idol
Pyramid2ndHistorianExplore 5xChocolate x2
Pyramid3rdDiggerExplore 10xVampire goblet x40
Pyramid4thRestorerExplore 50xLepage of the Avenger x11
Pyramid5thFiling clerkExplore 100xArchaeologist's chest (Van Helsing's weapons chest and hearty dinner x2
Animatorium1stBachelorExplore 1xTesla Coil
Animatorium2ndGraduate studentExplore 5xChocolate x2
Animatorium3rdDeanExplore 10xBone Goblet x30
Animatorium4thVice-RectorExplore 50xGolden Laughing Buddah
Animatorium5thRectorExplore 100xLab master's chest (steward's chest, golden chest, hearty lunch)
Club 691stCuriousExplore 1xAngry Idol
Club 692ndOccassional VisitorExplore 5xGolden Elephant
Club 693rdHaunterExplore 10xPortal to Hyperion x30
Club 694thBig PatronExplore 50xFlare x8
Club 695thVIP ClientExplore 100xTempters' Chest (Collector's Chest and hearty dinner)
Spring Hotel1stLover's AideExplore 1xIlluminati Lamp
Spring Hotel2ndPersonal ManagerExplore 5xChocolate x2
Spring Hotel3rdLead ManagerExplore 10xIcy Rose x30
Spring Hotel4thHotelierExplore 50xTime freeze x6
Spring Hotel5thSpring Hotel Co-ownerExplore 100xPrince and Princess chest (Detective's chest and hearty dinner)
Hyperion Hall1stMata HariExplore 1xInfra-Bullet
Hyperion Hall2ndPinkertonExplore 5xGauguin's Hyperboloid
Hyperion Hall3rdAbelExplore 10xGoblet of Skeleton x30
Hyperion Hall4thSorgeExplore 50xDispersive Flamethrower x10
Hyperion Hall5thStierlitzExplore 100xChest of Hyperion's Hall (Steward's chest and hearty dinner
Pumpkin Field1stRow CheckerExplore 1xIlluminati Lamp
Pumpkin Field2ndGarden bed keeperExplore 5xChocolate x2
Pumpkin Field3rdPumpkin WatcherExplore 10xSnatchin Standard x70
Pumpkin Field4thLord of the FieldsExplore 50xTurtles of Luck x3
Pumpkin Field5thKing of the PumkinsExplore 100xPumpkin Field Chest (3 Golden Elephants, 2 hearty dinners, big chest with tools)
Pirate Brig1stDeck boyExplore 1xCup of Coffee
Pirate Brig2nd
Pirate Brig3rd
Pirate Brig4th
Pirate Brig5thCaptain JackExplore 100xShaman's Chest (10 Golden Elephant, 10 Golden Phoenix, 10 Golden Lucky Clovers, 10 Turtles of Luck, and 3 hearty dinner)
Flying Saucer1stTraineeExplore 1xChocolate
Flying Saucer2nd
Flying Saucer3rdAnomoly researcherExplore 10xKey of Reanimator x30
Flying Saucer4thInterplanet relationshipsExplore 50xFlare x8
Flying Saucer5thLonely sniperExplore 100xBoss Chest (5 of each weapon against bosses, units of medicine, dancing snatchins and hotel staff)
Mystical Living Room1stSoft pillos loverExplore 1xCup of Coffee
Mystical Living Room2ndSofas FanExplore 5xGolden Lucky Clover x2
Mystical Living Room3rdDécor fanExplore 10xNecropolis Key x30
Mystical Living Room4thScene-painterExplore 50xTime Freeze x5
Mystical Living Room5thInerior DesignerExplore 100xBoss Chest (5 of each weapon against bosses, units of medicine, dancing snatchins and hotel staff)
Saturn1stPassenger of interplanet shipExplore 1xChocolate
Saturn2ndInterplanet touristExplore 5xTurtle of luck x2
Saturn3rdCurious AdventurerExplore 10xMartian Shard x30
Saturn4thSaturnian WandererExplore 50xGolden Bomb x8
Saturn5thSpace OdysseusExplore 100xBoss Chest (5 of each weapon against bosses, units of medicine, dancing snatchins and hotel staff)
Mars1stInterested in MartiansExplore 1xCup of Coffee
Mars3rdMartians HelperExplore 10xFragment of Selenoid x30
Mars4thBeloved by MartiansExplore 50xFlare x8
Mars5thExperienced MartianExplore 100xShaman's Chest (Golden Elephant x10, Golden Phoenix x10, Golden Lucky Clovers x10, Turtles of Luck x10, and hearty dinner x3
Moon/Selene1stBene Dict ApprenticeExplore 1xChocolate
Moon/Selene3rdMoon MechanicExplore 10xGravitron x30
Moon/Selene4thJack-of-all-tradesEplore 50xTime freeze x5
Moon/Selene5thSpace PlumberExplore 100xBig chest with tools (50 compasses, 25 Golden Bombs, 25 of each tool)
Island1stCast ashoreExplore 1xCup of Coffee
Island4thHermitExplore 50xFlare x8
Island5thRobinson CrusoeExplore 100xBig chest with tools (50 compasses, 25 Golden Bombs, 25 of each tool)
Librarium1stBookwormExplore 1xChocolate
Librarium2ndFast ReaderExplore 5xGaugin's Hyperboloid
Librarium3rdArchivistExplore 10xKey Pumpkin x30
Librarium4thBibliophileExplore 50xTurtle of Luck x3
Librarium5thAntiquarian booksellerExplore 100xChest of white magic (3 hearty dinners and Chest with the keys)
Werewulf's Lair1stMember of the PackExplore 1xSpiritualistic Set
Werewulf's Lair2nd
Werewulf's Lair3rdDenmasterExplore 10xMagic Flame x50
Werewulf's Lair4thLeader of the PackExplore 50xSteel sawed-off shotgun x11
Werewulf's Lair5thLone WolfExplore 100xVan Helsing's Weapons Chest (150 each full moon monster weapons) and 2 hearty dinners
Swamp Crypt1stMurky WatersExplore 1xMagnesium Flash
Swamp Crypt2ndPeat ProExplore 5xGolden Elephant x2
Swamp Crypt3rd
Swamp Crypt4thScum DwellerExplore 50xTurtle of Luck x3
Swamp Crypt5thSwamp LordExplore 100xAmphibian's Chest (Collector's Chest and hearty dinner)
Frigate1stCabin BoyExplore 1xRocket with Dry Ice
Frigate2ndSailorExplore 5xChocolate x2
Frigate3rdBoatswainExplore 10xSwamp Light x30
Frigate4thCaptainExplore 50xForbidden Treatise x10
Frigate5thSeafarerExplore 100xPirate's Chest (Van Helsing's weapons chest and hearty dinner x2)
Gingerbread House1stCaramel LoverExplore 1xCup of Coffee
Gingerbread House2ndFrosting InspectorExplore 5xGolden Elephant
Gingerbread House3rdCookie HunterExplore 10xClub Card x30
Gingerbread House4thJam FanExplore 50xLepage of the Avenger x10
Gingerbread House5thGingerbread ManiacExplore 100xChest of the Sweet-Tooth (Detective's chest and hearty dinner)
Hunting Lyceum1stFirst YearExplore 1xIlluminati Lamp
Hunting Lyceum2nd
Hunting Lyceum3rdJuniorExplore 10xBarrel of Rum x40
Hunting Lyceum4thSeniorExplore 50xTurtle of Luck x3
Hunting Lyceum5thGraduateExplore 100xChest of the Exemplary Student (2 Hearty dinners and a Great Steward's Chest)
Furniture1stDesignerPurchase 1 furniture itemCup of Coffee
Furniture2ndJourneyman PlannerPurchase 20 furniture itemsGolden Yin-Yang
Furniture3rdConstructorPurchase 45 furniture itemsGolden Bomb x10
Furniture4thMiniaturistPurchase 70 furniture itemsSecret Container x50
Furniture5thFashion DesignerPurchase 100 furniture itemsChest of Decorator (Gatsby White Grand Piano and hearty dinner)
4th Anniv1stFestive DécorComplete 4th Anniversary EventThe VIP Table


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Ruben Dario

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I noticed on your picture it shows 87 of 91 Achievements, I have in my Manor only 90 achievements, would you happen to know which I could be missing, without my going through your list one by one? The last one I received was Flying Birds. Thank you for any feedback.


I’ve forgotten what you have to buy for the Tools Achievement. Can you help?


    I think it’s when you buy the compass, bomb, flare? Those are the Tools. I see I’m on stage 2 working on 3 and I rarely buy any of those.

    Yes, I bought a compass pack for 9 diamonds and it increased my goal by 10. It’s an expensive achievement to complete. Though I think they have been offering chests of tools that would have more for 50 diamonds. Seems a waste of diamonds just to finish an achievement.


      Ok. Thanks. And I agree, expensive. But wouldn’t buying the chest for 50 diamonds count toward the Chest Achievement? I’ll have to try it next time, I need that Achievement too!!


Im new to the page, can you download the achievement page? Thanks


    I have not made a downloadable copy of it yet. If I did I would put it in the Super Sleuths Member Pages as those are the players that help keep the site going with their subscriptions and turning these things into PDFs to download takes extra time and effort!

Gennie Nunez

On achievements there is a new one its a mystery on something about the birds have u seen it?


    Yes! Tap the birds flying on the First Floor. You found this page before I did today’s post on it. I will get it added!

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