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Proof of Game Purchases

a few months ago

Proof of Game Purchases For those of you that have made a purchase inside the game in the past 90 days and did not get those purchases restored this page to Report a Problem Will give a list of all purchases in the last 90 days. This is the Apple website and will give proof of […]

Let’s Talk Boss Battles!

9 months ago

Let’s Talk Boss Battles! I’m working on the Full Moon Events where you have to charge collections 9 times each and you only get the items from Boss Battles Chests. So Let’s Talk Boss Battles! Collections from Boss Battles There is one collection from every boss room that you can only get the items for by […]

Golden Orb Unearthed

9 months ago

Golden Orb Unearthed I get quite a few comments on various pages looking for the Golden Orb quest. No one really seems to know the proper place to put their questions about this mysterious Golden Orb.Here’s a big HINT. Find the page the quest belongs to. Read the page and the comments! From the comments […]

Novice to Expert: Mastering the Levels

Novice to Expert: Mastering the Levels We have some quest strings on both our right and left sides that require us to reach a certain Mastery Level to continue in the game. This takes Keys, but how many. In these days of keys to search rooms being harder and harder to come by without parting […]

Black Friday Holiday Tips

Black Friday Holiday Tips With 19 days left in the Thanksgiving Event and I’m sure the Christmas Events will start soon here are some Black Friday Holiday Tips to help you make it through the game and holiday shopping. Supporting our Site with Holiday Shopping We all know holiday shopping can be a nightmare. People […]

The Mysterious Time Control Artifact

The Mysterious Time Control Artifact The Mysterious Time Control Artifact In Mysery Manor iPad is also known as Artifact 15. Artifacts are the second tab in the Collection that are often forgotten about unless we have a quest. This Time Control Artifact has the power to give you collection items that seem impossible to get […]