About Mystery Manor Fun Page

This site is created by Mystery Manor iPad Players. In 2015 when the original creator decided to step back and discontinue the site I took it over. With the help of Ken, master of all computer geeks, we are working hard to keep it going.

We are not affiliated with Game Insight and have no control over in-game content, in-game rewards, game play nor do we have ability to address bugs nor enhancements to the game Mystery Manor. This site is is a community for and by you, the players, to meet and discuss the game, share tips and find resources that can help you play Mystery Manor.

I have a couple of web fairies that help me update the site when updates become available. Not only that we are working hard on bringing every room on the site up to date. It’s a big chore and I’m so grateful for all the help I get.

We get limited information from Game Insight. We cannot contact Game Insight on your behalf and have them fix your game. Sorry! If you have a game problem, you need to open a ticket with Game Insight. More details on how to do that are available on the Game Support page.

Most of all we get information from other players. I appreciate every single comment, email, image and quest string the players provide me. This site would be nowhere without them. And the players help each other every day on this site by answering questions for other players.

We really appreciate your support!  Thank you!

About Me

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