The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS Version 2.23.0

The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS Version 2.23.0 was released Thursday, March 21st with a new Laboratory. They also changed the requirements needed to open the Lab.

There is also a Version 2.23.1 that has been released that says Stability Improvements. One of the players had an error in the new Laboratory Opening so I’m hoping this fixed it.

What GI Tells Us About Version 2.23.0

Detectives, introducing the major update!


• The room is updated! New interior and hidden objects.

• The global story continues! Help Professor Gauguin create a Robot to search for Mr. X’s secret room.

• New quests! More than 20 new quests connected to the Library.

• Professor Gauguin’s new appearance! You’re sure to like it.


• The story continues! Travel to new worlds and face a formidable opponent.

• Charge new collections and gain prizes.

• Complete quests and a new online scene.

• Finish the chapter in time and win the grand prize!


• We upgraded the interface! It is now even more beautifully designed

• New tools were added as rewards for daily quests and guild events.


• The daily quest button has shifted from the right to the bottom panel. It’s now much more convenient!

• Compass usage is improved. Thanks for your feedback!

• Controls are improved in Night mode. It’s easier to search for hidden objects!

• Multiple technical improvements, game stability is increased.


• Game stability improvements.

What We Know About Version 2.23.0

  • The new Laboratory. This was not only a room redesign, the requirements to open the Laboratory have changed.
  • I had not previously opened the window because I could not get enough items from searches. The window I received when I opened the game was titled Item Replacement: The Laboratory door is jammed and the Diamond Drill can’t fix it. We’ve replaced Diamond Drill parts with Diodes that will help you get inside. My swap was 79 Diodes for the 113 parts I had already collected.
Version 2.23.0 Lab Replacement
  • When I tapped on the Laboratory and said Get for the key I received a quest called Distress Signal. It tells me to collect the Television Robot, Play Match Three and banish the Darkness, Hoarfrost, and Poltergeist phenomena. Or I can buy Diodes for 2 Diamonds each. I had 79 out of 100 needed.
Version 2.23.0 Lab Distress quest
  • At this point in Version 2.23.0 a player did not receive the Distress Signal quest but kept getting the Diving Boots quest which tells you to search the Laboratory in Anagram Mode to find the Diving Boots. She had not previously opened the Laboratory and submitted a ticket. I don’t know if Version 2.23.1 fixes that issue and of course it’s the weekend so GI support won’t respond until Monday.
  • For the players that had the Laboratory open let me know what happened when you updated. Did you receive keys to search? Did your Mastery Stars go back to zero?
  • I found the Diodes I needed to open the Lab fairly fast. The Match Three game dropped 5 each time and the Television Robot gave me 3. Not on every search or banish but fast enough that I was able to open the Lab and do a search.
Laboratory Version 2.23.0
  • The Daily Quests window has been added to the bar along the the bottom menus and the Reward of the Day to collect from the chest isn now on a 4 hour cycle.
  • The chests for your Rewards of the Week are supposed to start containing the new tools for the Match Three games but none of mine currently do. This would be the only way to get those tools as my new Underwater Treasures event is not giving any as a reward either.
  • Also, when I opened my Daily Quest there were small recycle arrows next to some of the quests. I had these for 2 days but not the 3rd day. When you select the arrow you can watch a video to have it exchanged for a different quest. I did this on about 3 and it worked well. Since I don’t have the recycle arrow today I’m wondering if there’s a limit how many you can select a week.
Version 2.23.0 Daily Quests change
Version 2.23.0 Quest Swap
  • I have not searched in night mode to see if controls are improved but the Hoarfrost is horrible. I can not zoom in and swipe clean. Support told me 2 updates ago my opinion would be taken into,consideration but that’s their standard reply for issues.
  • I have used the compass a few times and it’s function does not seem changed to be. It turns wildly and wobble around most of,the time it’s active.
  • The layout of the Match Three game has changed. I did try to select the Rainbow Maul Tool on a game and use it on a bomb or Rainbow Lightning for a better effect but it will only work on the normal pieces.
Version 2.23.0 Match 3 change

Other News in Games and Website

  • The Easter Event has started in the Original Mystery Manor for the iPad. It’s a repeat.
  • I will keep the Super Sleuths pages up for as long as I can without paying the extra fees required for them. I appreciate all my players that continue to support this page. It helps pay the monthly expenses.
  • Website views are down. I’m thinking it’s because not as many players are playing the Original Mystery Manor for the iPad and The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS players do not need the website for reference on anything yet.

Many of us have had a crazy winter and lots of fires and flooding in our areas. I hope everyone is safe and wish for better weather to come. It is cold for us in San Diego also. We are usually on the beach and in the water by this time of year.

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Kimberly Kuhl

I found the gold for Sabillabut when I go to activate it it does nothing it just stays on the page it won’t do anything I don’t understand what the problem is or maybe I’m just not doing something right is anybody else having this problem I won’t be able to get through the chapter without figuring this out thank you.

Mary Jansen

Hi, haven’t been by for a bit. Started playing the new mm right off the bat 🦇 It’s okay and they try but it’s the all mighty dollar if you ask me.
In the guild event sometimes your the only one playing, I think 🤔 everyone gets the same awards as me? Even today in the underwater room bombs where behind other pieces, I watch the events on the right and you don’t always receive the right amt. of points. Just take lots of screenshots lots of bumps in the road here.
I’m i still signed up to help with a subscription if not let me know. I’m play G5 Hidden Adventure they respect their players much more than GI. Better deals also you can play quite awhile with very little coin. Graphics are the best I’ve seen so far. Changes happen pretty much every month. But they bring on new rooms they also keep the past ones You have friends and can gift each other chargers or collection items. I just don’t understand with GI, you think they would be happy that we’re playing their game. Some of my Manor characters in the new game I kept saving the chargers some are over 250 or more just like the old manor. Something’s never change.
Thank you for all the help and information you collect for us. You truly are a god sent. I’ll read up on how to get the golden orb. And the space travel is that information on this sight? Enjoy any moment you can. Thank you 💕


What collection(s) do I need to complete to get stone eggs?


So there is a new update that has taken away the gypsies and all our accumulated items. The stuff given isn’t even close to taking away what we had.
I am so aggravated…..


    I will try to get a post and screen shots up. We have been very busy so little time to play a game I’m so disappointed in.


    They gave energy in exchange for the gypsy items – maybe it means they’re going to do a new gypsy section. The joys of playing a game that’s still being developed!


      I had so many of the gypsy collections ready to be charged and taken. Lost all of the items and rewards for charging. The energy in no way made up for losing these. Getting energy for unused horseshoes was okay, but not the loss of the collection items and potential rewards for charging.


On the open guilds. Why don’t they rank the guilds against each other. So we can see how we are doing against other guilds instead of each other in the guild


    Guilds are ranked in Achievements. If you go to the Achievement Tower and click on the 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ in the upper right corner you will find Ratings. Bottom tab on left of Ratings Box is the Guild Ratings.


NEW MM – looking for a new guild member – level 60+ daily player – high ranking guild. Top 10. Must be keen. We are Kaijü
Girls – Leader Velocity

Detective V

Hello, is this site still open?


    Yes, I’m Keeping the pages up for the players that are still accessing them. I’m not playing either game anymore though. I do check comments to see if I can answer any questions.


It would be nice to rank each guild. So we can compare to other guilds to see how we are doing. Instead of comparing ourself to those in our guild.


    I thought there was a rankings page under the achievements tab. I haven’t looked to see if there was one for guilds.


      In the new mystery manor. There is no achievements tab or rankings. Why?


        It used to be the tree on the right of the manor. Something to tap on at the top of the tree with 2 tabs I think. I’m not in the game so I can’t look.


      Yes, there is one – tap on the maze and then the 123 icon and it gives lists of guilds rankings and other players achievements


I am playing the new MM to open flying saucer it says you need to finish the Golden Orb quest. No where on the manor does it show this Quest string. How do we progress through these unlisted Quest strings?


    It will come up as you complete other quests. GI has a habit of changing quests all the time so I’m Not trying to list them anymore. More than half of what I’d Already posted disappeared.


My Seekers Notes just crashed and I lost all progress. I can’t bear the thought of starting over.
I sent in a request for help, but who knows……


    Oh no! I hope you get it back.


    Mytona worked with me to get all progress back. Whew! However, the original crashing issues remain.


      I see I now have 2 of you in my friends list now. I left tips in the new one that I don’t have starred as a favorite right now.


While I was playing the pipes mini game, I received a message on my screen saying that I was suspected of cheating in a mini game and that if this continued I would not be allowed to be included in the week’s standings!
I have never cheated at anything in my entire life and am stunned by this message!
Please tell me what I supposedly did so I can figure this out!


    Open a ticket inside the game and ask them what you did. It used to be that someone would report you for cheating because you were scoring higher than them. Unfortunately the game is designed so that players can cheat, they knew it in the old game and didn’t resolve it in the new game. I told them exactly what players were doing.


      How do I open a ticket inside the game? I am so confused by all of this…and why doesn’t the admin of the game know that people report each other like this…


        Tap on the wrench on your top menu bar. Select the Help button. You May have to ask a question and get a list of answers but then there will be a contact us at the top right corner. It’s just like typing in a text box.


          I tried to do as directed…tapped the wrench at the top of the screen…there is no Help button…it’s all settings!
          This whole thing disturbs me…


            Read the Help section on this page about Navigation. I opened it yesterday with no problems.

            Actually the whole page is good for understanding how the menus and navigation work, even if it is slightly outdated.


              Now I really do feel like a dinosaur…can’t find the hep section on this page, someone accuses me of cheating, am reaching the point of no return!
              All of this seems beyond the pale, to me!


                Did you tap the word Navigation to be taken to the page with information?


                  Yes…I have tried everything! Now I am just giving up…if another player accuses someone of cheating, apparently that is accepted as fact! As I said previously…I DO NOT CHEAT!
                  What is the purpose? I basically play against myself… what would be the purpose???
                  I am so done with pettiness…can not find an explanation anywhere on the board

Danny Johnson

Question: why don’t you rake guild teams in the New Mystery Manor? Dannypiggy


    I don’t understand the question?


My new MM game crashed several weeks ago and won’t even begin to load. I get a white screen and then nothing as it crashes again. The Help people say to re install my game and it should be ok. However, it is likely i sill lose all progress and tools and diamonds. I’m currently in South America for 45 days and will just deal with it when i get home.

In the meantime, i’m really enjoying Seekers Notes.


As ever thank you for your help. I haven’t been able to open the lab yet so will see how many diodes I get when my update happens. I haven’t got the full moon event yet even though I have r3ceived an email about it!!
I’m still playing the old game but sadly there seems to be fewer of us every time I play?!


    I play only he the Okinawa MM


      Original, sorry!


I already had the lab opened. I got some keys to search – sorry, don’t remember how many. Mastery stars did reset. I have to agree that the compass hasn’t really changed, but in my case it seems to point in the general direction of things, not directly to them. I never find items in the direct line of the compass pointer.

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